Story of a Cannon Fodder who Firmly Believed He was the Protagonist, Misunderstood the Actual Protagonist as the Cannon Fodder, and Ended up Victorious

Translator: Tsukii

Editor: Derpy

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Intermission – Yururu Garethia [B]

1    Anonymous God
Are there no interesting fellows among the recently reincarnated persons?

2    Anonymous God
Ah- you’re right. We only get normal people these days, but well, it can’t be helped.

3    Anonymous God
We did have fun when we first reincarnated people, but it’s getting boring these days. Well, considering how we’ve reincarnated so many, I guess that’s normal.

4    Anonymous God
There’s an interesting one named Fay.

5     Anonymous God
Who is that?

6    Anonymous God
Ah- that fellow who was reincarnated as cannon fodder but thinks he is the protagonist?

7    Anonymous God
That fellow is pretty interesting.

8    Anonymous God
Eh? Seriously? There is such a person?

9    Anonymous God
What is that person like? Details pls.

10    Anonymous God
No magical aptitude, but have sword talent. Also, his mentality is abnormal <- this part is important one.

11    Anonymous God

12    Anonymous God
Are you all talking about Fay-sama?

13    Anonymous God
Fay-sama (LOL).

14    Anonymous God
Well, he is getting heated up recently.

15    Anonymous God
Who reincarnated him?

16    Anonymous God
It’s Athena, right?

17    Anonymous God
Hee, I’m getting curious.

18    Anonymous God
The dude was reincarnated as cannon fodder in an utsu novel game called “Round Table Heroes.” However, the person in question is doing protagonist RP without noticing it.

19    Anonymous God
Ah!! I know that novel game! I love that big tits loli Yururu-chan!

20    Anonymous God
She’s already taken by Fay (LOL).

21    Anonymous God

22    Anonymous God 
Seriously. She totally fell for him. I think she wouldn’t hate it even if he asks for a physical relationship.

23    Anonymous God
But well, that one just can’t be helped.

24    Anonymous God
He’s so quick with his decisions after all (LOL).

25    Anonymous God
If Yururu were to attack people, Fay would cut his own stomach as an apology (LOL).

26    Anonymous God
That chief paladin is laughing all the time back there.

27    Anonymous God
Seriously? My Yururu-chan is… I almost got her though.

28    Anonymous God
Give it up. She already belongs to Fay. Just fap to her photo instead.

29    Anonymous God
It makes it harder to fap to it, you know!

30    Anonymous God 
That’s right (LOL) it’s hard to fap if you are just one step away from getting her.

31    Anonymous God
Isn’t Bouran quite good too?

32    Anonymous God 
Ah- it’s Arthur for me.

33    Anonymous God 
Arthur is so bad at communication that it feels disgusting to me.

34    Anonymous God 
Shut up, you phimosis. 1

35    Anonymous God 
I’m not phimosis though (LOL). It’s lame of you to imagine weird stuff.

36    Anonymous God 
Don’t get angry just because others guessed correctly (LOL).

37    Anonymous God 
This sounds like a phimosis. No doubt about it.

38    Anonymous God 
It’s that thing with a drill on the tip (LOL).

39    Anonymous God 
Drill phimosis (LOL).

40    Anonymous God 
Well, Fay-sama is the best. Will he be dying soon?

41    Anonymous God 
Scary scary scary.

42    Anonymous God 
Why do you want him to die?

43    Anonymous God 
Because, I can take his soul once he dies, then make it meld into me so we will be together forever.

44    Anonymous God 
Wow, sounds like a psychopath. You must be Freya, right?

45    Anonymous God 
This sort of dangerous remark definitely came from Freya.

46    Anonymous God 
This Yururu girl is a virgin, right? I wouldn’t approve of it otherwise.

47    Anonymous God 
There’s a virgin gourmet here (LOL). Rather, you’re definitely Hestia (LOL).

48    Anonymous God 
Well, Yururu sure is cute. I really wanted to cheer for her.

49    Anonymous God 
But Fay didn’t notice it at all (LOL).

50    Anonymous God 
He thinks her tummy’s hurt. Is he an idiot?

51    Anonymous God 
He totally thought of her as the master character. His belief is just too intense.

52    Anonymous God 
What kind of dangerous mentality does he have there? Isn’t that rare for a human?

53    Anonymous God 
He strongly suggested to himself that he is the protagonist.
It makes other suggestions invalid against him.
He thinks it’s normal for the protagonist to be wounded
It allows him to resist fear over injury.
He thinks it’s normal for the protagonist to endure pain.
It allows him to resist pain.

54    Anonymous God 
That sounds dangerous. What’s with him?

55    Anonymous God 
I think his mentality seriously belongs to the top tier in the history of humanity.

56    Anonymous God 
I wonder if Yururu-chan’s feelings can be requited.

57    Anonymous God 
Since she’s never had any romance until 23 years old, there’s many troubles that await her.

58    Anonymous God 
She’s so cute.

59    Anonymous God 
Yururu’s crotch is already yuruyuru for Fay. I’m waiting for the point where Yururu can’t endure anymore and attacks Fay in his sleep (LOL). 2

60    Anonymous God 

61    Anonymous God 

62    Anonymous God 

63    Anonymous God 
That sounds so disgusting. I can’t laugh over this.

64    Anonymous God 
That is definitely Zeus.

65    Anonymous God 
That crazy feeling he gave means that there’s no doubt about it.

66    Anonymous God 
I can’t like that Fay fellow. It’s too disgusting.

67    Anonymous God 

68    Anonymous God 
Ah, those must be his last words before he gets killed by Fay’s hardcore fans.

69    Anonymous God 
There are such people?

70 Anonymous God
There is.

71    Anonymous God 
He is quite popular. His soul will return to Athena once he dies, but there are gods who have already begun to bid for his soul for a large amount of money. Like Freya.

72    Anonymous God 
Oh, I see.

73    Anonymous God 
Hey, Fay is not that big of a deal, right?

74    Anonymous God 
I’ll kill you. Don’t say such a thing about Fay-sama. Who do you think you are to speak in such haughty tones?

75    Anonymous God     
Well, I’m a god.

76    Anonymous God 

77    Anonymous God 
What about Maria?

78    Anonymous God 
The reason why Fay is weakened, huh. Most of the things are Maria’s fault.

79    Anonymous God 
That’s right. It’s Maria’s fault.

80    Anonymous God 
But Maria also has it bad, you know? I know since I played the game.

81    Anonymous God 
What do you mean?

82    Anonymous God 
Isn’t it all about how her parents got slain by the Abyss monsters?

83    Anonymous God 
Nope, I cleared the game so I know, but the Maria Route is seriously beyond saving. She might grow into someone like a heroine to Tlue, but she is quite pitiful by the end. Moreover, there’s a backstory involving her parents’ circumstances.

84    Anonymous God 
What do you mean?

85    Anonymous God 
Maria’s memories were tampered with. I knew it.

86    Anonymous God 
Seriously? That sounds dangerous in so many ways. As expected of a utsu novel game.

87    Anonymous God 
Well, Fay will do something about it (random).

88    Anonymous God 
You’re right.

89    Anonymous God 
Fay keeps saying it’s not over yet and he will eventually sort everything out (LOL).

90    Anonymous God 
Rather, I did have this thought when I saw Yururu’s scenario, but isn’t this just a bit too heavy for a story?

91    Anonymous God 
The writer definitely loves a Bitter END.

92    Anonymous God 
I know that. This kind of person hates Happily Ever Afters. More than half of the people who came during the entrance exam would die. Also, people often die depending on the choices that Tlue or Arthur made.

93    Anonymous God 
Eh? Then Yururu-chan will die? She didn’t die, right?

94    Anonymous God 
If Fay missed her at that moment and she went to the free city, she would die as she meets her terrible ordeal.

95    Anonymous God 
As expected of Fay.

96    Anonymous God 
Well, perhaps one thing will lead to another and she will go to the free city anyway, then the danger might hit her then.

97    Anonymous God 
Well, Fay will do something about it (random).

98    Anonymous God 
I guess so.

99    Anonymous God 
He gave off a mysterious sense of relief.

100    Anonymous God 
We will watch over his actions from now on.


Author Note


These gods are only observing. Since some people thought gods will intervene mid-plot, I came to explain directly. They won’t. Because of heavenly law (random excuse), they can’t intervene with people once they reincarnate them!!!

This story is all about Fay using his own ability and sticking with his belief as protagonist.

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4 months ago

lmao, these guys are from Reddit aren’t they?

1 year ago

Esos “dioses” parecen lectores

1 year ago

These Gods know what’s up.

Eternal perspective
Eternal perspective
1 year ago

Thanks for chap
Noooo I thought the gods would intervene and make something change for mc

2 years ago

74    Аnоnуmоuѕ Gоd 
І’ll kіll уоu. Dоn’t ѕау ѕuсh а thіng аbоut Fау-ѕаmа. Whо dо уоu thіnk уоu аrе tо ѕреаk іn ѕuсh hаughtу tоnеѕ?

75    Аnоnуmоuѕ Gоd     
Wеll, І’m а gоd.


I loved this chapter, the gods are so quirky.

2 years ago
Reply to  Takusaka

i love the quirky forum too. too bad the last forum seem to lose this quirkiness.

2 years ago

Fay will do something about it. (LOL)

2 years ago
Reply to  Jayswing103

yeah, everything will work for better in fay hand, even if he didn’t notice it.

2 years ago

why DanMachi gods is in this story, you are in the wrong world and series you bastards but you are welcome to stay here except you Freya, get out of here

2 years ago
Reply to  Kaboom3601

okay, i recognize freya and hestia, but others mentioned… is not so clear

i mean, is zeus such blatant pervert?

well putting that aside, this gods chat log is among my favorite in the story.

Last edited 2 years ago by tsukii
2 years ago
Reply to  tsukii

I myself can’t remember well Myth gods myself but Zeus part is big fat yes,that guy fuck everything including animal and object if he feel a little adventurous

There is a reason why if there is some Greek mortals story where they getting punish harshly especially women,there is a big change that it Zeus fault directly or indirectly

2 years ago
Reply to  Kaboom3601

no, i mean danmachi version of Zeus. is he a blatant pervert? i know myth version is a womanizing bastard though

2 years ago
Reply to  tsukii

well yes, he still a blatant pervent which some gods have comment but he is more kind,honorable and have a moral compass compare to his IRL version, He is a chivalrous kind pervent that tell heroic story to his sweet little Bell

Last edited 2 years ago by Kaboom3601
2 years ago
Reply to  Kaboom3601

is it? i didn’t follow the story much so i have no idea

1 year ago
Reply to  tsukii

That’s the truth about zeus after all… He impregnated so many women and that made Hera so crazy…

Last edited 1 year ago by Mono00
Eternal perspective
Eternal perspective
1 year ago
Reply to  Kaboom3601

Ironically it’s actually referring the normal gods of greek mythology that danmachi copied