Story of a Cannon Fodder who Firmly Believed He was the Protagonist, Misunderstood the Actual Protagonist as the Cannon Fodder, and Ended up Victorious

Translator: Tsukii

Editor: you’re stuck with ink

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Chapter 021 – Mutual Understanding [B]

Tlue couldn’t come to an answer, so he returned to the spot with three trees and met Arthur on his way there. 


Tlue: “Ah, Arthur-san.” 

Arthur: “…Tlue.”

Tlue: “Blah-blah yadda-yadda.”

Arthur: “…I see. Although I don’t know who they are, Fay actually lost…”←Even though she once got involved with them, it didn’t remain in her memory.


Tlue proceeded to tell Arthur, who was just passing by, about things that happened. Originally, they would team up during the initial fight and overwhelm them, yet it was Fay that was there instead of Arthur. Unfortunately, the event for Tlue raising Arthur’s favorability was once again interrupted by Fay. 


Tlue: “I want to challenge them again.” 

Arthur: “…There’s no way Fay would lose against those fools if he could unleash his potential properly. But there’s no way for Tlue to help Fay achieve that. In that case, there’s only one answer.”

Tlue: “…”

Arthur: “Tlue is afraid of Fay. That is a negative. That’s why it’s still 1 even if you are added in the calculation. In that case, you just have to make other negatives as well.” 

Tlue: “…Negative… negative.”

Arthur: “That’s right, negative.”

Tlue: “I think I get it somehow. Thank you! I might be able to grasp something thanks to Arthur-san. Do you know anything else? What is necessary and things I need to be careful of as Fay’s partner (fighting comrade).”

Arthur: “Fay’s partner (lover), is it? Of course I know. They definitely have to be older than him. It would be preferable if she’s a blond who is capable with a sword. Also, the person who would give him lettuce as presents.”

Tlue: “…Ah, I see.”

Arthur: “Yes. I know this well. So defeat that pair of fools properly.”


I don’t understand… blond? Silver-haired? Yururu-sensei also said it’s preferable if they are capable with swords, but… eh? What does that mean? And why is it limited to women?… Uh, uh-n, I don’t get it. 

…Perhaps this is a philosophical problem that only a good psychologist could understand. I guess understanding it in a short time is impossible. 


Tlue switched his thoughts and recalled Arthur’s advice. 


…I was too conscious of him… why was that? It’s because of the fear of that moment… We would still be negative even if we added up… negative… then… All I need to do is to also turn my opponent into negatives… and for that… 


In the end, Tlue still couldn’t understand Yururu’s real advice. 




The place changed, back to the spot with three trees once again. Somehow, Tlue challenged the two during the same day. 


Guren: “To think you actually challenged us on the same day.” 

Fubuki: “We’ll teach you the difference between us once again.”


Guren and Fubuki lined up in parallel. However, Fay and Tlue were close in front to back. Tlue went behind while Fay crossed his arms in front. 


Tlue: “Well then, let’s get started. This guy and I are always ready.” 1 

Fubuki: “Ah, is that so! Then we’ll also be serious!!!!!!”

Guren: “We’ll end this quickly… rationally, that is.”


Guren and Fubuki ran along with Tlue’s signal. However, 




They stopped on their feet. It wasn’t like somebody did anything special. It just, Fay was unleashing his pressure. 


Fay opened his eyes wide for a bit without drawing his sword, just unleashing his pressure. That alone was enough to stop the two on their feet. It was pressure that came from the person with a heretical soul, whose mental fortitude was among the greatest possible in the world. Obviously, this was nothing but a pretense. 


With Tlue telling Fay about it, Fay was merely unleashing a bit of pressure he usually exuded unconsciously. He wasn’t skillful enough to add killing intent on top of that.


However, that mere pretense achieved great results. 


…I really can’t understand this guy… To think that I feel cold despite not facing it directly. 


Tlue’s tactic was simple. It was to make those two learn a glimpse of that fear. That alone was enough to turn both of them into negative. 


…A common paladin would be defeated just by that. While I have no idea how many people among the same generation would be able to endure that… 


It really is scary… It already bought us thirteen seconds. 


Tlue’s precise Art control was generating wind magic. A wind curtain separated the two. 

It was Fay (one) against Guren and Fubuki (two) at first, yet they were frozen by pressure alone, and through Tlue’s wind magic, the situation became Fay and Tlue (two) against Guren or Fubuki (one). 


Fay: “…Let’s end this.” 


Fay said that and drew his sword. 


Tlue: “Aah.” 


Tlue also pulled his sword in response. 


Damn it… it doesn’t make any sense. Both of them had no mutual understanding to begin with. That blond magician Tlue merely separates us using a wind curtain. It’s normally impossible to cast such big magic in a duel, yet, yet, that pressure brought enough time for that. 


Fubuki cussed inwardly. 


…Is that black haired fellow named Fay? They didn’t try to understand each other like we did, and he merely showed his absolute individuality. That’s why he managed to force us into this predicament just by being there… There’s no way to try to understand such a fellow… and Tlue merely chose not to disturb him.  


Guren already realized his and Fubuki’s loss then analyzed the situation. He was thinking how they should grow stronger from now on and how to make this defeat worth it.  


…They managed to overcome our mutual understanding in a mere span of a few hours. No, I guess it’s more correct to say that they already surpass it to begin with… We can defeat Fay if he is alone. Although he is quite skillful with swords, He is just terrible at Art operation. However, he possesses ‘something’ that made up for it… and that guy (Tlue) who understood that ‘something’ better than us came out victorious.


Fubuki’s sword was knocked into the air. Seeing that, Guren threw his sword away as he understood that there was no meaning to continue this fight. 



Guren: “Damn, we lost! We freagin lost! Damn it!” 

Fubuki: “It seems we didn’t train enough…”


As if their personalities switched again, Guren said it passionately while Fubuki said it refreshingly. 


Guren: “It’s our complete defeat! We were overwhelmed.” 

Tlue: “No, we also barely won back then.”

Fubuki: “No need to lie, as we totally lost. That’s all.”

Guren: “We’re sorry for saying that orphans are inferior!”

Fubuki: “We got to learn something new. Some flowers will bloom regardless of where they are.”

Tlue: “Don’t worry. I also learned a lot—“


As Guren, Fubuki, and Tlue were talking together, Fay left silently without words. He didn’t immerse himself in victory and left without being burdened with anything. 

His face seemed to be inorganic as he left. 


Perhaps for him, that kind of battle didn’t count as a struggle. 

The wind blew through. The three felt their heart cooled down as they saw Fay’s back. 


Guren: “What is that guy? I thought that he’s merely a small fry during the enrollment test, though.” 

Tlue: “…I also don’t know. I’m sure nobody could understand his essence. It feels like an abyss that nobody ought to understand…”


The three silently watched that back move away. The conflict had brought Guren, Fubuki, and Tlue closer. 


However, Fay left without saying anything. The three felt a faint distance on him that nobody would be able get close to as they saw him moving away. 




The possibility that Tlue was my partner has emerged!!!

And a duo I didn’t recognize came out of nowhere for some reason. Isn’t this… basically supporting my theory? 


And it became a duel! It sure was a template development. I liked that, though? 

Although I could force myself to defeat them by using the “damage exchange” tactic, which meant I took an attack and hit back during that moment as it was… I somehow felt that would kill the meaning of this event. 


Fubuki: “Hyahaaaaaahhh!!! You’re quite good!!! You’re quite something to receive my compliment!!” 

Hm? What happened? That blue dude’s personality seemed to change all of sudden. 

Guren: “I forgot to mention… that Fubuki’s personality changed when in combat. He’ll become wild and move without rationality, but well, there’s no problem since I could just support him instead.” 


Nah, you definitely didn’t forget about it. You just wanted to use that “I forgot to mention…” line, didn’t you? 

Even so, a common mook might be surprised by the sudden change, but I was the protagonist, so I didn’t get surprised much. It was comparable to the surprise I got when I was an elementary school student, where I moved a large rock in the schoolyard only to find a lot of unknown insects beneath the rock. 

Well then. 

Let me judge it myself, okay? About Tlue’s ability as my potential partner… huh? He isn’t doin anything though? Was he a BOT? 


We were defeated easily… but what was he doing? Were you really the person who might be my partner? Perhaps I overestimated him?

Eh? You want a revenge match? Aaaaa———-hhhh okay! 

Perhaps we need to lose once after all? I see, I see. I knew it though? It wouldn’t be interesting if we could immediately click together from get go after all, right? 

We were to lose once and defeat them later, wasn’t that an appropriate event for me, the hardworking type of protagonist? So that was the reason that you acted like a BOT and we lost in the first fight, right? 


Well then, let me see your ability. 


Tlue went off somewhere. Perhaps he was gathering information or something? I would just keep swinging my sword meanwhile. 


Ah, you returned? 


Tlue: “Can you do that?” 

Fay: “What do you mean by that?”

Tlue: “…That thing you did to me during our duel in the past, that thing like exuding killing intent or something.”

Fay: “…I don’t understand.”

Tlue: “…I see, so you did that unconsciously.”


Eh? He somehow told me some sort of hint for awakening that was totally to my liking… perhaps he was a partner after all? 


Tlue: “Can you unleash your killing intent at me?” 

Fay: “…”2

Tlue: “—gh, stop that immediately!!”


I tried to open my eyes wide for a bit as intimidation and he got scared somehow. Intimidation, huh… that was somewhat plain. I want to be able to knock others unconscious with just that, though. 

Tlue: “We’ll win if we use that.” 

Fay: “…Aaah.”


Although I didn’t understand, I just intimidated him as instructed and he ended up scared shitless, though… 

Moreover, the rematch took place today. That was fast. I didn’t mind though. 

As the rematch commenced, those two colored heads were terrified. Moreover, Tlue casted some sort of curtain while I didn’t understand what happened. 


Uh-n, this was plain. But after all, using ki, sword ki, or qi was the mainstream for a protagonist. 3T/N: both ki and qi here originally read as ki, I used one as qi for difference due to different kanji and intent. Ki is more to energy inside living beings, while qi is more to the energy of nature.4 

Well, intimidation was basic, so I guess that was fine. 

I was honestly happy to learn something new! I want to show Yururu-shishou later! (Children’s atmosphere when they want to show off their new toy). 

I guess I would do it to Arthur as well. Perhaps I might be able to win with that!! I would scare the hell out of that giant panda!


Now that I’ve decided, time to leave here. I would show the power of the disciple that gained new power.


Ah-, I didn’t know if Tlue was my partner in the end, but I doubt he would be the other protagonist. Tlue wasn’t as active as I was anyway. I think I was the best.


Well, I would find out about it eventually, so let me show my intimidation skill to Yururu-shishou!

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Diana Kurosawa
Diana Kurosawa
2 months ago

If Fey did open his eyes a bit and raises one eyebrow, the world will emit *Vine Boom* sounds that will kill anyone near him~

Eternal perspective
Eternal perspective
10 months ago

Thanks for chap
Wasn’t active?? Didn’t you just do your schedule and then stand and stare??

1 year ago


You never stop make me laugh by your part…


1 year ago
Reply to  Carrion

That’s the reason of Fay’s existence… to make us reader enjoy it

B then M
B then M
1 year ago

Eh? He somehow told me some sort of hint for awakening that was totally to my liking… perhaps he was a partner after all?”