Story of a Cannon Fodder who Firmly Believed He was the Protagonist, Misunderstood the Actual Protagonist as the Cannon Fodder, and Ended up Victorious

Translator: Tsukii

Editor: Derpy

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Chapter 010 – Depression VS Flower Field First Part 1

The first to die was Yururu’s mother. Yururu’s elder brother and the third son of the Garethia family, Gaheris, killed their mother mercilessly. Her corpse was mutilated, and Yururu was unable to recognize her mother when she saw her.

Next, the second son of the Garethia family, Agravain, slaughtered twelve paladins. 

Finally, the eldest son of Garethia family, Gawain, murdered their father. 

The three brothers were stripped off their titles–Gaheris of his sixth-rank, Agravain of his fifth-rank, and Gawain of his third-rank paladin statuses. They were all placed on the wanted list of criminals.

Yururu lost everything all at once. She didn’t understand how all her elder brothers, who were once kind people, ended up that way. And the person who shocked her the most was her eldest brother, Gawain. 

Even though he used to always be gentle. Even though the family had led a happy life. Even though she wanted to be a proud paladin like her father, mother, and brothers. She lost everything, and everyone around her began to avoid her. 

Apparently, the twelve paladins were slaughtered by the sword style known as Namikaze Seishinryuu. Furthermore, her three elder brothers were still at large as criminals. All of them were sons of the Garethia family who learned and used Namikaze Seishinryuu from their father. 

Therefore, the public opinion of their sword school naturally turned for the worse. Since some, who were close to the twelve paladins murdered, were also affiliated to the Knights of the Round Table, this sword school was looked on unfavorably among the paladins. 

Although people began to forget the accident since it happened many years ago, there were still many who didn’t forget and held a grudge over it. 

The families of the victims still badmouthed her family, and the rumors were especially strong within the knights brigade. How much resolve did she have to have to choose to go to such a place regardless of the risk? 

However, she wanted to clear her parents’ name. She might no longer be an aristocrat, for her family had already collapsed, but they were still her pride. She would definitely put her family name out whenever she had to, regardless of how people ostracized her for it. 

Unfortunately, as she had expected, things weren’t easy for her. She couldn’t climb the ranks because her elder brothers had committed such heinous crimes once they reached a high rank. A paladin could exert greater authority the higher the rank they held. Hence, to prevent such an accident from happening again, many knights went out of their way to prevent her success. 

Many paladins had the opinion that it would be dangerous for the child of Garethia to have major activity as a paladin. Moreover, the fact that she only had non-elementals for her magical aptitude was another point they used to declare that she wouldn’t achieve much with only swordsmanship. 

Beaumains: a swordswoman whose hands were still not tainted. That was the nickname attached to her, representing people’s slights and contempt towards her. It was meant as a ridicule which foresaw that the child of the cursed family would one day cause disaster. 


Even so, she still continued running the arduous race in desperation, by doing missions as a paladin. She used her holidays to search for information about her brothers and to chase after them, instead of resting. She desperately did what she could, praying that things would change if she managed a big achievement. She wanted to fulfill her promise to her father and clear her family’s name. 

She did all she could with that in mind and, on a certain day after six years of being an active paladin, a helping hand slightly extended to her who did her best. A paladin who appreciated her efforts appeared; and it was the fifth-rank paladin, Marumaru. 

Marumaru evaluated her swordsmanship highly. He, who possessed a decent amount of influence, recommended her to be an instructor for swordsmanship and the people who belonged to her generation also pleaded for her in support. And with that, she was allowed to teach swordsmanship to others. 

Most of the students she taught rejected her teachings. Although it would be a lie to say she wasn’t pained by that, she held hope that it might eventually lead her to something better. 

Then, she was granted the teaching post for the special unit. The people who became paladins from this unit tended to achieve something great; that was why she was enthusiastic. 

If even one amongst her students grew into the next generation of heroes, she would be known as the instructor who taught them, and perhaps the reputation of her family might improve a bit. 


She had lived all this time while chasing after such hope. And she encountered him here, the boy with the eyes of her elder brother. 




After accompanying Fay on his night training, Yururu was walking through the deserted area in the capital. She didn’t like the dorms provided by the knights brigade, so she rented a room and lived there instead. She looked a little happy right now. 

It was because Fay managed to learn Namikaze during the previous training. So she was a little happy to be able to share the swordsmanship she learned from her father to someone else. 

Fay-kun… shows some dangerous signs in his behavior… so I must guide him properly as his instructor! 

Before she even noticed it, Fay had already held a place in her heart. He followed her around like a dog and kept requesting to spar, and although he was mostly expressionless, it was natural for her to look at him favorably due to how serious he was during practice. As she was thinking about Fay, just before she arrived at the room she rented, she suddenly felt a presence near her. 

“…Who is it?” 

She muttered gruffly, wielding her iron sword without realizing. However, the reply she got was unlike her heavy tone. 

“Sorry, sorry, it seems I surprised you.” 

It was a person who wore a black robe, his face heavily shaded and blocked from her view. However, he should be a male judging from his voice. 

“Who are you?” 

“My name… let’s see. Just call me Nanashi.”

“…Do you have any business with me?”

“Ah- how to put this, you seem to be in a terrible situation, so I was thinking of saving you.”


“I’ll give you this. You are to stab your own arm with this as you fill it with your grudges. Both the curse and your blood… will be your guide, just like your brothers’ did.


The instant the man handed her the black dagger, her internal memory reel cut off at that moment. She then returned to her room with a doll-like, unsteady gait. As he watched, the man muttered under his breath.


“To think that those three actually had a little sister… This must be fate, to think that all four of them are used in my experiment. What a wonderful family.” 


And with that, the man disappeared. There was nobody and nothing left there, only a cold wind blowing past. 





The sound of metal on flesh, digging and digging and digging. Blood dripped slowly from the wound, the crimson liquid pooling in a thick puddle on the desk. And Yururu only kept stabbing at her own arm using the dagger, over and over and over and over. 

Her pale arms were painted red before she knew it. But her grudge only grew stronger, so did her dissatisfaction. 

What’s wrong with only having an aptitude for non-elementals? What’s wrong with having three murderers for brothers?  


She kept stabbing at her arm as if she were crazy, and the pain was only slightly relieved by the grudge. 


Did I even do anything wrong? They even gave me such a weird nickname. You all sure are cheeky despite being my students. 


Her need for violence continuously grew stronger. She wanted to vent her grudges, anger, and frustration on someone. 

These black emotions arose within her quickly, and she stared down at the puddle of blood. Her face was slightly reflected, and her distorted expression was revealed. 


Ah, aaaaaahhhh!! I can’t endure this anymore!! I need to vent this urge on someone!!! 


Insanity started to hit her.




<News flash> I learned Namikaze!!

<News flash> I learned Namikaze!!

<News flash> I learned Namikaze!!

<News flash> I learned Namikaze!! 


Well, I finally learned a special move. Tlue and Bouran did things like enchanting artillery in magic lessons, you see. It made me feel a little lonely since I couldn’t do what they did, so this made me really happy. 

And Arthur’s magic was just plain absurd. What was that? Could you please not launch that ridiculous magic? 

As for now, I had no magical aptitude and my art just sucks. It was totally trashy. 

The magic instructor even looked down on me and said things like ‘you have no talent’ or ‘it was better to just give up on it’. 

I was trashy, you say? In my perspective, that only meant I could grow even better (Mentality of steel). After all, trash couldn’t become even worse, right? Of course I would only get better. 


Haah, haah, I really want to test this Namikaze. 

Aah, this impulse didn’t want to stop. I really want to use this skill and look down on them too. I want to hit others using this Namikazeeeeeeeee!!! 

As expected, there should be an opportunity for the protagonist to use this newly learned skill. Since I was the protagonist, the related event should appear soon. 

Even so, I really want to test out Namikaze. My impulse was just that unbearable! 

I really wanted to show off my new skill and I felt as though I was starting to go crazy from it. 

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1 year ago

His Chuuni spirit is rampaging…

1 year ago

welp, that sorta came out of nowhere

out of all the people, the 4 siblings was chosen

and after so long, she was visited by this guy

1 year ago

Protagonist is so cute! Comparing him with a loyal dog is cute too

1 year ago

Judging by the kind of story this is I assume that Yururu was supposed to die to motivate Tlue, but Fay will probably change her fate through sheer ignorance and willpower instead. At least I hope he does because she’s really nice and I like her.

1 year ago
Reply to  jayswing103

too bad, you guessed wrong. While she indeed died in game version, it took place quite long after this incident and off screen.

1 year ago

Fay is acting as if he was also given a dagger like Yururu’s, but that’s actually his normal mode.

1 year ago
Reply to  Takusaka

he is on high due to tension, not drug

1 year ago

Can anyone hand me a rope; there’s a cliff hanger right here and I wanna hang from it!

1 year ago
Reply to  Lego

thats how the chap work, folk. i didn’t split this one either, so it just how author write it.

1 year ago

Interesting to noted that fay despite clearly being affected by this curse or whatever it is, he manage to hold back the insanity through sheer will and mental believe of protagonist, a feat I have no doubt is a simple accomplishment

P.S can I ask you to give me a small spoiler and you can hide it, did fay save the instructor and is she alive

1 year ago
Reply to  Kaboom3601

i dunno how to hide spoiler so i won’t answer here. just ping me at group discord and i will answer that.

you will see his absurd mental fortitude a lot. thats what i will say.