Story of a Cannon Fodder who Firmly Believed He was the Protagonist, Misunderstood the Actual Protagonist as the Cannon Fodder, and Ended up Victorious

Translator: Tsukii

Editor: Derpy

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Chapter 017 – They Say Tlue Quit Being A Paladin [A]

“So how is it? Is Fay-kun’s arm alright?”

“Uh-n, this is… Oh my, his arm’s bone isn’t just broken, it’s crushed… How did it end up like this?”

“I took on the Abyss’ attacks twice.”

“Fu-hn, doesn’t it hurt? Rather, it definitely hurts- uwah, amazing!”


A glass-wearing woman with dark blue hair, red eyes, and a doctor’s coat was excited when she observed Fay’s swollen, red-black arm while sitting in the chair. They were currently in a room that resembled a school infirmary. 

It was one of the rooms in a corner of the place known as the Round Table Castle, the Round Table’s headquarters. 

Yururu had forcefully dragged Fay to this location. 




“Sorry, sorry. But I’m honestly surprised, you know? After all, he didn’t show any signs of pain.”1

“Just heal him already!”

“Okay, okay, you sure become panicked when it is about your lover.”



The woman named Ector giggled and proceeded to use healing magic on his arm. The magic she used was an Origin (unique attribute) that diverged from the classic four elements. 

Fay’s arm gradually healed to the point it appeared to never have been wounded.  


“There, it’s done! Anyway, you don’t look pained at all! I’m surprised about that, you know?!” 

“…There’s no need to whine about this pain. But I’m sorry to have troubled you.”

“Well, you sure are interesting. That should have been very painful… Do you have no sense of pain?”

“I have.”

“I see… Well, let’s leave it at that. Rather… you sure have a good body there. Roll up your clothes for a little bit.”


“Th-that’s right! That’s unscrupulous…”

“Oi oi, did you forget that I healed your arm just now? I am indeed a paladin tasked for medical care here, but don’t you think a little give and take is necessary?”2

“…Well, go ahead.”


Well well, it can’t be helped. I do owe her for my arm after all, thought Fay as he rolled up his clothes. There laid white, stunning abdominal muscles arranged in a six pack. That muscle definition was the result of him doing his daily rounds around the capital upside down. 

He developed his six pack out of his aspiration as the protagonist. Although it was still developing, his muscle definition grew beyond that of an ordinary person’s. 

“Uheeh- amazing. I’ve seen the bodies of various members, but it’s been a while since I last saw a body like this.” 



Ector was surprised while Yururu hid her face behind her hands. There seemed to be slight gaps between her fingers though… 


“Then I’ll touch it for a bit. Uoh, what’s this? It’s hard (LOL). What’s this (LOL). It’s somewhat funny (LOL).” 3 


“Heeh, don’t you want to touch it too, Yururu-chan? You are his lover, right?”

“I-I’m not! I’m his master! A-also, please stop touching him! It’ll be too stimulating for Fay-kun!”

“No, aren’t you the one who’s getting too stimulated here?”


Yururu, 23 years old, was still a virgin. It seemed that such a scene was a bit too stimulating for her, who put all her effort into her swordmanship before this. 

“Fumu fumu, well, it really is hard. How did your muscles become like this?” 

“I just trained. And I’m stopping you here.”

“Just a little more! Ueh, this is… Shouldn’t Yururu-shishou-chan touch it?”


“It’s supposed to be the master’s role to manage her disciple’s body, right? You have to check a lot of things.”

“Ah, no… I can’t do such an unscrupulous thing.”

“All the masters out there do this for their disciples, you know?” 

“Eh? I-is that so?”

“In fact, you aren’t considered his master if you don’t do it.”

“I-in that case… p-please excuse me, Fay-kun.”


She seemed to be actually interested in it, so Yururu extended her hand and touched Fay’s abdominal muscle with the tip of her index finger. 


“Ah, this is… very hard… so it becomes this way…” 4


She gradually moved to use her entire hand instead of just her fingertip to feel his body. She was getting excited. Then, a minute after she began touching…


“Hey, you’re touching too much, Yururu-chan.” 

“Eh?! Ah, th-this is…”

“It’s okay, it’s okay, you don’t have to make up excuses. It seems like you are actually just a horny master who lusts over her own disciple.”

“No, I’m not! I’m really not horny!”


Fay then thought with a dull expression. 


…Is this some sort of hint about what might happen after? 




When Fay was dispatched to fight the Abyss monsters, Tlue was also dispatched for a mission. It was a mission to investigate the reason behind the many missing people in a certain village. 

Although he wasn’t accompanied by the usual members of Arthur, Fay, and Bouran, he was accompanied by two girls who he was acquainted with in the same generation. Along with a veteran paladin, the group of four departed for the mission. 


Although he had never talked to the two girls before, they were interested in him since Tlue was handsome. Tlue wasn’t aware of that though. 


They had speculated that there might be carnivorous monsters living in the forest near the village, so they proceeded to investigate the forest. 

Despite the time being around noon, the forest had a thick canopy of leaves which made it difficult for sunlight to pass through, so it was dark. The group of four proceeded with the investigation regardless. 


Then, the incident occurred. One girl was suddenly taken away somewhere. 




Along with a scream, a girl was pulled into the air before the others. Her feet were hung by tree roots colored somewhere between white and gray. 


It happened in an instant. An Abyss in the form of a giant flower emerged from the ground, a mouth revealed beneath its petals. 

The dull sounds of something being chewed echoed. 

The girl’s head was eaten. 

There were no more screams as the headless body lost its vitality. Tlue drew his sword while enduring the urge to vomit. Then, he instantly imbued flames onto his sword and swung it. He lost himself in the cutting of ash-colored roots and vines.  


The other girl was shocked into stupor and lost the strength in her lower body. The veteran paladin also hurriedly drew his sword, but they were dragged into the air the next moment. 




Tlue raised a surprised tone. An Abyss in the form of a carnivorous flower stained with the blood of the two appeared. It also emerged from the ground, meaning that there wasn’t only an individual monster down below. Tlue couldn’t stay calm in the situation. 


In the end though, he managed to destroy all the Abyss monsters using his power. 


However, the incident left a big impact on his heart. This was an event in the novel game, Round Table Heroes, and was one of the big trials for the boy named Tlue. 


The blood-painted scenery made his heart choose to run. It was the price he paid for the lives he failed to save. Then, what happens if he has to deal with this scene every time it occurs? 

“My village was destroyed, my mother and little sister are dead. I thought I could put in effort to prevent others from experiencing the same… but, this is…” 

Two choices were forced onto him at that moment. 

<Let’s quit. There’s no meaning in continuing to be a paladin.> 

<Let’s quit, but let’s go to usual training spot one last time.>

If he chose the former, his path as a paladin ends here and his tale is over without achieving anything more. 

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9 months ago

*Sees Fei*
…if that’s what it takes, I’m quitting.

Eternal perspective
Eternal perspective
1 year ago

Thanks for chap
Ector seems to be enjoying this. Ans ig it’s a shocking reveal of true feelings to miss obvious surrounded by thick headed ppl

1 year ago

This is the one type of story where the protagonist faces the worst end of it, though it does seem to just have a TON of bloodlust.

2 years ago

It’s kind of lewd when it mentions that a female teacher has the right to examine their student’s body and saying that something is very hard.

2 years ago

Very lewd

2 years ago
Reply to  Takusaka


2 years ago

this kind innuendo would happen sometimes, mostly product of my dirty mind.

2 years ago

Thank you for the chapter!!

He’s going to continue

2 years ago
Reply to  Takusaka

of course. which protagonist retire earlier plot?

2 years ago

it be quite a shame if Tlue quit now. he is skilled after all

2 years ago
Reply to  meicha

there are always fay to the rescue