Story of a Cannon Fodder who Firmly Believed He was the Protagonist, Misunderstood the Actual Protagonist as the Cannon Fodder, and Ended up Victorious

Translator: Tsukii

Editor: ink

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Chapter 023 – Alpha, Beta, Gamma [C]

The loud sound of metal hitting each other echoed. 



“HaHAhA!!! ThIs iS IT! ThiS Is WhAT I soUGht!!!” 

“Aah, me too. Let’s continue, I can tell, that you are also waiting for this moment.”


It was an exchange with their life on the line, not an entertainment. There shouldn’t be any pleasure there, yet Fay was laughing. 


“Why are you laughing…?” 


Alpha muttered that as if she was watching a monster beyond her understanding. It was the territory of a swordsman that she couldn’t understand. It wasn’t about being weak or strong, but it was more about their fundamental mentality. 


“You can die if you make the wrong move, you know…?” 


Everyone couldn’t hide their horror when they saw the sword dance of the boy who was grinning madly even though he was threading a thin line between despair and death. 


“Wha, what’s the hell? T, that ain’t  right? Why’s he laughin in that situation?! Ain’t that weird?!” 


Jean looked away as he spouted such words in fear. 


“Jean-san, I think it’s better for you to not look away… A glimpse at a heroic epic like this isn’t something you can just witness regardless of how much money you pay.” 



Jean looked at Fay, the strong one who fought on the borderline of death. He was convinced by those words. Perhaps it was fortunate of him to manage to witness such a scene in his lifetime. The more he thought of it, the more dazzling it seemed.


His blood, sword, eyes, back, and above all, soul. 


It was a distorted existence that went beyond one’s understanding. However, the madness that mysteriously fascinated others was there. 


“…Aah, So thIS iS,” 

“What’s wrong? Your movements are getting dull.”


Fay deflected the incoming slash from above by applying the first movement of Namikaze Seishinryuu, Namikaze, with a single hand. He used the momentum to hit the skeleton’s head. It produced a cracking sound and sent the bones flying several meters away. There was a big crack in the head of the skeleton. 

Living dead were basically a mass of regret. They desired to fulfill their wishes, desires, and regrets that they were unable to fulfill in life. Such a soul of regret dwelled on the bones that lost their flesh. 

However, most of them would forget what they wished for once they became living dead. They were reduced to animals who only knew to attack others. For such living dead, they became an empty existence that was easily defeated just by destroying their vessel, eliminating their regret along with it. 

However, some living dead don’t forget such regret. They would continue to exist, longing to fulfill their lifetime regret and waiting for a long time until it can finally be fulfilled. 

These living dead would become troublesome existences. In the game, this living dead couldn’t be defeated after it managed to kill Gamma as it kept regenerating itself. They might be able to defeat it regardless of its regret if there was somebody with light magic or holy water, but unfortunately, nobody there had such a convenient thing with them. 

However, if their wish was fulfilled, they would collapse on their own. With its obsession disappearing, the swordsman who was reduced to bones fulfilled its wish for rematch and gradually… 


“…Let’s end it here. Your sword is no longer worth it.” 



The bone swordsman regained part of its past memories. In its vague consciousness, a thin line of memories reminded it of the struggle it wished for. The desire that was about to be fulfilled was sprung once again. 

“HahaHahaAAAh!!! I sHAll Go beYONd mY ProMIsE!!!” 

“That’s better, otherwise it won’t be interesting.”


Although the skeleton had no eyes, it emitted pressure as if it was glaring. However, Fay wasn’t intimidated and went straight at it. 

Fay went straight and swung down his sword. The bone swordsman swung its sword up. Both made a big swing, a head-on contest of strength. 

The swords separated as they collided with each other. At that moment, the bone swordsman launched a further onslaught. The sword lowered at Fay’s feet, producing gale-like stabs and pierced Fay’s thigh. His right leg became useless at that moment. 

However, Fay wasn’t losing either. 


“It’s an equal exchange. I shall take your other arm.” 


Fay used his broken left arm to hold onto the skeleton’s right arm that stabbed his right leg with its sword and used the sword in his right arm to break said arm. It was yet another “damage exchange.” Fay gradually ran out of blood. As he pulled the sword out of his right thigh, more blood poured out. 1 

Fay’s field of vision became blurred. His consciousness gradually fell into darkness. He forcefully endured with his mentality and flicked the blood with his left leg.




He silently slashed down towards the skeleton’s head, smashing it. At that moment the skeleton muttered something like disappearing smoke. 


“Aah, that was fun…  Let’s have, another, match…” 2 


After that, it no longer said anything. All that remained there was a skeleton that didn’t move anymore. 


“Did he win…? Against that thing…?” 


Alpha muttered, wondering what she just witnessed just now. It was a scene that made her doubt whether it happened for real. She was sure she wouldn’t forget about it, whether the fight just now, or the name of the boy. 

The victorious man breathed hard and stood up as he bled. 


—Fay squeezed his bloody fist. 


It was as if he was declaring his victory and his further growth. As he was delighted about that, he lost his consciousness at the next moment and collapsed. 




Time for a mission! 

Surprise, it was said to be a new kind of dungeon!! It really made me excited! 

Ueeeeiii!! Dungeon, dungeon, dungeon! As expected, the dungeon sounded like music to my heart, wasn’t it? 

Delving into the dungeon was something the protagonist would do after all! 


The members of this mission were I, Ese, Kamase, Marumaru-sensei, and… who were they? I didn’t recognize them. Ese tried hard to flirt with them though, and they seem to be beauties, huh… 

To be honest, a heroine of the highest grade would eventually come since I was the protagonist, so I wasn’t troubled about relationships with women, you see? So I didn’t see any need to flirt with others. 

Well, I did think they were cute. Good luck, Ese and Kamase. 

Since I was a cool person, I just stayed at the back with my arm crossed. Even so, it was a dungeon huh? I looked forward to that. Wouldn’t it be a basic procedure for me to play a big part in such an event? 

Well well, I really look forward to it. 


Hm? You wanted to say your gratitude? Beta? …Aah, this girl was the ponytail girl who got involved with the beta event, huh… beta event so it was Beta, yet another rhyme, as expected. 

Since her name was made easy to remember like that, perhaps she was a mob character? 

Ah-, you were welcome. You didn’t need to mind it since it was a basic procedure after all. I didn’t need to be thanked for every person I saved. 


Well then, time for the dungeon! Now, come on, wasn’t this time for me to shine?! 

Hm? Eh? I was to stay as a rearguard since I couldn’t use magic? 







Alpha and others played a major part in this mission… Err, I was the protagonist, right? Why did they stand out more than me? This was supposed to be my dungeon debut though… 

Uwah, I hate this kind of development. To think others would stand out more than I would, the protagonist. I was the protagonist of this world known as Round Table Heroes, you know? I was supposed to make the greatest contribution, you know? 

Perhaps they were aiming for the spot of the most popular character… no, there was no way that was the case, I guess. I doubt such a concept exists in this world to begin with. Even so, I wanted to play an active role here. 

Ah-, perhaps I was like a big bird? Things like having the greatest moment during the end of an event? It should be so. Now come, my turn! 

We arrived at the last room. Huh? Where was my turn… no, there was no way this was the end. A boss-like character should appear here.  

Rather, please come out!! I beg of you!! Give me the chance to shine!! There might be times where the protagonist didn’t have their turn, but nothing major happened all this time. There should be something here, right? 

Please give me my turn!! My chance to shine as the protagonist!! 


“—Show yourself. I know you’re there.” 


Come on come on, come on, come, my turn. And bones appeared! 

—Yes, it came-. I knew it. That was clearly a boss character. I was always prepared, after all. That Gamma girl might be in a dangerous spot if I wasn’t here. 


Oi oi, don’t suggest a boorish command like ganging up, okay Marumaru-sensei? This was totally the moment I showed myself as the protagonist by fighting it solo. 


“AaH, I’ve BeEn wAItiNG…” 

I was also waiting, you know? For the boss character to appear before me. 

“mY LIfelONg riVAL… TimE foR OUr REmaTCh.” 



Well then, let’s get started. First, let’s bleed a little to damage the enemy. I wouldn’t flinch just from leaking some blood. 



“HaHAhA!!! ThIs iS IT! ThiS Is WhAT I soUGht!!!” 

“Aah, me too. Let’s continue, I can tell, that you were also waiting for this moment.”


For some reason, the bone laughed too. Well, I was also laughing due the feeling of liberation. I was quite worried back there, if one in thousands, millions, or trillions chance I wouldn’t have the chance to be active in this event. 


I was supposed to be the protagonist, right? That kind of worry, since my turn didn’t come all this time. It would be the worst as a protagonist if my time to shine was actually stolen away by someone, such was my thought. 


Well, I was relieved to learn I properly had my turn. I couldn’t help but laugh because of that. Even though I was bleeding at the moment, I didn’t care! 

Rather, I felt that I was getting stronger the more my blood flowed!! 


Well well, let’s fight! (Berserker). 

Huh? Its movement was getting dull somehow? Are you okay? Be more heated up, will you! (Berserker). 

Ah, my right thigh got stabbed and blood was pouring out. Well, this wouldn’t feel any different from having my blood sucked out by a mosquito (Berserker). 


Then I’ll take that right arm (Berserker). 


And I’ll crush that head (Berserker). 


Alright, it was my victory. I guess victory was a set with having too much blood flow and fainting because of that. Even so, Ese sure got a good commentary right there. 

He felt like a commentator… Perhaps that role would persist on him from now on? Perhaps he might say things like “That’s the ○○swordsmanship and if the secret move of that school us unleashed it would cause a lot of damage!!” or something like that. 

So Ese might possibly play the commentator role… 

Well, I guess this wasn’t a thing to think about when I was about to pass out due to lack of blood. I would faint now, so please carry me properly, okay? 


And so I was heavily bleeding, so good night (bullish).

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7 months ago

I recognize this insanity, the main character for “Inside an adult game as a former hero”, but the comedy is too much.

7 months ago

The fight scene are especially epic here.
Fay have gone a long way since he started. Though it might seem long but Fay’s only been a official paladin for only a couple month maybe? Excluding the 5 moth training period

Eternal perspective
Eternal perspective
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each tuesday, about 3.00 am GMT?

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glad you enjoyed it.

yeah, we need this kind of insane fun sometimes

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Thanks for the chapter!

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thx for the comment!

1 year ago

I really like the outside perspective parts of these chapters. The inner dialogue adds that little chuckle part showing the difference of the player and character. Loving the TLing and editing quality you guy have!

1 year ago
Reply to  Ytty

we love you for following our series and willingness to comment too!

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Thank you for the awesome chapter!

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