When She Becomes a Witch 7

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The First Lesson

Gently, the crimson leaves fluttered and fell.

Seeing them, Soujirou sensed it was now fall. In his home country of Japan, the new school year started in spring, when the sky was filled with scattered cherry blossoms. That was why he felt it was quite uncanny seeing the entrance ceremony occur during fall in the west.

Going past the majestic school gates, stood a building that seemed like an ancient castle with its many towers.

Alstroemeria Academy.

His days of studying her would begin today.

At that moment, something oddly shaped like a round white ball rolled near his feet. Turned out, it was a cat.

Someone nearby must be raising it. But seeing how it was dirty here and there, it might just be a stray.

Walking along the path lined with fiery-red maple trees, a familiar green-haired girl ran up to him from another path.

He had not seen anyone else with such striking green hair. It was no doubt Soujirou’s partner, Chloe Noiret.

“Soujirou, good morning!”

“Ah, good morning, Chloe.”

Although she had come running, she wasn’t one bit out of breath. She seemed to have quite the stamina.

“Hey, what a coincidence! Let’s go to the classroom together. Our first lecture today is a combined one.”

“Well, I don’t mind it.”

“My, you’re already such good friends and you’re only first-years!”

“You’re right, it’s wonderful seeing such lovely children get along so well.”

Two female students passed by them, giving a beaming smile.

The navy blue ribbon on their shoulder indicated that they were third-years. One wore the mantle that was a part of the witch’s uniform, while the other wore a white apron that was worn by the tailors. The two seemed to be a pair.

“Hey, Chloe. It’s better if we go separately.”

“No way, we are pair. Don’t we have to get along well?”

“It can be helped.”

The words ‘Boys and Girls past seven should not sit together’ had been hammered into Soujirou back in Japan. He bore through his embarrassment and sat down for attendance.

“Even though you said you have to leave early to reserve a seat, I never thought I’d see students already on their seats. I’m impressed.”

“My, it’s our first lecture. We should at least do this much, right?”

A pair of male and female teachers entered the classroom, which also had a workspace. Incidentally, all the students in their classroom were already seated just before the bell rang.

The male teacher wrote something on the big blackboard. However, it was a language that Soujirou did not know. Perhaps… it was a name.

“So then, let me introduce myself. I’m Izard Chehavé. I will be the instructor in charge of the tailoring students in this classroom. If you do not understand something in class, have trouble adjusting to school life, or have any other questions, come to me.”

Unlike the schools in Japan, there was no such thing as a ‘fixed classroom’ or “class teacher” in this academy. Instead, it seems that there was an instructor in charge who would counsel you about school life.

 Izard was a man in his mid-thirties, with deep-set features. Tanned skin, short black hair, and a thin beard. Besides, his golden eyes gave him an exotic look.

Next, the female teacher wrote the name next to Izard’s. This time it was in English, thus Soujirou could read it.

“Hehe, Magnolia Ray. I have been selected as the instructor in charge of all the witches in this classroom. Let us all get along. Please feel consult me.”

If anything, the male students wanted to get along with her. Magnolia was a beauty with light purple hair that formed gentle curls along with large and bright, clear blue eyes. She was over thirty years old, but there were many students who yearned for such a sexy older woman.

“Okay, let’s get started with the class. Open your textbooks.”

When Soujirohe glanced at Chloe, who sat beside him, he saw she had opened a different textbook. The textbooks for witch and tailor classes seemed to differ even though they were in the same class.

“If the dress does not suit its wearer, it can lead to severe consequences. Especially during situations that call for quick movements… for instance, the dress one wears in a ‘Witch Battle’ must be the one that fits the witch’s body properly. If not, the witch cannot utilize the full extent of her powers. Well, I think you all know that quite well.”

“Even if that is not the case, a dress that fits your body is easy to move in and can even change your mood for the better.”

Izard drew a quick sketch of a human on the blackboard.

“The points that should be measured are along the chest, the waist and the hips, as well as the chest length, which is the distance from the torso to the waist. The height, which is measured from the back of the neck to the torso. In addition, one must also measure the sleeve length and the pant rise. These are the very minimum. In addition to this, you might sometimes need to measure the wrist circumference and shoulder width too.”

He rapidly drew lines, both horizontal and vertical, on the human figure, indicating the points to be measured.

“But taking measurements is a considerable task, taking into account the time needed for it. Sometimes despite thanking countless measurements, the end product might not be satisfactory. I want all students of the tailoring department should keep that in mind.”

“And so.”

Izard quickly shut the textbook in his hand with an oddly serious expression.

“Now, the tailoring students shall take the measurements of their partner.”

The female students of the witch department all let out a collective groan.

Most of them were the ones that had a male pair.

Well, it wasn’t as if he didn’t understand them.

Soujirou would have also felt strange to have someone of the opposite sex measure his size when he was nearly stripped down to his underwear if he were a young girl.

He gave a quick glance at Chloe.

She seemed to have a slightly uncomfortable expression, but she seemed calm.

Feeling his gaze on her, she gave him a smile and said, “Good luck.”

“You seem calm.”

“Yeah, I usually have my father make my clothes, so I think I’m used to having myself measured.”

“I see.”

If the other person was this calm, it would be strange if he seemed flustered.

However, it seems that not everyone was used to having themselves measured like Chloe.

When the measurement was over, there were some pairs whose faces were bright red and looked away from each other, while in others, the witch stared at her partner with a grudge.

“Next…Soujirou Hino and Chloe Noiret.”


Called by Magnolia, Chloe headed towards the space partitioned by the curtains.

“Yes, I’m coming.”

​Sojiro followed her with a small notebook, his writing implements, and measuring tape.

“Next, I’ll measure the sleeve length.”

“Got it.”

When Soujirou said so, Chloe bent her arm a little to make it easier to measure. It really seemed like she was used to having herself measured. This made it quite easy for him.

He measured her sleeve length by stretching the measuring tape, from her bare shoulder to the bone on the little finger side of her wrist.

Chloe wore a thin white chemise. Without her dress, she looked taller and more slender. She wasn’t thin though, the chest looked quite full. In a nutshell, she would look nice in a dress.

“Next, I’ll be taking your height, so please turn back.”

“Yes, please.”

After their first measurement, she murmured while flipping through the curtains.

“I’m looking forward to the dress you will make.”

“First, I’ll make one by the textbook.”

“I’ll be looking forward to it. A dress made by Soujirou.”

Saying so, Chloe Noiret laughed.

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When She Becomes a Witch 6

Translator: Hasr11

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He and Him

“Are you really going back? You might as well stay for dinner.”

“That will be too late for me. The sun is already setting.”

After the exchange, Chloe stepped out of her home to see off Soujirou.

Autumn brought along long evenings to the town, drenching it a dull crimson.

Soujirou strolled back to his lodging on the island, near the hills.

While the town had trams and stagecoaches, he felt like taking a stroll at that moment.

Evenings were a bustling time in the town, with people returning from work and chilling coming back from school. Calls could be heard from stores here-and-there, inviting their patrons in, making the town come to life.

“I’m back.”

As he opened the front gates to his boarding, a graceful woman of considerable age, who managed the dorm—Madame Thérèse, just happened to pass by.

“Oh, welcome back Soujirou. You must be tired after the entrance ceremony. Should I give you your dinner at the usual time?”

No matter what you said, the food at the boarding house was delicious. While it was his oddball of an uncle, who was well known to be eccentric by the family who introduced him to the place, Soujirou was quite grateful to him just for this fact.

“Yes, please do that.”

“Yeah, by the way, some package of yours arrived. I carried it to the maids’ room for the time being.”

“Got it, thanks as always.”

It must be something strange his uncle sent. Or perhaps his family must have been worried and sent a ton of things from back home.

As he mused over what it could be, he gave a quick bow to the Madame and left for his room on the second floor.

Just as his hand touched the doorknob—

“Oi……you can’t hide anymore.”


“I told you to not hide, Leord. Come out.”

“…How did you know? Are you a ninja, a ninja master?”

“You’re just too large to hide. Also, this is the third time you tried to hide behind the decorations. If anything, you seem more obvious.”

As he spoke, the other sluggishly stepped out of the shadow of the decorations.

Brilliant blond hair and height of 6 feet (180cm) with well-proportioned muscles. His chiseled features were ‘manly’ no doubt, but his personality also carried hints of a refined English nobleman.

Leord Ashcroft.

He was Soujirou’s friend at the boarding house, and also a new student at Alstroemeria Academy.

“Well, some mail arrived for you today, right? I thought maybe it’d be something from Japan, something like Ukiyo-e and stuff.”

“I don’t think people usually send Ukiyo-e as an allowance.”

“Don’t you know? Ukiyo-e was originally created as a substitute for cushioning materials…”

…He was obsessed with Japan. People said it was due to his parents’ influence. He was extremely elated when he came to know that Soujirou was Japanese.

“I understand, I understand. Gee, you’re strange for knowing such obscure facts about my country… Well, if that’s what you’re here for, come in. In exchange, you help me open my mail.”

“That’s the Soujirou I know! If there’s Ukiyo-e, lend it to me.”

“Nah, it won’t be there…maybe.”

Helped by Leord (even if he tried to chase Leord out of the room, he would still want to help), he opened the package from home. During the unpacking, the chatted about the entrance ceremony.

“I won’t forget your proud face on the stage, brimming with confidence, for a lifetime.”

“You’re really…Soujirou, you also had the same look on your face.”

“I didn’t.”

“No, you did.”

Earlier in the day, when the top ranks were being announced, Leord’s name was called even before Soujirou. He was the fourth rank, while Soujirou was the seventh.

“Soujirou’s partner was the one with the odd hair color, right? She was tall.”

“She’s probably shorter than you, Leord. Well, her hair color was unique though. I don’t think I’ve seen anyone with such beautiful green hair. And your partner was…”

“My partner’s even cuter! I wish I could say that, but…”

Leord’s hands froze in midair as he took out the parcel from the wooden box. He let out a sigh. What was the boy who was clearly very lively, troubled about?


“That, well, ignoring her external appearance, what’s on the inside can’t be called cute in any way…”

His large hands ruffled through his blond hair as he scratched his head.

“She’s French. And as you can see, I’m British.”

“…I see.”

Soujirou didn’t know it in much detail. The neighbors on the opposite ends of the channel— England and France, had a long history and deep ties between them. Yet they were on bad terms…or so it seemed.

Perhaps it was like the discord between the east and west in Japan. Soujirou mused idyllically.”

“It’s only the beginning and we’re already off to a rough start.”

“But still you would have accompanied each other after the entrance ceremony, right?”

“Our eyes didn’t meet at all, and there were no attempts at small-talk from the other side, and though I spoke, all I got were short replies. I looked at you two from the corner of my eye and you seemed quite chummy.”

“I don’t know if you’d call that being ‘chummy’.”

Soujirou reminisced of the day’s events. It was obvious at first glance that he was a foreign student from the east. Thus he was very much on guard at the beginning and worried if his words would be understood. Originally he felt that his partner’s attitude of treating them as equals was a little impolite, but thinking back, it was much better than being at odds like Leord and his partner.

“Rather being chummy, I’d call it being over-familiar.”

“That’s rich coming from you. I’m sure she just wanted to get along well with you.”

“I-Is that so?”

“Gosh, I’m so jealous. …Oh, this bottle of soy sauce seems nice. It looks refined and sophisticated. Give it to me once you use up the soy sauce inside.”

“It’s just an ordinary bottle of soy sauce. In fact, I don’t think there is any refinement or sophistication in it. If anything, it seems tasteless.”

Soujirou glanced at the large bottle of soy sauce he had seen often in Japan. As it wasn’t a product for the common people and rather expensive, it looked pleasing to the eyes. However, a soy sauce bottle was still, a soy sauce bottle after all.

“I-I see…refinement and grace…along with tastelessness…how profound…!”

A sigh escaped Soujirou.

Perhaps being over-familiar was a common trait among all westerners. Leord and Chloe were both oddly clingy.

“Well, let’s have a proper meet up next time.”

“A meetup?”

“Yes, with your partner. I’ll introduce mine too.”

“…I’ll think about it. First, get to know your partner well.”

Packed at the bottom of the wooden box were…not Ukiyo-e, but newspapers. But still, Leord seemed quite excited and exclaimed, “It’s full of Japanese writing! How exotic!”. There seemed to be no problem on his end.

“By the way, which club are you going to join?”

“Club, huh…”

His hands sorting the scraps paused as he was lost in thought.

“How about entering the Fencing Club as a representative of the Japanese Samurai?”

“Fencing…is it about swordsmanship? That’s not a bad idea, but I would prefer a cultural club. What do you think?”

“I used to practice archery…what do you call it… right, kyudo! Won’t you join me? I’ve heard that the best Samurai can fight with both the sword and the bow.”

Leord gestured as if pulling a bowstring. Soujirou replied curtly.

“Didn’t you hear what I said? I’d like to be in a cultural club. Yeah…I’d like one where I can read as many books from the west as I want.”

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When She Becomes a Witch 5

Translator: Hasr11

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At the Tailor Store: the Goddess of Destiny

“Here we are! This is my home!”

Chloe pulled Soujirou’s arm, dragging him across a lively path. After a short walk, they reached their destination.

“This is a tailor store… Moreover, a shop that belongs to one that makes Magic Dresses…”

Perhaps it was to be expected that Soujirou looked at the building with his obsidian eyes shining.

The shop wasn’t all that large and was rather smaller than the average shop on the street. But the black pillars on the exterior coupled with the white walls were eye-catching.

From the show windows, one could notice a mannequin wearing an autumn dress.

Written on the signboard above the storefront was ‘Tailor Store: The Goddess of Destiny’.

“Soujirou. Welcome to the Goddess of Destiny. Welcome to my home!”

Chloe wholeheartedly welcomed her beautiful partner with open arms.

Chloe did not have the keys to the store entrance and her parents were yet to catch-up to them. Thus they entered the house from the back door.

“Come in, don’t be shy.”

“…T-Then, excuse me.”

Invited to the house, Soujirou lightly brought his hands close to his shoes to take them off, but quickly drew back his hand and shook his head.

“What was that just now?”

“…Ah, well, it was an old habit back from home. Don’t mind it.”


Thinking it was a country of many strange customs, she looked over to the kitchen.

Although the smell of a tomato soup her mother Claire made with ample spices faintly lingered in the air, she could not find what she was looking for.

“We had tea and cookies somewhere… Ah, Soujirou, you can sit on that chair there.”

“Got it.”

Although he replied, Soujirou continued to survey the kitchen. Homes in a foreign country were quite unique.

“Ours is a very normal family I think, but do you think it’s strange?”

“If I had to say it, it would be strange. My house back in Japan was a traditional one. I haven’t stepped foot in the dorm kitchen either.”

“Well, our place is pretty small.”

“You say that, but don’t you have plenty of magic foci for cooking?”

“Yeah, you’re right. All the homes around here are the same though.”

“I see… As expected of Atlantis. It might be just a fragment, but you can still find remnants of the Magic Empire.”

At that moment, her parents finally arrived. Chloe no longer needed to rummage for tea and cookies.

“Here, some black tea. It’s a strong brew of Assam. It’ll taste delicious if you add milk and sugar.”

“T-Thank you.”

“Here, a raisin cookie. Can Soujirou eat raisins?”

“Yeah, it’s fine.”

“I’m glad, many kids don’t like raisins after all.”

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With a light tap, Mom Claire placed a tea set with a floral pattern, reserved for guests. She had always used the usual ones for Chloe’s friends until now. Seemed like her mom held Soujiro in high regard.

“Hey, mom. Where’s my share of the cookies?”

“Coming, coming. Here, Chloe’s cookies. Don’t go too overboard eating them.”


Chloe clapped her hands and took the plate full of cookies.

“Geez, she’s such a glutton. You’ll get fat if you eat too much.”

“I-I won’t grow fat! This- This’ll help me grow taller. It can’t be helped, can it?”

“Gee, this girl. You still wanna grow taller? Hey, Soujirou, making a dress for this girl is no piece of cake. She’s the kind that will shoot up in height here and there.”

At Claire teasing, Soujirou gave an extremely earnest reply.

“I believe it will be a learning experience then.”

“Soujirou…you didn’t have to actually reply.”

“Is that okay?”

“That’s how it should be!”

“Hehe, Soujirou is way too honest.”

Chloe’s mom smiled and said, “Then, I won’t bother you two anymore.” and left the two to themselves.

Soujirou was well-versed in the art of drinking tea. His manner of nibbling the cookies was refined too. Being a foreigner, he wondered what he would do if his way of drinking was considered strange. But it seemed that his worries were unnecessary.

“You came from your home country all the way by ship?”

“I took a ship to the USA. I then caught a train, and then again, a boat to Atlantis.”

“A ship, huh. The ships traveling to other countries are pretty large.”

“Yeah, you’re right. The ship I was in made a stop at the southern islands and then proceeded towards America. That’s why the journey was long. And because of that, my hair has grown this long.”

Soujirou grabbed the hair at the back of his head and showed it to Chloe.

His hair was smooth and lustrous. He must take good care of it. His hair was tied up with a braided red string with glass beads string together, giving it an exotic feel.

“I don’t know much about men’s hairstyles, but I think this suits Soujirou.”

“…Thanks. Actually, I like this too.”

With a faint blush creeping up his cheeks, Soujirou looked cute. ‘Despite being a boy, he’s so beautiful. I

How envious.’, Chloe thought in her heart.

She felt a little proud of having such a beautiful partner.

Each and every pair at Alstroemeria Academy was one that both the teachers and students dreamed of. Some shared a relationship close to that of lovers, while others preferred to maintain a purely academic relationship. What it would be, depended solely on the pair.

Chloe personally preferred to have a close bond with her partner. That way her student life would be smooth, with more fun times than quarrels.

“Eh, my uncle lives in the USA.”

“He’s a little eccentric compared to the rest of the family, but he’s a nice person at heart. He stayed here with me till the entrance exam.”

As she drank her second cup of tea, she listened to Soujirou’s story. For Chloe, who had never stepped outside Atlantis, his story was of great interest.

“The entrance exam…”

“Ahh, Chloe must have appeared for it too, right? The entrance exam.”

Soujirou blinked thrice and looked at her.

“I didn’t take the entrance examination for Alstroemeria Academy. I got a recommendation from my middle school. I only gave the aptitude test.”

“Was that possible too…locals are incredible.”

“Having said that, only two people, including me, received recommendations from my middle school.”

“…No matter where you are from, it is difficult to enter. That’s what makes Alstroemeria so incredible…”

“That’s true. Everyone on this island longs to wear Alstroemeria’s uniform.”

Saying so, Chloe grabbed the hem of her skirt and twirled around.

“Our rank is seventh. That must mean that you can use at least four or five types of magic? The condition for the witch aspirants of Alstroemeria to rank in the top ten is to be able to use a minimum of four kinds of magic.”

“Yeah. I can use four– fire, wind, physical strengthening, and summoning using magic foci.”

Witches can use anywhere between one and five kinds of magic. To use the magic of a certain type, the witches need to have an affinity for it, as well as a Magic Dress that complimented the magic type.

For example: to use fire type magic, a witch needed to have an affinity for fire type, as well as a Magic Dress, created for fire type users.

“Four, huh. And with the combination of those types…It would be good to change with the circumstances.’

One could at most wear three magic dresses.

First were the undergarments. Next, the dress itself. Finally, accessories such as hats, bags, parasols, and shawls.

“Hmm…then the dress shall be for fire type, and the summoning with the accessories…No, but what about wind type…”

Chloe quietly got up to make another cup for Soujirou, deep in thought about the dress.

He faced the topic of the dress quite earnestly.

Chloe too had to seriously face it. Even more than him.

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When She Becomes a Witch 4

Translator: Hasr11

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Her Family

“Wasn’t it amazing!? The seniors’ ‘Witch Battle’.”

“Ah…you’re right.”

“The pink Robe à la Française senior’s super firepower barrage was awesome!”

“How the purple Bustle dress senior handled the attack; by reinforcing her body with magic and creating a defense without wasting one bit of magic; was nothing short of splendid.”

As the new students discussed the “Witch Battle’ they had just witnessed, their excitement settled and they left the arena.

No doubt, Chloe and her partner Soujirou were also a part of the crowd.

With this, the opening ceremony came to a close.

The new students dispersed from the arena and made their way back home.

However, Chloe did not wish to part from Soujirou and continued to converse with him till they reached the school gates.

“Hey, since Soujirou is a foreign studenty, you must be staying at the dorms, right?”

“Ah, I would have preferred to say by myself. But that was rejected by my family. So I’m currently at a boys-only dorm.”

“And where is that?”

“A short walk from the Academy, in the direction of the mountains.”

“Hey, hey, can I come to play?”

“ There’s no way you’re coming. It’s packed with boys.”

“Although he came off as standoffish, Soujirou did clearly reply to Chloe. The conversion drew to a close.”

“Hey, hey, hey, hey, Soujirou.”

“What is it this time, Chloe?”

“ I saw my parents there. Might as well you go greet them.”

“Huh? What do you mean, greeting your parents?”

Soujirou opened his eyes wide. Chloe, not waiting for his reply, caught his gray suit and pulled his arm. She dragged him towards her parents who were slowly waving their hands near the gate.

“W-Wait! Do you want to rip the seams off my new uniform!?”

“Ah, sorry…”

“To have my uniform ruined by my partner female student on the first day of school, what kind of a man am I?’

As Chloe let go of his sleeve, despite the grumbling, Soujiro still patted his uniform and turned to face her parents.

‘…Um…so…my apologies for introducing myself in such an inappropriate situation. I am Soujirou Hino. I shall be in your daughter’s care for the next three years in the Academy. I might cause a lot of trouble, but…”

Soujirou’s proper introduction was interrupted by a chuckling voice.

Ehehe, nice to meet you! I’m glad such a cute child will be our Chloe’s partner!”

Chloe’s mother spoke rapidly in a slightly, no, considerably giddy voice. She placed her hands that were in tightly fitting gloves on her cheeks.

Her mother, Claire, seemed like a dreamy young maiden, despite her age. The word ‘adorable’ would fit her to a tee.

“Calm down, Claire. Sorry, Soujirou, my wife and daughter were rude. I am Chloe’s dad, Alban. Nice to meet you.”

“Um, nice to meet you too…Miss Chloe resembles you two a lot…”

“My, my, Soujirou, you too think the same?”

“Haha, we’re often told that.”

“Uh…do we really resemble each other that much…?”

In reality, most of the people said the same when meeting the Noiret family.

Their daughter, Chloe, quite resembled them.

She inherited her pale green hair and emerald eyes from her mother.

On the other hand, her height and long legs were from her father.

People often said that her face had traces of both her parents in it. Her cat-like eyes and sharp chin were like her mother’s; while her long and well-defined nose, as well as her bold eyebrows, were a feature of her father’s.

As their daughter, Chloe felt a little conflicted. She did not hate her parents. If anything, she loved them. Yet, she was at an age where she felt gloomy for not having looks that were not uniquely hers.

“Soujirou, you might be slender and of a short build, but you have quite some muscle. Your palms too, don’t look like they are just made for sewing. Did you do sports…or perhaps, martial arts?”

At Chloe’s father’s words, Soujirou blinked his eyes. After a brief moment of confused silence, he finally replied after several blinks.

“I practiced with the sword as a hobby in my hometown. I practiced other forms of martial arts to an extent too.”

As he replied, Chloe’s father gave a gentle smile and spilled the beans.

“I work as a tailor in this town. I did graduate from here, but I get both witches as well as non-witch customers. I can easily discern what you did, based on how your muscles are built.”

“So you mean you graduated from Alstroemeria Academy?”

His black eyes shone with respect as he looked at Chloe’s father.

Alban gave a quick nod in the affirmative.

“Also, let me tell you another thing. The sword training that has been drilled into your muscles is by no means ordinary. Is being overly modest a thing your countrymen do?”

Soujirou scrunched up his eyebrows a little and showed a face of embarrassment. After a quick glance at his palm, he turned to face Alban.

“…That…ever since I can remember, I have gripped a sword. However, I am no doubt inexperienced in the ways of the sword, thus I spoke like that before. The master who taught me the sword too told me not to thoughtlessly display my abilities. But, if I made you feel uncomfortable, I apologize.

“No, I should be the one to apologize. I must have sounded quite rude. I didn’t think you’d be so troubled over it, so, um…

Seeing Soujirou’s black eyes, it seemed like Chloe’s father was the one troubled.

“My, my, Its rare to see you at a loss. Well, what my husband wanted to say was ‘I want you to protect Chloe with your sword. I don’t know who she takes after, but she always pokes her nose in troublesome matters!’.”


Why do you always do this!?

Geez, isn’t it the truth?

But still..!

Choose your words a little more carefully, will you?

But he might not understand it then…

Despite being in Alstroemeria Academy, the pair of husband-wife got carried away with their quarrel.

Though Chole did not hate them, she still wished she could pretend to not know them at that moment.

“Soujirou, sorry for my parents.”

“No need…uh, your family sure gets along well.”

“You don’t have to force yourself to say it!”

“But still, I never thought your father graduated from here and even managed to set up a tailor store on Atlantis. I’m envious.”

Soujirou seemed to be truly envious as he muttered.

Seeing him so, an idea popped up in Chloe’s mind.

“That’s right, Soujirou. Come to my house!”

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When She Becomes a Witch 3

Translator: Hasr11

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A Witch Dress, A Witch Battle

A pair of male and female students who seemed like the senior student representatives got up on the stage. They began a speech intended to welcome the new students.

Chloe and the others thought it would no doubt be a boring speech. But the atmosphere changed at once.

“Well…I’m sure all of you are tired after the ceremony. Let us end the formalities here. To make you well aware of us seniors’ true strength, let us show you a ‘Witch Battle’!”

From the audience seats, the loudest cheer so far resounded. No doubt Chloe too contributed to the shouts. Even Soujirou, who sat beside her, couldn’t conceal his excitement.

A Witch Battle.

From time immemorial, the Witches’ powers had led to wars. At times they would be the trigger for the war, and at others they would cause the war itself.

The witches and their Magic Dresses were symbols of great strength.

At the same time, they also represented abundant riches and resplendent beauty.

From that arose a sport, a show where witches battled for amusement: The Witch Battle.

The spectators reveled at the witches chanting spells in a sing-song voice, movements making it seem as if the witches were dancing, leading to a vivid collision of magic spells.

Such battles occurred at a large scale in the ancient empire. Though its scale was now small, they could now enjoy such battles anywhere in the world.

“What is occurring now at this academy is similar to what happens far and wide in the world. What they wish to show is…a sport or a game; a ‘Witch Battle’ as a form of art.”

Hearing Soujirou mutter, Chloe replied.

“Yes, that is it. The Academy’s rules state that if a witch remains on the ground, unable to get up for a few seconds, or when her dress is damaged to the point where she cannot use magic, it is considered a defeat. It is also a loss if she is off the arena.”

“Although battles for the second years are conducted in dungeons if I’m not mistaken…oh, it’s starting now!”

“Then, let us introduce the two witches who are battling today!”

As the senior student spoke the lines, the female students in dresses on the stage left one by one.

In the end, left on the stage were two female students, no, young witches facing each other.

On the left was a girl dressed in a luxurious pink Robe à la Française. As if that wasn’t enough, a large ribbon and an artificial flower graced her bright crimson hair.

The exterior robe of the dress had a floral pattern, while the insides glistened white like snow. The originally plentiful fair chest was further padded with ribbons and laces making it bulge to the point where it seemed it would spill forth.

The hem that unfurled on both sides seemed more graceful and large with the addition of the vest tightening around her.

Her pale and slender fingers, hidden under her white gloves, folded around a fan. From it extended a thing pale purple cord that twined around her arms in a serpentine manner, leaving just the tassel at its end dangling.

On the right was witch dressed in a subdued purple dress with a light beige lace: A Bustle-style dress1. Her lustrous brown hair was pulled up in an updo. She wore a hat the same shade of purple, slightly crooked, on her head.

From the front, a Bustle dress looked slender with clean lines. However, on the back, it had a voluminous curve on the hips. And the voluminous curve was made by bunching up multiple layers of cloth repeatedly and pleating them. A large ribbon adorned it.

Her dress tightly wrapped around her, right from the base of her neck to her wrists. Tips of her brown leather boots peeked out from under her low skirt hem.

And her hands encased in white gloves held a parasol. While it was closed at the moment, it seemed to be a cute parasol, with an off white color like scattered flowers.

The witches who were introduced gave a bow to the spectating students and once again turned to face one another.


The senior student representative spoke clearly.


It was a proclamation of the battle beginning.

The one who made a move first was the witch in the pink dress.

She unfurled her lace fan with a snap and she chanted a spell as if she were a little bird singing a poem of love.

“Flames emerge.”

Black flames arose as if answering her words.

“…Black roses bloom, guarding the pure white grave.

Guides to eternal sleep.”

The flames shone and swayed.

“The sounds of weeping entwine with the funeral bells.

Their duty: the omen of death.”

The black flames became gradually larger. They ‘Grew’.

“And I bestow you a new duty!

Heed me!”

With her voice, the black flames burst forth.

“Come out, ‘Church Grim2!!”

It was a silhouette of a large dog, larger than a pony.

“Beast Summoning Magic…!”

Magic. While it was just a word, many systems existed under the umbrella of that one word.

For instance, wielding the power of the fire or water spirits; the so-called elemental spirits. It worked by interfering with the opponent’s spirit.

On the other hand, with one’s spirit, namely by using mental power, information, and knowledge would gush forth. One could create a tool known as a magical focus, or could temporarily borrow it through summons.

Beast Summoning magic too was a system of magic. It summoned ‘Mythical Beasts’ of the ancient past, or perhaps even the present. Through the magic they would temporarily become your familiars.

“But still, I have never seen a beast like that black dog. Is it something unique to Europe and America?”

Soujirou muttered in amazement.

“Umm, it is called a Church Grim. It is one of the so-called Black Dog beasts. Originally, black dogs were dreadful existences believed to be omens of death. But Church Grims had the duty of protecting the graveyard. They chased off the grave robbers who disturbed the sleep of the dead.”

“I see.”

While the two chatted, the pink witch got up on the black dog, the Church Grim, and rode with her legs on one side.


When the witch in the pink Robe à la Française pointed at something, theChurch Grim let out a growl. Flames spewed out of his mouth and soon reached the witch in purple.


On the other hand, the witch in the purple Bustle dress unfurled her small parasol and used it in front of herself as a shield.

But would just that protect her from the flames?

Not minding the spectators’ unrest, the witch in purple put together an incantation in a calm yet swift voice.

“Decked up, the maidens live in the castle of ice.

Let us begin a ball,

Dancing atop the eternally frozen soil.

A round dance that shall never end.”

With a sharp crack, pillars of ice afore one after another beside the purple witch’s feet. Countless flowers of ice bloomed before her parasol, forming a gigantic wall.

It completely defended against the flames the Church Grim breathed out.

A waltz of fire and ice.

Even while being drowned out by the crowd’s cheers, the young witches made preparations for the next magic, chanting another spell.

Not wishing to miss a second, Chloe looked at the stage with rapt attention.

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When She Becomes a Witch 2

Translator: Hasr11

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Fashion Show

The entrance ceremony ended, and the sheet containing the long list of pairs of all the students below the top ranks was put up.

The other students gathered around the paper. However, the seventh rank Chloe’s pair had already been set in stone. Having a lot of time in hand, she leisurely glanced at her partner, Soujiro Hino, whom she had gotten aquatinted with just a while back.

He had a small frame for a man. His height was around the same as Chloe’s, perhaps shorter.

On the back of his head was his charming long black hair tied up with a ribbon. His big black eyes were adorned with long eyelashes. His nose was a little short, but the small bridge made him look more handsome. His skin too was supple and smooth.

However, the first and foremost thing was: no matter how one looked at him, he seemed Asian.

He seemed to know his greetings well….but would he be able to understand her words?


“…Do you need me for something?”

“More importantly, you can understand my words? I’m a little curious.”

“It’s not a problem. As long as it’s everyday conversation and terminology regarding my specialty: tailoring.”

As he raised an eyebrow in doubt, words tumbled out of Soujirou’s tiny lips. His English was surprisingly smooth and sounded native.

“What about languages other than English?”

“Other than English, I also learned a little French from a tutor. I had heard that the language used here, in Atlantis, is quite similar to it.”

“Ah, then that’s great! I mainly speak French and English. Besides, I can speak some basic greetings and the like in Spanish and Italian. Hey, Soujirou is a foreign student, right? Where are you from?”

“Ah, I’m from Japan.”

…If she wasn’t mistaken, it was a place in the far east, beyond the silk route.

It was a nation of many mysteries, closed off to the outside world until a few decades ago.

In Europe, the fine arts of imperial Japan were prised as being exotic. They even influenced fashion trends.

But was it really fine…? As a country that had had no cultural exchange with the outside world until a few decades ago, they surely would have a unique Magic Dress of their own. However, their traditional cloth design was poles opposite from the styles they saw in Europe.

Could he properly create a Magic dress?

“You seem dissatisfied. It’s written on your face.”

“Huh, w-why?”

“As I said, it’s written on your face.

Can an Asian create a normal dress?

Your expression is screaming that.”

Hearing Soujirou’s sarcasm, his lips curved up into a smile.

“…Ah…um…the dress…you’ll make it, right?”

“I learned the basics of dress-making. Nonetheless, Japan is still a ways away from Europe. I can’t get into the Europe-mode of dressmaking immediately. Though they might be amateur work that you cannot wear formally, I have created many Magic Dresses.”

There was a difference between your usual dress and the enchanted Magic Dress. I was the difference in raw materials and workmanship.

“An acquaintance of my father’s runs a spinning mill. So it was easy to arrange for raw materials required to craft a Magic Dress. The ones I would have in hand were mainly Mana Silk and Rainbow Thread, along with fairy wood brocade. Of course I only got scraps of the brocade.

Cloe opened her emerald eyes wide. All of them were hard to use. They weren’t raw materials any amateur could use.

“I leaned the Japanese traditional craft of putting enchantments in embroidery. I also ordered some books from Europe to learn fashion techniques and designs in the west by myself. That’s why there is a subtle difference in my recent designs.”

“Yeah, I think that’s more than enough….”

“Hmm, I see.”

Just at that moment, the voice of a female teacher resounded.

“Then, we shall be moving to the arena for the welcome program prepared by the senior students. Please try to stay together as pairs from here on as far as possible.”

Chloe and Soujirou gazed at one another. As their heights were almost the same, their lines of sight were nearly the same.


“Now, I don’t think there’s any reason to protest.”

The new students of Alstroemeria Academy left the hall where the entrance ceremony occurred in droves. Guided by the teachers, they headed to the so-called arena in the academy grounds.

At the end of September, the wind was cold. In the wind, the horse chestnut trees along the boulevard gently swayed.

Chloe noticed something white in the shade of the horse chestnuts.

I looked like a white ball at first glance. But it also seemed somewhat fluffy.

…It wasn’t a ball, but a living thing. To be precise, a cat.

It seemed oddly dignified. Perhaps it was a pet raised by one of the teachers in the academy.

In the arena.

The so-called arena seemed somewhat similar to the pictures of Roman ruins they had often seen hanging on the walls of their preparatory schools.

The decorations on the walls seemed identical to the pictures. Its shape was similarly circular, and it had bowl-shaped seating on the inside.

The new students all sat in the audience. Not long after, a shout of cheers was raised from where the senior students were seated in the audience.

The new students soon came to know of its reason.

Dressed in vivid Magic Dress designs, the female students took to the stage one after another,


It was a fashion show of Magic Dresses.

The moment they understood what it was, the new students let out a cheer of joy.

A blonde witch wore a luxurious blue, reminiscent of the sea during summer: Robe à la Française1. Her hair was pulled up and adorned with large bird winds that swayed just like the tails of tropical fish.

Made with nearly transparent muslin, white wings like an angel’s made up another witch’s Empire silhouette dress2. Her slender arms were covered in white gloves, while a while lace shawl gently wrapped around her.

The third witch was dressed up in a regal red dress, just like a portrait of a queen from the Renaissance era. She wore a stand-up lace collar: a Medici Collar.3 The pearl necklace around her slender neck further enhanced her beauty.


Looking at the Magic Dresses, Chloe muttered to no one in particular.

“I want to wear that dress.”

She heard someone beside her reply.

“I want to create a dress like that.”

Chloe subconsciously turned to look beside her.

There sat Soujirou, looking at the fashion show with rapt attention.

Maybe, just maybe.

He and I are made for each other.

Hopeful, Chloe once again fixed her eyes onto the fashion show.

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When She Becomes a Witch 1

Translator: Hasr11

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First Year

Fall Winds; Encounters; Beginnings.

Meeting Them at the Entrance Ceremony

In the beginning, humans were mere naked beasts.

In due time, the beasts began to envelop themselves in cloth to protect their bodies. It was the creation of clothes. And the moment the beasts became humans.

This was the first magic.

It was the original and most powerful magic.

Listening to the speech, Chloe Noiret battled her drowsiness.

It was tedious and boring. All who wished to become witches had heard of the story countless times.

And it was but obvious that they knew what followed ahead.

“And then, time flew. Before one knew it, clothes became the enchanted Magic Dress; granting witches the power to wield magic. For example, in ancient Greece, people draped large pieces of cloth and fastened them to…”

Rising above the Atlantic Ocean, the Atlantis Archipelago was the only fragment of the ancient Atlantis Magic Empire to have escaped the fate of being sunk. If one lived here; right from childhood, no, right from the moment you gained awareness; it was something you heard many times.

Who thought the first thing she’d here on entering the academy at long last would be this done and dusted tale…

Chloe curled her shapely lips and stifled a yawn.

She hadn’t slept well the previous night and was overcome by drowsiness. Her eyelids clung to each other, closing her eyes shut. Her head moved unsteadily, resulting in her braided light green hair swaying.

The gathering hall was thankfully dim, and the students’ seats too were surprisingly comfortable. She could fall asleep just like that, but that was bad no matter what.

Today was a special day. After all, it was the Entrance Ceremony.

Alstroemeria Academy.

The world’s best academy, established to nurture the foremost witches and tailors.

For Chloe, who was raised on the main island of Atlantis, it was no doubt an academy she yearned to be I’m. But it was all the more a place for countless other young men and women from around the world aiming to be witches and tailors to realize their great dreams…or so they said.

Currently, many new students in the hall seemed to hail from foreign lands.

All were dressed neatly in their brand-new uniforms and looked at the stage with earnest eyes.

…That’s right, I am in that Alstroemeria Academy now.

Chloe gently gripped her uniform skirt.

It was a gray dress made from excellent cloth.

On her chest was a large white inverted triangle yoke collar with a button. Her loose long sleeves had white cuffs at their ends. A skirt flared out from the waist to just below the knees.

And as Chloe was a female student from the witch department, a small cloth unfurled from the decorative ribbon on her left shoulder like a mantle. On the other hand, the female students from the Tailoring Department wore a white apron dress with no bibs.

The boys were all Tailors, so they all wore the same gray suit.

…The uniform I had yearned for since always, the uniform of Alstroemeria Academy.

I am wearing it right now. Surrounded by people wearing the same uniform, I am now attending the entrance ceremony!

Chloe, who was on her feet since the morning, no, the night before; finally experienced the feeling of being there. Her drowsiness blew away, and she was unable to hold back her happiness and nervousness.

Even the drab speech could not lull her to sleep.

“To close off, the Principal has a few words for the new students.”

With those words, a beautiful woman in her mid-twenties took the stage.

It was a familiar face to those living on the island. It was most likely that her name was known throughout the world.

Yumis Latrasta Atlantis. The head of Alstroemeria Academy, and the leader of the International Witch Federation that controlled the island.

Such a mighty existence would now speak. The new students waited for the Principal’s words and held their breaths in fear.

“Greetings to all the new students present here. And congratulations on your entry. …But haven’t a few of you fallen prey to sleep in this tedious ceremony?”

Bitter laughs rang through the hall. It seemed Chloe wasn’t the only one battling drowsiness.

“Then I shall tell you one last important thing before you all fall prey to sleep. In our Alstroemeria Academy, those who wish to become tailors and those who wish to become witches form pairs. These pairs are decided by the Academy based on information from the entrance examination results or through affinity deduced through divination among others. We usually do not accept requests to change partners. After all, we cannot change the person tied to you by the red string of fate.”

They did know it when they gave the exam, but tension ran high amongst the students.

Chloe was no different.

Chloe glanced surreptitiously at the tailor aspirants sitting amongst the new students.

An eighth of them were boys dressed in gray suits. The rest were female students wearing apron dresses.

It was well known that only women could become witches. However, men were said to be more suited for tailoring. In fact, in the past, a few countries stipulated by law that only men could become tailors.

What kind of kid would become her partner? She had to make sure to get along well with them. And most importantly, she had to know…what kind of dress they would make for her.

…I don’t care about the details, just quickly tell me who my partner is!

As such a restless atmosphere drifted amongst the new student, she heard her speak.

Then, I shall call out the first five pairs by rank. Please reply if your name is called out and come on to the stage.”

Principal Yumis read out the names from a sheet of paper.

It was obvious that the top ranks were all high achievers.

If one was ranked among the top ranks in Alstroemeria Academy, it would mean that they were the top-ranked witch and tailor aspirants in the world. It was quite a thing of honor.

“—Rank Seven, Witch Candidate Chloe Noiret.”


Although she knew it beforehand, she was called.

Chloe received envious gazes from the new students. She eagerly moved her hands and feet and turned to the brightly lit stage.

Her lustrous pale green hair, tied in pigtails, was clear even in the dim light. Her seemingly fickle emerald eyes shined with a strong will. Besides, she was a little taller than the other girls her age. Her supple long legs peeled out from the hem of her skirt.

Chloe’s appearance attracted the students’ attention.

There were already six pairs on the stage.

Then, wearing a gray suit, a beautiful girl, no, a beautiful boy with small build intently stared at Chloe.

…This beautiful kid is my partner.

When he opened his mouth, what came out was a voice lower than what she expected.

“I am Hino Soujirou…sorry, Soujirou Hino1. Nice to meet you, Chloe Noiret.”

“Yeah, pleased to meet you too, Soujirou.”

Her green braided hair swayed as Chloe tilted her head and smiled widely.

Witch Candidate Chloe Noiret.

Tailor Candidate Soujirou Hino.

This was their first meeting.

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When She Becomes a Witch: Prologue

Translator: Hasr11

Read at Watashi wa Sugoi Desu! Support the Translator!


A Boy From the Far East

Rattle rattle, the train zoomed through the vast United States.

Though it had been nearly a decade into the twentieth century, humans still went on such grueling journeys. Wondering if it was high time they began flying in the open skies, Soujirou Hino gazed out through the train window. There, he saw a parched wasteland extend beyond the horizon. It was an unimaginable sight in his homeland, the empire of Japan. In that country, no matter where there was always either grass, trees, mountains, or rivers present everywhere.

“Isn’t it boring, young lady?”

As he stifled a yawn, the elderly man sitting on the seat opposite him spoke slowly in easily understandable English.

His behavior and words towards a foreigner were both polite and he was dressed well too. He seemed to be quite the gentleman. Thinking so, Soujirou replied in English.

“Yes, it’s my first time traveling so long on a train.”

“You seem quite young, yet you’re traveling alone without a companion. Where are you going?”

Soujirou wondered where to correct the elderly gentleman first.

“My destination is the Atlantis Witch Confederation.”

“Oh, that…are you traveling to the part of the Magic Empire that didn’t sink, Atlantis? You want to be a witch, young…”

Naturally, he didn’t wish for the misunderstanding to drag on any longer, and hurriedly interrupted the elderly gentleman.

“Um, thank you for the praise, but…unfortunately, I am a man.”

Hearing that, the elderly gentleman lifted his glasses and stared at Soujirou wide-eyed.

He returned the gaze unblinkingly with his obsidian eyes.

Soujirou wasn’t a “Young Lady”, but a beautiful boy of sixteen.

He had glowing skin, big round eyes with clearly defined dark irises, and long eyelashes.

Amidst his long boat ride from Japan and his stay in America, his hair had grown till his shoulders. He had tied it up with a string so that it didn’t bother him.

He wore a deep blue men’s suit with a slightly longer jacket hem. Modeled upon a trend he had seen in a foreign magazine, Soujirou had tailored it himself. He didn’t wear a necktie. Instead, he wore a bolo tie1 with the Hino family crest inlaid that his parents had given him instead of a charm.

He carried a stout leather trunk containing his tailoring equipment and a beautifully textured amber cane.

Oh, the elderly gentleman breathed out a sigh of astonishment.

“My apologies. Then, are you traveling there for the entrance examination?:”

“Yes, that’s right.”

At that moment, a young woman spoke from the seat behind Soujirou.

“A person traveling to the Atlantis Witch Confederation? What a coincidence. I’m going there too.”

A woman in her mid-twenties playfully peeked her head over seats. This time it was a woman for real.

She wore a woman’s suit with sharp lines that had been in the trends recently and the small hat on her head that suited her quite well.

Her eyes, brimming with curiosity, fell upon Soujirou.

“I see. You are…?”

Just as she was about to speak, the door leading to the back of the train was violently thrust open.

The new entrants were a ragtag bunch of gun-wielding ruffians.

Pointing their guns, they hurled abuses at the passengers, overpowering them.

A train hijack.

Quite an apt crime in a country where anyone could bear arms if a citizen.

At that moment, seeing the unusual state of affairs, the child on the very last seat began crying.

The mother tried to pacify the child, but even that seemed to irritate the ruffians. They decide to use a crude way to silence the child. That is, to pull the trigger—.

A dull thud rang through the train car.

That was Soujirou hitting the top of the man’s head with his leather trunk.

“To think of doing such a despicable thing to such an adorable child…you’re a bunch of cowardly dogs! No, it would be an insult to dogs to compare you to them…you swines.”

He was mostly muttering to himself, but he spoke in English on purpose.

The gun-wielding ruffians shouted something in an indecipherable accent. The contents were easy to guess.

Soujirou grasped his cane with both hands and unsheathed out a sword. Forged with the techniques of Japan’s famed swordsmiths, the steel blade glinted in the light.

He had handed over the leather trunk he was holding in his left hand to the crying kid just before.

“It is more important than my life, take care of it.”

As he spoke, the child stopped crying. Nodding with earnest eyes, the child cradled the trunk in his arms.

While the passengers were cowering on the floor, scrambling to protect themselves, Soujirou took the sword that was concealed in the cane in his hands and faced the men with guns.

Then, what should he do?

If there was only one, he could have taken him down effortlessly. But, there were at least three men involved in this train hijack.

It couldn’t be helped, I would just have to attack and leave everything to fate.

It was a sorry excuse for a descendant of an illustrious house that had given rise to countless soldiers and Samurai Warlords, but it couldn’t be helped.

He wouldn’t bother with manners such as warning before an attack and the like.

He charged at the men.

The men haphazardly fired shots while shouting something. But not a single shot grazed Soujirou.

However, it wasn’t simply because they had a bad aim. It was also because of the transparent shield of ice that appeared in front of Soujirou and protected him.

It was an unexpected reinforcement. This was magic.

“There. Do what you want, boy.”

The one who cast the magic was that young woman.

When he gave her a sidelong glance, she seemed to be elegantly sitting. But he noticed her skirt flutter and from the hem of the chemise underneath, she released sparkling Ice Magic.

It was a Crystal-Type Magic Dress.

“Appreciate the help!”

He wasn’t raised with such meekness that he couldn’t give a tough fight to men whose guns were good as sealed.

In a blink of an eye, just as he knocked out the men with the back of his sword, a shout of cheer came from the front of the train.

“It’s the Witches!”

My, my. It seemed like the Witch Guard had finally made their appearance on the train.

Soujirou returned the sword to the cane before it complicated matters further.

Rattle, rattle. The train continued as if nothing had happened.

“…Thank you. I was saved thanks to you.”

He turned to face the witch from before and bowed deeply as was the tradition from Japan.

If that Witch hadn’t been here, Soujirou would have simply failed his task.

He received an unexpected reply.

Although rude, Soujirou stared at the woman from head to toe.

That face was similar to the one he had often seen in the hazy pictures or portraits printed in newspapers.

Then perhaps, this woman was…the youngest one in history to hold an official position, the witch of the legends.

“You are?”

“Yumis Latrasta Atlantis. That’s my name.”

Atlantis. The only ones permitted to use that name were the head of the International Witch Federation and the head of the “Academy” that was in Atlantis.

“I wonder what kind of a WitchPartner will you meet here on. I wish you a happy academy life!”


Soujirou tightly gripped the trunk that contained his tailoring implements.

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When She Becomes a Witch

When She Becomes a Witch

A dress only master tailors could create, an enchanted dress for witches: [Magic Dress] Fascinated by witches since childhood, Hino Soujiro came to Alstroemeria Academy to become a master tailor.

With the apprentice witch Chloe, he devoted himself to making dresses. But contrary to his expectations, he couldn’t make a mark amidst the outstanding students.

Soujiro grew impatient. But because of a one-off utterance from Chloe, he began thinking anew of the “reason I create dresses”…?

“It is a dress that carries forth my feelings.”

The truth they both know is the link to the future.