Story of a Cannon Fodder who Firmly Believed He was the Protagonist, Misunderstood the Actual Protagonist as the Cannon Fodder, and Ended up Victorious

Translator: Tsukii

Editor: ink

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Chapter 22 – Contrast [B]

“Athena director’s cut! Arthur’s observation diary!!“

Narration: Athena 


Fay-kun kept swinging his sword!!! It was on a certain day in winter. Nobody saw what he’s doing! 

Fay-kun was abnormal and kept training hard with his swords to the point he almost fainted. Even so, Fay still did his best and kept swinging his sword over and over again! 

On that day when winter was in full swing, Fay-kun began to reach a fierce temperature inside his body despite it being cold. Steam was coming out of his head!! 


Oh my, this is bad! Fay-kun is going to faint from oxygen deficiency or exercising his muscles beyond its limit!! 

Oh, what do we have here? Wasn’t that Arthur, the giant panda type rival, who happened to pass by? 


…I came to see Fay’s training, but he’s sleeping? …It’ll be bad if his head gets cold, so let’s give him a lap pillow. 


Oh my, Arthur-san was kind, wasn’t she? (PittankoxxN xxN style) 1 

The passing by Arthur-san put Fay-kun’s head on her lap! 


Ah, Fay’s hair feels bushy, and his skin is quite taut yet smooth. 


Oh my, Arthur-san, you sure are touching too much that you wouldn’t imagine it being done on a sleeping person. You might not be aware that a human’s fingers had bacterias like Escherichia coli, Staphylococcus aureus, and Pseudomonas aeruginosa… but if you touch and make him melly, thats an OUT, you know…? 

As expected of Arthur-san who properly washes her hands every day. Her hands are clean! 

By the way, she liked cleanliness and her room is also well cleaned!

Therefore, she touched him without reservation. Perhaps liking cleanliness was basic for people with light attributes. 

Oh? Perhaps Arthur-san was stroking Fay-kun’s head a bit too much since that he woke up instead of him waking up naturally. 


“…Oi, what are you doing?” 

“I thought your head would feel cold if left as is…”

“I see. Then stop doing this immediately.”

“No, you have to rest a bit longer.”

“…I don’t have the hobby of sleeping in a place like this.”

“Nope, you have to sleep!”


Arthur-san reminded Fay-kun as if telling her naughty little brother. But Fay-kun seemed to hate such treatment and immediately tried to get up. However… 

“Hey, you bastard.” 

“I’ll keep doing this until you fall asleep.”


Somehow, Arthur-san put her index finger on Fay’s forehead and he couldn’t move just by that. Her index finger made use of Art reinforcement, pure muscle strength, and pushed at the spot considering human structure, so not even Fay-kun could move with that. 


“Fay, I heard you won against those two horses?” 2 

“…You bastard keep talking as if nothing happened… rather than that, get that finger off.”

“Nope! No! Rather than that, you won against horses, right?”

“…Whatever. By the way, what do you mean by horses?”

“Err… it’s that, people who Tlue talked about.”

“He sure has a loose mouth…”

“I heard that Fay played a big part in the victory, right? Of course you did!”

“Although I don’t know why you are the one who is proud, it’s not a big deal.”

“I’m curious about your new skill.”

“It’s not something great, but…”


Oh? Fay-kun intimidated Arthur-san. I could see that Arthur-san was a bit affected. 

“That’s your new skill?” 


“Fuh-n, it indeed exudes some sort of pressure.”


“But the pressure you unleashed during the entrance exam is greater.”

“What do you mean?”


Oh? It seemed Fay-kun was quick to react if it was a combat related topic. Arthur-san also looked happy that Fay-kun responded to her. 


“I think that something like this is only meaningful if it is unleashed by something beyond one’s understanding. Err, Fay is a very weird person, so it feels like part of it unleashed and hit the head? Rather, only the part that could be controlled was unleashed? It’s something like that.” 

“…Are you picking a fight with me?”

“Hm? I’m not though? I mean it in a good way. Err, others see you having completely different behavioral philosophies despite being fellow humans, so they see Fay as an unknown existence and are scared of that. That’s why, I think that people who have similar auras or know someone who gives off a similar atmosphere would want to understand or empathize with it, while people who are not would want to back away since they are scared due to being unable to comprehend. Fay revealed a bit of the unknown part of his deep ego and that became intimidation. However, Fay always does that instinctually instead of purposefully like what you did right now. When Fay has to unleash that from the depths of your heart and know you might be driven crazy if you didn’t, the thing you unleash at that moment is going to be more amazing. That’s why it feels different from the one you unleashed during the entrance exam. Because you are not as desperate right now and only unleashed it because you wanted to, it’s not that much of a big deal.” 

“I see.”


Fay-kun was slightly lost in thought, seemingly ruminating over Arthur-san’s long explanation. 

“Also, I think Fay is not good at doing something intently like that, just like your Art manipulation. I think being natural suits you the best.” 

“…Although I don’t like you telling me off like you are superior…I guess I can’t just ignore your advice…”



As expected, I’m the one who knows Fay the best! 


Arthur showed a big smile while holding on Fay using her single finger! Wasn’t it nice for you to have a good night’s sleep tonight, Arthur-san?! 


“Athena director’s cut! Arthur’s observation diary!!” END 


“Athena’s disclaimer” 

There was no malice involved in lining up Yururu and Arthur-san’s lap pillow events one after another.




I somehow felt a mysterious sensation. I was given a lap pillow by Yururu-shishou when I woke up. It seemed I passed out from training too much. 

Well, it was a basic procedure to pass out from training too much. 

Fainting due to oxygen deficiency was also normal. 


Therefore, fainting because of such a reason wasn’t something to be surprised about. It’s just, I tried to be a cool-type protagonist and got up from her lap pillow but I failed. I guess I couldn’t move if my head was held like that. 

You wanted to see my intimidation? Fufuh, don’t get too scared, shishou! Huh? She didn’t get scared that much? Perhaps it was ineffective against a stronger opponent? 

Well, there was no way for a hardworking protagonist to gain power that quickly. For some reason, Yururu-shishou covered my eyes and told me to sleep. It was in the outdoor winter though… but if I didn’t sleep, she wouldn’t teach me the middle grade move set of the swordsmanship, so I guess it couldn’t be helped. 

However, isn’t a lap pillow something that the heroine gave to the protagonist…? Was this some sort of hint as well? I thought the lap pillow was a major event from a heroine… or something… 


I slept. 


And then, I collapsed again another day. Arthur gave me the lap pillow this time. Rather, she touched me too much. Does she think of me as a doll or something? 

She even suppressed me using her index finger… I seriously couldn’t move just by that… Moreover, she proceeded with conversation like nothing happened. 


Eh? You wanted to see my new skill? I guess I would scare her a little. She still suppressed me with a single finger, and she didn’t look scared at all… I guess it really was ineffective against stronger opponents… I need to train more. 

Arthur gave me a long explanation. It kind of pissed me off that the things she said made sense. 

I looked up at Arthur’s face. She really had a beautiful face. I guess she was a typical example of a disappointing beauty? She was also the rival character of me, the protagonist though… but really, what a disappointing beauty she was. 


She had a well featured face that likely be mistaken for a heroine. She also got a good proportion. But I was sure she wasn’t a heroine. 

To think I had a lap pillow while being suppressed with a finger on my head… for some reason, the lap pillow event didn’t seem to be a big of an event because of her… to think that a non-heroine could also give a protagonist a lap pillow…


I rested for a while. Even if I tried to raise my head, I was easily pushed back by that single finger. 



“Uhn, okay.”


I guess she knew that it was enough and let me go. It would be bad as a protagonist to leave such humiliation as it was. To receive such humiliation of being suppressed by a single finger… don’t look down on the protagonist! 

I threw a wooden sword at her. 


“You want to do it with me now?” 3 

“Shut up. I’ll break you now.”

“Okay, I’ll do it as much as you want.”


I would beat her up… Damn it, I’m going to mess her up. Don’t think you can stay as my rival forever, Arthur! 

The one who would shine in the end is me, the protagonist!! 

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Eternal perspective
Eternal perspective
1 year ago

Thanks for chap
Ig athena’s directing isn’t the type I like after all

2 years ago


For some reason this chapter not so up to feeling..?

Just me or maybe someone else think sampe?


2 years ago
Reply to  Carrion

just snippet of fay daily life chap

thx for the comment!

2 years ago

Realized what it sounded like even before reading the TL note

2 years ago
Reply to  Takusaka

yeah, the editor is also said the TL note is unnecessary since people would notice anyway, but it is there to led the innocent.

2 years ago

His monologue reminded me of Naruto and what she said before their spar really sounded like that sigh

2 years ago
Reply to  storm

she’s just an airhead