The Melancholy of the Demon Army Officer

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Editor: Millinia

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Chapter 25 – Majin Kayblis [B]

“…Leonhart-sama, is it really…?”

“You! Leonhart!! What are you doing here?!” 

The somewhat calm majin took a step back as they saw Leonhart. 

However, the other majin shouted at him without hiding his petulance. Their relationships weren’t good to begin with and the fact he was just attacked allowed his anger to completely take control of him.

Leonhart, observing the majin, squinted with no expression and stared at them with his red pupils. 

“And what are you doing here? I thought it was forbidden to kill a fellow majin?” 

“…Hah! My bad. This guy is way too weak to be considered a majin. I thought there wouldn’t be any problems even if I did kill him!” 

The majin went defiant and laughed. The other majin spoke up to support his statement. 

“Leonhart-sama. The reason why Leonhart-sama forbids us to kill fellow majins is to prevent unnecessary losses to the Demon Army’s fighting power, right?” 


Leonhart frowned with his mouth still closed. It seemed this reasoning wasn’t working. However, the majin continued. 

“By corollary… that would mean for a weak one who couldn’t even be considered an asset, it would be okay to kill them — just like this Kayblis.” 

“That’s right! Nobody would be troubled even if this small fry was gone! Rather, he’s a hindrance! That’s why I thought killing him would help instead!” 

Da-damn it… they said all they liked! 

Kayblis felt a fierce resentment toward the two majin who declared it acceptable to kill him. There wasn’t anything he could do about that, though. 

However, Kayblis was a little relieved. It was because Leonhart stopped them.

Kayblis didn’t know why he did it; he thought it might be because of the rule or something, but Kayblis didn’t really care about his reason. At the moment, Leonhart was Kayblis’s only hope.

“In the first place, what’s wrong to beat up the weak?! Isn’t it obvious for the strong to dominate the weak?!” 

“…I also agree with that. Why did Leonhart-sama go to all the trouble to save Kayblis, in the first place? He’s just a coward who made use of Leonhart-sama’s majesty. Don’t you also sense that?” 


However, the two majins continued to make excuses. This might be due to their pent up frustrations. It was stressful for violent majins to have their desires kept in check and being bossed around by Leonhart. 

Therefore, both of them kept spewing words. Leonhart stayed silent for some time as he listened. However—




Leonhart’s mouth distorted into a smile, and the thoughts of the two majins stopped for an instant. 


“Hehe, Hehahahahah!” 


Leonhart laughed deeply as he held his stomach as if finding it incredibly funny. The three majins were astonished as they saw Leonhart’s unusual state, when he usually had a calm demeanor.  

“Hahahahaha! You… you guys… don’t make me laugh… He, hehe…!”

“Wha-what did you say…?” 

Both of the majins suspiciously looked at Leonhart, who declared they were the reason for his laughter. 

“Hah… that might be the most I’ve laughed in the last century… hehe…” 

After Leonhart had a series of laughing fits, he eventually took a deep breath and calmed down. 

However, his smile still remained.

“You guys, you speak of annoying things.” 


“…What do you mean by that?” 

The two majins wondered what he meant. Meanwhile, Leonhart kept his odd expression and as he spewed out the reason. 

“You people sure are lining up excuses and trying to look cool by saying lots of things… but basically, aren’t you just meaning to say… ” 

With a single breath, he spelled out their true intentions. 

“— We’re scared of you, so forgive us — isn’t it?” 


“…What are you” 

The two majins reacted differently to his statement. However, they felt the same. Feeling indignant, they then argued against the words which were similar to insults and provocations. 

“…Who did you say is scared of you?!” 

“That’s right. That was a false rema—“ 

“What, am I wrong? Otherwise you would’ve immediately left without making a long series of excuses, or used your power to silence me — exactly the way majins do things, right?” 

“Geh, that’s… I’m merely trying to match your methods.” 

“…If we did that, the function of the organization will…” 

Both of the majins expressions became distorted as their intentions were revealed. Leonhart latched onto and argued against the words that were just said. 

“Oioi, those aren’t the words of the very people who just ignored the function of organization, are supposed to say.” 


This time, the majin was forced into silence. However, the other majin didn’t want to admit defeat. 

“…It’s this thing’s fault for being too weak!” 

The majin made a childlike-counter argument which was no longer a proper excuse. However, contrary to their expectations, where they thought they might be refuted, Leonhart quipped, 

“…That’s right. You just said a good thing, didn’t you? Then I don’t need to go through all the trouble.” 



He agreed with their opinion for some reason. This made the one majin, who was smarter than the other one, have a bad feeling and frowned. 

And their premonition was correct. Leonhart looked at the two majins with a slightly sharp look.

“I originally only intended to release you after berating you for some time about doing boring things like bullying the weak, you know? Hehe… but your words just gave me the justification.” 

“Ah… justification…?” 


As the two majins were confused, Leonhart’s intimidation steadily grew stronger and became visible as a red aura. His red pupils sparkled brilliantly, and Leonhart’s expression was mixed with jubilation. 

“Kukuh, you just said the strong could do anything to the weak, right? That’s exactly what I’ll do… also, sorry about this, Kayblis.” 


You, you mean meeeee ?! 

Kayblis went cold as he felt Leonhart’s sudden gaze. 

However, the words he said with a smile was an earnest apology. Leonhart then continued his words.

“I’ll have you endure there for a bit longer. I’ll have to discipline them a little… which also relieves my boredom!!”1



Leonhart completely unleashed his fighting spirit. The two majins were terrified, and they broke out into a cold sweat. 

“Leave this place immediately,” was what their instincts told them, however — it was already too late.

“Two against one should be plenty as a handicap. Now, entertain me the best you can!!” 

The higher ranked majin belonging to the Four Elite Majin, the raw power which was worthy of those titles, struck down the two majins. 





That’s… amazing. 

Even as he laid down on the floor, Majin Kayblis watched the battle up close. 

It was the battle between Majin Leonhart and the two majin.

A battle amongst majin was beyond the perception of common people. People might have thought that Kayblis, who was known as the weakest majin, might be included in that category.

However, Kayblis had witnessed the strongest existence that had ever lived in the continent, and also how he fought. 

That existence was the first generation maou, Kluff Kluff. Its body was 4.7 km big and was a maou hailing from the round ones. Kayblis had witnessed all sorts of combat for about three thousand years.2

Perhaps that was the reason he was able to perceive how amazing the current battle was.

“Ora! Ora! What’s wrong?! Be more enthusiastic!! If you keep on like this, you might end up killed, you know!!” 



The two majins were blasted away every time Leonhart made a move; they fell down and crashed into the wall and floor, causing a slight vibration. 

Maou Castle was definitely not fragile. However, it wasn’t built sturdy enough to endure the aftermath of combat between majins.

Despite it being a two-on-one battle, Leonhart overwhelmed the two majins.

Also, Leonhart probably held back his attacks. It wasn’t just Kayblis, all majins aware of it, as did every member of Demon Army who had some sort of authority since it was famous.

The Demonic Sword Orpheil. It possessed sharpness worthy of its name as a demonic sword, and most majin would be split in two if he slashed them with it. 

The fact he used that sword to hit them, yet not produce a permanent disability and leaving them with only light cuts and bruises, was proof that Leonhart held back.

The two majins who actually fought him should have known that fact better than anyone else. They were already killed over and over. If Leonhart felt like it, they would’ve been dead long ago, such a fact was ingrained in them. 

Therefore, it was clear their fighting spirit diminished.

However, just like Leonhart said earlier — he did it to discipline them; it also served to entertain himself, so he didn’t go all out.

However, due to the aftermath of the battle, the Maou Castle became boisterous, so naturally people would rush to this place. 

“Wha… Leonhart-sama is fighting?!” 

“Kayblis collapsed over there?!” 

“Hurry up and call for maid-san! He barely lives!”3

“Ple-please stop it, Leonhart-sama!!” 

“Someone, call for Maou-sama or Camilla-sama for help!!” 

“Leonhart-sama’s exhilarated smile… it’s wonderful…!” 

“Carol-sama?! Don’t get fascinated there, stop him!!” 

Those who belonged to the Demon Army gradually gathered and it became lively. Even as Kayblis was in the process of being rescued, he still watched the battle. 

Kayblis didn’t understand why he did so, but he felt like he had felt a similar feeling a long time ago in his fading consciousness.

Aah, someday, I will too… 

Kayblis finally lost his consciousness as he thought that. 





At a later date, Leonhart was relaxing in his private room. 

“Cih, that Ssulal… she didn’t have to get that angry.” 

“I personally felt happy to witness the cool figure of Leonhart-sama. Here, have some tea.” 

“Aah, thanks for that.” 

After that, Leonhart beat down the two majins while holding back just enough not to kill them. Later, Ssulal was angry about it. 

Looking back on it, Leonhart didn’t intend to do that at first.

When he was searching for Carol, his own apostle, around the castle he happened to find Kayblis in a corridor with nobody around, so he called out to him. Then, after they parted normally, he was later told by the demon general that they had witnessed Kayblis around that region. So he thought to go and ask him once again only to find the scene where Kayblis was bullied by the two majins.

Leonhart didn’t consider himself to be a person overflowing with a sense of justice. However, he wasn’t cruel enough to not help in that situation.  

So he tried to save him, but as he saw those majins making excuses he found it laughable and got himself heated up by the situation. Leonhart only considered them to be troublesome fellows who acted up on a regular basis, so he beat them up using his power like a majin should.

To be honest, even if Kayblis was bullied that much, Leonhart didn’t need to go that far to defend him. But well, since Kayblis gave him gifts on a regular basis he ought to at least help him. It was important socialization in give-and-take relationships. However, that wasn’t the reason he beat them down.  

It was just his speculation, but Leonhart thought that the reason might be because he was frustrated. 

He felt a little better ever since he had an apostle, but that didn’t completely solve his problems. It felt like his desire to seek a strong opponent finally exploded. Since he managed to vent this time, he should be alright for a little while.

Leonhart drank the tea brewed by Carol, and exhaled his troubles away to switch his mood. 

“As expected, I need to vent on a regular basis… I guess I should get a new hobby.” 

“Is reading not good enough?” 

“Reading isn’t bad, but it is too passive. I want to do something more active.” 

“An active hobby…” 

Carol repeated his words. 

She was thinking whether having a hobby where he moved his body would help him vent his frustration.


Carol raised her hand energetically. Leonhart then reacted to it. 

“What is it? Tell me.” 

“I have a good idea about that!” 

“…No, I told you to tell me what your idea is.” 

Leonhart squinted his eyes as he looked at Carol as if being dumbfounded.

In response, Carol opened her mouth again and expressed her thoughts.

“Well, my idea is…“ 

Tsukii Note:

Okay then, we’re back to illustration of characters! Without further ado, here goes!

For Kluff Kluff one, for it is safe for me personally, I better gave NSFW warning to be safe

Kluff Kluff:

Kluff Kluff (close up) :

Kluff Kluff (full body concept art):

The reason I call it safe is well, what appeared to be a humanoid woman was actually a tumor, in that shape. The whole figure of Kluff Kluff was more of a lovecraftian being. Not to mention, during the Kluff Kluff era, humans did not even exist yet, so it was unknown why it had such a shape as a tumor. Well, that was the closest thing it had as “face” though, although we can’t declare it as female just because of that.

Next up, is Avel. The first image is considered NSFW because it include naked Camilla in the image

Avel (Full Body):

Avel (Close up):

Finally, maid-san, the gal demon. It seems awkward to have her mixed with two maous, but whatever


That’s all for this time. see you in the next opportunity!

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