Story of a Cannon Fodder who Firmly Believed He was the Protagonist, Misunderstood the Actual Protagonist as the Cannon Fodder, and Ended up Victorious

Translator: Tsukii

Editor: Frozen Ink

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Chapter 11 – Depression VS Flower Field Last Part [A]

It was an old memory of the beautiful mansion. The garden was full of bright flowers. A girl was swinging her sword there. She had silver hair and was desperately swinging her sword.

“That’s not how you do it. Lend me your sword for a bit.” 



A man with similar silver hair called out to her. Their faces look similar, but the man looked more dignified and had a slightly different features than the girl. 

“Namikaze is, how to say this… it’s more like, well, there is a stance for it, but it also has the flexibility to not stick to said stance.” 


“Aah, so you find it hard to understand. Here, I’ll perform it with you.”


With that said, the man returned the sword back to the girl. Then he held the girl’s hand and moved it along to let the girl’s body learn the movement. 

“I want to be like tou-sama!” 

“Is that so?”

“Even without a magic attribute, I will grow into a paladin that will surpass tou-sama!”

“…I’m looking forward to it.”

“Un, that’s a promise!”

“I am sure Yururu can become a greater knight than I am. That’s why—“


“Tou-san! I’ve become a paladin!” 

“Congratulations, Gaheris.”

“I’ll enter tou-san’s unit and… Yururu?”

“I also wanted to quickly become one!” 

“You have to wait until you’re fifteen, okay? Even so, Agra nii-san is already ninth-rank, huh.” 

“He has talent after all.”

“On the other hand, Yururu has no magical aptitude.”

“I will still become an amazing paladin even without it!”


She remembered everything. Her kind brothers, the wide back of her father, her strict mother. 


But she could no longer return to those days. 




A night passed. Yururu only hurt herself yesterday. She fell asleep because of the heavy bleeding and exhaustion of training. However, there was no lethargic feeling due to lack of blood when she woke up in the morning, even though the blood she spilled yesterday would have likely killed a normal person. 

However, she didn’t question it. Her impulse just urged her to take action. 

She naturally took her sword and went outside. 

Her vision was distorted. Her impulse didn’t stop. She wanted to kill those ruffians who always insulted her parents. 


A, aah, no, good… if, I, do, this, nobody, will, believe, in, tou, sama, and, kaa, sama, any, more…


People went about in the morning. 


I want, to kill… that, person, and, that, person, is, laughing, at, me. 


She could only see everyone around as enemies. Her body ached beyond her control. She wanted to hurry and use her sword to cut some heads and produce the red liquid, just like the blood she spilled yesterday. 


There was malice, grudge, and resentment. Such feelings filled her. However, there was something left of her. It was the memories of her kind parents. That allowed her to somehow restrain herself. 

However, even those memories were gradually being painted black. They were reduced to mere memories. Her core began to shake. 


Once the grudge filled her, she would collapse. If a person she resented appeared, she would instantly turn into a slaughterer. Even if that didn’t happen, her impulse was getting stronger the longer it took. 

She bit her own tongue. She could taste her own blood. She somehow kept her reason and went to the usually empty place where only three trees grew instead of the headquarters of the Knights of the Round Table. Fortunately, there was no sword training today. 

That was why she thought they wouldn’t be there as she walked there. 


Aah… I, didn’t, come, to, Fay’s, morning, practice, today… 


She suddenly remembered that as she leaned on the tree. As her memory gradually became blank, she remembered the back of that black-haired boy. When she thought about how she managed to teach him Namikaze which made him grow stronger, she was filled with happiness. 


Noo… I, really, wanted, to, teach, you, more… 


From now on, she couldn’t turn back anymore. She knew she would step away from the human path just like her elder brothers did. Her tears spilled. If that reckless boy she taught heard how she met her end, then… she was sad at the thought. 


Even, though, I, was, going, to, prevent, him, from, becoming, like, nii, sama… To, think, that I, would,lose, my, way. 


How much time had passed? She just thought of her regret. But eventually, she got swallowed by hatred. She got devoured and practically vanished. 


…That’s right. I’m, not wrong. I’m, not wrong at all. I’m not wrong, I’m not wrong, I’m not wrong, I’m not wrong, I’m not wrong, I’m not wrong. 


Those people who made a fool of me are in the wrong. I am not wrong at all. 


“A, hahahaha! I’m not wrong, I’m not wrong!” 


As she said that, she stood up and turned her feet. But there was… 


“Huh! Isn’t it sensei!” 

“Sensei, good afternoon.”



Bouran, Tlue, and Arthur stood there. Yururu no longer questioned why they were here. The three usually visited this place after they were done with their magic practice, but Yururu couldn’t have known that. 

By the way, even as Fay was told sarcasm by the magic instructor, he still requested a magic instruction manual. Although he had no aptitude, he didn’t give up on his own potential. 


They are all more talented than me, with several magic elements… They are looking down on me. Even they make fun of me. I’ll kill them, I’ll kill them, let’s kill them. 


“Who are you?” 


Arthur asked that. She looked at Yururu with suspicion. Arthur intuitively felt that the person in front of them wasn’t the Yururu Garethia they were familiar with. 

“Ah? What are you talking about?” 


“This person is not our sensei…”


With that said, Arthur enchanted the iron sword she borrowed for practice purposes and drew it. 

Without answering anything, Yururu also drew her iron sword. 


At the next moment, the pair collided as they became wind, and the gusts it caused blew Bouran’s long hair. 


“…Aah, how good it is, to have such talent.” 

“…I’ll ask you one more time. Who are you?”

“Does it matter who I am? All I want to do right now is kill!”


Arthur felt that she couldn’t talk to her. Yururu had already totally lost herself. 


Physical reinforcement through the use of art, both of them were using simple non-elemental skills. Both of them were using them at similar levels, no, Arthur’s was more precise.   


Arthur’s sword gradually increased its speed. She possessed a greater amount of art and was more precise in controlling them. It was important to not overdo physical strengthening since one’s body would break down otherwise. That was why Arthur came out superior. 

It wasn’t like Arthur mastered everything either. 

Yururu had long years of training and experience. She had the advantage in that aspect. 

“…Are you cutting corners?” 


Arthur muttered. She understood that Yururu slightly loosened her hand and was restraining her ability. 

Arthur was better by the amount of art she had. However, Yururu’s swordsmanship was supposed to be far better than Arthur’s. 

Arthur knew that well. She understood that from the light exchange they did during the training. 


“…Are you making fun of me?” 

“…That’s not it.”

The exchange was getting stronger. However, Arthur was still dominant at the moment. 


“Oi, Arthur, what should we do?!” 

“For the time being, Bouran is to call other paladins for support.”

“O, ou! Okay.”

“Tlue is to stay here and support me. Your magic please.”

“O, okay.”

Bouran left and Tlue proceeded with his chant. Multiple water bullets were conjured. It was adjusted properly so it wouldn’t kill even if it hit others. It might deal considerable damage, though. 



Yururu clicked her tongue. The combination of the pair gradually shaved her art and stamina. However, it was clear that there was slight relief in her tone. 

As for Arthur’s light magic…  

It produced a golden wind that blew her away. The dark art was gradually shaved off little by little. 

She was gradually returning to her sanity. However, that wasn’t enough to stop her. The primitive anger still moved her. 


That still lingered on her mind and couldn’t be forgotten and finally, Arthur would hit her with  light magic and finish the fight. 


After that, it would just be a story of a paladin leaving the capital. 


She would be expelled from the knights’ brigade and would have to leave the royal capital Britannia. She would lose the place to belong and everyone would look at her with disappointment. Since she was originally a good person, the slight expectation of others would turn to disappointment. 

The three would also explain that her state was weird, but people around would only be reminded of those abominable incidents instead. 

They would all say that she was just crazy too. 

Either way, it was just a waste of time. It was because Yururu Garethia had already given up on staying to clear her parents’ name.  


She would chose to leave this place on her own. 


That was the ending she chose. She couldn’t be saved. Then after she leaves, she would find her brother… only to be raped and killed. 


As Arthur’s magic… was coming down at her. Yururu felt the light gather on Arthur’s hand, and she burst into tears. 


It was over. Everything has ended… 




A voice echoed. Arthur stopped constructing her magic and the light dispersed from her hand as if it was never there. 

“Fay… why?” 

“I heard a lot from Bouran. Arthur, give me your sword.”


“Don’t let me say it again. Hand it over. This is my fight (story).”


Fay forcefully took Arthur’s sword away. In front of him, Yururu, who was battered all over by Arthur and Tlue, already lost most of her stamina. However… Yururu said without even thinking about who would win if she were to fight Fay. 



“…So it’s Fay-kun who will fight me this time?”

“Aah, Arthur, Tlue, don’t interrupt us.”

“…Fufu, you sure say a strange thing. You can’t beat me, you know? Also, haven’t you lost whenever we fought using iron swords?”

“And what of it?”

“You’ll die if you actually fight, you know? Are you so foolish as to not know that?”

“Fuh. I am…”


As Yururu giggled, Fay replied with a snort. 

“I am certainly a fool, but it’s exactly because I am a fool, that I won’t know unless I actually do it.” 

“…Very well. It’s too late to regret it when you die, you know?”



Both of them kicked the ground and the swords clashed. It was different from when they were using wooden swords. The heavy sounds of metal reverberated. 

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4 months ago

Lmao what is bro doing?!!!

Also Arthur might be connected to the previous Hero called Arthur

1 year ago

I wasn’t expecting that sudden change in atmosphere….

Eternal perspective
Eternal perspective
1 year ago

Thanks for chap
Whoa that went dark fast

2 years ago

That was the ending she chose. She couldn’t be saved. Then after she leaves, she would find her brother… only to be raped and killed. 

Whoa that was pretty dark

2 years ago
Reply to  Takusaka

well, that’s standard for utsu games

2 years ago

The first fight between yururu and Fay,I will play The Only Thing I Know for Real from MGR for Yururu,befitting her situation and theme

2 years ago
Reply to  Kaboom3601

tbh, i didn’t play that so i dunno what u mean.

2 years ago
Reply to  tsukii

this one here i mean,i hope after listening to the song, you understand why i pick this for Yururu theme

2 years ago
Reply to  Kaboom3601

lyric wise it fits, but i couldn’t get the feel since i didn’t play the game

2 years ago
Reply to  tsukii

Hahaha,fair enough but at least you understand why it fit for Yururu

2 years ago
Reply to  Kaboom3601

well, i tried to understand at least