Story of a Cannon Fodder who Firmly Believed He was the Protagonist, Misunderstood the Actual Protagonist as the Cannon Fodder, and Ended up Victorious

Translator: Tsukii

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Chapter 024 – Eternal Foundation [B]

Even though it was Gantetsu who usually judged his customer, it was the exact opposite this time. The man merely opened his eyes. And then, sighed. 


—gh. This guy! 


That sigh greatly hurt the old man’s pride. Nay, he couldn’t forgive that. It was an unknown paladin, although he gave off some pressure, the man was merely a rookie. Yet such a person sighed in disappointment of his blacksmith skill that he honed over many years. It was no different to an insult to him. 


The man left the shop as is. 


“Wait, brat.” 



The man turned around and looked at Gantetsu again after being called. The man’s eyes seemed strange for a normal person. Gantetsu involuntarily swallowed his own saliva. The man’s eyes seemed to demand him to settle his business quickly since he had no reason to stay. 


“What, you say? What do you mean what?” 

“…I have no business here. I was mistaken, that’s all.”


The emotion in the words differed. Although it sounded like the greatest insult possible for Gantetsu, it was nothing but an obvious thing to the man, just like breathing. His remark of “I was mistaken” meant the man found nothing that could match his expectation here. In other words, the man’s eyes seemed to say “there’s no sword worthy enough for me in this place.” 


The man silently turned to leave once again. 


“I’ll come again. I’ll buy a sword then.” 



Does he mean to  say to me to make a sword worthy of him by the time he comes again?! 


It was not anger, but astonishment that was the greater in him. Nobody has ever looked down at him like the man did. There might be a few people visiting this place. However, any swordsman that came to this shop would recognize the quality of the articles here. 

However, that man didn’t find that enough. None of it is worthy of me, so make me one that is. 

Such arrogant words resounded in his head. That attitude was too disproportionate and greedy. It was unforgivable. Gantetsu felt that was an attitude that forbid him from coming in for the rest of his life. 

Even though he had such thoughts, he also wanted to make a worthy sword somehow. It was because nobody had humiliated him this much before. 

The black haired man was no longer there. 

To prepare for the upcoming reunion, the flame in his forge rose again.




Hm-, I woke up and according to what I heard, I almost died due to blood loss. Heeh-, so I would be dead if just one thing went wrong. Heeh-, Fu-hn, so I spilled tons of blood back then, heeh-. 

—There was something more worrisome than that. 

The bed was just uncomfortable!! 

I had no idea where this was, but the bed was way too uncomfortable. The bed in Ector-sensei’s medical room felt just right, though. 

It just felt wrong to wake up in an uncomfortable bed right after recovering from heavy bleeding, you know? No, I wouldn’t complain to the people who took care of me, okay? It’s just, the bed just felt wrong and I felt like talking about it.

I preferred waking up in a comfortable bed right after bleeding heavily, though… I wouldn’t say that since it would be rude for people who took care of me, though. 

Well, I woke up, so it was time to go home. Now that I think about it, that battle earlier was the best. My right leg was stabbed… hm? 

Huh? Now that I think about it, wasn’t I given a lap pillow by Yururu-shishou the other day… a lap pillow, wasn’t that spot where my head was the exact place where I got stabbed this time…? 

Was she trying to warn me about this? Did Yururu-shishou open Pandora’s box or something? 

Yururu-shishou always gives me foreshadowing. Hey, wasn’t this already beyond the level of absurd? Wasn’t it natural to assume Yururu-shishou opened Pandora’s box because of this? 

There was always a hint beneath what she says and does. 

And indeed, the enemy this time was hiding inside the pile of gold coins… and wasn’t there a sentence that hinted that earlier? 

[“Yes. So I’ll hide your eyes with my hand!”] 

Wasn’t that the words Yururu-shishou said when she gave me a lap pillow? So basically, hide my eyes → I shouldn’t depend on my eyes alone, things that were visible weren’t everything there was! There was an event where depending on sight alone would make miss the danger → A skeleton BOSS emerged from a hidden spot.

This was already beyond absurd. Wasn’t this proof that Yururu-shishou gave hints beyond what was noticeable? 

Since it was up to me whether to believe or not, then I chose to believe! Yururu-shishou!! 

Wow, as expected of her. I did lose sight of its importance due to Arthur also giving me a lap pillow and my assumption that the lap pillow was exclusive for romance events, but I didn’t think that was actually a major hint. Also, there was a fact that I didn’t notice it when it happened, yet managed to carry it out as intended regardless. 

So this was the bond between master and disciple. It was mutual understanding, showing how we could understand each other, right?

I will always follow you!! Yururu-shishou!! 

I got the reward money from the dude named Jean. My portion was a little more compared to others. He said it was his gratitude for showing him something amazing. I was honestly happy about that. I wanted a new weapon after all. Finally, I got to buy a new weapon.

It was normal for the protagonist, right? Acquiring a new weapon, which was the so-called strengthening event. There was a certain blacksmith I was curious about all this time, after all. 


I was going home while eating a ham lettuce sandwich on the way. Ese told me something. Free City? Ah, I’ve always been curious about that. After all, there was a dungeon which might be the stage for me in that city. 

It was common for the protagonist to delve into a dungeon. The story about me might get accelerated there. I guess I will head there during my next long vacation. 


We arrived at the royal capital, and I immediately headed to the forge I had my eyes on. It was a very old-fashioned, dirty, unclean, and tattered shop. I love being clean, so I would definitely refuse if offered to live here, but I think a good sword seemed to be waiting here for me. 

I knew about it since I was smart. 

I went inside, looking for a sword. The person inside exuded the atmosphere of THE craftsman. It had a similar atmosphere to a high-class sushi chef in Ginza. 

Well then, which sword was good-? I didn’t know much since it was my first time here. 

I basically didn’t do things entering the store without buying anything since that was rude to the people of the store (a sudden good sense). 


Oh, this one looked good. Let’s buy it… Eh? Are you kidding me? That’s too expensive?! I couldn’t buy it even with the reward money I got today though?! 

Eh-, I couldn’t help but sigh. I thought I could buy something… no, this was the fault of the people of the store. They acted like I would buy things despite the fact that I didn’t buy anything (sudden good sense). 

“What, you say? What do you mean by that?” 

“…I have no business here. I was mistaken, that’s all.”

No, seriously, it was my mistake to enter here. My money wasn’t enough. I would come again later to buy something, so please forgive me this time, okay uncle? 

And I left the store just like that. 

Ah-, perhaps that store… it actually wasn’t a great, hidden store, but a normal store going through some tough times? 

Perhaps it was like a café started by a person who quit his regular job and then had his wife leave him…? There was no signs of any customer at all, so I guess it was natural for him to be in a bad mood to see an expected customer actually leave without buying anything. 

Perhaps the sword was priced that expensive because he couldn’t make his end meet otherwise… I guess I did a bad thing to him… 


I would buy his sword next time. I would be like a livestreamer who found a good hidden store and with me, the protagonist, using a sword from his store, then it would turn out better for him! I would definitely buy it next time.





Arthur appeared behind me before I knew it. Why was she here? Was it normal to encounter her in a place like this? It wasn’t that close to the knight’s dormitory, did she stalk me or something? Bouran was also here too. 


“Good job on your mission.” 

“…State your business. That shouldn’t be the only reason you’re here.”

“Yes, actually… I come to remind you to be careful since there seem to have weird fellows loitering around you.”


No, that’s you. 


“We found several stalkers following you.” 


No, that’s you and Bouran. 


“…I see.” 

“Yes, so be careful.”

“Rather than that, let’s have a meal! A meal!”

“I refuse.”

“Eeh! Isn’t it fine, let’s have a meal! A meal!”

“Then you two could just go on your own.”

“thats A-okay too, let’s have a meal! A meal!”

Bouran was really persistent. Just how much did you want to eat? Did you become a BOT who could only say “let’s have a meal”? Just as I was annoyed by that, Bouran grabbed one of my arms. 


“Okay, let’s go. I want to hear about your mission!” 

“Then I’ll go as well. I’m also curious.”


The conversation totally progressed on the premise of me eating with them. 


“Fay, do you like meat?” 

“…Although I have no idea why the conversation progressed on the premise I’m eating with you two, I told you I’m not going.”

“But you will still come , right? I understand you. Fay is a gentle person… However, I don’t mind you running away if having a meal with an onee-san is too much for you, you know? (Like a college student who was great at teasing others that lived next door)” 1


…Eh? That really got on my nerves. It was even more irritating since she had a beautiful face. There wasn’t any heartthrob involved, though. The way she said she didn’t mind me escaping was really provoking to me. I would go with you then. 


“…You guys really like to bother me.” 

“We did it!”


Well, I guess that was okay? It felt like a cool type who felt helpless due to requests and went with them, so I guess it should be alright for me to go with them. 


“Fay, are you perhaps… a tsundere♂?” 



I would definitely beat her up in the future.2




“Aah ~♪ I found you ~♪” 


In a certain place that looked like a cage, there was a girl with blond hair and bright red eyes as if blood mixed into them, who grabbed a man’s chest. Her beautiful face sported an eerily crazy smile. 


“Wha- what are you!” 

“Nothing much, I just came to kill you ~♪ But before that… I’ll take a peek for a bit ~♪”


With that said, the girl used her left hand to touch the man’s forehead. 


“I see… so it is there… Even though that man is known as a good person, the things he does sure are messed up. Don’t you find that fun ~♪ Well, you too though ~♫”

“Kuh, are you going to kill me?!”

“Of course I am ~♪ but considering the things you’ve done, don’t you think death is too cheap for you?”

“I- I just! I did all that for the sake of the future, for humanity!! Even if we need to make sacrifices, it’s for a brighter tomorrow!!”

“Haah… Both the Eternal Foundation and you guys are truly are scum ~♪ I’m also an asshole though ~♪ In the end, even if people do things for a greater good or whatever, using justice as a shield or not, humans just use whatever justification they have and they easily oppress others. Well, that doesn’t matter though ~♪”


With that said, she moved her sword. It stabbed the man’s face and blood spurted out. 

“Haah… I wished for a struggle that could boil my soul, maybe a bloody duel or deathmatch… I hope I can find something like that in the next place ~♪”


The frustrated girl left the cage-like place as it was. There were tons of girls caught in that place, but none of them were breathing. 


“Oh well… I guess I’ll at least give you all a merciful send off…” 


With that said, she shook her right arm, filling the room with light and seemed to purify something. After that, the girl shook her arm again, this time particles of lights gathered on her right hand. 


And after that, it vanished without a trace. 


—In a certain place, a mission was issued. It was a mission where Utsu would strike Tlue… a place where a reunion that was supposed to be impossible took place. Things changed because a foreign factor was included. 

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