Story of a Cannon Fodder who Firmly Believed He was the Protagonist, Misunderstood the Actual Protagonist as the Cannon Fodder, and Ended up Victorious

Translator: Tsukii

Editor: ink

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Intermission – Maria & Lilia [B]

1 Anonymous God 

And so, let’s do a review regarding Fay’s actions.


2 Anonymous God 



3 Anonymous God 

I don’t get him anymore. His response to being stabbed in the belly is just his stomach feels a little loose, that’s way too insane.


4 Anonymous God 

Fay is not to be understood. He is to be felt.


5 Anonymous God 

Even though Tlue is the supposed protagonist, his presence is as thin as air (fixed term)


6 Anonymous God 

Tlue didn’t show up at all (LOL).


7 Anonymous God 

But his solar plexus played a role back then!


8 Anonymous God 

That’s more of Fay’s role.


9 Anonymous God 

Doctor Fay actually has the related talent (LOL).


10 Anonymous God 

It’s amazing he managed to heal Tlue through such rough treatment.


11 Anonymous God 

If Tlue and Fay fought for real, who would win?


12 Anonymous God 

That’s… I want to say Fay, but my vote goes to Tlue.


13 Anonymous God 

You’re right. There’s the magical aptitude to put into consideration.


14 Anonymous God 

If the fight is of pure swordsmanship, I think it’ll be a good fight.


15 Anonymous God 

That can’t be helped. But personally, I wish Fay would come out victorious.


16 Anonymous God 

Although Tlue held the advantage over talent and overall ability, one thing will lead to another and will eventually lead to Fay’s victory.


17 Anonymous God 

That’s exactly it (LOL).


18 Anonymous God 

It’s the person who thinks that being stabbed in the stomach is normal.

19 Anonymous God 

He also thinks having a hole in the belly is also a basic procedure.

20 Anonymous God 

Bleeding to the point of being knocked unconscious is also normal.


21 Anonymous God 

He seriously has an insane mentality (LOL).


22 Anonymous God 

If he really ends up fighting against Tlue for real, he might even revive himself when his head is cut off.


23 Anonymous God 

All while saying “It’s not over yet!!”


24 Anonymous God 

Bluntly said, Fay will solve everything. Fay gives off a stronger feeling somehow.


25 Anonymous God 

I really love Maria & Lilia that Fay saved this time. I wish for their happiness.


26 Anonymous God 

Seeing the scene really makes my chest feel hot. My ship changed from Yururu to Maria & Lilia.


27 Anonymous God 

Well, Maria & Lilia are certainly good. But Fay x Yuru is the origin of it all, so it deserves the top spot.


28 Anonymous God 

Well, I do want Yururu as the sub-heroine at least. She has a lot of good moments with Fay after all.


29 Anonymous God 

Where? All of it got misunderstood and interpreted as combat hints (LOL).


30 Anonymous God 

Isn’t Arthur-chan good too?


31 Anonymous God 

Arthur is no heroine. She’s a giant panda type of rival who firmly believes she is Fay’s girlfriend (with a side job as a confusing detective).


32 Anonymous God 

Giant panda type of rival (LOL).


33 Anonymous God 

I really LOL’d at that one.


34 Anonymous God 

That’s one of the best moments (LOL).


35 Anonymous God 

Also, acting like his girlfriend (LOL).


36 Anonymous God 

She might eventually act like she is his bride.


37 Anonymous God 

Rather, isn’t Maria & Lilia the best?


38 Anonymous God 

No, it’s Yururu.


39 Anonymous God 

In this situation, isn’t it better to just make them both his heroine and proceed with a foursome of pure love? With Fay as Uke.


40 Anonymous God 

You’re definitely Zeus.


41 Anonymous God 

Can you stop that already? Rather, your idea every time sounds so masochistic!


42 Anonymous God 

Fay-sama’s is a T-Rex after all. I got wet when I saw Maria crying (LOL).


43 Anonymous God 

Die, Freya.


44 Anonymous God 

Can’t you control yourselves, you old gods?


45 Anonymous God 

Are they really the top gods of the myths?


46 Anonymous God 

What do you mean by Fay is a T-Rex?


47 Anonymous God 

Indeed. Fay-sama’s is not only big, it’s shape is also great. He got a superb article down there.

48 Anonymous God 

Why does Freya know that?


49 Anonymous God 

I got a look of Fay-sama’s junior on Athena’s R-18 channel. The subscription fee is quite expensive… but he’s got a sword of a hero down there. It’s a scene that’s worth its price.  



50 Anonymous God 

Freya… I think you really are a dangerous one here. Or rather Athena, how much does she earn using Fay?


51 Anonymous God 

She’s always been dangerous since the old days.


52 Anonymous God 

But isn’t it good that Fay to have the top class T-Rex comparable to the sword of heroes?


53 Anonymous God 




54 Anonymous God 


After all, aren’t both Yururu and Maria & Lilia falling for him? If he could also make them fall for him physically, we could see three people completely dependent on him, right?


55 Anonymous God 

The god who loves yandere and dependent people … You’re Loki, aren’t you? Enough with those kinds of remarks. We just ship Fay’s pure love with heroines. No well, I honestly want to see that happen, though.


56 Anonymous God 

Really, don’t we all want to see Fay use his sword of hero to make the three completely fall for him? Perhaps that kind of development is still too early? I want to see it though.


57 Anonymous God 

In the end, gods are all assholes.


58 Anonymous God 

I really wish for Fay-sama to die quickly. I will comfort his wounds by staying connected for thousands of years.


59 Anonymous God 

Some gods just go over the limit, especially Freya.


60 Anonymous God 

Err, is that Heimi the heimin a heroine-chan?


61 Anonymous God 

Ah-, that one just can’t help but fall for him, considering how Fay acted.


62 Anonymous God 

Fay was just too cool back then.


63 Anonymous God 

He’s just being cool in a weird situation after all.


64 Anonymous God 

Isn’t he a fool for seriously considering the reason for Heimi’s rhyming name?


65 Anonymous God 

Rather, wasn’t she only saved because it was Fay who went to her? I want the details of various Utsu ends, like Maria routes. Explanation god, can you do it?


66 Anonymous God 

I will explain since I know about it. It’ll take quite a bit. First of all, that man in the black robe is supposed to be an enemy of a later stage in the plot, so if Tlue challenged him alone, Tlue would die. If Tlue didn’t go, Heimi would have both her eyes plucked off and she would die from being stabbed in the throat.


67 Anonymous God 

That’s cruel…


68 Anonymous God 

Basically, Tlue would survive the ordeal while others would die in the process. Things went a little different once he entered heroine routes, but well, most will end up dead.


69 Anonymous God 

Uwaah, it’s a heartbreaking design.


70 Anonymous God 

Then what about Maria?


71 Anonymous God 

If Tlue chooses to not go to the sudden mission, he’ll enter Maria route. However, other members of said mission would be dead. If Tlue went on the mission, Maria & Lilia would be kidnapped, and needless to say, a bad end for them. Maria & Lilia would be dead.


72 Anonymous God 

We- well, there would be some sacrifices, but Maria & Lilia would end up happy by the end of the route, right?


73 Anonymous God 

They won’t. First of all, there are three possible endings for the Maria route. First one is Tlue easily defeating that former paladin and rescuing Maria, but during the last moment Lilia’s grudge would revive and she would finish said paladin. This would resolve Lilia’s grudge, and Lilia’s ego would disappear without anyone noticing her existence. 


74 Anonymous God 



75 Anonymous God 

Because Lilia disappeared, only Maria would remain, so she wound spend her life as a Sister in smiles, which is known as Sister’s route. Another one is where they are romantically involved and developed physical relationship with Tlue, but since Tlue still has a path ahead of him, Maria chose to step down and chose to be his mother figure instead. And eventually, she would be present in Tlue’s wedding as his mother, the Mother’s route.


76 Anonymous God 




77 Anonymous God 

Although Maria is romantically involved with Tlue, it just can’t be helped due to the difference of their age and how popular Tlue is. It really makes your tears flow to witness how Maria shed tears and laughter with mixed feelings inside. And the last one is when Maria and Tlue truly romantically bonded, but Tlue would end up dead in a bad end and died. Driven by vengeance, Maria chose to pick up the sword once again, which is somewhat considered the True end.


78 Anonymous God 

There’s no salvation there.


79 Anonymous God 

Tlue never noticed Lilia’s existence to begin with. No, I guess this just can’t be helped. On the contrary, who could have noticed it? That’s just asking for the impossible. Both personalities are so similar that normally people won’t be able to notice the difference, after all.


80 Anonymous God 

Is there no salvation for Lilia?


81 Anonymous God 

There’s no salvation for her, and practically nobody knew her to begin with. The one who knew Lilia would be Margaret, and while he didn’t know Maria had multiple personalities, that former paladin also knew Lilia. Also maybe the paladin who would interrogate the former paladin once he’s caught since the former paladin would say Lilia’s name?


82 Anonymous God 

Eeh, there’s really no salvation for Maria & Lilia. 


83 Anonymous God 

You’re right. Leaving Maria aside, Lilia practically lacked an ego to begin with… or at least that’s how it was supposed to be.


84 Anonymous God 

It’s because of Fay, right? That guy’s presents are just way too precise. What happened to him? There’s no comedic misunderstanding involving them unlike with Yururu or Arthur.


85 Anonymous God 

Perhaps it’s the protagonist’s correction…? (Of which his intuition is about 30% accurate).


86 Anonymous God 

Hey, he’s supposed to be cannon fodder so he had no such a thing. No, maybe he forcefully made it happen due to his insane assumption?


87 Anonymous God 

No, I really don’t understand. What happened here? Explanation god, explain pls.


88 Anonymous God 

Maria is originally fair and equal for the better or worse, but due to her misunderstanding Fay and not wishing for him to take a path of vengeance, she paid particular attention to him… Fay also had a suspicion that Maria is possibly a heroine which also added to the point. The starting point might be misunderstanding, but both of them thought of each other as special existences, so it miraculously connected them… or something… 

No, I also don’t understand!!!! 


89 Anonymous God 

To think his mentality is beyond what a god could explain (LOL).


90 Anonymous God 

Fay is not to be understood, he is to be felt (fixed term).


91 Anonymous God 

Tlue is practically air at this point.


92 Anonymous God 

Most of Tlue’s active scenes are cut from the viewer. There are scenes like how the magic instructor praised him to the high heavens. But Athena streamed it with that part edited out.


93 Anonymous God 

I see.


94 Anonymous God 

Is there a chance for Fay to be tied together with Maria & Lilia?


95 Anonymous God 

Unexpectedly, that’s the pairing with the highest possibility as of now. There’s a matter of how Fay was suspicious that Maria might be a heroine, and how he doesn’t see Maria as a mother figure. With him noticing Lilia’s existence, protecting her, and giving them appropriate presents, her ego gradually grew stronger.


96 Anonymous God 

I’m glad Lilia-chan didn’t have to die (mentally speaking).


97 Anonymous God 

And when would Fay die? I personally wanted to welcome him to the heavenly realm.


98 Anonymous God 

Phrasing!! These guys are all dangerous fellows. Our atmosphere of reviewing Fay broke down. But whatever, an interesting event is bound to happen soon anyway.


99 Anonymous God 

What do you mean?


100 Anonymous God 

The shuraba of Yururu and Maria & Lilia would happen soon, right? Waiting in excitement!!!! 1 


101 Anonymous God 

In the end, all gods are assholes.

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Eternal perspective
Eternal perspective
5 months ago

Thanks for chap
loki and freya are probably my faves here. And wow zeus wants to be a sub in thus huh?

Look at them talking about physical dependence and all what are we on a H novel or something? Rip maria’s all routes are terrible originally.

Harem wars let’s gooooo!!

8 months ago

I like that even Loki just joined the bandwagon

10 months ago

Not even the gods can understand Fay-Sama (LOL)

10 months ago
Reply to  jayswing103

he is just being himself

10 months ago

Fay is not to be understood, he is to be felt (fixed term).

10 months ago
Reply to  Lego

it’s to abandon logic and accept it as is

10 months ago

Yoo.. this chapter make confusing a little..

Are all god interested about fay sword?

Ah,thanky you for this chapter TSUKII-SAMA

10 months ago
Reply to  Carrion

everything could be talked about. these gods are bored after all.

thx for comment as well

10 months ago

Thanks for the chapter ! So there are also god’s,huh….

10 months ago
Reply to  ProBro

yeah, the gods who enjoyed the story

10 months ago

Thank you for the chapter!!

101 Anonymous God 

In the end, all gods are assholes.

And this one is also a god

10 months ago
Reply to  Takusaka

yea, they just admit how they are

10 months ago

Thanks for the chapter. So there is something like this huh. I almost forget about the existence of God/Goddess.

10 months ago
Reply to  Raihan

they just assholes who enjoyed people’s hardship… like we are