Story of a Cannon Fodder who Firmly Believed He was the Protagonist, Misunderstood the Actual Protagonist as the Cannon Fodder, and Ended up Victorious

Translator: Tsukii

Editor: Derpy

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Chapter 015 – Early Plot Enemy [C]

Some time passed and the paladins reported their findings to each other. Fay also spoke of everything he saw to Sajinto. 


As they were thinking of who the man in the robe could possibly be, the village chief and the girl with yellow hair and eyes interrupted their discussion.

“Well, after hearing what happened, we are thankful that you saved her life, paladin-sama.” 

“That’s my duty. I don’t need to be thanked for each and every deed.”

“Hahaha, you seem to be a proud knight. But this girl wanted to thank you as well.”

“I told you that isn’t necessary.”


He bluntly said so. However, the girl walked in front of him to express her gratitude regardless. 


“Thank you very much, really. I was so scared of what might have happened if you didn’t come to my rescue back then.” 

“Don’t worry about it. I told you many times already; I only did it to fulfill my responsibilities.”

“…E-even so!”

“…Alright. I accept your gratitude.”

“…Y-yes. Uhm, what’s your name?”

“gh… I’m not great enough to be giving my name out.”



He gave off an atmosphere of wanting to end the conversation quickly, but the girl named Heimi wanted to somehow keep their conversation running. 


“It’s Fay.” 


Arthur answered instead as Fay refused to answer. He glared slightly. 


“…Fay, that’s not being humble. You are just being subservient and making others feel uncomfortable.” 


Arthur looked a bit proud of what she just said. It was because those words were something he told her under the moon that day. 

He snorted and looked at Heimi. 

“Once again, I’m Fay.” 

“M-my name is H-Heimi! I-it would make me happy if you remember my name…”

“…Heimi, huh…”



She gave a beautiful, flower-like smile at him. However, he stayed expressionless as usual and didn’t seem particularly affected by it. 


“U-uhm- do you live in the royal capital?” 


“A-actually, I also want to be a paladin next year!”

“I see.”

“S-so, may I call you Fay-senpai instead?”


“U-uhm, may I know what your hobby is?”

“It’s training.”


Their conversation didn’t seem to be lively. As Arthur saw that, she chided Fay.


“Fay, you have to make proper conversation!” 

“…And who do you think you are?”


And with that, his conversation with Heimi ended. Then, the group of five returned to the capital. 

On their way back, the four but Fay were discussing the hounds. 

“Those hounds weren’t normal.” 

“…Yeah. They felt somewhat similar to how Yururu-sensei was back then.”

“Is it related to Yururu-sensei’s incident somehow?”

“We don’t know for sure yet, but for now we need to keep our eyes out for that man in black robes… Fay, what do you think about it? You were the one who confronted the man directly, right?”



Sajinto asked Fay, but he didn’t get any response. Fay was just groaning to himself, seemingly thinking about something. 


“Sensei, just leave Fay alone for now. Fay seems to have something on his mind because of the confrontation; I’m sure he is thinking about it deeper than we are.” 

“A-aah, I see.”

She sure talks a lot when it is about Fay. Besides, her acting like she is his girlfriend sure makes me want to retort… I won’t do it though. She might say “sensei sure is interested in younger people’s love life” if I did. 


The four had a feeling that something was about to happen. Something big that possibly involved the world. 




Well then, I finally arrived at the village! I’m really looking forward to the first mission as the protagonist. I wonder what might happen. 

Hounds? That sounded a bit too bland. I could deal with this alone. If Arthur was together with me, she might rob me of my screen time. 


When I went to the woods after saying such a thing, I saw a girl that seemed to have been attacked. I have to save her!!!  

I will throw the knife, a skill I learned directly from Yururu-sensei!!! 

That man in the robe was clearly suspicious. The girl was also scared to the point that she cried and peed herself. But no worries, I will take care of him like a protagonist would!!! 


He somehow said things like stop and kneel for some reason… Was he right in the head? Well, he was the early plot enemy after all. He might just be spouting tons of nonsense. 


I doubted he was that strong anyway. 


Somehow, this was the first time I fought a proper enemy. Well, this might be the tutorial battle anyway, so it must be easy, right? 


“No way, this is the highest-ranking magic eye, you know?! It’s the frigging magic eye of a dragon snake!!! Do you know how much hardship I went through to get this eye?!” 

I didn’t get what he said, but maybe I do have some sort of resistance? Well, I was the protagonist after all, so I guess I likely had some. 

Even so, the way he was so surprised was the reaction of a third-rate character. As expected of a boss in the early plot. 

Too bad (LOL). Your magic eye was ineffective (LOL). 

He seemed to be lost in thought… What happened to him? He sure was a weird enemy. Well, there was no way he would be a decent guy for scaring a girl to the point she peed herself.


But he sure was quite capable for an early plot enemy. He blocked my sword quite handily too.1

In that case, I could just fight him using purely physical ability… though I can’t help but get creeped out by his eyes. How can he still be so sure of victory in this situation?! 

While the robed man thought such, Fay had other things on his mind.

—Well, he is indeed decently strong, but there’s no way I will lose!!! Not to an early plot enemy like you!!! 

If I died, the plot would end after all. The world wouldn’t push me through a trial I couldn’t overcome. Too bad you wouldn’t be able to win against me. 


If he did all this as a bluff, that’s amazing of him. But I can feel something that spells otherwise, like some sort of distorted belief. It’ll be dangerous to fight him without knowing his methods… 

As the man in the robes ruminated over this internally, Fay seemed quite smug.

—Heheheh… I am the man who will definitely kill the early plot enemy. Your sins of bullying a girl like this is heavy, you know? 


“I’ll remember this, black swordsman.” 


Ah, he escaped. 

I guess he would be scared of me since he was the early plot enemy. Well, considering he was just an early plot enemy, he probably had the mentality of a mook. 


Well then, what should I do with this girl? I should bring her back to the village for now. Though, I don’t know her name, and I don’t know whether she came from the same village. 


Hm? The pee? You don’t have to worry about that. A protagonist wouldn’t care about trivial stuff like that. 


Eh? Once we returned to the village, Arthur did something like dispelling the girl’s curse… Arthur sure stole my spotlight. She was the giant panda who stole my spotlight (bamboo), as expected of a rival character. 


I need to be careful. 


Ah- it would be embarrassing for her if the fact she peed herself was revealed, so I will send her all the way inside her home. I don’t think she will get caught since I hid it behind my back. 


I would stand watch so nobody could enter for a while. After that, I would report to Sajinto once some time passed. 

Blah-blah yadda-yadda. 


Hm? The village chief and the girl came to give their gratitude? No, you don’t have to do that. It’s not like I did something amazing, rather…

It was basic for a protagonist to save others from mortal danger. 


Even so, this yellow girl sure talked to me a lot. I already told her that I merely did the basics that was expected of my role, or rather, I felt a bit complicated since Arthur stole my spotlight back then. 



“…Y-yes. Uhm, what’s your name?” 

Ah, I always wanted to say things like “I’m not great enough to be giving my name out” for once. Let’s say it, here and now.


“gh…I’m not great enough to be giving my name out.”


I said it. I’ve been wanting to say it at least once. Hm? Arthur revealed my name instead! No, I didn’t mind. It’s just… at least read the room a bit… 


“…Fay, that’s not being humble there. You are just being subservient and making others feel uncomfortable.” 



She said something amazing there. I feel like I said something like that before… but it also felt like my argument was made invalid. 


“M-my name is H-Heimi! I-it would make me happy if you remember my name…”

“…Heimi, huh…”


Heimi, she said?! 


Huh, now that I thought about it, this was the world of a novel game. 


Heimi the commoner (heimin)… that was obviously rhyming, right? It must be that the producers picked an easy to remember name. 


Eh- then which was it? Did they name her Heimi because she was a commoner, or did they come up with her status according to her name?… It sure made me want to think about things like that for some time… 

It was something like the circumstances behind the scene of a game. It made one curious of the considerations the creator had when they made the game, right! 

Even though we wouldn’t care about it normally, we would get curious once we thought of it, right! 


Ah- none of the things they talked about registered in my head. 


My mind was so full of curiosity during our journey home that I didn’t listen to what the other four were talking about, and I didn’t sleep well that night. 


That was how my first mission ended. 

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Eternal perspective
Eternal perspective
5 months ago

Thanks for chap
I did think he was probably doing something dumb while walking but thinking of this?? ! No wonder the gods are so interested in him

11 months ago

Wait! That’s what he actually was thinking about!? I thought he was thinking about the enemy he met.

Thank you for the chapter!!

11 months ago
Reply to  Takusaka

yea, you know how chuuni thought process is like

8 months ago
Reply to  Takusaka

Just remember the mc from The Eminence of shadow that guy has the same process of mind like the mc here too…

11 months ago

yea, Heimi is 100% a fan in this case, glad to see her recover well from the trauma of nearly dying even if she now wish to be a paladin, that a rough road to take kid

also i glad thank to Fay talk with Arthur in the moonlight have improve her morale and actually make her more happier with her life even putting her faith in fay to one day beat her and proof that destiny is wrong

Last edited 11 months ago by Kaboom3601
11 months ago
Reply to  Kaboom3601

there’s thin line between fan-girling and romantic love…

it actually did more than encouraging arthur. the detail will be apparent in the difference of chap 41 and 42.(author experiment on releasing pair chapter here, to separate game plot and fay plot so it become less confusing)