Corporate Slave 7

Corporate Slave 7

Money makes the (Other) World Go Round: The Corporate Slave Dragged into the Saint Summoning

Translator: Gracelessliar

Editor: Peregrine

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Chapter 7: Promoted

As it turned out, ‘Countermeasures for the Forest of Magic’ was the largest drain on the defence budget.

To start with, although it was said there would be an outbreak of miasma from the forest every 100 years, in truth, the timing wasn’t exact. It had already been 120 years since the previous incident. The saint had also been found in either this country or an allied country the last few times, so the budget had room to spare. Additionally, because the Forest of Magic was poorly understood, previous generations didn’t seem to see an issue with throwing money at the problem.

But this time, once the first signs of a miasma outbreak were seen, the country had used their budget on a gamble.  They used a secret art to kidnap the saint, and the extra Seiichirou, from another world.

Originally, there should have only been one person summoned to this world.  But because Seiichirou was brought along as well, funds had to be allocated for his living expenses, which increased the costs. That was a separate matter though, and he didn’t intend to decline the payment. When he’d been kidnapped, he’d lost everything, his family, friends, and savings. That money was reparations he deserved. 

Another issue was that the first prince, infatuated with the legends of the saint which were passed down in this country, cared for Yua’s every need.

That in and of itself was fine. He could use all the money he wanted on her, whether it be out of infatuation or admiration, as long as that money was his own.

However, everything being given to Yua was earmarked as the “Sain’s Budget” and paid out from the government spending, and the requests for approval were being sent to Seiichirou’s workplace.

To begin with, the amount of money used to support Yua’s daily life was already three times as much as what Seiichirou was given. That was due to the difference in status between a saint and a normal person, so he wasn’t going to complain about it. However, the spending was taken even further by the vast number of requests for money to pay for accessories and clothing for her.

From the prince’s perspective, the funds were necessary expenses to get the Saint used to the culture here, as well as ensure she came to like the country. Unfortunately, the prince’s money sense was that of a royal, and he’d taken it too far.

Things are fine for the moment, but if it continues like this, it’ll be a problem if the miasma causes any damages…

The miasma would start by affecting the vegetation, followed by animals, and then finally it would spread like an epidemic amongst the populace. Damages to vegetation would mean less tax revenue from crops, and if the animals were affected that would also mean less income from livestock. 

For some reason, the higher ups all seemed to think the money would just continue to roll in even if they did nothing.  As Seiichirou ran simulations in his head, he picked at his nails. He’d started that habit after coming to this world, likely because he’d had to give up smoking.

Beyond those issues, there were other troublesome things.

“Why did you deny our requests?” the knight from the Third Order demanded.

It was the second time he’d been confronted today, and Seiichirou let out a sigh without even realizing it.

 Even if Seiichirou relaxed his regulations now it wouldn’t matter, because no one had resubmitted their requests.  Instead,  he was simply seeing more and more complaints.

If Seiichirou left the complaints to Helmuth, the man would just end up giving in and approve the requests. That was why Seiichirou explained it every time, but there were simply too many people complaining. They interrupted his work, and he couldn’t get anything done.

“I don’t want to talk to a peon, where is Director Sommelier?” the knight snapped.

“Director Sommelier just stepped out,” Seiichirou replied.

That was a lie. In order to ensure the others didn’t encounter any people with complaints, Seiichirou pushed them to take lunch around this time. On the other hand, he remained in the office instead of heading to the cafeteria, continuing to work while he ate a pre-prepared sandwich.

Compared to the phone calls he’d received back in Japan, this was like a pleasant break. 

As he passed his daily life like this, the thing he feared finally came to pass.

The first signs of the miasma outbreak began to manifest.

Reports of damages to crops came in from the villages closest to the Forest of Magic, and of course, revenue began to fall.

The saint was still in the midst of her purification training, and it seemed the first prince had no intention of letting his precious saint near the forest just yet, so the situation wasn’t going to be resolved any time soon.

And just like that, the fact that the national treasury was on the brink was finally exposed, and the accounting department was held accountable as a result.

“What kind of management have you been doing?”

“What do you mean there isn’t any money?”

“You better not have been embezzling!”

The legal department’s top brass came down hard on them, leaving Helmuth a nervous wreck.

As for everyone else, they had just been doing what they were told by their superiors, passing the budget as they were ordered, so why should they have to put up with being blamed now?

With dark circles once again under his eyes, Seiichirou was waiting for Helmuth to stumble back to the accounting department office.

“The documents are ready for you, Director Helmuth,” Seiichirou said.

Staring at the stack of papers Seiichirou held out, Helmuth was dumbfounded. This wasn’t the time to be continuing on with their normal duties.

Even though Seiichirou’s livelihood was guaranteed by the country after he was accidentally summoned alongside the saint, he was the kind of weirdo who’d actually volunteered to come work in the accounting department.

Since he’d only just arrived from the other world and didn’t really know anything about their culture, Helmuth had only agreed to it because it was an order from above. He hadn’t held any expectations for Seiichirou, yet the man had turned out to be very useful.

For some reason, he voluntarily worked overtime, and before Helmuth knew it Seiichirou was sorting through the documents meant for him.

Seiichirou was a weirdo and a workaholic, but his work ethic was amazing. It sometimes caused issues with people from other departments, but Seiichirou always handled those issues himself.

But at the moment, Helmuth wasn’t in the mood to deal with his overworking tendencies.

“Sorry, can I look at this later? I have something I have to finish immediately,” Helmuth said.

Exhausted, Helmuth managed to squeeze out an answer, but Seiichirou just stared at him with his usual dull gaze and proffered the papers once more.

“That’s fine. These documents are the records of the national expenditures for the last twenty years as well as the applications made this year. I’ve also included a budget plan for the future. Please look this over and present it at the next meeting,” Seiichirou said.

“…what?” Helmuth was left utterly speechless.

At the meeting the following day, the representatives of every department, including the legal department, were left in utter shock.

The detailed documents Seiichirou had assembled accounted for the exact expenditures of every department for the last twenty years. It also included a record of budget requests made to the accounting department over the last year. 

The report also contained an estimation of costs associated with any future damages caused by the miasma outbreak.

Because the members of the accounting department didn’t have a high status, the other departments tried to pin the blame on them, and then pretend nothing had ever happened. Unfortunately, it was hard to deny their fault when there was proof of requests for payment to places like the red-light district.

“Did you make this?” the man sitting at the center of the room asked.

With his reddish-blond hair slicked back, the prime minister Kamil Calvada cut a striking figure in the meeting room. When he spoke, Helmuth’s heart nearly leapt out of his chest, and he gasped before opening his mouth to speak.

“It’s… not…”


“As I said before, the director isn’t here at the moment, so you can speak to me instead,” Seiichirou said.

“And I said I don’t want to talk to you!” the knight snapped.

It was already a daily occurrence for members of other departments to come and complain about their requests being rejected, and Seiichirou had to fight back the urge to kick them out every time. Even if they came to protest, they knew very well that their chances of changing anything were slim.

Though he said Seiichirou wasn’t worth talking to, in truth, Seiichirou was the very person who had rejected the request. If not him, then who else would be responsible for the situation?

“Mr. Helmuth really is in a meeting though,” Norbert’s sly voice interjected into the conversation.

Unable to simply stand by any longer, Norbert had thrown Seiichirou a life preserver, but he was derided for being “nothing but the son of a viscount,” and ended up giving in.

Being a member of the Third Knight Division, the man looked down on nobles he saw as lesser than himself.  Rather than his own family name, he was using his position as a knight of the 3rd Division to look down on them.

“Considering the current budget for the Third Knight’s Division, if any more requests are granted, it’ll have to come out of the yearly budget for the boarding house,” Seiichirou explained.

However, when Seiichirou said that he would have to reduce the standard of food offered in the boardinghouse if any more requests were sent, the man, as expected, erupted into anger.

“How dare a lowly official threaten us! We’re the Knights of the 3rd Division!”

“Then I’ll just have to give him the proper position.”

The voice that joined them wasn’t raised in anger. Instead, it was a calm, gentle voice that seemed to echo through the room. At the unexpected words, both Seiichirou and the knight stopped


The knight turned to face the man who’d interrupted them. Looking past both the knight and the stunned Norbert, Seiichirou saw a man with reddish-blonde hair clad in a deep blue mantle that signified his rank. Even with just a glance, it was plain to see that this dignified man in his forties was someone of high standing.

“Pr-Prime Minister!”

The knight immediately bowed to the man, and the members of the accounting department sat up, stiff and straight. Only Seiichirou was too bewildered by the turn of events to react.

Prime minister? Is that the same as the prime minister back in Japan? 1

Though the accounting department was still in the royal palace, why had such an important man come to such an out of the way department without even a word of notice?

Though the question was on everyone’s one lips, no one actually voiced it. Instead they waited, stiff in their seats, for the prime minister to speak, while he leisurely ventured deeper into the room.

As the prime minister drew near, the knight blocking Seiichirou’s way hurried aside, leaving only the dumbfounded Seiichirou behind.

“Hmm, this is the first time I’ve gotten a good look at you. You aren’t as bad looking as they said,” the prime minister drew close to Seiichirou’s face, speaking in a voice only Seiichirou could hear.

Before Seiichirou could react, the prime minister stepped back and tilted his head to look over at the knight.

“So you’re refusing to listen to this man because he doesn’t hold a position and he’s low-born? In that case, I’ll give him a position that bestows the power he needs to enforce his decisions.”

“Ah, no, that’s not—”

Seiichirou was even more flustered than the panicked knight. Even though he hadn’t addressed Seiichirou even once, it was clear enough who the prime minister was referring to.

“W-wait a moment, Lord Prime Minister… what are you—?”

“I’m giving you the position of the accounting department’s assistant director,” the prime minister said. “Please continue to work hard for this country’s sake.”

As soon as the prime minister announced that, the staff in the accounting department burst into a clamor, but Seiichirou didn’t join them.

“Management? I know I’m not the best suited…”

No way! I don’t want to be a manager, and a middle-manager on top of that. I’ll just end up with the work of those both above and below me shoved onto my plate. I just want to do my own work in peace without worrying about anything else!

But the flustered Seiichirou had misspoken.

To others, Seiichirou’s protest might have sounded like a humble refusal, but he was dealing with the prime minister, who was known as one the country’s brightest people. At Seiichirou’s words, the prime minister’s emerald green eyes narrowed.

“Oh, so it seems you have experience in management.”


By the time Seiichirou realized his screw up, it was already too late.

A refined smile floated across the prime minister’s face. He reached out and placed a large hand on Seiichirou’s shoulder, gleefully whispering in his ear.

“You really are a wonderful corporate slave. I’m looking forward to seeing your continued efforts.”

While everyone else was absorbed in the prime minister’s delighted atmosphere, Prime Minister Kamil looked through the document once again. 

There’s no issues with the information or the presentation. He also clearly explained his predictions based on that information, and even included several different suggestions on how to proceed. No one expected him to do any of this, yet he did all of it without prompting. It seems we got a good surprise out of this extra that came along with the saint.

Researching that amount of data, organizing it into a report, and including a plan of action wasn’t something that could be done in a short amount of time.

A corporate slave was it? Someone who will work beyond normal hours of their own volition, without even the promise of a reward…

What a wonderful pawn that would be, working all on its own.

Someone like that…

There’s no way I’d let him go.

Kamil began humming, causing the escorting knight to blanch, doubting his own ears.

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Corporate Slave 7

Corporate Slave 3

Money makes the (Other) World Go Round: The Corporate Slave Dragged into the Saint Summoning

Translator: Gracelessliar

Editor: Peregrine (ft. Mik)

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Chapter 2: Going Out

In the end, Seiichirou’s morning ended after accomplishing nothing other than drinking tea and being introduced to the rest of the accounting staff. Just as he was beginning to think it was time to get started on work, Helmuth announced it was time for lunch and ushered the dumbfounded Seiichirou out of the room.

The dining hall was a vast space. Though the servants and knights worked and dined in shifts, the civil servants all ate at the same time. Yet there was still plenty of room. The meal was served as a buffet and diners took what they wanted, placing the items on a tray.

“I noticed it yesterday but, Mr. Sei, you don’t have much of an appetite, do you?” Norbert asked.

“You think?” Seiichirou replied.

As if it was perfectly natural, Norbert took the seat across from Seiichirou. When compared to the younger man, Seiichirou’s appetite would naturally seem smaller, but that wasn’t his only issue. After years of irregular eating, Seiichirou simply didn’t get as hungry anymore, but more importantly, the food of this world was far greasier than the food back in Japan. He wasn’t certain he could stomach it.

As Seiichirou sipped at his vegetable soup, he muttered to himself. Even if he could communicate with the people of this world, and their appearance was the same as his, they were still different.

The afternoon meal ended up taking the entirety of the hour of fire, in other words, 120 minutes.

Seiichirou had been informed that the work day started in the morning with the hour of light and ended in the evening with the hour of wind. It was the equivalent of working from 10am to 6pm, so when he heard that, Seiichirou assumed there would be a one hour break. An hour here was 120 minutes though, so it was difficult to break it up.

The limited work hours impressed Seiichirou, especially with the two hour lunch break included. He’d thought at first that it was because his position was being treated as something more like an assistant than a fully fledged employee, but he soon realized that wasn’t the case. Just a bit before the hour of wind ended, the staff began to straighten up. When the hand on Seiichirou’s watch struck twelve, they all gathered up and left together.

Completely dumbfounded at a sight he’d never seen before, he didn’t regain his senses until Helmuth handed him a small but hefty pouch.

“Since tomorrow is a day off, you should head into town and buy the things you need,” he said.

“Oh?” Norbert asked. “Are you going shopping tomorrow, Mr. Sei? I also need some things, we should go together.”

“That would be for the best.” Helmuth replied. “Norbert, please show him around the city.”

“Yes, sir!”

Watching over their rapid back-and-forth, Seiichirou could only nod.

Seiichirou didn’t know any of the city streets or business, let alone the common sense of this world. Having an escort would help him with the high hurdle shopping presented.

“I’ll be counting on you,” he said.

“I told you before, don’t be so stiff,” Norbert drawled.


The castle town was within walking distance of the lodging house.

The money Helmuth had given Seiichirou the other day was apparently different from his monthly pay. It was a separate amount intended to help Seiichirou get settled in, and he was supposed to buy whatever he needed with it. There had been 30 silver coins, each about the same size as a 10 yen coin. Norbert had explained how the money here worked, but until Seiichirou saw what the prices were like in the city, he wouldn’t really understand its value.

This world’s money, rula, was made of gold, silver, and copper, and the coins were further divided into 3 sizes each. A copper coin was worth one rula, and the biggest of the gold coins was worth 1,000,000 rula. The pouch Seiichirou had been given contained 3,000 rula.

The castle town here was really the royal capital. Existing under the protection of the royal palace, the city was a vast, prosperous place.

Though the buildings built with brick drew the most attention, there were also houses constructed with wood in the city. Norbert led him past those, straight to a marketplace with stalls lined up one after another.

The market was filled with sights and sounds that filled his senses. The stalls had a wide selection of items, some he’d never seen before, and others that resembled vegetables from Japan.

His eye caught on a vegetable that resembled a zucchini, and when he asked the stall owner for the price, he was told it cost four rula.

If buying a zucchini in Japan, the price would be around 100 to 200 yen. It was necessary to take the scarcity of the item into consideration, but looking at other similar vegetables, he was able to conclude four rula could be converted to 100 yen.

In other words, Seiichirou had been furnished with roughly 750,000 yen. Considering he had already been supplied with accommodations, it was a fairly decent sum. From the looks of things, it would seem this country was rather well off.

Engrossed in his thoughts, Seiichirou browsed the stalls. Norbert was wearing a striking blue shirt with gold detailing, his chest exposed as it always was. The cut and quality of the garment was a notch above the ones worn by the townspeople, and it was easy to see that he was a young lord born to a titled house.

“Did you see something you wanted?” Norbert asked.

“Well, I think buying food that won’t last would just be a waste, so I’d rather take a look at clothing and stationery supplies instead,” Seiichirou replied.

“Why didn’t you say that sooner?” Norbert lamented.

Even if Seiichirou had said something, the one who’d brought him here without asking anything in the first place had been Norbert himself.

“It helped me understand the state of the city and the price of goods though,” he explained.

Though he was serious, Norbert still looked bothered by the matter.

When they left the stalls behind, they found themselves in an area where the food vendors gave way to people selling small items and accessories, their wares set up on cloth spread across the ground.

“Excuse me, can I take a look at this?” Seiichirou asked as he stopped at a stall.

The moment he voiced his question, the stall’s minder, a young boy hardly old enough for the responsibility, looked up in shock.

“I- I don’t have anything good enough for someone from the royal palace,” the boy replied.

For a moment, Seiichirou wondered how the boy had figured out he worked for the palace, until he remembered the emblem was on the belt he’d been given. That aside, it would seem those who worked for the palace were given special treatment.

The boy’s service attitude was agreeable at least, so Seiichirou crouched and then picked up the item that had caught his attention.

The item was made of a collection of flat stones that had been staked together in three rows.

“This is…” he muttered to himself.

“Oh that? That’s, what do you call it— a toy, it’s a toy.”

While averting his eyes, the boy gave Seiichirou an explanation, but Seiichirou just examined the tool, unconcerned by the boy’s words.

“It’s an abacus,” he said.

He’d seen the counting device in the royal palace’s accounting section, but it was so massive it would be better to call it a set of scales than something for counting. Not only that, the device was covered in opulent decorations that just got in the way. It was such a pain to use no one ever bothered with it, using paper and pen instead to do their calculations.

“Did you make this?” he asked the boy.

“Huh? Well, that’s not…wrong, I guess,” he replied.

For the second time, Seiichirou found himself inwardly giving Norbert his heartfelt thanks.

“I have a favor to ask of you,” Seiichirou said.

“There you are! Mr. Sei, where were you?” Norbert grumbled. “Do you have any idea how long I had to search for you?”

“I saw a stall I wanted to check, you’re the one who left me behind.”

Seiichirou had finished his negotiations with the boy and was just about to head in the direction Norbert had gone when the man had come storming back. Despite his complaints, Seiichirou really hadn’t done anything wrong. Norbert was the one who hadn’t bothered to see if he was still following.

“That’s— you’re not… wrong, but Mr. Sei, it’s only been two days since you came here. It’s dangerous to go off by yourself.”

Though the royal capital was a safe place with good public order, there were still shady places where danger lurked in the city. On top of that, it would be problematic if the man who’d gotten wrapped up in the summoning of the Saint went off on his own.

“All right, I get it,” Seiichirou said.

“Hmm, I feel like I’m starting to figure you out, Mr. Sei,” Norbert said.

Despite giving him a proper response, Norbert was still giving Seiichirou a worried look. How rude.

After that, they went shopping for clothes, then Norbert took them to a small restaurant he recommended for lunch. Their next stop was for pens and paper, though Norbert was confused by the purchase. Finally, Seiichirou bought some simple cooking utensils, drinks, and a few foodstuffs, before they returned back to the lodging house.

“You know the palace’ll give you pens and paper, right?” Norbert asked.

“I wanted some for my own personal use,” Seiichirou explained.

Just as one might expect, the people of this world used quill pens, but Seiichirou had heard of another kind that used magic instead of ink. Though it was expensive, he wouldn’t need to worry about filling it with ink or spilling it, so it was better for him in the long run. It would be more like a fountain pen than a quill.

“Mr. Sei, you can cook?” Norbert asked.

“I had to be able to,” Seiichirou replied.

Norbert was carrying the heavy cooking utensils and drinks. Fearing it would be impossible for the deathly pale Seiichirou to carry so much weight, Norbert had refused to let Seiichirou carry anything.

Though he’d been too busy to cook recently, Seiichirou hadn’t lived on his own for eleven years with nothing to show for it. The work hours here were short, so he thought he might as well try cooking again, and above all, the seasonings in the world simply didn’t suit his pallet.

It was already evening by the time they returned to the lodging house, the hour of earth.

After leaving his items in his room, Seiichirou thanked Norbert and they parted ways. He then got dinner in the dining hall, took a bath, and returned to his room to sort his purchases, all done within the hour of wood. It wasn’t even 10pm yet.

“What do I do with all this free time?” he muttered to himself.

After working so much for so long, Seiichirou didn’t have any hobbies. He didn’t know how he was supposed to spend his free time.

“I guess I’ll just sleep,” he said.

Though Norbert had done most of the heavy lifting today, it was the first time in a while that Seiichirou had gone out, and it was in an entirely new world on top of that. He was already exhausted. He quickly prepared for bed and then got in, ready for sleep.

Dawn of the following morning—

Like the day before, Seiichirou left for work before Norbert, and when Helmuth arrived after Seiichirou, the man was clearly surprised.

“Good morning,” Seiichirou called out.

“Good-good morning. What are you doing here?”

As he asked that, Seiichirou set down the feather duster he was holding.

“It was a bit of a mess in here, so I was just straightening up,” he said.

Despite the vast size of the department and the comparatively few people working here, it was still in a state of shambles. More than anything, he was most concerned about the precious documents that had been all piled up. Seiichirou had hurried through his breakfast to get here in time to do some cleaning.

“I… suppose it is…,” Helmuth replied.

Because of Seiichirou’s shocked attitude, Helmuth didn’t say anything more. It was also just about time for their work hours to begin, and Norbert and the other employees had begun to arrive.

Seiichirou’s job on his second day at work was sorting documents. He was just supposed to sort the bundle of papers by their purpose.

“Did you manage to get some sleep last night?” Norbert asked.

Seiicihirou gave a terse acknowledgement without even looking up at Norbert, who was striking up a conversation without being concerned that they were in the middle of working hours. Compared to the past, he’d slept nearly twice as much as usual.

“Really? You have some horrible, dark circles under your eyes. It looks like you’re completely exhausted,” Norbert said.

“As you get older, it just becomes harder to sleep, and you get tired easier. That’s all,” Seiichirou explained.

Though he’d simply explained the truth, Norbert still had something to say.

Seiichirou continued to work, all the while telling himself that Norbert was just too young to understand.

“Here, I’ll give this to you, Mr. Sei,” Norbert said.

Norbert set a small bottle on Seiichirou’s desk. Rather than the bottle though, he was more concerned about when this guy was finally going to start putting him to work. Seiichirou finally lifted his head.

The bottle itself was small enough to sit in his palm and contained a watery liquid within it.

“What is it?” he asked.

He swished the bottle back and forth, listening to the sloshing of sound.

“It’s a nutrient. You’re so tired, but if you drink this today, you’ll sleep well tonight,” Norbert said.

He’d already explained why he couldn’t sleep, but Seiichirou was still thankful for the gift. After expressing his appreciation, he slipped it into his bag.

However, he didn’t know that something that would make his exhaustion even worse was about to happen.

“The Saint is calling for you.”


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