Story of a Cannon Fodder who Firmly Believed He was the Protagonist, Misunderstood the Actual Protagonist as the Cannon Fodder, and Ended up Victorious

Translator: Tsukii

Editor: ink

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Fourth Arc – Minor Gaiden

Chapter 027 – What He Could Do [A]

Someone was swinging his sword. He haughtily swung his katana alone without anyone asking him to. For every swing he did, he got stronger.

There was a sound of cutting the air. Only that sound came into his ear. It was terrifying concentration. Even if anyone was watching him, he wouldn’t notice. It was because he was totally in his own world. 

He swung his katana where he saw no one, noticed no one, was conscious of no one, and involved no one. 

People saw him in their various perspectives. Some saw him like a Shura, some saw him like a demon driven by vengeance, some saw him as a heretical monster. 

However, none of them managed to notice his true nature. 

He forgot to rest, forgot the time, filled with only longing and kept swinging his katana. His soul shook, poured in, and sublimated as he tried to reach a greater height. 


He was breathing hard, took short breaks, and swung his katana again. And he kept pushing himself beyond what he could recognize, and he easily exceeded the limit of his physical strength. 

He kept struggling to surpass himself and… his sword swing which already went beyond the scope of training forced his own body to activate his own survival instinct and knock him unconscious. 


Someone saw him. They didn’t touch him, and as they saw him faint, their soul shook. 




On a certain day, Fay was walking in the royal capital on a day when the coldness of winter was strong. He was heading to the usual spot for training. Even after he did his morning training with Yururu, he continued to drive himself.


As Fay walked, Mei the maid appeared in front of him. Fay wasn’t particularly interested and while he noticed Mei was there, he ignored her and tried to pass by. When he did, Mei would appear in front of him again. 

Fay told her that she was disturbing him with his eyes, but the maid ignored him and greeted him instead. 

“Good afternoon, Fay-sama.” 

“…Move away.”

“You sure are impatient. Isn’t it alright to talk a little?”

“I have other things to do. Getting along with you is a waste of time.”

“…I see. However, ojou-sama told me that Fay-sama is a very gentle person, so it is unlikely for him to ignore Mei and go away on his own.”

“…I don’t know what she told you, but I have things to prioritize.”

“Is it that katana? Yururu ojou-sama told me about that new weapon. She said it was quite a masterpiece, could you please show me a little?” 1

“…Cih, just hurry and be done with it.”



With that said, Fay passed his new weapon, the katana, to Mei. Just at the moment when he passed it, there was a certain mammal crawling into the space of those two people. 


“Fay, good afternoon.” 


“You ignored me? I think it’s quite cute of you to do such a thing like you are in a rebellious period.”


“Err… you are…”

“Good afternoon, Arthur-sama. Mei is the maid of Yururu ojou-sama.”

“I see… is that Fay’s new weapon?”

“Yes, Fay-sama gave me a chance to look at it.”

“Fu-hn… Fay, I also want to take a look.”

“I refuse. I can’t tolerate further time loss.”

“Muu… you can show Mei but can’t show me, what do you mean by that?”

Arthur puffed her cheek to appeal to her dissatisfaction. People around began to pay attention to Arthur and Mei. 

Mei was an exceptionally beautiful woman with beautiful red, shiny hair and crisp yellow eyes with double eyelids. She also had good proportions, with a more of a pretty impression rather than cute, and her somewhat cold facial features emphasized her features further. 

It was a beautiful woman that men would want to eat together with at least once. It was a woman they wished to have feelings for. 

Arthur’s expression was also somewhat cold. However, the cuteness of her puffed up cheeks expression was practically a crime. Her proportion drew others’ eyes, a bit childish but it wasn’t like it didn’t look sensual. Her feature was between that of a child and an adult, granting her the flexibility and charm of both. 

She was undoubtedly a beauty, an overwhelming beauty at that. 


It was obvious for the man who was surrounded by these two beauties to be envied, and it was inevitable to draw the interest of others. 


The surrounding men gave a sharp gaze like laser pointers at Fay. If it was a normal man, they would likely enjoy the situation being under the attention of the two beauties. 

However, Fay was different. 

He also perceived both of them as beauties. However, the most important thing for him at the moment was to train. Moreover, he wouldn’t be conscious of any woman that he didn’t recognize as heroines. 

The only person with such a title for Fay was Maria & Lilia. They have a lot of opportunities to interact with each other at the orphanage, and the most interactions compared to any woman he knew. The more times humans saw the same thing over and over, the more they became attached to it and they’ll look beautiful to them. 

Maria & Lilia were the existences Fay suspected to be heroines, which was enough for him to continue to observe them whether they were actually the case. 

However… As for Arthur and Mei, he wasn’t conscious of them in that way. Fay did react to the rhyme, so he did think it was interesting when Mei said masterpiece earlier. He also recognized Arthur’s combat ability, and was aware he couldn’t win against her at the moment and considered Arthur to be a rival-like existence. 

However, when he saw them as heroines, the image of Mei and Arthur inside Fay was… 

Rendered into something that came out of “irasutoya.” 2 

Regardless how beautiful they look, even if they appear to be high-class  women, and even when Fay was aware both of them were beauties, he could only see them as something that came out of “irasutoya” as heroines. 

Therefore, he couldn’t let his heart throb. 


“Show it to me, Fay.” 

“I refuse, time is limited, but how one uses it is limitless. Rather than to use it to show you the katana, it’s better to use such time to swing the katana.”

“Muu… I know you are in a rebellious period, but I want to see honest Fay sometimes. But I think you said a great thing just now. Should I pat your head for it?” 



Fay kept his silence in response to Arthur’s attempt at conversation. It was as if he said there was nothing more to be said. Arthur tried to stroke his head, but Fay avoided it and slapped the hand away with an unpleasant expression.  Mei thought as she looked at that. 


Aah… this is… the feud because of me, the protagonist of a romance novel! It happens often… where there’s a girl who was originally close with the male lead and ended up in estranged relationships because the romance novel protagonist appeared out of nowhere. 


Mei was thinking about crazy things in her head while making a serious and cool expression. She began to see Arthur as a sad character that didn’t get their feeling rewarded, like a childhood friend character who loved the male lead since childhood. 


Poor you, Arthur-sama… Mei’s charm ended up hurting your relationship with Fay-sama… what a sinful woman Mei is… or so I thought! Ufufu, I wanted to think of that at least once! It really made me aware of myself as the protagonist of a romance novel when I was with Fay-sama!! 

But really, Arthur-sama is really pitiful… Mei really is … a sinful woman, kufufu. 


“…For some reason, I felt like that maid was making fun of me.” 

“There’s no such a thing.”

“Didn’t you make fun of me in your heart?”

“No way, Mei paid Mei’s respect to you inside.”


After all, Mei really does like characters like Arthur-sama so I paid my respect!!

This is true. 


Mei returned the katana to Fay after looking at it for a bit. Fay complained with his eyes, that’s enough right? As he left with the katana. 

“Hey, what is a maid doing here?” 

“Mei is shopping for supper.”

“I see…”

“Arthur-sama, please excuse me.”


With that said, Mei turned her feet and left in the opposite direction.

That person is definitely making fun of me. I honestly can’t forgive her. 


As expected, I do encounter events every now and then as the protagonist of a romance novel. Mei might be dragged into a muddy battle of women. I honestly look forward to that!! Hah! I shouldn’t think of such a thing! Mei is a maid, so Mei should prioritize ojou-sama and never forget the heart of serving, at least that’s the setting… Hey, it wasn’t a setting! I shouldn’t forget my actual belief… 


It was a tranquil encounter like a prelude to a storm for something like a woman’s battle. 

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11 months ago

I love how Fey is literally committing hate crimes against his body, so his body just cuts his consciousness.

Diana Kurosawa
Diana Kurosawa
1 year ago

Women he knows: *meets up*~

Fay: A storm is approaching.

Eternal perspective
Eternal perspective
1 year ago

Thanks for chap
Is this meid for real? She even thought her real life was a setting

1 year ago


1 year ago

“That person is definitely making fun of me. I honestly can’t forgive her.”

That Arthur though ,right?
I am confusing

Thanks for update!

Eternal perspective
Eternal perspective
1 year ago
Reply to  Carrion

Ikr it’s annoying having to figure out who’s sayin what