Story of a Cannon Fodder who Firmly Believed He was the Protagonist, Misunderstood the Actual Protagonist as the Cannon Fodder, and Ended up Victorious

Translator: Tsukii

Editor: Derpy

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Intermission – Gantetsu [C]

91 Anonymous God 

After this, they would proceed to the scene of wisdom whenever something happened. This version of Arthur-chan is cute and sexy. No, seriously. Whenever Tlue wasn’t doing well, Arthur would attack him and spoil him. 

This might be the cause of why Arthur-chan acted like Fay’s elder sister earlier. 

92 Anonymous God 

Which worldline of Arthur was that?

93 Anonymous God 

It’s hard to believe.

94 Anonymous God 

No, but hey, isn’t Arthur-chan… a blonde beauty with good proportions…?

95 Anonymous God 

Explanatory god, three sizes.

96 Anonymous God 

I know about that. It’s B81/W55/H78. 1

97 Anonymous God 

Uh-n, interesting.

By Zeus

98 Anonymous God 

Shut up, Zeus.

99 Anonymous God  

But really… Doesn’t Arthur-chan have great potential in that department?

100 Anonymous God 

I do think she has great potential. Rather, most people played the game to witness Arthur-chan’s scene of wisdom. Arthur-chan is a virgin, but she has great technique. Coupled with great instinct, she got better with every scene of wisdom she did.

Tlue ended up at her mercy every time.2 3

101 Anonymous God 

What would happen if she was with Fay instead?

102 Anonymous God 

Since Fay’s got an Excalibur… perhaps she would be at his mercy instead?

103 Anonymous God 

She tried to lead as she acted like Fay’s elder sister, yet Arthur-chan ends up at the mercy of Fay’s Excalibur…

104 Anonymous God 

No, isn’t it possible that Fay ends up at her mercy too?

105 Anonymous God 

So, when would it be for the girls to end up assaulting him at night?

By Zeus

106 Anonymous God 

I told you, just shut up. 4

107 Anonymous God 

I’ll continue. Although Arthur-chan has the temperament of an elder sister… When Arthur-chan got hit by the utsu, she tried to be spoiled which really makes you think her personality changed. It shows that she also has the temperament of a little sister as well. It’s like the positions are reversed. It makes you want to spoil her to no end. 

On the internet, Arthur was known as a chameleon because of this. 

108 Anonymous God 

Seriously? Arthur-chan… is actually not a joke character?

109 Anonymous God 

Wait a minute, there’s a giant panda-like, suspicious person who named herself elder sister, and a confusing detective, chameleon, acting like a lover, like an elder sister… she sure has got tons of elements there.

110 Anonymous God 

Regarding the little sister version of Arthur, she would try to entwine fingers, embrace him, touch his body, and then proceed with the scene of wisdom. By the way, Maria & Lilia are a bit masochistic and love to be bullied by the person she loves.

111 Anonymous God 

I see, exactly because of those Utsu scenes, the scene of wisdom becomes much more dazzling. All of those things got blown away because of Fay though.

112 Anonymous God 

In the end, would Fay have a scene of wisdom?

113 Anonymous God 

I don’t think so. He is a cool-type protagonist after all.

114 Anonymous God

Maybe not.

115 Anonymous God 

Since Fay is often gravely injured, it is normally thought of as an utsu development that might lead to a scene of wisdom though…

116 Anonymous God 

Injuries for him are no different to damage on jeans, so there’s nothing Utsu about it.

117 Anonymous God 

Fay might end up being imprisoned by the woman who loves him someday. Personally, I prefer him to be squeezed dry like a frog dried in summer heat. Fay has that such element, right? After all, his strength is not that big of deal, right? Imprisoned END is a possibility, right? (Expectation)

118 Anonymous God 

Loki’s preference is quite something.

119 Anonymous God 

Fay mentioned going to the Free City, what about that? Rather, what’s with the Free City? Explanatory god, pls.

120 Anonymous God 

The Free City is more of a stage for side story DLC. The protagonist of that side story is Tlue’s little sister. Many things happen there, like losing an arm, an eye, and obviously, getting involved with bad adventurers… things like that. Yururu-chan is also supposed to appear in the side story, at least in the game version.

121 Anonymous God 

Ah- the Utsu.

122 Anonymous God 

Huh? Didn’t Tlue mention that his little sister died?

123 Anonymous God 

That one is his foster sister. The protagonist of the side story is blood sister. By the way, Tlue didn’t remember this little sister’s existence.

124 Anonymous God 

Fu-hn… by the way, is there a scene of wisdom in the side story?

125 Anonymous God 

There is. Rather, scenes of wisdom in the Round Table Heroes are one of reasons the game is so popular, so it also applied in the side stories. It just turned into something similar to an otome game. There are many characters that end up like male heroines, and that little sister-chan got involved with them? Well, none of them managed to save the little sister-chan and the scene of wisdom is more of after the damage is done. But this little sister-chan looks quite good, as expected of Tlue’s little sister. 

126 Anonymous God 

Now I’m curious about that Free City.

127 Anonymous God 

That little sister-chan ends up like a protagonist of romance fiction (LOL).

128 Anonymous God 

I look forward to the confrontation of contradiction between Tlue’s little sister, the real protagonist of romance fiction VS Mei who believes herself to be the protagonist of a romance fiction (LOL).

129 Anonymous God 

By the way, this little sister-chan happens to be a really cheeky tsundere. I won’t say more than that since it’ll be a spoiler. 5

130 Anonymous God 

What will happen to Yururu-chan who originally ended up there? Details pls.

131 Anonymous God 

About Yururu-chan… she would meet her Utsu development a bit after the side story begins. She did have an encounter with little sister-chan. But unfortunately, there’s no other way but to be abandoned by both of them.

132 Anonymous God 


133 Anonymous God 

Yururu has to reach her happiness!!!

134 Anonymous God 

Why must Yururu end up in such a terrible fateeeee!!!

135 Anonymous God 


136 Anonymous God 

No, no good, it’s over (despair). 6

137 Anonymous God 

The world of that novel game is cruel… someone, anyone, save them…

138 Anonymous God 

Well, Fay will do something about it (random).

139 Anonymous God 

You’re right.

140 Anonymous God 

You’re right.

141 Anonymous God 

You’re right.

142 Anonymous God 

Fay sure gives off a great sense of relief.

143 Anonymous God 

Yururu-chan would be okay. Yururu-chan would be glad to accompany Fay regardless of what kind of kink as long as Fay wanted it. It’s a wonder why a cute person like her ended up on the waiting list of Utsu receivers.

144 Anonymous God 

I want to do babubabu with Yururu-chan… 7

145 Anonymous God 

Don’t you think she could also be a tsundere? She’s got long hair, so just put it in pigtails. Then she could act like a soft tsundere:

Morning: “It can’t be helped, I’ll teach you the sword. What a helpless disciple.”

Night: “Hey… since you always work hard in your training, I can spoil you for a bit.”

146 Anonymous God 


Visit my house later. We’ll have a conversation about Yururu.8

147 Anonymous God 

This Fay can always taste this if he wanted, yet he doesn’t…

148 Anonymous God 

Hey, please. If there’s a scene of wisdom… Can you stream it? Athena-sama?

149 Anonymous God 

I guess even Athena won’t stream the explicit scene, you know?

150 Anonymous God 

Hey, she would definitely stream such scenes on super premium subscription.

151 Anonymous God 

You’re right.

152 Anonymous God 

Four potatoes

Three carrots

There’s a bargain sale for onions, a bag of four.

Eggs are also cheap, so two packs.


Three packs of cut off pork meat. 

153 Anonymous God 


Who is this (LOL) the one who leave the shopping memo here (LOL) they definitely having nikujaga for dinner (LOL) 9

154 Anonymous God 

Don’t write such a memo in Fay’s thread.

155 Anonymous God 

Well, should we end the review soon? We talked a lot after all.

156 Anonymous God 

I’m curious about Mordred though.

157 Anonymous God 

It’ll be better to explain about her later. Somehow, she seems to be involved with Arthur’s important secret. It’ll be a major spoiler.

158 Anonymous God 

You’re right. So let’s end our review here…

159 Anonymous God 

Can you wait a moment please? I want to talk about that shitty blacksmith Gantetsu.

160 Anonymous God 

Eh? Gantetsu?

161 Anonymous God 

I forgot about him since the other characters are way too thick.

162 Anonymous God 

So what is it? Isn’t it too much to call him a shitty blacksmith?

163 Anonymous God 

Well, I don’t think so. In the first place, I can’t forgive him for selling such junk he claims to be a katana at a high price to Fay-sama!!

164 Anonymous God 


165 Anonymous God 

His “lack of respect” for easily handing over junk he claims to be a katana to Fay-sama. 

His “outrageous behavior” of putting a high price on such a katana.

And his “foolishness” of acting like a first class despite actually being a third class blacksmith. 10

None of it makes him worthy of Fay-sama. 

166 Anonymous God 

They’re angry, also they’re making rhymes (LOL) that’s definitely Fay’s fan right there.

167 Anonymous God

Calm down? And don’t rhyme so much (LOL).

168 Anonymous God 

Calm down!!?? I expect you to be a god known for your blacksmithing skill from your reaction!!

169 Anonymous God 

Why are you passing such a shitty katana to a supreme existence like Fay-sama? You shitty blacksmith Gantetsu!! I can’t forgive you!! If it’s me, I can create a much greater katana for him!!


“Whether you possess the capacity to use that katana properly, or leave that katana dull because you couldn’t…”

You see, shitty blacksmith, a real masterpiece is something that can be used to its full potential by anyone, you know? They can be used by anyone and make them stronger. it is just that a proper user could bring out more power than others, that’s the thing known as a masterpiece, you know? 

Making a sword that only the chosen can wield or the other way around is only second rate at best, you know? A real masterpiece is something usable by anyone!! 

And what’s with you? 

—Don’t speak like a first rate despite being a third rate yourself!! 

Fay-sama, I feel sorry that you’re being swindled!! I want to embrace you, to comfort you!! 

170 Anonymous God 

What a wall of text (LOL).

171 Anonymous God 


This is definitely Hephaestus (LOL).

172 Anonymous God 

No doubt about it, considering how noisy they are regarding weapons. I never knew they watched Fay’s livestream, since the image I have of them is a shut-in who is busy making weapons all the time. 11 12

173 Anonymous God 

Fay sure is popular with the introverted gods.

174 Anonymous God 

I forgot to mention, but Tlue was imitating Fay earlier, right?

175 Anonymous God 

Aah, he did. Let’s pay attention to how his relationship with Fay develops.

176 Anonymous God 

Wait, I’m not done talking about that shitty blacksmith—!!



That’s all for the thread this time.

13 14

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Diana Kurosawa
Diana Kurosawa
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And yes, if anyone can’t use the weapon, it’s basically trash~

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Reply to  Anon

fixed, thank you for catching.

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I dunno why but I really enjoy reading the reactions of the gods every time an arc ends.

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