Story of a Cannon Fodder who Firmly Believed He was the Protagonist, Misunderstood the Actual Protagonist as the Cannon Fodder, and Ended up Victorious

Translator: Tsukii

Editor: ink

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Chapter 025 – Romance Novel Protagonist [B]

“I won’t go.” 

“You don’t have to be that embarrassed.”



Awawawa, perhaps this blond beauty fell for Fay-sama?! Do- does that mean Mei would be dragged into a sticky relationship like a protagonist in a romance novel?! 


Fay-sama… does look smart, he looks unfriendly, but his type seems to be the rough type that appears in romance novels… awawa, Mei- Mei might actually be a protagonist of a romance novel?! 


U-uhehe, Mei does feel happy since Mei has always longed for that… Bu- but Mei does feel bad about Yururu ojou-sama. Mei hopes Yururu ojou-sama’s love will bear fruit, and Mei would serve as a maid beside them… 


Mei shook as she considered Yururu’s love for Fay. But she also trembled in excitement because she felt like the protagonist in a romance novel. Her no-good imagination continued to plant seeds of delusion in her mind. 


One night in a certain room at a big mansion where everyone fell asleep, Mei would be pushed down to the bed. 

“No, you can’t do this, da- danna-sama… Mei is a maid… what should I tell Yururu ojou-sama about this?” 1

“I’ve only been looking at you all this time.”


Her chin would be raised by his hand. Then a sharp gaze would fall on her. 


“Da- danna-sama…” 

“Don’t worry. Nobody is aware of our relationship.”

“Mei is…”


Her own enchanted expression would be reflected in Fay’s eyes. Perhaps Fay’s impatient expression would also be reflected in Mei’s eyes. Her mouth gently sealed, and their breathing turned rough. 

His hand gradually moved down from her shoulder. However, the way he moved his hand wasn’t out of lust but out of happiness. The sense of immorality and the love that was hidden for a long time would finally be unleashed… 


Uhehe, that’s the best… no, I shouldn’t allow that to happen!! I should make ojou-sama reach happiness for all the suffering she experienced until now. 


She shook her head to disperse the improper thoughts. Mei denied her own role as the protagonist of a romance novel for a moment. However, delusions passed through her head over and over. 

Although Fay’s gaze was unfriendly, he actually looked handsome. He also had a decent atmosphere. His body was also well trained and in good shape. While he was expressionless, it also exuded some elegance, and his tone was cool which made it better. That was the image of male lead that was always in Mei’s mind as the protagonist of romance fiction. 

In the game version, Fay was cannon fodder and Mei didn’t care about him at all. He drank his tea roughly and being arrogant seemed to be the only thing he could do. However, this version of Fay was different. Although he was haughty and expressionless, it gave a classy feeling instead. He also exuded the peculiar atmosphere that can only be gained by training his body properly over an extended period of time.


…He actually seems to be a good guy… It is perfect to be the pure love male lead for Mei… Hey?! Mei isn’t supposed to be a romance novel protagonist, remember?! 


Although Mei was reminding herself internally, her delusion kept going and created event like moments. It was a dramatic event that she sought for in her heart. With a man with an appearance like a male lead of a romance novel. Her delusion kept advancing towards weird directions. 

She was supposed to be a mere mob character, though. 


“U- uhn, Mei-chan, are you okay?” 

“Eh, ah, Me-Mei is fainn.”

“Is fainn…? Doesn’t that sound weird?”

“Me- Mei bit Mei’s tongue.”


Mei became so chaotic that she couldn’t calm down. At that moment, they heard a loud noise of something exploding. 




There was magical intervention, an abnormal situation, and a tense atmosphere. The citizens couldn’t hide their astonishment from the sudden fear that struck them. Yururu, Arthur, and Fay rushed to the scene. 

It was in a rushed, abnormal situation, yet two people among the group had weird thoughts in their mind. 


Don’t tell me, this is Mei’s event as the protagonist in a romance novel?! 


Perhaps it was already too late for her. 




Subdue the white wolves!! 

We received such a request, but it seemed we had free time for a while. Well then, what should I do? Now that I think about it, that lord of territory, Johnny, was it? He seemed nice, but people like him usually keep a dark secret behind them. 

It seemed like pointing out that he was a villain character? 


I wonder what will happen next~ I wonder what event awaited me~


Anyway, I walked coolly in the territory. Then I found Yururu-shishou on the front. 


“Ah, Fay-kun-! 


My shishou waved her hands energetically like a child. She seemed like a yuru character sometimes, just like her name, Yururu-shishou, suggested. There was a maid next to her. Ah-, wasn’t she the person who seemed to be shishou’s former exclusive maid in the past? 


What was her name again? 


“Yes, Mei was just lost in thought for a moment, so you don’t have to mind it… Fay-sama, Mei is Mei, formerly served as Yururu ojou-sama’s Meid.” 




“Yes. Mei once did Mei best for Yururu ojou-sama every day. After that, Mei got separated with Yururu ojou-sama due to unfortunate circumstances… it was truly a tragic past. However, Mei is happy to reunite with ojou-sama once again. It’s all thanks to you. Thank you very much, Fay-sama.” 


It was a series of rhymes. There was no doubt that she is a mob character. She seemed to have a tragic past, but sorry, I wasn’t listening. Only the rhymes entered my mind. 


—Due to tragic circumstances, Mei did Mei best, Mei was Mei the Meido (LOL) (spoken like a rapper) 


I remembered your name now. Mei (LOL) I see. How to say this? Seeing how she was so insistent on giving an impression she made it look favorable to me (LOL). 


This must be a consideration from the producer for new users. It seemed they tried to include pun in her conversation to make it easier to remember her name. It seemed they really wanted the name of this character to be remembered. 


—As expected, to give such consideration to this world’s protagonist by the producer who made this world was a basic procedure.


But really, Mei huh. Looking at how insistent she was, made it interesting for me. 


At that time, a loud explosion happened?! 


This must be an event for me as the protagonist!!! 


Now, it was time to proceed. We will keep going until the next station (Station staff’s voice).  

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4 days ago

The perfect sort of character to collaborate in building a grand tower of misunderstandings while bouncing filtered communications back and forth!

6 days ago

Thanks for update TSUKII-SAMA!

Now we let’s see is this girl ( mei meido ) have insane battle scene like Fay or not, i waitting for this !

Last edited 6 days ago by Carrion
5 days ago
Reply to  Carrion

her insanity is on different tangent than fay, so nope.

6 days ago

This is good
Thank you for the awesome translation!!

6 days ago
Reply to  Takusaka

thx for the comment. glad you enjoy the story

7 days ago

Mei the meid meide meiny mei puns. Meiking meiny meis, mei meide even meiny more meis by talking in mei’s own perspective.

6 days ago
Reply to  Krazey

and so was the beginning of “book of meis” if that exists

7 days ago

Perverted maids are always welcome.

7 days ago

But she’s shaped like a panda

7 days ago
Reply to  Ytty

isn’t panda = Arthur?

7 days ago

she is in similar wavelengths like Fay, who believes himself to be protagonist

Last edited 7 days ago by tsukii
6 days ago
Reply to  tsukii

Just like i think from chapter before

5 days ago
Reply to  Carrion

well, great you enjoyed her char

5 days ago

What if someone prefer the Argonian maid more?