Story of a Cannon Fodder who Firmly Believed He was the Protagonist, Misunderstood the Actual Protagonist as the Cannon Fodder, and Ended up Victorious

Translator: Tsukii

Editor: Derpy

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Chapter 019 – Maria and Lilia [C]

Fay, who had been laying down on the bed all this time, finally opened his eyes. Though, it seemed that he was still half-awake.

Fay: “It’s an unfamiliar ceiling…” 1 

Maria: “It’s Ector-san’s medical room.”

Fay: “What about that bastard?”

Maria: “He’s been arrested. It’s your accomplishment, Fay.”

Fay: “I see… How many days was I out?”

Maria: “It has been four hours.”

Fay: “…I see.”


Fay said that and sat up. Ector looked surprised as she saw that.

Ector: “I’m surprised… you woke up early. I thought that it’ll take you twice the amount of time for you to wake up.” 

Fay: “It’s not a big deal. I just opened my eyes, that’s all.”

Ector: “You’re pretty calm about the situation. You do know that you almost died back there, right?”

Fay: “…I’m aware, but I’m still alive right now. I picked the result and grasped the chance given myself. There’s no need to be surprised by the facts. It’s already a thing of the past, and I’ll continue to walk forward.”

Ector: “…I see.”


Ector looked at Fay with a gaze full of interest. Since she was a researcher as well as a doctor, perhaps she saw Fay as an attractive research subject. 


Maria: “Fay… I’m sorry.” 

Fay: “Don’t worry, there’s nothing for you to apologize for. I chose to act on my own, that’s all.”

Ector: “It’s as he says, Maria-chan. Besides, I don’t think that those are the words you should be telling him in this situation.”

Maria: “…Thank you.”

Fay: “Don’t worry about it.”



He really didn’t seem to care about it. It was as he said; he chose to act on his own, so it was just a natural thing to do. 


Ector: “Ah, by the way, you had this in your pants.” 


Ector passed Fay a paper bag as if she just remembered about it. The paper bag seemed to hold something securely, despite being soaked in blood. 


Fay: “Aah, that’s right. This is for you.” 

Maria: “…Is this-”

Fay: “…Just guess for yourself.”

Maria: “Is it my birthday present…?”

Fay: “…”


Fay was silent. However, Maria took it as affirmative. 

Maria: “May I open it?” 

Fay: “Do what you like. I already gave it to you, so it’s yours.”

Maria opened the paper bag which contained a beautiful red flower hair ornament, and another in blue. 

Maria: “…Thank you, Fay. I’ll cherish it.” 

Fay: “…Do what you like. You can decide what to do with what’s yours.”

Ector: “Wow, it really is beautiful. To think you gave both a red and blue colored hair ornament.”

Maria: “You’re right. But, isn’t it okay to give just one? These should be quite expensive, right?”

Fay: “…I thought that I shouldn’t give you just one.”



Fay met Maria (Lilia)’s eyes. 

Fay: “I don’t know why, but I felt like I had to give you two hair accessories. It had to be two of anything. That’s all.” 


The people there didn’t seem to understand what he meant. However, Maria burst into tears. 


Maria: “I see, so that’s how it is… Thank you, for noticing me (me), thank you very much, Fay (Fay).” 2 

Ector: “You’re happy to the point of tears? Should I also give you something?”

Maria: “No, that’s not it… I don’t know how to explain it, it’s just, I’m really happy.”


She expressed her gratitude, which was replied curtly by Fay as usual. She was really happy that Fay noticed Maria (Lilia). Nobody had noticed until now. 3 


Maria: “Thank you very much. May I wear it?” 

Fay: “Have it your way.”

She put on the red flower hair accessory. 4 

Maria: “Does it look good on me?” 

Fay: “I dunno.”

Maria: “Really, you’re mean.”

Ector: “I think it suits you, you know? How about wearing the blue one as well?”

Maria: “This one is to be worn on a later date.”

Ector: “I see.”


Fay stood up while they were talking. Maria seemed to understand that he intended to return already. 


Ector: “Are you going home now? I think it’s better for you to stay here for a day.” 

Fay: “That’s unnecessary. Besides, Lele asked me to do something.”

Ector: “What is it?”

Fay: “Prepare the birthday party for the woman over there.”

Ector: “You really are peculiar. It really intrigues me.”


With that said, Ector showed her smile, and Fay and Maria left the medical room and headed for the orphanage. 

Maria: “Hey, Fay.” 

Fay: “What?”

Maria: “Thank you.”

Fay: “…You’re being overbearing. I already told you that you don’t need to.”

Maria: “But I want to tell it to you many times.”

Fay: “I see. But you don’t need to say it any more than you already have.”

Maria: “Really, I just want to at least get a reply of ‘you’re welcome’ from you.”

Fay: “…”

Maria: “Ah, you’re ignoring me now. How cold… Hey.”

Fay: “…What?”

Maria: “Is it okay to hold hands?”

Fay: “…You’re the protagonist only for today. It can’t be helped.”

Maria: “Thank you.”


She held Fay’s hand. It might be a trivial thing to him. But for her… 


She was so happy that she wanted to hold onto it forever. 




The birthday party was held grandly. Various incidents happened prior, but it was resolved safely, and the cafeteria was also decorated nicely. Fay stood alone with his arms crossed as usual, but he attended the birthday party proper. 


The party ended with much bustle. The next day, Fay went to morning practice once again. 

Lilia: “Ah, Fay. You’re leaving already?” 

Fay: “Aah.”

Lilia: “You worked a lot yesterday, how about you rest for today.”

Fay: “It doesn’t matter. Training is essential for me at any time and in any situation.”

Lilia: “I see.”


At the entrance of the orphanage, a blonde Sister was there to see Fay off. She wore a blue flower hair ornament. 

Lilia: “Fay, what about breakfast?” 

Fay: “My master will prepare it.”

Lilia: “…I see. Eat here sometimes, okay?”

Fay: “I’ll keep that in mind.”

Lilia: “Hey.”

Fay: “What?”

Lilia: “Can I give you a goodbye hug?”

Fay: “…Why?”

Lilia: “Because I’m the protagonist.”

Fay: “The day has already passed.”

Lilia: “Isn’t it okay?”

With that said, the girl (Lilia) hugged Fay. Moments later, she let go of him. 


Lilia: “See you later.” 


Fay left without changing his expression. 


Lilia: “Be careful out there.” 


Contrary to Fay, Lilia’s face felt hot. 




When I went to call for Maria, an obvious villain was about to attack her. So I proceeded to join the combat gracefully. 

However, this guy was strong. 

Damn, but I wouldn’t lose, you know? I was the protagonist after all. In this situation where Maria, who possibly was the heroine, was behind me, there was no way I could lose, you see? 

Because I was the protagonist. 


But what should I do in this situation? Ah, that’s right. Let’s use the tactic I used against the Abyss the other day. The secret move personally taught by Yururu-shishou, tank a hit to land a hit!! 


I chose to do a big swing on purpose. Then, the man stabbed his knife in my belly as I intended. 


I got you! Idiot!! 


Perhaps this would be my secret to winning? Ugh, my stomach hurts, but, as a cool-type protagonist, I had to endure the pain. 

I was a protagonist after all, it should be normal to have my stomach cut open (super strong mentality). 


Having my stomach cut open was a basic procedure (demonic mentality). 


I used his knife to cut his eyes. I felt that my morals as a former Japanese person had disappeared somewhere… Well, the situation called for it. Modern times’ ethics didn’t suit the protagonist of a fantasy world anyway. 


Then, I smashed his head into the ground!!! 


I actually thought about killing him, but the orphanage was nearby, and if kids saw it they would be traumatized. Smashing his head in would be better, no? It should be alright even if younger people saw it. 


But with this, it was my victory. That villain wasn’t enough to defeat me. Our resolve was just that different. One shouldn’t underestimate the other, you know? 

Those who did would usually lose in the end. 


Really, that was a deadly battle. I’m glad Maria was fine. 


Huh? My consciousness… it became blurry. 


Oh well, of course it happened. I was the protagonist, so collapsing due to heavy blood loss would be a common occurrence (godly mentality). 


Good night— 


—I woke up. 


Fay: “It’s an unfamiliar ceiling…” 


It was a quote I always wanted to say at least once. It seemed that this place was Ector-san’s medical room. I would soon end up becoming a regular of this place, I was the hard-working type of protagonist after all. I would often end up injured along the way, please take care of me from now on, Ector-sensei. 

The asshole seemed to have been arrested, so it was a happy ending! 


By the way, how long did I faint? It was a tough fight, so perhaps three days? 


Fay: “I see… How many days was I out?”

Maria: “It has been four hours.”

Fay: “…I see.”


Wow, I embarrassed myself (LOL). So I just took a nap! I thought I would pass out for about a week, though… Well, I was the protagonist after all, so I recovered fast!! 


Eh? There was something inside my pants? Ah- that was a present. Take it, it was my thank-chili (protagonist joke). 5 

Fay: “Aah, that’s right. This is for you.” 

Ah, so it didn’t get autocorrected after all. As expected of my cool-type protagonist’s autocorrect. It did its job properly. 


Ector: “Wow, it really is beautiful. To think you gave both a red and blue colored hair ornament.”

Maria: “You’re right. But, isn’t it okay to give just one? These should be quite expensive, right?”

Fay: “…I thought that I shouldn’t give you just one.”

Maria: “—Eh?”

Fay: “I don’t know why, but I felt like I had to give you two hair accessories. It had to be two of anything. That’s all.” 


Well, this was more of a hunch, but I somehow felt like I had to give Maria two similar presents. I really didn’t understand why I had such thoughts. 

It must have come from the protagonist’s correction, better known as my intuition. I wonder why? In my mind, I had to give her two presents. 

Maria: “I see, so that’s how it is… Thank you, for noticing me (me), thank you very much, Fay (Fay).” 


Eh, ah, uhn. So you were that happy… Well, I’ve never had someone cry due to my present, so I didn’t know how to react… 

To think Maria ended up crying because of my present… She really was a good person. The greatness of her personality oozed out of her. 


The atmosphere around her was slightly different from usual… but I guess it was because of her excitement for her birthday. 


—We held hands as we returned to the orphanage, was Maria the heroine after all? 


She was certainly different to a certain panda-

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Eternal perspective
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Thanks for chap
Wow amazing he noticed that split personality thing. Heck he might have even acquired a protagonist’s intuition by now

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Akatsuki Chan
1 year ago

You know, it’s kinda messed up.

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if you mean the criminal, he not mentioned much after this chapter, practically faded except when the enemies fay defeated are listed

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Fay is just functioning as usual.

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so he acquired a ‘mob sixth sense’ for knowing minor details that even protagonists miss to compete against them eh

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you’re right in the sense that nobody noticed they are two people in original game, but i dunno if i can name it mob sixth sense…

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fay only felt maria sometimes acted like different person, but not completely sure there are two people within.

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