Story of a Cannon Fodder who Firmly Believed He was the Protagonist, Misunderstood the Actual Protagonist as the Cannon Fodder, and Ended up Victorious

Translator: Tsukii

Editor: Derpy

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Chapter 006 – Merely a pebble at the roadside. [A]

The morning sun shone brightly into my eyes and woke me up. I then got up from the orphanage bed and proceeded to change my clothes.

I went out to the yard for my daily training. I practiced swinging my sword and did repeated side jumps and muscle training. There was a slight breeze in the morning, so I felt cool as the training progressed. 

For two years, I had done my morning training every day. It was because I was the protagonist and accumulating experience like this was important and the obvious thing to do. 

Perhaps because I have already been doing it for two years, my body has grown tight with muscles. I should have grown stronger compared to two years ago by now. And, of course, I would still continue to grow. 

 Since my muscles were taut and toned, a pose from me should be something like that of a painting. My training finished while I thought about such things and I wiped my sweat off with a cloth. After that, I headed to the cafeteria for breakfast.

Everyone at the orphanage ate the same food, at the same time. One could sit anywhere they liked, and I sat in the corner as usual. I usually sat there alone most of the time, but sometimes Lele and Maria also sat there with me. Today was one of such days. 

I ate more than usual today because I would be starting my mission in temporary enrollment as a member of the Knights of the Round Table from today onwards. Well, this day has finally come. 


Fuh, I was looking forward to the things in store for me in the future. 


“Fay, you will be going for your temporary enrollment in the Knights of the Round Table from today onwards, right?” 


“Will you get paid for it?”

“I guess I will.”

“I also want to be paid!”

“…Just make sure you’re able to do something you can earn money with by the time I get my first paycheck.”

“If I did, would you buy something for me as a reward?”

“…Aah, don’t get me wrong. It is entirely up to you whether you can actually get a reward.”


Lele sure was obedient and adorable. The voice of joy he raised towards Maria sounded cute and Maria herself was cute too. 


As I spent my meal time eating gracefully, there was some chaos happening a little away…


“Hey, I’m the one who will do it for Tlue!” 

“I-I will do it instead!”

“Bo-both of you, calm down.”


The blonde-haired and blue-eyed tsundere girl, Rei, and the blue-haired and blue-eyed girl with the ojou-sama tone, Iris, were fighting their usual fierce battle about who would feed spoon-feed Tlue. 

…Would something like that happen to me someday? 


Even so, despite Tlue giving off the scent of a cannon fodder, he actually had two people who acted like his heroines. Well, I guess I’ll have it someday too. 


After breakfast, I got ready and was about to leave the orphanage. 

“Fay, do your best.” 

“Be careful out there.”


The only people who saw me off were Lele and Maria. Tlue was still being given words of encouragement by fellow orphans, so I guess he would need to take some time before leaving. 


The royal capital of Britannia. There were many houses made of bricks with some being two-story buildings, though they mostly belonged to merchants. There were also some street stalls and the city was quite lively overall. 



Sometimes we would pass people who wore luxurious clothes. Perhaps they were aristocrats? From what I heard, this kingdom seemed to adopt a feudal hierarchy. But since I was the protagonist, it was possible that I might get involved with them. 



I headed to my destination while walking with swagger. There were a few weeds and three trees along the way to the headquarters, but that was all there was. 


It seemed I was the first to arrive. Ah, perhaps it was a good idea to be late for once. To arrive late did feel like a protagonist’s thing after all. 

No, to come late to the meeting place… I don’t think that would have been a good thing to do. Just as I was worried about how I should arrive at my destination as a protagonist, someone came up to me. 1 


“Ah, Fay.” 

“…Arthur, huh.”

“So you’re the first to arrive.”



Arthur arrived. After that, Tlue and another two women also arrived. 





When Arthur arrived at the venue where she would do her first mission in temporary enrollment, she noticed somebody had already arrived before her. The boy had rested his back on one of the three trees, crossed his arms, and closed his eyes. 


“Ah, Fay.” 

“…Arthur, huh.”

“So you’re the first to arrive.”



Silence. Both of them weren’t very talkative anyway; it was natural for this to happen. 


…I wonder how old is Fay? Although anyone could be a paladin once they reached fifteen years old, I was already seventeen years old after all. 

“Fay, how old are you?” 


“Ah, I see.”

Since he seems mature, I thought he was older than that. 


Arthur wondered what she could say about that. However, because she tended to choose the wrong words to use, what she said wasn’t necessarily as she intended to others.

“Fay sure is old in a good way.” 

“…I wonder about that.”


That certainly sounded like an insult, but Arthur was just an airhead. Fay inwardly felt the sarcasm in her words. 

As for me… I feel like a kid compared to Fay. 

“Although I’m seventeen, I still look young compared to Fay.” 

“…I guess so.”


Fay murmured curtly. Although Arthur didn’t notice, there were creases between Fay’s eyebrows. 


As time went on, another person came into the space between the two. 

“Aah?! How can that be? I thought I was the first to arrive!” 




Red hair that extended to the waist, and a pair of red eyes which reminded one of a red lotus. She had sharp yaeba teeth and looked like the physical embodiment of the word “Freedom”. She approached while looking at the pair. 2

“Ah! You are that person from the exam!” 

“…Who are you?”

“Bouran! That’s my name, remember that, you mook!” 3

“…I see.”


Fay just let the words flow out coolly. Bouran was the girl in the novel game Round Table Heroes who was active as a part of the special unit, together with Arthur and Tlue. Her rough tone was conspicuous, but since the game was an utsu novel game, she was also a girl who eventually met her death early. 


“Awawawa! I’m sorry! Did I arrive extremely late?!” 


Right after Bouran arrived, there was a figure who was smaller than Arthur, yet more well-endowed as a woman, with silver hair and blue eyes. It was another girl who appeared. 


“I-I’m sorry… even though I’m an instructor, I ended up late like this…” 

“You’re not late…”

Arthur gave such follow up to the pale girl who introduced herself as an instructor.

“I-I’m glad.”

“But Fay and I have been waiting for quite a while now.”

“Wawawa, I-I’m so sorry!!”

“You don’t have to apologize for that.”

Arthur meant to tell her the situation to calm the girl down, but on the contrary, it made her even more panicked. Bouran then asked the girl. 

“Instructor?! A chibi like you?!” 

“Ahaha… I’m sorry for being a chibi. Err, Bouran-san, Arthur-san, and Fay-kun, was it? There’s also Tlue-kun… but he seems to have not arrived yet.”


Everyone was rather surprised by the fact that the girl was their instructor. After all, she felt young, so much so that she fit more as a student rather than an instructor. 

“Ah, someone’s coming.” 


Bouran turned her eyes to face where Tlue had arrived at the foot of the three trees in a hurried manner. 


“I-I’m sorry for being late.” 

“No, no, I’ve just arrived here myself!”


There were now five people in that place where there should only be four of them, with the irregular known as Fay mixed in there, the supposed plot has greatly twisted. 

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Eternal perspective
Eternal perspective
1 year ago

Thanks for chap
Sooo it’s a novel where a lot of characters die.

I wonder when the goddess will realize she msssed up the whole novel

Minami ojiisan
Minami ojiisan
2 years ago

Thank you for the translation and i think it is better to translate utsu novel as depression novel.

2 years ago
Reply to  Minami ojiisan

So,that’s what Utsu novel means. Thanks for the info!

2 years ago
Reply to  Lego

sorry for the confusion

2 years ago
Reply to  Minami ojiisan

there actually better term of “downer novel” but since i already gone with utsu in chap 1, it stays.