Story of a Cannon Fodder who Firmly Believed He was the Protagonist, Misunderstood the Actual Protagonist as the Cannon Fodder, and Ended up Victorious

Translator: Tsukii

Editor: Derpy

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Chapter 006 – Merely a pebble at the roadside. [B]

“Let’s introduce ourselves! I am Yururu Garethia, a twelfth-grade paladin who will be serving as your instructor! Nice to meet you!” 1  


The first character who would meet her terrible end in the utsu novel game Round Table Heroes, Yururu Garethia, gave her greetings. 


Everyone began to introduce themselves as she instructed, giving their respective introductions to both people they knew and people they were meeting for the first time. Then, after chatting to some extent, Yururu immediately took out a white crystal the size of one’s palm. 


“We’ll begin our training right away. The detailed lesson about being a paladin will be carried out during our next meeting. Even though you’re all still in your temporary enrollments, you have chosen the path to be active as a paladin. I think that decision requires a certain resolve to take.” 

Unlike the fluffy feeling she gave off as a yuru-character earlier, Yururu had said that in a dignified manner. 2 

“There are also other people who will serve as your instructors but anyway, I’m here to teach you about swordsmanship!” 

Motivation, motivation! Such a feeling exuded out of her. 

“That’s what I’d like to say, but…” 

Her excited expression turned slightly indescribable. A bitter smile leaked out and the cheery yet strict atmosphere dispersed. 


“This is the crystal used to measure your magical attribute.  Although I’m not the instructor responsible for the magic curriculum… Well, the magic teacher requested me to measure it in advance, so here I am!” 



She passed the crystal to Bouran in an animated manner. 


“Please put the crystal in your palm and imbue it with your art!” 


“The elemental magics consist of fire, water, earth, wind, and the non-elementals that everybody has. The crystal will produce a bright light associated with the element that you have. Well, most people have a non-elemental and another random element of the four elements though.”


Yururu gave a brief explanation. A supernatural phenomenon known as magic was a thing that anyone who became a paladin would definitely learn. For people who already knew it or were in the process of learning, they would learn it again from the basics. 

Magic allows its user to conjure phenomena like pulling fire or water out of nothing, or wind in an enclosed space. However, it wouldn’t allow its user to do everything without limit. 

There was a thing called magic attribute and people could only use magic with the attributes they have. A person needed a fire attribute to cast fire magic, a water attribute to cast water magic, and so on. 


“…Well, I already know my own attributes though. I’ll just show you this time.” 

Bouran put the crystal in her palm and blinding light shone. The light associated with fire, water, and earth appeared. 


“Eeeehh?! No way, a Fourth (three elemental + one non-elemental attribute possessor)?! That’s amazing!” 

“Of course. I’m a genius after all!”


She revealed a smug smile as she returned the crystal. Arthur, Tlue, and Fay looked at each other as if questioning who would go next. 


“—I don’t mind being last. Go ahead.” 

Fay suddenly muttered so. In that case, thought Tlue as he took the crystal. Then as he imbued the crystal with his power, it revealed a light, much greater than Bouran’s, which shone with the hues associated with fire, water, wind, and earth.



“An All Master (All elemental attribute possessor)?! Eeeeehhh?!” 

“Next is my turn…”


Leaving the surprised Yururu aside, Arthur took the crystal and pushed her power into it like what the others did before. Then… it revealed a totally different type of light. It was both brilliant and ferocious, a star-like light. 

This light fit none of the elements that Yururu said earlier. 

“…An Origin (Unique elemental attribute possessor). Awawawa, what kind of children am I responsible for?!” 


Yururu couldn’t hide her surprise. Normally there were only five basic elements in art, which meant that everyone basically had a non-elemental plus any combination of fire, water, earth, and wind. 

Most people would only have a non-elemental plus one other element. In rare cases, there might be people who had two and three extra elements, like Bouran(Fourth) and Tlue(All Master) respectively. 


That was already beyond Yururu’s expectation. However, next came Arthur, who was an Origin. Origins possessed elements outside the basic elements, and only few of such people existed around the world. It was normal for Yururu to be surprised like this. 

She felt inferior because she… only possessed non-elemental attributes and she was always ridiculed for it. In her case, there were also other circumstances that overlapped with her condition, which also contributed to her ridicule. 

Don’t tell me, perhaps the last person too… thought Yururu as she looked at Fay. Fay accepted the crystal from Arthur. 

The situation made Yururu swallow her saliva. 






Yururu-sensei, the yuru-character sensei, was what I called her in my mind. As I listened to her, an interesting event happened. It was an attribute test by use of crystal. 

Fufufuh, so this event finally came. It was an event to show my hidden potential! Ah- I wasn’t able to measure my own ability until now. 

After all, wasn’t it hard to know the amount of one’s own strength? People said that one could understand how well their body worked, but that didn’t sound right to me. 

You see, a condition considered healthy by humans might not be considered healthy by a dog. It was something like that. It was often said that things that humans couldn’t understand might be better understood with the help of check-up tools. 

So yeah! The crystal was the best! 

Finally, my event came! Ah- I was actually worried since I wasn’t able to put on such a cool front during the entrance exam back then.

As expected, if I was the protagonist, shouldn’t I aim to be the best? 

—Ah, I guess I could just take the test after everyone else. 

After all, wouldn’t the people after me seem pitiful if they were checked right after my ridiculously amazing result? It would make it awkward to do so. Well then, it seemed like everyone had checked theirs! 

Then, Arthur passed me the crystal. 

Well, the three would likely be considered average? Or perhaps they were actually amazing? Sensei looked very bewildered by their results but I didn’t understand since I had no such knowledge of it. 

Well then, let’s do this. I actually couldn’t feel my art well though. I thought that it would work if I just focused it on the tip of my finger… Alright! 

How was it? Yururu-sensei?! 

“Fay-kun… it seems that you only have non-elemental attributes…” 




Wha- what do you mean?! I panicked. It should be a lie, right?! Seriously?! 

I was the protagonist, I was the protagonist, calm down and think properly. 








Well, I didn’t think this check-up had any meaning. After all, there was no way a mere roadside pebble could feel my potential. Wasn’t it said that a person knew themselves best? There was no way an inanimate object could measure the delicate and infinite possibility that humans have.

I was convinced now. As I nodded to myself, Yururu-sensei whispered to my ear. 

“U-uhm, please cheer up. I’m actually also like Fay-kun, only possessing non-elemental attributes.” 

“…I see.”


Ah, to have an instructor who had the same situation as me, perhaps this would be my flag for getting stronger… Maybe she was supposed to be the Master Character. 

[“The potential of the non-elementals… I will teach only you about it, Fay-kun.”] 

Ah- that would be the event. I guess I would have her teach me many things. 

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2 months ago

Bruh, that’s really funny, lol.
Humans need tools to accurately measure their capabilities -> The only one that knows your capabilities is yourself.

2 months ago
Reply to  Raihan

surprisingly, if my theory is correct, its technically not mistaken.

4 months ago

Thanks for the great translation! Loved it!

3 months ago
Reply to  Lego

it’s our honor to give you translation

4 months ago

Ahhh!! Forgot there was only a bit of chapters translated!!

Thank you for the chapters!!

4 months ago
Reply to  Takusaka

thx for the comment!

what u mean by only bit of chapter?

4 months ago
Reply to  tsukii

I meant that you only recently started translating, so there aren’t that many chapters out yet.

And that’s regretful.

4 months ago
Reply to  Takusaka

well, either patiently wait to maintain the heat or go all in for patreon, your choice

4 months ago

i be honest,what does non-elemental attributes mean exactly,does that mean he more physical focus or something?

4 months ago
Reply to  Kaboom3601

so far, non elemental only consist of physical strengthening

3 months ago
Reply to  tsukii

why i feel guts from berserk or arngrim from valkyrie profile
vibe from MC

2 months ago
Reply to  davremedy

he had less consciousness to personal safety due to his belief things would work out for protagonist, thus it would appear like he is a berserker to most.