Story of a Cannon Fodder who Firmly Believed He was the Protagonist, Misunderstood the Actual Protagonist as the Cannon Fodder, and Ended up Victorious

Translator: Tsukii

Editor: Derpy

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Intermission – Gantetsu [A]

The sound of hitting iron echoed, the hammer forming a sword. The smith poured his soul into every hit of the hammer.

The blacksmith Gantetsu desperately made the sword while wiping off the sweat on his forehead, hitting the hot iron over and over. Seeking to make the sword that could satisfy that man. 


And then, the weapon was completed. It was a beautiful katana. The guard was in the shape of a black flower and its scabbard was also wonderfully made, allowing the sword to be sheathed nicely. 


It was truly a masterpiece. 

He named the blade “Hanakuki.” And right after he finished the blade, the door of the forge opened. It was Fay, the man with black hair and arrogant eyes. As Gantetsu silently presented the blade, Fay said nothing, paid Gantetsu the money, and left immediately. 1 


So he could sense it was a good sword without even looking at the blade. There’s no way he would be dissatisfied with the masterpiece I’ve poured my soul into creating. 


However, my skill is still lacking. I should be able to create a much greater sword. I couldn’t make it right now, and it would probably be too much for you as well. 


I’ve heard that swords always choose their owner. Oh, black swordsman, whether you possess the capacity to use that katana properly, or leave that katana to become dull because you couldn’t…


I look forward to finding out… 


The blacksmith Gantetsu laughed quietly at the spot where the black swordsman had just disappeared from.




I finally bought it. I felt bad for making him mistake me as a customer last time, so I bought what he gave me and left immediately. 

I didn’t mind what I’d bought as long as it was a sword anyway, but it turned out to be a katana. I didn’t hate that as a former Japanese myself. Let’s try it out later. 

That forge seems to be something similar to a café made by a retired salaryman after all. I guess he’s had his troubles. 


I just bought it because of my guilt from last time, but… when I saw the blade, it seemed to actually be a good product. Was it just my imagination? I thought that shop was simply something made by a retired person, but perhaps the owner actually had talent? 

Maybe it really was a good shop? I don’t know… 

Now that I think about it, I want to go to Free City soon… 

I wanted to show Yururu-shishou this new katana, but she seemed busy talking with Mei the maid. They seemed to have been in a master and servant relationship in the past, so I guess they got along well even now. 

Both of them were somewhat similar after all. 

Ah- Now that I think about it, I had been doing my job as a paladin seriously. I want to go to the dungeon sometimes. 

I wonder if I should go…? Rather, I want to go. I hope the long vacation comes soon. 




In the room of an inn Yururu always stayed in, Mei put her luggage down and sat down. 

“Isn’t it cramped if Mei stays with ojou-sama?” 

“It’s okay, it’s okay! You don’t have to worry about that, Mei-chan! It’ll be more enjoyable to stay together!”


Yururu smiled as she said that. What an innocent 23 year old. She was together with her former, nay, with her current maid and best friend Mei. 


Yururu brewed some tea and offered it to Mei in the small room with only one table. Yururu moved the table to sit between Mei who sat on the chair and her who sat on the bed. 

“Ah, this is tasty.” 

“Isn’t it? I’m quite good at brewing tea.”

“…Ojou-sama, you’ve grown splendidly.”

“Eh? Is-is that so?”

“Yes. So much so that it’s hard to believe that you used to cry at Mei since you couldn’t go to the toilet alone, and you wouldn’t let me sleep until you fell asleep first in the past.”

“Ca-can you please forget about that?”


Yururu tilted her head and looked up with sheepish, puppy eyes as she shyly interrupted Mei’s story. Mei’s jaw dropped seeing how Yururu still made puppy eyes when she had a request. They continued to chat while drinking tea, be it about the past or about the present, and time flew by. 


And in the midst of that conversation, Mei asked. 


“Ojou-sama, you love Fay-sama, right?” 

“Eh…? Ah, that’s… yo-you’re wrong, though?”

“Then what kind of person is your type?”

“Err, he has an unfriendly gaze, good at swords… he might be clumsy at communication, but he is actually very kind inside…”

“I see.”


Yururu was practically describing a very specific person but she didn’t seem to notice it. Mei was an understanding maid, so she could read Yururu’s intentions. 


“Also, a-a younger person, I guess? A-about eight years younger… Does that sound weird? For me to love a younger man.” 

“No, that’s not the case.”

“Yo-you’re right! There’s no law in Britannia that forbids me from loving a man eight years younger than I am!”

“That’s right.”

“Ho-how about Mei-chan? Do you not have any type for a man?”

“As for Mei… Mei’s type is the person I come to love.”

“Heeh… that sounds profound.”

“That’s right.”


Mei also felt that she said something profound there. Yururu seemed to be impressed by it. An indescribable atmosphere surrounded the two. After that, they changed into their pajamas and went to bed together. 


“Ehehe, it’s been a while since we last did this, Mei-chan.” 

“You’re right. It makes Mei remember the old days. Should I prepare a change of underwear in case you pee while sleeping?”

“Hey! Mei-chan!”

“It’s a maid joke.”

“Fufuh… then, see you tomorrow. Good night.”

“Yes. Tomorrow… is it another morning training with Fay-sama?”


“I understand. Good night then, ojou-sama.”


They held others’ hands and closed their eyes. Their breaths immediately even out. And both of them had a dream, not a vague, but clear dream.

The things they dreamt about were their innocent, old days… not. 

By the time Yururu noticed it, she was sitting on her bed in her pajamas. Someone embraced her firmly from behind, not leting her escape. 

“Fa-Fay-kun, you can’t, do that… our relationship as master and disciple will…” 

“I can’t endure it anymore.”

“Ah, that’s… Fay-kun… you can’t…”


Fay gently kissed her neck. Her arousal gradually increased. As for Mei… 

“Da-danna-sama… you can’t… please stop, don’t lose to Mei’s charm!” 

“You are a maid. Mine, that is… this is part of your duty, obey me.”

“My-my duty… in that case…”

“You actually want it, don’t you?”

“N-no, this is just my duty… there’re no emotions involved… Ra-rather than that, be-before anyone comes, hurry up and finish it… it’s also the role of a maid to do their duty properly… so please, can you do it quickly?”

“What a needy maid.”


Mei was pushed down onto the bed and enjoyed an immoral romance as sharp eyes like that of a hawk looked down on her while she convinced herself she was merely doing her duty. 


Fay’s image within them was greatly detached from reality, but neither of them cared since they were in the dream. 

“Ehehe… Fay-kun, you can’t do that.” 

“Ehehe, danna-sama, this is also my duty.”


Perhaps the reason why they became great friends was because they have a similar taste in men and also like to be delusional, so their wavelengths matched. 


 2 3

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