Story of a Cannon Fodder who Firmly Believed He was the Protagonist, Misunderstood the Actual Protagonist as the Cannon Fodder, and Ended up Victorious

Translator: Tsukii

Editor: ink

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T/N Note: From this chapter on, Author seems to shift to prefer thick chapter than shorter one, so expect most chapter will be in 3, or even 4 parts from here onward

Chapter 030 – Koala [A]

A large number of rookie paladins departed from the royal capital of Britannia for the big city Really. The expedition training camp could be said to be an event with a different flavor than normal, so there were many people who stood out.

Guren, Fubuki, and Tlue were walking together. They showed the friendship that grew between them. Since all three of them were handsome men, they gathered passionate gazes from the women. 

The three proceeded despite the gazes of envy around them. And there was also one man who received similar gazes of envy like the three men did. 

It was Fay. 

Arthur walked beside him, and Bouran walked on his other side. Seeing how Fay was being indifferent to the two, the gazes around them was even more amazing. 


“Fay, it feels a bit cold, right? How about holding hands with onee-chan?”

“Ah, Fay, you’re hungry right? How about a meal once we arrive in the city?”



He didn’t change his walking speed, but he kept silent, not responding to the two. 

Fay looked at his hand for a bit. He squinted his eyes then closed and opened his hand over and over. It was a behavior that didn’t make sense to the men around them, seeing Fay was more interested in that rather than the beauties on both sides. 


“What’s wrong, Fay?” 


“Muu, you ignored me again… that’s not good!”


Arthur didn’t break her onee-chan role play. However, Fay ignored it. He was just looking at his own hand as if having something in his mind. 


“What’s wrong?” 



Fay kept ignoring it. He was focusing his art in his own hand. Not the whole body, but a single part of his body. It was an awkward art operation that didn’t manage to achieve any proper reinforcement. 

While most people were busy chatting as they went, Fay stood out as he was doing art operations alone with beauties beside him. Moreover, since his operation was awkward and slow, people who saw it began to look down at him and treated him as an inferior person. 

Sounds of giggling leaked from the surroundings. Sneers and jealousy were aimed at Fay. However, Fay didn’t react to that, but instead it was the red haired red eyed wolf beside him who did. 




“A beauty glared at me!”


When Bouran intimidated the men around, their smiles disappeared and took a distance from the three. Arthur who saw that gave Bouran a thumbs up. 


“Nice, Bouran. I shall give you a head pat.” 

“Ku-hn.” 1


Bouran seemed happy like a dog when Arthur stroked her head. When the two were busy expressing their closeness, they didn’t keep the same walking pace as Fay. Therefore, there was nobody on Fay’s side now. At that moment, Ese and Kamase went to Fay. 

It was out of  jealousy of the possibility that Arthur and Bouran might return to Fay side later.  


“You really piss me off.” 


“Eh, oi, don’t ignore us as well.”

“O-I, Fay-, can you hear us-!”



Fay finally reacted when Ese called him with a slightly louder voice. Perhaps he just didn’t hear anything prior to that moment. 

“That’s my line. We got worried since you were busy looking at your hand.” 

“I see.”

“Did something happen? I shall give you the right to tell me.”

“What can you do even if you listen? Well, is something wrong, Fay?”

“…No, I’m just thinking… about what I can learn and what I ought to learn there…”


That reply seemed to be the answer of the two’s questions and a reminder to himself. Fay was silently accumulating art in the palm of his hand. 

Somehow, Ese and Kamase felt so conscious about it that they didn’t say anything. It was because they joined the training camp for picking up women. And somehow, they felt a chill run their back. The two turned to look and saw Arthur who looked at them as she frowned. 

Those two couldn’t read the atmosphere and rushed next to Fay… they are always loitering around Fay. 


Arthur glared at them while her hand was still busy patting on Bouran’s head. The two who somehow felt it was dangerous to stay wordlessly left Fay’s side. Just as Arthur was about to reclaim her spot while giggling, there was someone who came next to Fay again. 


That woman was silently pulling the hem of Fay’s clothes. She was a beautiful woman with purple hair and clear gray eyes, who was also expressionless. 

It was Beta-chan the beta. 




Both of them didn’t say any words. Fay was blinking his eyes as Beta silently stared at him. After a while, she left his side on her own. 

“Wai, Beta! What are you doing, all of sudden?” 


“Eh? You are trying to observe to see whether he is related to the Eternal Foundation, but you can’t tell, you say?”


“Gamma thinks he isn’t related to them na-“

“But it doesn’t change that he is still suspicious.”


Alpha, Beta, and Gamma began to talk in whispers. Then Arthur finally managed to walk back and took the position next to Fay. 


“Fay, was that person earlier your acquaintance?” 

“…I dunno.”

“That person stays silent all the time, maybe she is bad at communication?”


Fay thought. You were the one with communication problems. 

—Like you’re not one yourself (LOL). 

Arthur thought. She had to protect this little brother as his elder sister. 

Isn’t that one of the people who once stalked Fay? There are many stalkers roaming around Fay. I need to protect him as his onee-chan. 


Arthur continued to walk while her hand was still stroking Bouran’s head. Their feelings didn’t match despite them walking side by side. Arthur oozed her protective instinct as an elder sister. 


“Otouto-kun, onee-chan will protect you regardless of what happens.” 


—I don’t understand what you’re talking about, bamboo.  


Arthur stared at Fay as she declared something but Fay didn’t understand what she meant. He could only think that she was messing with him. 


Giant panda: “Yay, there’s Fay the tire! I’ll play with this tire hard!” 


Fay thought this girl was looking down at him like a tire and he was burning with competitive spirit. One thing after another, they arrived at the city Really. 




The big city Really

There were beautiful waterways, and with boats moving around, the city could be said to be a city of water. 

The rookie paladins proceeded to one of the largest buildings in the city. They set foot in the Round Table’s Temporary Castle, which was a large, three-story castle-like fortress. Then a man who wore similar clothes as them with the atmosphere of a veteran appeared immediately. 

It was a black-haired man. 

“Welcome, to hell. I am Batsubatsu, the fourth-grade paladin that will train you from today onward. We’ll proceed with the training immediately, so line up, all of you.” 


He merely said that and turned around, as if he was telling them to follow him. He spoke with such pressure that everyone hurriedly entered the premises and lined up. 

When they finished lining up, the paladin that introduced himself as Batsubatsu earlier proceeded to line up with a white-haired old paladin and brown haired young man who seemed to be unmotivated.  

“Please introduce yourself, Magnum-sensei.” 

“…I’m the person in charge here, Magnum the second-grade paladin. I’ll assume that you intended to grow stronger by coming here. I hate useless chatter and actions the most. I expect nothing but your best behavior during your time here.”

“Ah-, I’m fourth-grade paladin Kakukaku who is here as support for Magnum-sensei. Well, just do your best.”


Magnum sat in a chair after saying that. He shot the newcomers with a sharp hawk-like gaze. Those who received that gazed swallowed their breath. 


“Okay. Then let’s begin the training right away. Everyone here is to do 500 push-ups with art reinforcement. The person who finishes last gets an extra 200 push-ups.” 


The training began. Everyone hurriedly got to the ground. The people who came here seeking relationships were disappointed. It was impossible to look for such a thing in a place like this. Everyone began to operate their art and proceeded to do push-ups. 

If they finished last, rather than the fact they got a punishment of extra 200 hundred push-ups, they wanted to avoid standing out badly to the three people in front of them. 

Everyone desperately did their push-ups, and Arthur finished first, followed by Tlue, and then with quite a gap in time after, everyone finished one after another. The one who finished last was Fay. 

Batsubatsu gave a harsh word to him. 


“You have to do an additional two hundred push-ups!” 



Fay silently resumed his push-ups. Everyone looked at him with pity, they either thought ‘it was pitiful of him to stand out badly to the trainer’ or ‘he finished last, so he lacks talent after all.’


“Alright, hundred push-ups left!” 



Fay did push-ups at a constant pace. Kakukaku who watched from afar beside Magnum uttered words. 

“Too slow… isn’t that something that could easily be done in no time?” 


Magnum beside him stayed silent. Then Batsubatsu who watched near Fay began to count his push-ups. 


“193, 194, 192, 193, 194, 195, 190.” 

He pretended to count while it kept rolling back to the same number over and over again. Everyone imagined the never ending push-ups. Some who saw that felt glad they didn’t finish last, and there were also some who sneered as they looked at Fay. 

It wouldn’t be weird for his will to break. 


“191, 192—“ 

“187, 188.”


Even as the eternal push-ups continued, he repeated the numbers over and over. The number muttered and continued to become lower and lower. 



“178, 179.”


Fay continued the push-ups as the counts continued. People who watched them had no idea how long it would last. Batsubatsu who counted was getting impatient instead of Fay. 

Before they knew it, the push-ups had continued for over an hour. 


“Enough. Bring them to the next training session.” 

“Ah, ye-yes!”


Batsubatsu ended Fay’s push-ups as Magnum gave direction. Fay indifferently accepted the command and took his hand off the ground. 

“Is that all…?” 


He stood up without giving any glance at Batsubatsu as he muttered as if disappointed. 


“Don’t be proud just because you did that.” 



Kakukaku looked at Fay with an expression that showed he wasn’t amused, while Magnum still kept his sharp gaze. 

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Eternal perspective
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