Story of a Cannon Fodder who Firmly Believed He was the Protagonist, Misunderstood the Actual Protagonist as the Cannon Fodder, and Ended up Victorious

Translator: Tsukii

Editor: ink

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Chapter 025 – Romance Novel Protagonist [A]

A mission was issued at a certain town. It came from an aristocrat, Johnny Point Town. He was known as a gentle and sincere lord to his people, the current head of the Point Town family. It was said that since winter, his territory has constantly been attacked by white wolves. 

Some demons stop their activity during winter and hibernate, but some became active once winter comes. White wolves were one such demon. They were basically the white fur version of hounds. They were cunning and numerous, which made it troublesome to deal with them. For that reason, Fay and others were dispatched. 

The Point Town territory was large with pleasant citizens and a gentle atmosphere, which made it known as the ideal territory. 


“Ah, Fay. They’re selling delicious skewers over there. Should I buy you some?” 

“I don’t want it.”


Fay continued to walk while coldly responding to Arthur, who acted like his elder sister. In front of them were Tlue and Sajinto, while Yururu was making a wry smile beside Arthur. In the game version, Yururu wasn’t in this mission thus making the team consist of only four people, and Arthur would be standing beside Tlue instead, but there was no way any of them were aware of the game scenario.


The five arrived at Johnny’s mansion where the mission was issued from. The mansion was a beautiful two story building with white base color. Its windows, roofs, and walls were all lined perfectly without any signs of wear. It showed the artistic sense of people who lived here. 

When the group reported their arrival, a brown-haired man came out of the mansion. Although the man wasn’t young, his gentle smile gave off the charm of adults which young people lacked. 

“Thank you for going through the  trouble of coming here. Please come in.” 

“Thank you very much.”

Sajinto greeted the man as the team’s representative and entered the mansion. The interior was as great as its exterior suggested. 

“U-uwah, it’s so beautiful… My house also felt like this back then.” 

Yururu was surprised by the beauty of the interior and felt nostalgic. She felt somewhat lonely, but she didn’t let her face show it. 

“It’s about the right time for tea, so let’s talk about it while having tea. Mei, please.” 

“Yes, Johnny-sama.”


Looking in the direction of the high female voice, there was a beautiful woman with red hair, yellow eyes, proportions similar to a certain giant panda and wearing maid outfit. That woman and Yururu exchanged gaze and both of them were astonished. 

“Me- Mei-chan…” 

“Yu, ruru, ojou-sama…”

“Mei, you know her?”

“Yes. She was the ojou-sama Mei served before.” 1

“Oh, so that’s how it is.”

“Ye- yes… So you’re working here…”

“Err, it’s been a long time… ojou-sama.”

“I’m no longer an ojou-sama, so you don’t have to be that considerate…”

“No, even if Yururu ojou-sama is no longer the person Mei serves, you are still an important person for Mei.”

“Me- Mei-chan…”


During the time Yururu was still an aristocrat, when the Garethia family hadn’t collapsed yet, Mei was the exclusive maid for Yururu. Mei was originally a person picked up by Yururu’s father and tasked to be Yururu’s maid since they were close in age. 

Mei was two years younger than Yururu and got along well with her. Although their status was a master and servant, their relationship was closer to a friend instead. However, with Garethia house’s fall and Yururu beginning to be an active paladin, both of them missed each other and didn’t meet until now.

Neither of them were aware of the other’s situation, and Mei began her activities as an adventurer. During that time she helped Johnny’s wife during a demon attack which led to Mei becoming liked because of that, and that ended up with her becoming a maid of this mansion. 

It was the moment of reunion of two people who originally were never meant to meet again. 


“It seems both of you have things to tell each other. You don’t have to mind me, and how about both of you talking in private outside the room?” 

“Johnny-sama… is that really alright?”

“I don’t mind.”

“Tha- thank you very much.”


Both of them left the room at Johnny’s behest. The remaining four people drank the tea while receiving the explanation regarding the damage caused by white wolves from Johnny. 




It’s said that the white wolves often appear at night after people had fallen asleep, so Fay got to spend his free time until then. He was just walking around aimlessly within the territory. Arthur tried to come with him, but he shook her off by quickly leaving as a cool, lonely character. 


As Fay walked around the flower garden, Fay saw Yururu and Mei happily talk while walking in front of him. 

“Ah, Fay-kun-!” 

Yururu waved her hand and approached Fay when she noticed him. Her smile shone as usual. Mei saw that and said. 


“So this person is the one ojou-sama mentioned earlier…” 

“Yes! He’s my disciple!”

“I see, so that’s how it is.”


Yururu affirmed with a smile. Mei understood as she saw Yururu’s attitude. Mei had heard how Yururu had hard times and how she was saved. And among Yururu’s stories, there was Fay, a man with a particularly strong tone. 

Mei wasn’t that insensitive to not notice the situation. She could tell that Yururu fell for the boy. But at the same time, she was distrustful of Fay. 

His eyes are looking at us, yet it feels empty like void. Even so, it also feels like he was looking at something else instead of us… his mind seems to have something that normal people won’t even think of… 

Fay’s eyes were something strange that Mei never experienced before. 

Even though Yururu ojou-sama clearly shows her goodwill… he doesn’t seem that foolish to not notice that… what is beneath those emotionless eyes…? 

“Ah, Mei-chan, are you okay?” 

“Yes, Mei was just lost in thought for a moment, so you don’t have to mind it… Fay-sama, Mei is Mei, I formerly served as Yururu ojou-sama’s Meid.” 2

“—I see.”


Fay’s eyes turned to Mei with a slight interest. 

…He is looking at Mei? Why does he do that…? Perhaps it would be better to probe him more. Mei is curious about the man that ojou-sama fell for after all. 


It was common to speak up firsthand to learn about others, since it would make it easier for the other party to talk. It was the basic procedure. 

“Yes. Mei once did Mei best for Yururu ojou-sama every day. After that, Mei got separated from Yururu ojou-sama due to unfortunate circumstances… it was truly a tragic time. However, Mei is happy to be reunited with ojou-sama once again. It’s all thanks to you. Thank you very much, Fay-sama.” 3 


“Mei has heard what kind of wonderful person you are from Yururu ojou-sama. However, Mei is curious what kind of person you are, so if you don’t mind—“



—May Fay-sama tell me your stories until now? Mei was about to ask Fay that. However, she noticed then, the fact that Fay’s gaze was nailed on her. 


Even though there was Yururu beside her, his eyes were neither looking at her nor at void like before, instead looking at Mei alone. 




There was a saying that said eyes could say things the mouth never could. Mei noticed something at that moment. Mei was an understanding maid after all. “This kind of easy-to-understand goodwill” should be, 


Perhaps this person… fell for Mei? 

Perhaps his eyes that looked at void earlier meant he was unable to find love until now. But then the cute Mei appeared at the right moment and he fell for Mei on the spot? 

Somehow, that sounds like the plot of a romance novel-!! 


Mei was an understanding maid who loved romance novels. 


Me- Mei is terribly sorry, ojou-sama… What a thing Mei just did… to think Mei has stolen ojou-sama’s first love due to Mei’s sheer beauty… Bu- but if this person confesses to Mei, Mei will be sure to refuse it!! 

Ah-, but even then, it would lead to a complicated conflict between women… 


Her head was filled with the plot of romance novels with her as protagonist, with her imagining events happening around her. Although Mei was active as a maid for a long time, Mei has a certain longing. 


And that was … to have a wonderful life like a protagonist of romance novels where she would end up with a hot yet cool guy. Basically, she had a similar thought pattern with a certain flower field head who longed to be the protagonist. 


“Fay, let’s have a meal together.” 


Then a giant panda appeared. If it was seen from the side, it would seem to be a muddy relationship between three women and a man. 

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7 months ago

You do not want the same anything as this guy Mei.

1 year ago

What the fuck…?

Eternal perspective
Eternal perspective
1 year ago

Thanks for chap
Imma guess reading TL’s notes on rhyming stuff that mc is 100% thinking of how her name is made to rhyme with maid and everything she says.

I really want mei’s words to spill out, it’ll be an interesting carnage scene

1 year ago

Iirc, he thinks the “hints” in names are relative to himself? So Mei is not just a maid, but a character destined to be His maid?

Given his thought process, he’s likely going to feel certain that a) Mei will be in danger this arc, and b) he will be given a valid reason to “steal” her away from her lord. Therefore, it’s very likely that a) there’s a lot more to this case than there seems to be on the surface, and b) the kind lord is a false persona and he’s a villain at the center of what will happen. Which is a conclusion that no normal person would possibly make based on the available information, but one that is very likely correct given the nature of the story.

So here I am making flimsy deductions about the course of events based on nothing more than what I predict HIS flimsy deductions about the course of events based on nothing more than a mistaken perception that the world revolves around him to be. Although to give him some credit, he does know the world is based on a game and events exist, as well. He even has an excellent knack for spotting them when they appear. It’s just that the reasoning behind his actions makes no sense because he thinks the events were prepared for him by fate, when in reality he’s an existence specialized in inverting fate. Most of the events he’s involved in aren’t even ones meant to be cleared but to end unavoidably in tragedy.

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More confusing character appear!

Now a girl same thought like fay.oh my head…

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