Story of a Cannon Fodder who Firmly Believed He was the Protagonist, Misunderstood the Actual Protagonist as the Cannon Fodder, and Ended up Victorious

Translator: Tsukii

Editor: Derpy

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Chapter 004 – I am the Protagonist, Regardless of What Others Say [B]


She completely adjusted into a combat stance (switched on). Before her was the ideal (Fay) still swinging his wooden sword, on the verge of hitting her at any moment. It was why she doubted her own eyes and was unable to hide her surprise. 




The magic eye of domination allowed the user to forcibly control the person they looked into the eyes of. Simply said, it was a type of suggestion magic. 

At first glance, this seemed to be a royal straight flush as it was pretty powerful and allowed the user to win the moment they used it. 

However, nothing was perfect. Everything had their weaknesses, risks, and countermeasures. 


First, if the opponent was also a carrier of a magic eye it could respond to another magic eye. As these words would literally suggest, an eye for an eye. However, this depended on the compatibility of the respective magic eyes. 

Second, if the opponent had some sort of resistance to the eye. Some people would build up resistance if they were frequently exposed to a magic eye; or if they already possessed that kind of resistance naturally; or if the opponent carried special equipment to resist it.

Third, as long as the opponent didn’t meet eyes with the magic eye users there would be no problem. 

And fourth, if the opponent was already affected by a suggestion that was greater than what the magic eye could do to them. 


A magic eye was all about suggestion. The magic eye that Arthur had was of the greatest class. If she used such an eye to affect others, even normal knights would yield in no time. 


However, the boy named Fay was perpetually under the suggestion that he was the protagonist. For the two years since he had first entered this world, he gave that suggestion to himself every single day. 

He had fully assumed that he (Fay) was the protagonist because he was the character that ranked first, not knowing that the ranking was made in collusion with people in a thread and that the goddess had deceived him. He kept such a belief for two years.

That constant self-suggestion had risen into a suggestion powerful enough to defend against the effects of the magic eye. Ironically, his skill in swords and magic didn’t improve at all during those periods. 

This was because Maria, who worried about his behavior, had hidden the instruction manual regarding proper swordsmanship and magic away from him. 

However, that was a trivial matter because right at this moment, Fay’s sword was quickly approaching Arthur’s neck. She was definitely caught off guard to have let his sword reach that point. 

The short distance left made talent, swordsmanship, and skill no longer matter. The abnormal person named Fay managed to land a hit on Arthur… or at least, that was how it was supposed to be. 

Ironically enough, Arthur was also an abnormal person. So she used magic to reinforce her physique and wooden sword, then made full use of her muscles to slash extremely fast. It was literally an all-out attack.

It was a single attack she created in a hurry as the emergency escape from the situation. That attack was acted out of instinct and allowed her to break Fay’s sword (Death’s Scythe) to secure her own life.  

As a result, Fay’s sword… flew into the air. 


Both of them lost their wooden swords. Fay lost his due to Arthur’s slash, while Arthur lost hers because she had forcefully reinforced it. 


…No way. I… was forced to go all out. 


She felt lost about the miracle that just happened in front of her. Arthur was clearly stronger than him but even so, she was forced to go all out. 

It wasn’t like she did it on purpose either. The knight in front of her made her do so forcefully. There was a clear difference in achievement between the two. 

And Fay managed to achieve the latter, against a superior opponent. 


Amazing, amazing amazing amazing amazing!!! Even I have no idea how it ended up like that!! 


It was a storm of emotions close to bewilderment. Arthur felt her heart uplift. The ideal managed to win against reality. No, it devoured it. Although it would be evaluated as a draw, she wasn’t in a state to care. 


It’s surprising! To think that there is such a thing! Power is not represented by one’s flesh and magic alone!! Mental fortitude… I need to improve on that as well… I wonder if he is willing to become my master…?  


Arthur was so excited, however, the boy in front of her was clenching his fist in regret. 

…Even though he achieved that much… Just how far is your limit…? 

For the time being, he was the embodiment of her ideals. So she decided to thank him for allowing her to find a new challenge. 

“Thank you… I learned something new.” 

“…I will defeat you next time.”

Fay merely said that then left. Arthur kept chasing his back until she couldn’t see it anymore. 

‘I will defeat you next time’ … that means we will meet again, right? 

See you later… Fay. 


In her heart, she vowed to meet him again. 

Ah, what should I do about the sword? 

She finally returned to herself and pondered on what to do with the wooden swords she broke. 

If I go and apologize together with Fay… Ah, Fay already went home… Muu, you forced me to deal with it alone. 

She puffed her cheeks for a bit. Even though there wouldn’t be any problems if they just went to apologize together. As she was wondering what to do, somebody talked to her. 




As Arthur directed her gaze around, she saw blond hair similar to her own and a pair of blue eyes. It was a boy with a symmetrical face. 


“Ah, I’m Tlue. Err, I have something I want to tell you.”

“I see… what is it?”

“That person, it’s about the boy named Fay who paired up with you just now.”

“Yes, I know.”

“I know it’s sudden, but it’s better to not get involved with him…”



Since she was suddenly told that, it felt like her ideal was being denied and that made her feel bad. 

“He’s dangerous. Although I don’t know why, he feels dangerous.” 

“…I see.”

I think you are the more dangerous person though


Tlue was a good boy. Being the protagonist of Round Table Heroes, he had no ill intentions behind his actions. He simply wanted to let her know of his strange and dangerous experience with Fay. 

Looking at the previous exchanges between Arthur and Fay, Tlue felt a slight risk that she might try and get involved with Fay. That was all there was to it. 


However, the fear engraved within the boy named Tlue made him mistakenly approach Arthur. No matter how one tries to think, there would be no way the situation between them would improve when Tlue said it in that manner. 


“A-anyway that person is a monster. So much so he could easily cross the ethical line.” 

“I see…”


His mental fortitude sure is abnormal, but I don’t think it is something to be feared. Does this person have knot holes for eyes…?  


“Hm…alright. I’ll remember your words {but I didn’t say I won’t get involved with him}.” 

“I-I see.”

“Can I also ask one thing?”

“What is it?”

“What kind of swordsmanship style does Fay use?”

“…He is a self-taught swordsman. Nobody taught him. He also didn’t mix well with the orphanage, no, I guess creepy is the more appropriate word…”

“…I see. That’s all, thanks.”


I see, so that’s why his swordsmanship is so ugly… and he also didn’t get along with the rest of the orphanage… yet he still aims to better himself, so it ended up into a weird swordsmanship style… 


I’m convinced now. That was the reason for his mental fortitude. Even though nothing seems to go well for him, he piles up his efforts every day and it becomes like that. 


And I’m also the same… all alone. To think that a fellow child in the same orphanage as him would speak about him that way. 



Fay… when we meet again, let’s become friends… 


She was lost in thought. Tlue was looking worriedly at her, and the examiner knight Marumaru squinted at them.

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1 year ago

why all comment in this ep (LOL) well whatever
NV MC misplay bad end NTR route to MOB (LOL)

Eternal perspective
Eternal perspective
1 year ago

Thanks for chap
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it’s tuesday. it’s not intrusive, it’s our duty to answer your curiosity

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The power of human determination!

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more like power of absurd belief

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this is why, a chunni in a fantasy world is the worst/best combo to exist in manga and light novel
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and for the first time ever, being a dense protaganist is actually being seen in a bad light, Tlue word maybe in good in mind and kind in heart but the way he word it sound like a very bias insulting word to arthurs ear, yikes man, no wonder her route dissapear from tlue destiny

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Reply to  Kaboom3601

his chuuni belief would grow so great it manage to bent causality.

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Arthur is impossible XD and tf is wrong with Maria hiding the inly thing that would have been helpful to the 1 loner kid in her care? smdh

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it is explained why next chapter, but do you need me to spoil it? if so, i will answer

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Behold the power of ideals

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it happen when belief gone beyond what normally possible