Story of a Cannon Fodder who Firmly Believed He was the Protagonist, Misunderstood the Actual Protagonist as the Cannon Fodder, and Ended up Victorious

Translator: Tsukii

Editor: Frozen Ink

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Chapter 003 – The Protagonist Named Arthur [A]

Two years passed just like that. I desperately swung my sword, aiming for the greater height fully expecting the encounter with the Final Boss someday. I was a protagonist who was filled with the aspiration to improve. The people of the orphanage were scared of this. They gave me something like a respectful gaze. Ever since the duel against Tlue back then, he no longer interrupted me. Perhaps he got scared of me.

Or perhaps there were no more scenes involving him? Since he was a mob character, perhaps his role ended once an event where he appeared in is resolved, or was it? Well, I will just think about myself for now. 

In order to play an active role as a paladin, I participated in the enrollment test of the knight brigade with the name of Knights of the Round Table in the capital of the Britannia Kingdom. 

It wasn’t that far from the orphanage, so I could return home anytime. It was just that the knight brigade also provided a dormitory where knights could stay in. 

Uh-n, it felt kind of wrong for a protagonist to return home anytime, somehow… With that in mind, I told Maria that I wouldn’t return until I became a hero, 1 

“I won’t return until I’ve achieved my goal… until then, farewell, Maria.” 

And it turned into such words. Then Maria began to cry and said things like “Are we really not gonna meet anymore?” and “Please don’t lie,” so I felt troubled about it. It made me realize once again that Maria was a worrywart. 


I then visited the headquarters of the knight brigade at the capital city Britannia to take the enrollment test of the Knights of the Round Table. It was a big building. Although it was definitely smaller than the Britannia castle nearby, how to say this, it was large both vertically and horizontally which gave off a sense of security like an apartment, maybe? 

It was a four-story building, I guess? As the candidates who took the entrance examination were to finish the registration and wait outside, I proceeded to look around while waiting. 


There were several people with similar ages around. 

No matter how much I thought about it, they were destined to  become my stepping stones, thank you very much. I neither overestimate nor underestimate myself. But if I had to evaluate myself, I would always stay the best I could be. I was the protagonist after all. There was no way I could lose against them, right? 

And surprisingly, Tlue seemed to be taking the entrance exam to join the knight brigade as well. Seriously? I didn’t know at all. Well, let’s just leave him alone. 

Well then, although I could mingle with other candidates,  in these two years I was convinced I was the cool-type protagonist and lived accordingly. I just silently waited for the test to begin. 


I leaned against a tree in a cool fashion, folding my arms and closing my eyes. This was exactly the protagonist’s cool and stylish waiting pose. 

Well, I didn’t think I would wait for long though, as I thought of that… I felt someone approaching my spot so I opened my eyes. I saw beautiful, long blond hair which extended to the waist. The person had a violet colored eye for the left and a blue colored eye for the right. She was a beautiful girl with nice body proportions. 

Wow, this was a seriously beautiful person… 

Why did this girl come here? Perhaps she fell for me at first sight?! Ah-, that was a possibility. I was the protagonist, so this girl might possibly be a heroine. In that case, Maria wasn’t the heroine then? 


As I thought about such things… somebody came out from the headquarter building of the knight brigade. 

“Okay then, hello, future heroes-. My name is Marumaru, a fifth-grade paladin-.”  

It was a sullen voice, coming from a handsome man with blue hair and blue eyes. I would have definitely been jealous of him in my previous life. It was because these kinds of men were popular. However, I was the protagonist in my current life and cute heroines were guaranteed to come my way so I wouldn’t get jealous of him. 

Even so, the examiner was a fifth-grade paladin, huh. The paladins in the Britannia Kingdom had a concept of grading from twelve to first, and it was said the lower the number, the greater their ability as a knight. Fifth-grade… Well, I’ll eventually make it there. After all, my potential should land me the first-grade, or perhaps even zero-grade in the future. 

“Well then, although we indeed do entrance exams, we are always lacking knights all the time, so we can consider everyone here as having passed the examination. The training during the temporary enrollment period is more important anyway…” 


Ah-, can you say such a thing as the examiner? Certainly, paladins in this world were always sent into danger. Because of that, the majority of people didn’t want to become one. 


However, they made a reasonable sum. That was why they still gathered like this, even if the number were small. Well, I wouldn’t talk about that kind of small scale though. 

“That’s why, just do things casually-. And so, well, it’s a test for formality at least? Just do it with such a feeling. Can you all form a pair?” 


“Eh, what will you do?” 

“How about teaming up with me?!”

“I guess it can’t be helped!”

“Is there anyone willing to pair with me?!”


It was probably because the examiner told them that they already passed the exam, the stepping stones in similar age as me began raising their dumb voices. What a low level thing to do. Well, I was the protagonist, so I would always give my all. I will tighten my focus… ah, what should I do about pairing…?



“I’m talking with you…”

“You mean me?”

“That’s right… is there anyone else instead of you here?”

“I see… and what of it?”

“Why do you wear such expressions?”


…Did this girl say I was ugly in a roundabout way? The blond haired beauty from earlier was speaking to me. Although I was a little happy about that… I wonder what she meant by expression? 

“What do you mean?” 

“I mean it literally… Everyone else is already relaxed. But you alone, aren’t so… why?”

Ah, so that was what she meant. I thought she was making fun of me. It was hard to read her expression somehow. Although she was a beauty, she felt cold like a doll or something… Well, her face gave off such an impression the most though. 

“Why are you asking for obvious things? One can’t grow unless they are always trying to surpass themselves. That’s all to it.” 

Well, why did these kinds of quote-like words come out from my mouth? Well, I guess as expected of me. 

“…I see, so that’s how it is… I finally realized it.” 


“The examiner did say all of us already passed. However, he didn’t say he won’t rank us depending on our performance. This was the exam to be a paladin who always bet their lives during their duty, so there’s no way nothing is being tested at all. This test is about how one puts their self-control in a loose environment, and they will evaluate that. Did you notice such hidden evaluation from the start?”

“…Fuh, obviously.”


I didn’t notice at all. So that was the test. I just found out now. But I really was the protagonist after all. Most things that happened would resolve automatically. As expected of me. 

“…Make a pair with me.” 

“…I don’t mind.”


As expected, to have this kind of beauty as my pair… I really was the protagonist. The world was backing me up. 

“Well then, it seems everyone already made your pairing. The exam is simple, and I already told you earlier that you already passed. Well then, there are wooden swords for training purposes I prepared for this exam. You all are to take these swords and swing them toward your pair continuously… Do not stop until you are told to. Do you understand?” 


Fuh, it’s time to see how much I have learned for the two years of my training. I will show my strength to this blond girl in front of me. Then I will make her say things like “How are you that strong?! I will be your slave until I can win against you!” 2 


“Ah, by the way… What’s your name?” 


“I see, as for my name… It’s Arthur.3

That sounded like a protagonist-like name. Wasn’t Arthur the name of a historical figure? Now I thought about this, the novel game this world based on was titled “Round Tabled Heroes” was it? Ah-, did that mean she was the protagonist…? 


No, that wasn’t the case. I was the protagonist. Besides, the name of the historical figure had no copyright, so it was likely some parents just happened to name their child with the same name. I felt the name was already saturated, or rather, expired as a protagonist name. 

But well, considering her name was Arthur… She was either a heroine or someone with a similar position. Their position was still inferior to me who was the protagonist, though. 


“Okay, you may get started.” 

“Please take care of me, Fay.” 

At the Marumaru’s signal, Arthur pointed her wooden sword at me. I also pointed my sword toward her.

“Aah, let’s begin… Arthur. This will be a struggle… between you and I.” 


That line decided it… This quote would definitely be used by MAD. It would be included among a collection of quotes, considered part of Fay’s vocabulary. I guess that was how it would be. I was heated up by the sentiment. 4




At the next moment, Arthur’s movement became as fast as light. 



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6 months ago

I think MAD might be a play on Madhouse Studios, an anime studio. Some of their works include Death Note, Hunter X Hunter, One Punch Man and Overlord.

1 year ago

“mad” son como los amvs. AMV versión japonesa podemos decir…

1 year ago

Do the misunderstandings end any time and this guy’s gets a clue or does this just go in endlessly? I’m kind already sick of hearing him talk about how special he thinks he is

Bully Maguire
Bully Maguire
2 years ago

All these misunderstandings remind me of Liam Banfield whereas MC reminds me of Harold Stokes lol

1 year ago
Reply to  Bully Maguire

Harold genuinely tried to do things to improve the situation, but this MC merely enjoying his role as the supposed protagonist, just like Liam enjoying the situation as a noble.

1 year ago
Reply to  tsukii

Harold still the best protagonist I’ve encountered in ln/wn. Since he’s genuinely a nice guy, his filter makes his actions that much more meaningful.

2 years ago

Britannia kingdom exports Britannia cakes and biscuits to my area, you know?

2 years ago
Reply to  Lego

that’s different britain

2 years ago


Last edited 2 years ago by Kaboom3601
2 years ago
Reply to  Kaboom3601

you mean Fay or Arthur?

2 years ago
Reply to  tsukii

Both is good

2 years ago
Reply to  Kaboom3601

and Tlue is forgotten