Story of a Cannon Fodder who Firmly Believed He was the Protagonist, Misunderstood the Actual Protagonist as the Cannon Fodder, and Ended up Victorious

Translator: Tsukii

Editor: Derpy

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Chapter 026 – Mordred [C]

Yururu finally found Fay. Although she managed to find Arthur and Sajinto, she couldn’t find Fay all this time. And even when she finally saw him, she didn’t feel too happy about it. 



“Oh my, you are the person from earlier.”

It was a scene where her disciple had blood clots 1 littered all over him, while the woman had more blood on her clothes than earlier. A burning anger arose in Yururu. 

“…You are…” 

“I have no intention to fight you. If we did, your comrade might get caught in it.”



Yururu felt disgusted the moment she first saw Mordred. And that feeling was becoming greater right now. Yururu could sense that this woman was madness with a form. 


“Rather than that, please answer my earlier question. Did you perhaps enjoy our time earlier?” 

“…You’re not exactly wrong. At that moment, I was trembling… trembling with joy as I knew I’d climbed to a greater height.”



Yururu felt her heart squeeze with loneliness. 

“Fufuh, as expected, you really are similar to me. If you’d like, how about you come along with me? I think that it will be a lot of fun, you know? I can lecture you about the way I fight. It’ll be fun to foster my own enemy~♪” 



A casual invite. The moment Yururu heard it, her throat went dry. If Fay suddenly disappeared from her, Yururu would likely abandon herself to despair. Yururu desperately hoped for him to stay with her. 

Perhaps Fay was indeed similar to that woman. Perhaps they were connected in a way beyond Yururu’s understanding. But that was exactly why Yururu didn’t want him to leave her. Because if their paths separated, they would never intersect again.


Fay-kun… Please don’t leave me.


Yururu expected her wish to not be granted, considering that the woman in front of her was stronger than Yururu was, and could understand Fay more than she ever could. She felt him drifting farther and farther away. 


No way, I don’t want to hear anything more. 


Yururu felt like she knew his answer. Considering how much he sought for power— 


“—I refuse.” 


It took a few seconds for Yururu to register what he just said. Fay was dyed in blood and could no longer move. However, his fighting spirit hadn’t disappeared yet. His eyes were looking straight into Mordred’s eyes of madness. 


“There’s nothing you can teach me. The only master I have is that woman over there, Yururu Garethia.” 



An unnameable kind of emotion filled her. Her body became hot and her tears oozed out. She was so happy to hear him call her Yururu Garethia for the first time.


“Fu-hn, okay, that’s fine. Well then Fay-sama, we’ll meet again someday.”


“What is it?”

“I’ll eventually cut you down. I’ll never forget today’s humiliation. And you’ll regret the fact you didn’t finish me here.”

“I’m looking forward to that~♪ See you again.”


Mordred disappeared with a happy hum, leaving only Fay and Yururu there. Fay gradually began to dip into unconsciousness. He has already gone beyond his limit, and with exhaustion piled up high on his body, death approached to claim his life. 

However, he didn’t outwardly show any particular reaction to it happening, and still stood there with his usual expression. 

Although his mentality was abnormal, it was beyond what his body could support. So despite the fact that his mentality could last, his body couldn’t, and he sank further into the depths of his own consciousness. 


Yururu embraced Fay as he fainted, no longer conscious. Blood was constantly dripping from his abdomen, so Yururu hastily used the potions she had on her on Fay’s abdomen. Although he had other wounds, that wound was the most problematic. 

The major injury somehow closed as the potions were used up. If Mordred hadn’t used her potion earlier, Fay would certainly have died. 

However, he was still lacking blood. As such, Yururu then carried him on her back and hurriedly ran for the exit.




I got lost. This is bad… Even though I insisted I was fine alone earlier, I felt like I had already passed this path before… 


Huh? Well, life was about getting lost on the path one walked. Protagonists sometimes get lost too… 


But what should I do about this? As I explored, I met a beautiful woman with a blonde ponytail I’d never seen before.

This woman… didn’t seem to be a friend. She gave off a suspicious atmosphere that was thick. Eh? You said you defeated another member earlier? 


Uwah, so she was an enemy after all. Let’s defeat her immediately. 


Battle commenced. 


She was fast. A normal person would never be able to respond to it. It would be hard for me to deal with her with my current abilities, however, I was the protagonist. This wasn’t enough to stop me. 

Moreover, her swordsmanship was similar to Arthur’s. Or rather, it was completely the same. My battle record against Arthur was 2000 battles and 2000 defeats. 


For the me who always got beaten down by that, it was easy to react!! 


Anyway, was she related to Arthur somehow? She felt a little crazy too… Like an asshole who loved to play with others… even though she was quite cute. Now that I think about it, I heard that despite how cute dolphins look, they hid a dark secret. 2 3

It seemed that adult dolphins had a habit of killing, bullying, and torturing baby dolphins. Fu-hn, if Arthur was a giant panda, then I guess Mordred was a dolphin, since they had the same swordsmanship. 


Minor wounds piled up on my body, but for a protagonist, that was something like stress on jeans that made them more fashionable, so I ignored it. 


I was stabbed in my stomach, so I went to headbutt her in retaliation. This wasn’t enough to break me. Rather, with my stomach penetrated, it made it easier to move due to less air resistance (Berserker). 

Ah?! She didn’t get knocked out… that was my greatest headbutt though. So she was actually a laughing berserker, a dolphin-type berserker? 


I lost tons of blood and I couldn’t move. But I would manage it somehow using my spirit!!! The protagonist always keeps moving despite the lack of blood!! The protagonist had to make do with everything using spirit!!! 


Eh? You would let me go? Was she underestimating me? No, I guess this was more of that kind of event where the enemy has expectations for the protagonist’s future growth, so they didn’t defeat them at present… 

The kind of enemies who could defeat the protagonist but let them go because they underestimated them did exist after all. Okay then, the next time we meet again would be your last!! 

And then, Yururu-shishou arrived. Eh? What? You ask why I laugh? 

I was laughing? 

…Aah, I see. I understand. You see, I was always lost in my longing to be the protagonist, however, there was no protagonist-like event that would ever happen in reality. Even so, I still wished for it. 


It was an existence that could grant dreams to others, and one that would never surrender regardless of the situation.

   It wasn’t easy to become such an existence. Even when I didn’t open my umbrella on a rainy day to block the rain, but instead use it to perform fictional swordsmanship; even when I dived into a manhole, pretending it was a summoning circle to the other world; even when I contracted my muscles to the point a blood vessel appeared; even when I carved a cross mark into my own cheek with a knife, nothing changed in reality. I couldn’t change anything then, but things were different in this world. 

I was the protagonist here, a bearer of the gene I always longed for. That was why I was having fun. I could clearly feel the results of the training I did every day and every time I overcame death, I was getting stronger. 

I could make my longing come true here. Even if I lost something in the process, I couldn’t help but drown in such pleasure. This moment and this life, like an act straight out of my longing, was so much fun. 


That was why I laughed. Perhaps I was truly in a miserable state and unable to achieve victory. Even though I might die in battle, I was sure I might be able to grasp something if I never gave up, that was how I felt. 

Well, I was the protagonist so I wouldn’t die though…!! After all, the tale of the world would end if I died, so the protagonist’s correction would keep me from dying. 

That was why… since I couldn’t die, I will do all I could with my ‘dying’ will and manage to survive somehow, as was the basic procedure. 


Okay then, my consciousness was also gradually going away. Well, fainting due to a lack of blood and waking up in the bed was basic procedure after all. Eh? You asked me to come with you? I wouldn’t go with you. I-  


-Have Yururu-shishou after all. 


Don’t you become arrogant and suddenly act like you were my master. You are just a dolphin-type, berserker enemy who underestimates her opponents.4


I will definitely repay this debt. Now that I think about it, I also said the same thing to Arthur. This woman’s swordsmanship was indeed similar to Arthur’s, so I guess there was some sort of causality related. 

Ah- no good. I was going to pass out.

Well then, Yururu-shishou, see you again in the room with an unfamiliar ceiling.

Au revoir (faint). 5

Author’s Note:

I’m sorry. I’ve thought about making screen time for Beta and Gamma, but the story regarding this is getting too long, so I changed the plan and ended it here for now.

I wanted to go to God’s forum soon… so Alpha’s storyline was delayed… at least in my plan.

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7 months ago

Еvеn whеn І dіdn’t ореn mу umbrеllа оn а rаіnу dау tо blосk thе rаіn, but іnѕtеаd uѕе іt tо реrfоrm fісtіоnаl ѕwоrdѕmаnѕhір; еvеn whеn І dіvеd іntо а mаnhоlе, рrеtеndіng іt wаѕ а ѕummоnіng сіrсlе tо thе оthеr wоrld; еvеn whеn І соntrасtеd mу muѕсlеѕ tо thе роіnt а blооd vеѕѕеl арреаrеd; еvеn whеn І саrvеd а сrоѕѕ mаrk іntо mу оwn сhееk wіth а knіfе, nоthіng сhаngеd іn rеаlіtу. І соuldn’t сhаngе аnуthіng thеn, but thіngѕ wеrе dіffеrеnt іn thіѕ wоrld.

Yep, definitely a Cid/Shadow like mentality. Both of them are beyond help with their borderline insane obsession to fulfill a certain role…

6 months ago
Reply to  PatataGod

7 months ago

I see that he will never get as strong as his thoughts want or enough to give real progress, because the only thing I see is a joke that is repeated over and over again, especially when it is his pov and especially convenient situations where it seems that the characters are Buddha who can see the “aura” of determination in people. I drop it, it was a pleasure.

1 year ago

Sasuke-Orochimaru vibes.
I guess we’ll see now how Sasuke might have become if he didn’t go to Orochimaru through Fay’s story from here. Also, gratz Yururu for being worthy enough to keep Fay where Sakura couldn’t do the same for Sasuke!

1 year ago

Thanks for update

This is first time i have respect for Fay part to keep with yururu and not laugh

Good job Fay

And thanks for update again