Story of a Cannon Fodder who Firmly Believed He was the Protagonist, Misunderstood the Actual Protagonist as the Cannon Fodder, and Ended up Victorious

Translator: Tsukii

Editor: Derpy

Read at Watashi wa Sugoi Desu!

Tsukii Note: I wanted to make it a one-shot for the forum, but it turned out to be way too long for a single post, so I split it in two, sorry for the inconvenience.

Intermission – Gantetsu [B]

1 Anonymous God

Should we do the review? Yes or oui. 1 

2 Anonymous God 

Well, might as well do it. About Fay… I am very jealous of him for starters.

3 Anonymous God 

Yea, I’m not convinced that he was merely “a bit nervous” when he was receiving Yururu-shishou’s puff puff. 2

4 Anonymous God 

There’s no way you could’ve merely gotten a “bit nervous” there, even though he is merely a virgin… I’m envious.

5 Anonymous God 

But well, it can’t be helped. Fay did his best after all.

6 Anonymous God 

It should be okay for him to receive a little reward.

7 Anonymous God 

Athena’s stream edited out many parts of the story, right? Fay is also working hard outside of what we saw on the stream, right?

8 Anonymous God 

Since he worked hard in the parts that were streamed, he must have worked even harder in the parts that were not streamed. That is the basic procedure.

9 Anonymous God 

You’re right. How strong is Fay, by the way? I think he got quite a bit stronger compared to when we first saw him, though?

10 Anonymous God 

Well, he really is stronger. If we compare now to his initial state, the difference would be like the moon and komatsuna. 3

11 Anonymous God 

Komatsuna (LOL).

12 Anonymous God 

Well, it’s all because of Athena’s misleading words.

13 Anonymous God 

Well, she did that on purpose after all.

14 Anonymous God 

Speaking of fault, Fay is also at fault. That was totally the move of a bad man.

15 Anonymous God 

It’s a match pump after all.

16 Anonymous God 

Speaking of match pumps, Athena is also at fault for using such a misleading sentence. 4

17 Anonymous God 

But Fay is indeed getting better. Isn’t he just lacking in operating art?

18 Anonymous God 

No, Fay only has non-elementals, so he needs other things for major growth.

19 Anonymous God 

You’re right. Or rather, it’s amazing of him to be able to last this long with what he has now. He is very weak compared to Tlue and Arthur, right?

20 Anonymous God 

He is weak indeed. But Fay shone so dazzlingly that it hardly felt that way.

21 Anonymous God 

This makes Yururu-chan fall even deeper for him, right?

22 Anonymous God 

Seriously, that sentence, “The only person to teach me is Yururu Garethia,” felt really electrifying.

23 Anonymous God 

That’s practically cheating. Yururu-chan fell for him even more seriously. Won’t she become a yandere this way? (Wish)

24 Anonymous God 

I don’t think Yururu-chan is fit to be a yandere. Also, this yandere lover must be Loki.

25 Anonymous God 

But Yururu-chan sure got overshadowed. There’s a suspicious giant panda who named herself as elder sister. There is also Mei, the former maid who thinks of herself as the protagonist of a romance fiction.

26 Anonymous God 

Arthur-chan’s attributes increased as the story went on. Well, people often get various titles in the world of reincarnated people so I didn’t really care. Rather than that, there’s Mei-chan, right?

27 Anonymous God 

Isn’t she supposed to be a mob character? Her character is too thick. She had the dangerous thought of NTR-ing her former master of her beloved person.

28 Anonymous God 

It must be Fay’s fault. She must have been infected by Fay’s protagonist syndrome.

29 Anonymous God 

What does that mean?

30 Anonymous God 

Fay is not to be understood. He is to be felt (Basic).

31 Anonymous God 

Well, does that make Yururu-chan inferior then?

32 Anonymous God 

No, she isn’t. Yururu-chan is like the heroine’s representation of divine attributes. How many people like her are still out there in the world? She just lacks a little part of her head. Nah, I guess she lacked restraint in certain parts of her body as well.

33 Anonymous God 

Yururu-chan is a bit perverted (ecchi) after all.

34 Anonymous God 


Don’t refer to Yururu-chan as perverted (ecchi) so lightly! Call it wisdom (eichi)!! 5

35 Anonymous God 

I see a Yururu hardcore fan upstairs…

36 Anonymous God 

I have expectations for Maria & Lilia though.

37 Anonymous God 

Although it got edited out, those two are the ones who interacted with Fay the most, right? Things would change depending on how much Lele acts.

38 Anonymous God 

You’re right. Both of them are reluctant to make a move on each other after all.

39 Anonymous God 

You see… today’s comment section somehow… feels peaceful.

40 Anonymous God 

Well, the usual hardliner didn’t seem to be here after all.

41 Anonymous God 

Haah, I really like Yururu-chan.

42 Anonymous God

You’re right. I really like Yururu-chan. 6

43 Anonymous God 

Yururu suko!

44 Anonymous God 

Yururu shiko!! 7

45 Anonymous God 


46 Anonymous God 


Zeus appeared—!!!!

47 Anonymous God 

Piss off, Zeus.

48 Anonymous God 

Well, we got something amazing this time. Yururu actually exchanged bodily fluids (blood) with Fay. In a way, that’s the development we sought for (LOL).

49 Anonymous God 

You’re being disgusting just as you appeared.

50 Anonymous God 

Piss off.

51 Anonymous God 

I’m curious about Yururu-ryan’s three sizes though? Does explanatory god know? 8

52 Anonymous God 

I know it. Yururu-chan’s size is B93/W57/H84

53 Anonymous God 

…That’s just the right size (Bliss).

54 Anonymous God 

That’s gross. Rather, what do you mean just the right size?

55 Anonymous God 

No, you see, I’m not a fan of those unnaturally big boobs that appear in doujinshis. In that respect, Yururu-chan’s is just right!!

56 Anonymous God 

We don’t give a damn to your taste.

57 Anonymous God 

By the way, what about Maria & Lilia-chan?

58 Anonymous God 

I know it. It’s B100/W61/B89. 9

59 Anonymous God 

Eh? Her bust is exactly 100?!

…What bliss (Delight). 

60 Anonymous God 

Please, Zeus… can you just go home?

61 Anonymous God 

You don’t have to appear, the atmosphere will turn soggy. Read the room, will you?

62 Anonymous God 


Why must I read the room?

We are gods, you know? Why should we follow the bad custom of humanity of reading the room? Why should we live a life of mobs who side with heroines to win the prize of Fay?10 I don’t understand that.

—by Zeus 

63 Anonymous God 

Don’t casually start arguments here. Rather, you just blatantly admitted you are Zeus.

64 Anonymous God 

About my bride, or rather my wife, or rather the ruler of my family, Hera… she told me that living while adapting to other gods is a small fry’s way of life. I’ll be in a world of pain if I don’t obey. 11

—by Zeus 

65 Anonymous God 

That sounds annoying (LOL).

66 Anonymous God 

Just ignore him. Ignore him.

67 Anonymous God 

Rather than that, there’s a lack of Utsu in that world despite the world being based on the Utsu novel game.

68 Anonymous God 

Fay destroys all of it. It’s all thanks to Fay.

69 Anonymous God 

It’s also thanks to Fay that the Heroine became cute.

70 Anonymous God 

It’s also thanks to Fay that the livestream became enjoyable.

71 Anonymous God 

You’re right. It’s thanks to Fay.

72 Anonymous God 

Did Fay’s bookmark get inserted into others’ books? 12 

73 Anonymous God 

How is it actually? Somehow, the novel game it is based on feels less affecting now. The fact that Fay’s strong influence also played a role in that though. Explanatory god, hurry and explain.

74 Anonymous God 

I know about it. Although Utsu became less relevant because of Fay, the greater reason is because the best charm of the novel game “Round Table Heroes” has been destroyed.

75 Anonymous God 

What do you mean?

76 Anonymous God 

Well, I’m not interested.

77 Anonymous God 

Yep, I’m not interested in Round Table Heroes itself. I’m more interested in how Fay plays a role in that.

78 Anonymous God 

Eh? Is that so… Ah- then I won’t have to bother to explain. One of the greatest charms of Round Table Heroes is the scene of wisdom with Arthur-chan, but since none of you are interested, let’s talk about something else.

79 Anonymous God 

Details pls.

80 Anonymous God 

Learning about wisdom is the basic procedure.

81 Anonymous God 

As expected, we need the basic knowledge of the base game that is the Round Table Heroes, right?

82 Anonymous God 


Exactly. That’s obvious.

83 Anonymous God 

Eh? Ah, is that so? I’ll explain then… I know about it. Everyone knows that the supposed protagonist of the Utsu novel game is Tlue, right?

84 Anonymous God 

Ah, now that I think about it, Tlue was the protagonist, was it?

85 Anonymous God 

I already forgot about that. He’s already as thin as air, or rather, he became carbon dioxide.

86 Anonymous God 

Tlue is carbon dioxide (fixed term).

87 Anonymous God 

Well, let’s continue. Although Fay broke the chain of events, at the scene where Fay beat Tlue’s solar plexus in the sunset, for example, it was originally Arthur who cheered him up.

88 Anonymous God 

You said that before.

89 Anonymous God 

But after this, though Tlue got encouraged a bit, he still has a hidden wound inside his heart, which led him to go to Arthur-chan’s room and proceed with the scene of wisdom.

90 Anonymous God 


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5 months ago

The final part of the chapter alwayze takes me off guard.

Diana Kurosawa
Diana Kurosawa
7 months ago

Chat recap: Unfortunately, Zeus was feeling horny~

Eternal perspective
Eternal perspective
1 year ago

Thanks for chap
I’d forgotten that wisdom pun so I thought the scene of wisdom was actually a good scene. Realized what it was when they said tlue will go to Arthur’s room.

So the game was tragedy and ecchi??!

1 year ago

Wisdom is what makes me to keep on coming.

The author really ended this at a steep cliff.

Last edited 1 year ago by Takusaka
1 year ago

Due wisdom I read now, I fell sorry for long time not read this novel

Thanks for update

1 year ago

Due to the wisdom of ‘anonymous’ gods i suddenly feel the urge to punch a certain someone……