Story of a Cannon Fodder who Firmly Believed He was the Protagonist, Misunderstood the Actual Protagonist as the Cannon Fodder, and Ended up Victorious

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Editor: ink

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Chapter 027 – What He Could Do [B]

One of the training grounds owned by the Knights of the Round Table in the royal capital Britannia. It was a rough land without any vegetation in place like a cold wilderness. There wasn’t even a single tree there.

However, it was the location where nothing else could be done but training. There were three men there. They were Tlue, Guren, and Fubuki. Ever since their last clash, they have been eating and training together.


Guren and Tlue were crossing their swords. Every time the wooden swords collided with each other, a pleasant sound was heard. 

Guren kicked the ground while forming fire magic. These fireballs were launched towards Tlue’s right foot, left shoulder, and right knee. Guren made use of the fireball as both a shield and as a method to increase the number of attacks at the same time. 

Guren moved following the flame. He made a calm and cold-minded attack. Tlue inhaled, using his Art to perform physical reinforcement and tried to resist using only his swordsmanship. 

“—Too slow.” 


It was a cold remark that Tlue would normally never say. He cut all the fireballs using his sword and met with Guren’s sword that followed after. Guren opened his eyes wide as he saw how his fire magic was rendered ineffective in an instant with nothing but pure swordsmanship. 

Guren was aware he couldn’t beat Tlue in close combat. Therefore, he tried to cast another spell, but his sword was already blown skyward by the time he thought of that. 


“It seems to be my defeat this time…” 


“Seriously, you’re getting stronger.”

Guren had a cold and calculating personality during combat, but once the battle ended, he revealed a bright warm smile. 

“Tlue, I felt your personality changed during combat like Guren, though?” 

Fubuki asked about the strange feeling he felt about Tlue during combat. When Tlue heard that, he replied with an indescribable mystified expression. 


“That’s… I just imitated him.” 

“Him? Is it Fay?”


“I don’t get why you’d do that. We certainly know that Fay is a strong and amazing person. However, I thought that your elemental affinity, swordsmanship, and Art manipulation are all superior to him? I don’t see any reason for you to do-”

“That’s not it, Fubuki.”

“What do you mean?”

“That’s not what’s amazing about him. It is his soul that’s amazing… his mentality exceeds his body’s ability.”

“…I see. But there’s still a limit to that. If a noble drive and soul could make the difference in combat, there would be far less people dying out there.”


What Fubuki said was obvious. Mere mentality and soul wouldn’t guarantee the results of combat. That alone wasn’t enough to fill the gap in the overwhelming difference of power and violence. Tlue was also aware of that. However, for Tlue, who observed Fay more than anyone else, he disagreed with Fubuki’s argument, which would be considered correct by common sense. 


“Certainly, I’m stronger than him. If my power is 1000 then he would be 100, which would spell my victory. But he would definitely manage to exert 101 despite his supposed limit of 100. Then as his new limit became 101, he would exert 102… his mentality wouldn’t allow him to break upon defeat, nor would he give up on the way. He is an existence of a different dimension that goes beyond our understanding.” 


“With his tenacity, determination, and transcendental mentality… he would force the result his way, even if said shining fate was thinner than thread. He would definitely do it…” 


“The other day, I fought against a certain swordsman. I couldn’t move when facing her. However, when I tried to imitate him, my body moved a bit. I was miserably defeated, but at that moment I managed to move. Before that, I would end up frozen with fear, and in those moments I wouldn’t even unleash a tenth of my ability. But only during that moment, did I feel like I managed to surpass myself…” 


“That’s why I sometimes imitate him, despite not liking him that much.” 


Fubuki and Guren’s eyes went wide at Tlue’s confession. To be honest, they couldn’t understand what Tlue was talking about. It was because Tlue’s evaluation was too great. They were aware that Tlue hated the existence known as Fay, but at the same time, they also felt that Tlue also recognized Fay’s existence more than anything else. 


“The things I am capable of is something that somebody else in the world is also capable of doing. I just happen to have more alternatives than others. However, nobody else could do what he could do. Nobody would be able to imitate him properly. It wasn’t something that needs to be done to begin with. But I have vowed with my soul… to make my ideal come true. For that… I have to learn to do that thing that only he can do…” 


Tlue looked afar, toward the illusion of a certain black haired man’s shadow. When Guren and Fubuki heard that, their expression showed their further confusion. 


Tlue ignored the two’s worried gaze and kept looking at the illusion of Fay’s shadow. 




I recently got a katana. It’s a new weapon.  It’s a new weapon! 

Yay! Yay! 

I did it! Moreover, this katana I bought with the feeling of a livestreamer seemed to be a great article. It fits well on my hand. A katana was a great thing after all. 


Yururu-shishou also said it was quite a masterpiece. Heeh, so it was a masterpiece? So it really was worthy to be my new weapon. 


What should I do about its name? I just bought the katana without saying anything to the blacksmith so I have no idea. It should be okay for me to name it myself, right? 

Muramasa, Kusanagi, Totsuka, Akebono, and so on… perhaps I might as well not name it on purpose. A nameless masterpiece, or something like that? 


However, a katana is easy to break. It was a simple story, like how an iron needle could make blood leak out when stabbed, but a thick iron stick couldn’t achieve the same with mere stab. The smaller the surface area, the stronger the force focused at a single point. But the latter was stronger if asked which was stronger. If one made a mistake , the katana would likely break, maybe (serious consideration).

It would be better to use the usual buster sword for normal use while using the katana as a trump card. 

It would make me feel bad if the katana broke after all. 

Alright, first of all, let’s get used to wielding the katana by practicing swings!! 

How much should I do the practice swing? I doubt I would get used to it unless I did it a lot, err, since it would take me about two seconds for a single  set of operations for doing a sword swing… 


Since there were 24 hours a day, that would make 1,440 minutes, which translated into 86,400 seconds. Err, if I divide 86,400 by two… 

No way? Didn’t that mean can only do 43,200 swings daily? 1 

That’s too little… and that time would be further reduced by sleep, meals, and Arthur, right? 

That’s too few. Time is limited, but how one uses it is limitless, that was the basic procedure.

There was no choice but to keep swinging the katana in desperation. I had to continue to swing it with my soul so it would fit my hand. Damn it, I had to get used to it before the next event came!! 


There was no time. I had to swing the katana quickly and get used to it!!! It will play a great role in the next event! The new weapon would play an active part!! I would make it happen no matter what it took!! 

Whenever a protagonist gets a new weapon, having it to play an active part was a basic procedure!!! 

However, to think that I could only swing the katana 43,200 times a day… 

Did anyone have a 100 million years button? 2 

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11 months ago

I love how Arthur is included in the things that get in the way for him.

Diana Kurosawa
Diana Kurosawa
1 year ago

100m years button is a blursed item~
You have a lot of time to practice~
But you also a lot of time to practice~

Eternal perspective
Eternal perspective
1 year ago

Thanks for chap
Lol that reference was random. Well the difference is that guy had a spirit core that prevented him from committing suicide, mc will just power thru it

Love how he counts Arthur as a part of time spent too

1 year ago

He should read or watch HxH

1 year ago

Long time no see Fay basic

Thanks for update

1 year ago

Fay said sleep, meals, and Arthur… does that mean Arthur is a necessity now?

1 year ago
Reply to  Chryshauzer

I think more like a lawfully “accepted” hinderance

1 year ago

Thanks so much for the chapter! Are you talking about that certain sword god but not a god TL-san?

Last edited 1 year ago by Rauna
1 year ago
Reply to  Rauna

do you know the exact name? it sounds interesting