Story of a Cannon Fodder who Firmly Believed He was the Protagonist, Misunderstood the Actual Protagonist as the Cannon Fodder, and Ended up Victorious

Translator: Tsukii

Editor: Derpy

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Chapter 026 – Mordred [A]

A loud noise echoed, the sound of something exploding. This sound implied that people within the vicinity of the source would likely be dead.

Johnny’s wife and Fay’s group went there to check it out. The ground there was scooped out, as if something had broken it down, and something like an underground passage was visible beneath. 


“Madam, were you aware of such a place?” 

“I really don’t know anything… I never thought something like that existed within our territory.”

“…I see. Then, do you mind if we enter it to investigate?”

“Yes, please do… It feels a bit creepy.”


As Sajinto received approval from Johnny’s wife, the group entered. The inside was like a labyrinth made of rock debris.  

The temperature wasn’t all that different compared to outside. However, it gave off an eerie feeling that made goosebumps appear left, right, and center. It wouldn’t be odd for something to jump out at any moment. The group of five proceeded while suppressing the sound of their footsteps as much as possible, and they reached a fork in the road. There was a front, left, and right entrance.

“It’s a forked road, huh. Which one should we advance into?” 

“…Arthur and I will be going this way.”

“Why must I go with Sajinto… I wanted to go with Fay.”

“What about the others (ignore)?”


Sajinto ignored Arthur’s protests. It was a decision based on reducing the necessity to act separately due to his mission to monitor Arthur. Also, he ignored Arthur plainly because he was exhausted and wanted to converse less with her. 


“I’ll go on alone… I choose the front entrance.” 


With that said, Fay proceeded on the center path alone. The atmosphere he exuded prevented anybody from disagreeing with him. Yururu had extended her hand to stop him, but he was already gone. 


“…So Fay goes alone… Well, he should be okay, I guess… then Yururu and Tlue, please go to the right-most entrance.” 


With Fay gone, Yururu worried about him. However, she needed to complete her task too. As such, everyone walked to their respective entrances according to Sajinto’s direction. 


In this event, the result wouldn’t change regardless of the path the player chose. In this labyrinth-like laboratory, Johnny was killed by a certain woman. The sight of Johnny’s corpse and the children’s corpses in this laboratory would later become trauma for Tlue and Arthur, such was the event. 

It could be said that Johnny’s death was a causal response. Although Johnny was a good man, he continued on an outrageous path, becoming an existence like that of a mass murderer who slayed tons of children. 


This place was the laboratory of a certain organization. The laboratory was built underground, complete with a setup to prevent people from finding the place by coincidence.  

At a certain space in the laboratory, in a dim room surrounded by stone walls, there was Johnny, who was stabbed with a sword in the abdomen by someone. 


“A-ah, so you aren’t a major figure~♪ What a disappointment~♪”

“…I, did this, for the sake, of the future, and humanity…”

“Things won’t change regardless of what you say. I personally don’t give a damn but… Well, considering how many people you sacrificed for whatever reason you have, isn’t it a fitting end for you?”

“…They are, necessary, sacrifices… I did that, for the sake, of the future…”


Johnny breathed his last breath. Blood fell as the sword was pulled out, forming a puddle of blood spilling from beneath him. After that, the woman tried to leave. 


“I guess that’s about it. Besides, this guy is also just a bottom stratum… to think that he didn’t have much information… this simply isn’t worth my effort.” 


As she sighed and was about to disappear, a duo stopped in front of her. 


“Oh? Who are you?” 

“…We are paladins.”



Behind the woman was Johnny’s corpse, and the woman’s clothes were soaked with blood. It was easy to guess what had happened; the girl in front of them killed Johnny. 

However, they were weirdly unconvinced. What was this place? Why was Johnny killed here? Tlue was lost in thought. There should be a reason for this situation. 


I failed to save someone again… But I can’t afford to break down here. 


In the game version, the gory scene caused Tlue to gag, making him vomit as he kneeled. However, he tried to fight against the woman despite that. But here, thanks to the treatment of a certain good doctor, his stomach was stronger now. 


“We’ll have you come along with us…” 

“I refuse~♪”


The woman felt a little bit of joy as she felt the pressure Tlue emitted. Upon hearing her reply, Tlue drew his sword. 

“As expected, a struggle is great thing~♪” 

“…Yururu-sensei, please contact the other members… I’ll stall her here alone.”

“Tlue-kun… but-”

“It’s okay. I’ll only be here to buy time until everyone comes here to take her on together. That’s why, please.”

“…Okay. Good luck.”


Yururu said so and hurried back to call the other members. Tlue actually had no intention to wait for the other members to gather. He just wanted to come out victorious on his own. What he said earlier was just an excuse. 


The figure of a certain man came to his mind. The man with black hair and a sharp gaze, the swordsman who continued to fight alone. 


Both of them kicked off the ground. The loud sound of metal clashing echoed, and the intricate sword dance was performed with a boost using art for reinforcement. 


“That’s good. I don’t hate a person like you.” 


“Isn’t it rude to ignore a lady’s words?”

“…I only have the singular thought of defeating you. I don’t need anything unnecessary.”

“Heeh… that’s a quite interesting of… huh?”


The woman noticed that there was a large puddle which her feet stepped into. Thin water arrows suddenly flew at her from all directions. 


“That’s good magic you have there… However, you lack resolve~♪” 



The woman raised her gear and used her sword to instantly disperse the water arrows. It showed that the woman was way stronger than Tlue. 


“Isn’t this enough? You’re not strong enough to be worth hunting. Besides, you lack resolve. And the most important thing is that atmosphere you tried to exude, I don’t know who you’re imitating it from but it just looks awkward.” 

“—No, it’s not over yet!”


He still attacked her despite being aware she was far stronger than he was. Despite trembling with fear and having shaky legs, he still rushed forward. 


“In your current state, you can’t defeat even those you normally can defeat…” 


As she parried Tlue’s sword, she slammed her fist into his solar plexus. The fiery impact made Tlue’s consciousness sink deeply. 


“Well then, time to go home. I’ll destroy this place… Ah- this person is still knocked unconscious…” 

“…Not, yet.”

“Oh, you woke up. Nice timing. I will be destroying this place soon, so I suggest you run from here.”

A huge amount of art converged on her right arm, glittering like a star. As she shot it down, the brilliance of the star moved from her hand to the ground. 


“As for the time… I guess an hour is enough. If possible, please don’t die here, interesting person.” 


She meant what she said. Tlue held onto his own stomach and wriggled desperately as if to chase her. However, she was no longer there. But even so— 


Then, Sajinto and Arthur arrived. The damage to his abdomen was healed and Tlue, who could now walk normally, told them they had to leave the place soon. Then, he received new information as well. Yururu was still searching for Fay and the fact that this place was some sort of laboratory where many corpses of children were found.

Although Tlue noticed Arthur had a slightly lonely expression, he couldn’t say anything to her since they needed to leave in a hurry. 




“I got lost…” 


The blonde woman got lost. After defeating Tlue, she walked around the laboratory to escape herself, but the wide labyrinth-like place made her lost. 


“…What should I do? I could just shoot magic upward for an easy exit, but that person would get caught in it and die because of collateral damage…” 


She was walking in circles as she lost her way. The more she couldn’t find the exit, the more she walked in circles again. 

She sighed, and thought about what she should do. 


In the dim labyrinth, she could hear something from a practically soundless environment. It was somebody’s footsteps. She noticed that someone seemed to be approaching her. 

They were footsteps filled with arrogance without any intention to hide it. The woman found that interesting and it piqued her curiousity about that arrogant person. 

She saw a silhouette which was taller than her own. There was a sword hanging on the man’s waist and she noticed that the man wore similar clothing to Tlue she defeated earlier. Then, she caught sight of the man’s face. 

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Eternal perspective
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