Fake Saint of the Year 39

Translator: Tsukii Editor: Geli Read at Watashi wa Sugoi Desu! Chapter 39: “Next” Aiz And Ay Billberry 13th always had this thought. The balance between light and darkness in this world is too skewed. For example, there was a substantial difference between the...

Fake Saint of the Year 38

Translator: Tsukii Editor: Geli Read Watashi wa Sugoi Desu! Chapter 38: Conflicting Thoughts As he gazed at Leila, who was standing before him, Vernell slowly sheathed his sword back in its scabbard. He acted like she was not even worth fighting. Leila frowned at this...

Fake Saint of the Year 37

Translator: Tsukii Editor: Geli Read at Watashi wa Sugoi Desu! Chapter 37: The Hesitation of Knights A week had already passed since Elrise was put under house arrest. Guard Knight Rex, who stood in front of her door as a watchman, was thinking. Did we really do the...

Eroge Villain 11 (Part 2)

Translator: Hasr11 Editor: Geli Read at Watashi wa Sugoi Desu! Chapter 11 (Part 2)  We drove for about four hours north towards the mountainous area. After passing several towns, we spotted a large monster walking ahead of us. It was a Minotaur. It had a body three...

Corporate Slave 32

Translator: Whistle Editor: Jennicide Read at Watashi wa Sugoi Desu! Chapter 32: I was Confessed to East, the deputy director of the magic department, was a young man who specialized in magical research. That alone made him very knowledgeable in anything related to...

The Forbidden Fruit 11

Chapter 11: The Eyes of The Snake Why did Susanoi, the First Prince of Hinoe, decide to take on the giant serpent with its last head still intact instead of weakening all eight heads? That was the question that Sigurd had been pondering at the Oswein house before they...

Seduction Strategy 10

Translator: Kagura Editor: Millinia Read at Watashi wa Sugoi Desu! Chapter 10 What kind of building do you imagine when you hear the word "castle" in a fantasy world?  If you are a Japanese person who is not interested in anime or movies, it might be a dark gray...

Executed Sage 49

Translator: Tsukii Editor: Peregrine Read at Watashi wa Sugoi Desu! Chapter 49: The Sage Kills with the Keepsake Sword I landed on the roof of a building, and swung my sword in a flowing manner.The blade produced a subtle sound as it vibrated.I cut a circle around my...

The Verdant Lands 21

Translator: RRei Editor: Evelet Read at Watashi wa Sugoi Desu! Chapter 21: In the Forest  As the secretary approached the room where Ashiyowa was resting, he heard a fall. He quickened his pace, willing his legs to move faster, only to find the door had already been...

Please Wait Until Spring 4

Translator: Clover Editor: Ferret Thao Read at Watashi wa Sugoi Desu! Chapter 4 The off-white color of the walls matched well with the light brown pillars. Feeling less uncomfortable, Rick's steps were much lighter than before as he walked down the corridors. I...

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Anniversay Contest!

Anniversay Contest!

Are any of y’all good at design or art? If so, we have some good news for you!

Watashi Wa Sugoi Desu is holding our inaugural logo and fanart competition to celebrate the 4th anniversary of this site, and we’re inviting all of you to join!

Get the chance to have your art displayed as our site and discord banner, as well as advanced viewing of 5 chapters of any series that we’re currently working on.

Requirements for each entry are listed below:

1) The logo must include our site’s acronym.
2) The logo should be relevant to our site somehow, whether it be a one of the series we’re doing or an icon that represents the group.
3) No plagiarism, immediate disqualification otherwise.
4) The logo should have a maximum height of 150 pixels.

1) The Fanart must be original.
2) No major spoilers in the art!
3) Entries can be digital or traditional.
4) If the fanart is a comic, the dialogue must be in English.

Each participant will be allowed ONE fanart and logo each.

The winners will be decided by a popular vote and a staff judging panel.

Have fun with it and let your creative juices flow!

So what are you waiting for? Send your entries to @hasr11#9300 on Discord or upload them on this link https://forms.gle/yv73rDC9RxsFPVEg8!

Deadline: 20th April 2021

New Series + LN Announcements!

New Series + LN Announcements!

First of all we got some new additions to the Watashi wa Sugoi Desu Family! Say hello to our new translators Kuromaru and Rei! And too all our new editors too (we got too many and it’ll turn into a long list if I name all of them)~

Kuromaru brought along Tensei Saki de Suterareta no de, Mofumofu Tachi to Oryouri Shimasu ~Okazari Ouhi wa my Pace ni Saikyou Desu~ and is also gonna be helping out with Corporate Slave!

And Rei is gonna be helping out with The Verdant Lands, our brand new BL Series!

And we’re not just picking up one, but three BL series!

That’s The Verdant Lands, Eroge Villain AND the sequel for The Show Must Go On, The Poison Apple!

Now on the topic of the Show Must Go On, we have some great news! The LN is out on 18th of December. Yes, you heard that right, 18th December 2020!!!! Don’t forget to support our dear author on her very first published novel! I’ll be upping the links to buy them as and when they’re available.

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