Story of a Cannon Fodder who Firmly Believed He was the Protagonist, Misunderstood the Actual Protagonist as the Cannon Fodder, and Ended up Victorious

Translator: Tsukii

Editor: Frozen Ink

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Chapter 014 – Fay-san (15 years old) who knew nothing again [B]

The temporary enrollment period of Arthur and others was about to end.

“Alright, everyone! Your temporary enrollment period will end soon! You’ve all worked hard all this time! Sensei is happy about that! There will be many things that happen from now on, but please do your best!” 

“Ou, sensei also seems troubled with how your boobs shake that hard.”

“Bouran-san! Please stop with such dirty jokes! I don’t like such things that much!”


Bouran laughed. Everyone but one felt complicated as they knew this kind of interaction might not happen anymore. 

Arthur and Tlue said their gratitude. 


“Sensei, thank you, very much.” 

“I’m also grateful for your help. Thank you very much.”

“No no, Arthur-san and Tlue-kun should also work hard from now on! Both of you are more talented than I am, so I look forward to seeing what you’ll become!”


Good luck! Work hard! Yururu, 23 years old, gave her energetic cheers to them. As they saw how she reacted, the students except one thought she could be quite childish. 


However, Yururu said with slight stagnation as she looked at Fay. 

“W-well, since Fay-kun will train with me from now on, every day, w-we won’t be parting just yet. Ehehe.”

“I guess so.”


Yururu knew she didn’t have to part with him just yet and she was happy about that as her face flushed and she showed a maidenly expression unlike before.

If somebody were to see that, they would instantly understand that Yururu loved Fay… and if there was anyone who noticed it, perhaps they would cheer for her. 

However, it was very unfortunate for her that… 

Bouran…She was innocent and rough, and she didn’t notice. 

Arthur…She didn’t understand what love was to begin with. She was an air-headed person with trouble communicating properly.

Tlue…He was thickheaded despite being actually popular. He didn’t know what love was.

–And finally, Fay who knew nothing and wondered if Yururu’s tummy hurt once again. 


Yururu’s love would have a hard time bearing fruit. 


“W-well then, that’s all for today’s training! Thank you for your hard work!” 


With that said, the three students went away. However, Fay remained there to train. 

“U-uhm, Fay-kun.” 

“…What is it?”

“S-since the temporary enrollment has ended, you’ll begin to be active as an official paladin. So, how about having a celebration, or rather, some sort of prayer for future success… that, I mean, how about, we, go eat out together, or something. How, about it?”

“I thought you are aware that I basically train all the time without any break, though.”

“Ah, w-well, I know that you train even when there’s no training scheduled. I helped you in those times after all… b-but, I think it’s bad to do it too intensely, or something… How about, taking a break once in a while, and having a meal together.”

“I see…”


Yururu asked him to have a meal together before parting while having her face flushed and her eyes spinning around. However, Fay didn’t pay attention to her state and crossed his arms while thinking. 



“R-resting is also part of training. I-isn’t it good to rest once in a while?” 

“Is that so?”

“I-if I have to say it as your master,t-then, resting is also training!”

“Then let’s do that.”


I-I did it. I feel quite guilty about that though, b-but it’s not like I’m lying. I only told the truth anyway. Resting is also training, right! 

Although she was very pleased inside, she tried not to reveal it outside. But since what she said wasn’t wrong, she could say so without hesitation. 


“I-it’s a promise, okay?” 




With that said, Fay who still knew nothing once again began to do a handstand then did his laps around capital upside down. 


Yururu whose heart throbbed hard poured her hot gaze toward Fay who left the scene upside down. 

And once she couldn’t see Fay anymore, she began jumping around happily like a rabbit. 




A certain day.


There was a beautiful girl with purple hair in a ponytail and gray eyes. She also had great proportions that would make 100 out of 100 people steal a glance at her beauty. That beautiful girl was approached by a bad-looking man right now. The man who reeked of alcohol seemed drunk even during the day time and lost his reasoning. He tried to reach out to the girl of his liking. 

“Hey, isn’t it good? Accompany me for a bit.” 



The violent man roughly grabbed her hand, but the girl did nothing. Nobody knew whether she chose not to speak or couldn’t speak at all. 

However, it seemed she had a little bit of emotion and a slight rebellious feeling could be seen in her eyes. She shook the man’s hand away and took distance. 

“Hey, I told you, it’s only for a little bit—“ 


The man tried to reach out to her for the third time. Someone caught the man’s hand. It was a person with black hair and black eyes. His eyes seemed like a void but at the same time as sharp as a dragon. 1 


“It’s unpleasant. Piss off.” 


“…I’ll say it one more time. Piss off. Don’t make me say it for the third time.”



The man felt the hair on his skin stand up, to the point he was sobered right away. He forcefully tried to move his shaky limbs and leave the scene.

Afterward, the boy looked at the girl he saved. However, he said nothing, neither asking for gratitude nor being considerate toward the girl and left the scene. 


Perhaps the boy helped out truly because he felt the man’s attitude was unpleasant to him. The boy didn’t glance at her and left the scene. 


The girl’s eyes naturally chased after the boy’s back. 




A gentle female voice was heard from the opposite direction of the boy’s back. As she turned around, there was a girl with the exact same appearance to Beta, who was rescued just now. Her eyes were a little sharp with a short hairstyle. 


However, the other girl also had a similar proportion to Beta, which made her also beautiful. 



“What happened?”


“Did something happen?”

“… (nod).”


The girl known as Beta replied with a nod. 


“I see. I’m sorry. I got a little absorbed in shopping. Are you angry?” 

“…(shake shake).”


The girl replied by shaking her head twice. 

“I see, let’s return to our dorm then. Gamma should be waiting for us. Onee-chan will make our lunch today, okay?” 


“What’s with those eyes? Maybe you don’t like it?”

“… (tilt).”


She replied by tilting her head, seemingly having nothing to say about that. 


“Oh well. I’ll be making lunch.” 

“… (pointing to herself).”

“Eh? Beta wants to make it?”

“… (nod nod).”

“Eh… well, let’s decide as we walk.”


With that said, Beta began to walk alongside with her elder sister Alpha. Suddenly, Beta stopped for a bit. 


Then she looked to the direction where the boy walked off to. However, she couldn’t see his figure anymore. 

She felt like she had seen him somewhere before. Beta slightly felt that way. The boy was manly and quiet, which made her wonder what kind of person he was. 




I saved a beautiful girl because she was entangled with a strange dude a while ago (LOL). 

Well, that’s beta (LOL). 2 

But I didn’t hate such a development. It was the typical event which showcased the protagonist. 

I didn’t even know who the girl was, though. Well, I did feel like saying my thanks for giving me the opportunity to showcase myself as a protagonist. 

My attitude completely sealed the deal. It was like a protagonist who defeated small fry in a cool manner. This happens often. It felt like I needed to do something about the situation? Well, it was something close to the manner of the protagonist. 


Since I trained all this time, perhaps the dude was just defeated by my intimidation. He looked drunk, but he seemed sober at that moment. That was a good example of a mook. 

Having that scene where the man was actually as strong as Arthur was no good. Wow, that was really a great example of a mook. I expect to meet such people from now on as well. I didn’t hate the mook who allowed me to showcase my status as protagonist. I did think they were scums, though. 


To get entangled with a girl like that was an act of a scum. That was an established fact. 


Then, I left the scene in a cool manner. Since I was the cool-type protagonist, I shouldn’t call out to the person I save all the time. 


A cool-type protagonist showed his character by his back. 


Well then, let’s go and eat some meals with my master. Ah, no good. Since I saved others from delinquency and tried to be cool by showing my back, I would be late if I walked slowly at this rate!!! 


Author Note:

It’s not a big deal, but the model for the gods forum was as you all guessed, every of reader-samas (Taken from the comments I likes here and there) (LOL). If I see other interesting comments, I would make such god-thread again, so please do your best.

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Eternal perspective
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Huh?! Who am i?!
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