Story of a Cannon Fodder who Firmly Believed He was the Protagonist, Misunderstood the Actual Protagonist as the Cannon Fodder, and Ended up Victorious

Translator: Tsukii

Editor: ink

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Intermission – A Suspicious Person Who Claims to be One’s Elder Sister [A]

Fay had his eyes closed on the bed. He was in a medical room in a corner of the mansion of the lord of Point Town. Yururu sat next to him and looked anxiously at him. Although Fay spilled tons of blood, his complexion wasn’t bad. It was because Yururu gave her blood to him. 

Yururu stroked Fay’s face many times. Her action was filled with relief to know Fay was saved. She touched Fay over and over to feel him. 


Her touch was gentle to not disturb him from his sleep. She kept stroking him gently. After some time passed, Fay opened his eyes.  


“It’s an unknown ceiling…” 

“Ah, Fay-kun. I’m glad.”


Fay and Yururu’s eyes met. She put her hand on Fay’s neck and embraced him. His chest was buried in her chest. 


“You really worry me… stupid.” 


“Ah, I- I’m sorry! I did something weird!”


She suddenly felt embarrassed for hugging him involuntarily. That was how much she unconsciously sought for him. She was astonished about that at the same time. 


“Well, I guess I’ve troubled you…” 

“N- no, you don’t have to mind that… Err, I’ll tell you what happened afterward, okay?”


Yururu switched her thoughts and talked about the situation after that as a paladin. That maze-like location suffered a big explosion and disappeared without a trace. There was also the fact that Johnny Point Town was slain by that swordsman named Mordred. 

This case was publicly treated with Mordred being the sole culprit. However, since there was likely something behind this incident, people were told to hide what they saw in that maze-like place. 

“That’s about it… What do you think, Fay-kun? About this incident…” 

“I already felt that Johnny guy was  suspicious from the beginning… Although we don’t know the full story, I doubt he is merely a simple victim in this incident.”

“I also thought so. Mei-chan and Johnny-san’s wife also told us that person seemed to have hidden something for a long time…”

“There’s no point in thinking about it any further. It’s something we don’t know at this point.”

“You’re right… I also don’t want to think about that place anymore.”


There were rotten corpses of children infested with maggots there. She felt her spine freeze as she recalled that. 

What was that? Who was Johnny Point Town really? Nobody knew that at this point. However, they did know that a swordsman named Mordred destroyed everything there. 

If the things that Johnny did came to light, his wife and children might end up in a similar state to Yururu. 


“Ah, Fay-kun, how is your body? Do you still feel bad somewhere?” 

“I would feel a bit tired if I woke up after fainting if it’s as usual… but it seems that’s not the case this time.

“I see… I’m glad then.”

“You, don’t tell me you gave me your blood…”

“Eh?! Ah… Yo- you’re right. It’s amazing you knew that…”

“The way you hid your left hand made me curious… sorry to trouble you.”

“No, I’m your master after all! It’s just this matter… As long as Fay-kun is safe, all is fine.”


Yururu shyly held onto Fay’s hand. Her body sought to be with Fay for some reason. She wanted to feel his warmth. 


“Err, didn’t you, call me… Yururu… at that time…?” 


“Since calling me ‘hey’ or ‘you’ makes it seem like we’re a long time couple, so I- I didn’t mind that… but I’ll be happy if you call me Yururu from now on…”

“I see.”


Fay only replied perfunctory. Although he didn’t say his agreement, she didn’t mind as long as the idea of calling her by name remained on the corner of his mind. 

A sweet and sour feeling sprung within her. Her love made her want to touch and seek out more of Fay. 


He was on the verge of dying, and Yururu thought he might leave her behind. She thought she would be all alone once again. Now, a sense of security, joy, and relief was heightened to its limit. She was so happy just having him beside her. 


She reached out her hand once again even though she knew she shouldn’t. She embraced Fay once again. She placed his face on her bosom and fixed it with her arm so he didn’t move around. She enjoyed every rugged sensation of his body and the slight scent of his body and hair. 




Fay silently tried to resist. Yururu also knew that he didn’t like this kind of contact. 


“You can’t do that. Since Fay-kun made me so worried, just obediently let me embrace you for now.” 


Her expression as she whispered to his ear was not the face of his master, but the expression of a woman who loved a man. Even though Fay didn’t seem to like it, he no longer resisted as he heard her joyful whisper. 

Yururu, who knew she might not be able to control herself if it lasted too long, would definitely suffer in agony at a later time. 1 




Meanwhile at that time, Sajinto was watching the situation, the sweet yet sour event scene between Yururu and Fay. 


Gagagagagaagaaa-, damn, I’M JEALOUS!!! 


Fay’s face was buried in Yururu’s bosom. Then she whispered things like “how cute” or “you are really a bad disciple who makes me worry” to his ears while caressing his hair. 


What’s with that!! I’m really jealous!! ⅁ɐʃƃɐƃƃɐƃƃʍƃʍƃɐƃnǝƃɐƃʍ!!!! 2 




—Sajinto-san, who got so envious he couldn’t even make coherent words inside his mind. 

Sajinto’s stomach was dying due to overwork and exhaustion from Arthur’s surveillance, and the gaze of doubt she gave him who was suspicious of the possibility of him being a lolicon. 3 

For him, to be spoiled by a woman like Yururu who was a cute baby-faced older person with an erotic body complete with a big bust and motherhood was considered his dream. 


That guy!!! Even though he got injured all on his own, makes her worry, and does a follow up for her, isn’t that totally a set up!!! 

You kick her down then raise her up, that’s totally the conduct of a scummy man!! 




Calm down, me. I am still a third-grade paladin. It’s okay. I should be able to find a good woman eventually. It’s okay, it’s okay, it’s okay. 

It’s okay, Even if he is popular right now, we’ll never know what will happen in the future. It just so happens that it’s his season right now. It will eventually pass. 

—Too bad, Fay would be wounded for one reason and another for all years long and raise other’s favorability that way, a match pump protagonist whose season lasted all year. 

Basically, Fay was a man like a komatsuna that was strong against heat and cold and could be eaten deliciously at any time. 4 


Sajinto shed tears of blood as he watched Fay. Then a giant panda, whose favorite food is komatsuna, passed by him.

“Ah, Fay. You’re awake. I’m glad.” 

“Ah, eh, he- hello, Arthur-san…”

“Fay, are you being spoiled by Yururu-sensei?”

“No, it’s me who wants to do this… I think Fay-kun doesn’t like this, but I just forced him.”

“I see… Fay, I can spoil you as well, you know? (A sudden act like an elder sister.)”


I don’t get jealous when it’s Arthur. That sure is a wonder. 


Sajinto had such thoughts when he saw Arthur. He was still jealous of Fay who was still in the strong embrace of Yururu who didn’t seem to be willing to be separate from him. 


“Hey, can you let go of Fay…? It’s my turn to spoil him.” 

“Eeh, just for today, it’s my…”

“I think Fay would be happy to be spoiled by an onee-chan like me.”


Arthur acting like an elder sister sure makes me want to retort. 


Sajinto thought so. Despite the ruckus, Arthur didn’t get to embrace Fay.5

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