Story of a Cannon Fodder who Firmly Believed He was the Protagonist, Misunderstood the Actual Protagonist as the Cannon Fodder, and Ended up Victorious

Translator: Tsukii

Editor: Derpy

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Intermission – Yururu Garethia [A]

The sound of swords clashing echoed repeatedly. This morning, Fay and Yururu were sparring as per usual. Although they appeared to be evenly matched, that was actually not the case at all, and Fay’s sword was knocked into the air.



“…You’ve grown stronger.”

“Fuhn, I can only hear that as sarcasm seeing as how I got beaten down like this.”

“No, I had no such intentions… you really are growing stronger.”


Yururu said to Fay with a smile. However, the latter remained expressionless as usual, albeit with a slight frown. 


“Fay-kun, let’s take a break.” 



The two of them put down their swords and leaned against the tree to rest. Fay folded his arms and closed his eyes; being quiet and blind to the world in between spars was his selling point. If it was any other day, Yururu wouldn’t have talked to him unnecessarily. 




However, she spoke out to him in the spur of the moment today. Fay opened his eyes and glanced at her, causing Yururu to flush a little and look down. 


“I-it’s about this…” 


She gently presented him with a sandwich in a wooden box out of the bag. 


“…What’s this?” 

“I-it’s breakfast. It just happened that I didn’t eat it in the morning… s-so, here you go.”

“…I see. Then I’ll take it.”

The sandwich was clearly made with certain intentions and was to be eaten by Fay. If it was any other man, having a person of the opposite gender present them with breakfast –and in Yururu’s case, she presented it with a flushed expression to boot– that man would likely understand the hidden intentions. 



“H-how is it?” 

“Well, it’s not bad.”

“R-really?! Y-you’re not lying?!”


“B-but, is there anything else you want to say?! P-please say anything. You may even request the flavor for…”

“There’s nothing in particular. It’s not bad, that’s all. Rather than that, you really don’t want to eat it?”

“Eh, ah, I-I, well… I don’t think I want to eat now…”

“I see.”



She looked down and said nothing. Yururu Garethia, who turned 23 this year, had never been in love before. She had spent her younger days training her swordsmanship, then the tragedy struck which switched her obsession to clearing her parents’ name. 

Although she was aware of the concept of love, she has never experienced it herself before. 

And she also had a personality which made her panic easily. Especially so as she was stepping into unknown territory for her 23 year old self to fall in love with her own 15 year old student. 

That was why she was feeling really panicked right now. 

Awawa, f-for me to draw his attention using this kind of blatant approach. A-am I a fool…? 


“I doubt that it’s the case, but… did you go out of your way to make it for me?” 

“…?! N-no, that’s not it! I just happened to have a stomachache today…”

“I see.”


C-calm down. He is my student, and I am his instructor. I have to keep proper distance… Let’s change the topic… 


“I am still a paladin thanks to Fay-kun. You allowed me to continue teaching you. So, once again, thank you very much.” 

“Don’t worry about that. I need you; that’s all there is to it.”



Due to the ridiculously suggestive words, Yururu looked down once again. She knew she couldn’t stay like this and hurriedly switched tracks for her train of thoughts. 


“A-ah- even so, thanks to Fay-kun for keeping me from leaving, I’ve been enjoying my days. It makes me sad to think of what might have happened if you didn’t.” 

“I see.”

“Yes. Perhaps I might have gone to the free city with a dungeon.”

“I see. However, that option is not allowed.”


“Even if you were expelled from the knights’ brigade, you will still be my swords instructor. Worst case scenario, I considered having you live in my room at the orphanage.”

“E-eeh?! B-but if you do that, it’ll cost money for my living expense-“

“I can just pay it with my wages. I calculated that I earn enough to pay you the tutoring fee and to cover your living expenses.”


Her heart pounded hard. Yururu flushed red and covered her face with her hands while looking down completely.




She couldn’t even form a coherent word as euphoria gushed through her. She felt that it was even worse because he said it with a serious expression, and she could tell that he really meant it. 



“What is it?” 


“…Let’s end it here for today.”


“It seems like you’re enduring a lot right now. I doubt you can concentrate properly in that state. Besides, it should be tough for you to accompany me every day. Go home for today.”

“Ah, y-yes.”


T-there’s no way I can teach him properly anymore, not while pining like this… I think I can’t even look at his face properly right now… 


I wonder if Fay-kun noticed that the feeling I’m enduring right now is different… Uuh, this is so embarrassing. 


Fay stood up as he told her that. He seemed to have no intention to continue his training today. She didn’t look at him due to how red her face was and only continued to hide behind her hands.

“F-Fay-kun. See-see you tomorrow.” 



AAAAAAAAhhhhhh, this is embarassiiiiiinnngggg! 


With that said, she buried her face a little more and left in a fierce dash as if escaping from the foot of the three trees. 




Sensei, did your tummy hurt? 


Such a thought ran through my mind as we did our morning training. I didn’t know why, but sensei averted her gaze whenever our eyes met during the training. 


And somehow, she seemed really panicked and fidgety today. Uh-n, but the image of sensei in my mind was that she was always panicking after all, so I didn’t think it was particularly weird after that. 


She still said awawa despite being 23 years old. I could feel her usual panic and worry. Underlying all that, I also felt that sensei was somewhat nervous. Perhaps her tummy was hurting? 


Perhaps it felt so painful that she wanted to hurry and be done with training, but she couldn’t bring herself to say that directly to her disciple… 


Sensei said to take a break and gave me a sandwich. Ooh, I appreciate it. It grew tastier with every bite. 


But well, to be honest, Maria’s dishes were more… I shouldn’t say anymore. 

—Indeed, I was a protagonist who knew how to be considerate. 

Even so, why didn’t sensei eat it? It would be better if she ate as well. Was her tummy really hurting? 


“I doubt that it’s the case, but… did you go out of your way to make it for me?” 

“…?! N-no, that’s not it! I just happened to have a stomachache today…”

“I see.”

Ah- so her tummy really was hurting. So that was why she gave her portion to me. I thought of the possibility that she might be the heroine considering her reaction, but that didn’t seem to be the case. 1


Hm? What if you ended up expelled? Hey, who would teach me swordsmanship if you were gone? I would pay you properly regardless, you know? 


It was normal to be paid for tutoring in Japan, so I don’t have any resistance to paying you for this. When I said that though, she looked down. 

W-was her tummy really in that pain…? Ah- sensei was a hard worker. She was recently told that she was about to be expelled after all. Perhaps she was trying to relieve her stress and gain a sense of familiarity by training me like this. 

Then her tummy got hurt as a result? 


“What is it?” 


“…Let’s end it here for today.”


“It seems like you’re enduring a lot right now, I doubt you can concentrate properly in that state. Besides, it should be tough for you to accompany me every day. Go home for today.”

“Ah, y-yes.”


When I said that, sensei immediately said that training was done for the day, so I guess her tummy did feel really painful. She dashed right home after that too. I felt bad for forcing her to accompany me in that state. 

—Fuh, as expected of me. Because I was such a considerate protagonist, I was able to make a wise decision.

I didn’t know whether or not sensei noticed my consideration, but the master and disciple should naturally be considerate to each other. What a wonderful bond!! 

That’s right. I should buy her some good stomach medicine next time. 

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5 months ago


Ganbate, sensei!

1 year ago

I didn’t know you posted a chapter! I usually check on novelupdates, so I missed this batch

1 year ago
Reply to  Takusaka

sorry for the trouble. checking group discord more reliable way for this than novelupdates, so if you don’t mind, you can join and dm me if you have questions or need of spoiler.

1 year ago

Not going to lie, the sudden romance felt a bit grating. It’d be nice to see their master-student relationship develope more though.

1 year ago
Reply to  Guadalupe

its one sided affection of the rescued to her savior. so far, while many fell for Fay, he is still single and actually quite devoted if he had one, the believer of single person romance rather than harem.

6 months ago
Reply to  tsukii


1 year ago

you know, Ignoring real Fay for a bit, chuuni fay is one smooth of a gun honestly, saving yururu is one thing but he is a real charmer with his word honestly

1 year ago
Reply to  Kaboom3601

smooth indeed