Story of a Cannon Fodder who Firmly Believed He was the Protagonist, Misunderstood the Actual Protagonist as the Cannon Fodder, and Ended up Victorious

Translator: Tsukii

Editor: ink

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Chapter 032 – Encounter [B]

Fay returned to the orphanage late at night. Maria felt that Fay’s face was a little flushed and he smelled of alcohol. 

“Welcome back, Fay.” 

“Did you wait for me all this time?”

“Yes, you’re returning after a long time after all, so I  waited.”

“…I see. You came at the right time. Want a drink…?” 

“Eh? Drink what?”

“It’s this.”


“Aah, someone gave it to me.”

“Heeh… I see. Then, I guess I’ll have some. Wait a minute.”


Maria didn’t let it show on her face, but she was happy. She had been waiting for Fay all this time. She always wanted to meet him and was excited by the thought. Then she never expected Fay actually invited her for a drink.

She brought two glasses and came back. Fay was waiting for her at the cafeteria, but Maria suggested drinking in her room instead. Fay didn’t have any reason to refuse and proceeded to Maria’s room. 


The room was illuminated with a faint orange light. It gave a faint romantic atmosphere. It was the first time for Maria to bring a man of age to her room. She sometimes put little children who have hard time sleeping in her room, but she couldn’t help but feel nervous being alone with a person of the opposite sex of age.


They poured the wine and sat down facing each other. 

“Fay, you already drank some, right? You shouldn’t drink too much, okay?” 


I never actually drank wine before… but I should take care to not drink too much and end up drunk. 


Having said that, she took a sip of the wine she received from Fay. 


“Ah, it’s delicious… gulp gulp… can I have a second?” 

“Have it your way.”

“Yes… gulp gulp.”


“Can I have a second?”


“”Gulp gulp.”


She drank the wine at high pace, making her cheek flushed red. Her body began to flutter, and her vision gradually became weird. Her personality switched at that moment. 

“…Ishh delishious~, it’s my fhirst time feeling like this-!” 1 


“Hey hey, Fay-, give me a hug-.”

“…I refuse.”

“Mu-, I was lonely, you know! Give me a hug!”


Lilia suddenly embraced Fay and began to spoil herself on him. She leapt over the table and pushed Fay down to the bed he sat on and continued to spoil herself. 


He put on an annoyed expression, but it didn’t matter to drunken Lilia. She embraced him like hugging a pillow and continued to spoil herself.

It was completely an act of a child. 


“Fay-, I was lonely-.” 

“…I know, so get off.”

“No way!”

“…Are you just that drunk… I guess? Not that I am interested, but you sometimes give a strange feeling as if you become a different person.”

“—gh… Fay-!”

“What, you’re being annoying.”

“Rather than that, didn’t the knight brigade give you vacation…? Rest properly, okay?”

“No… I’m going to the Free City tomorrow.”

“Eeh?! Why!”

“Just because. I will leave tomorrow.”

“Mu—!! You’re forcing yourself again! I won’t forgive you! So sleep with me tonight!”

“…Why should I.”

“Just do it!”



With that said, Lilia stayed like that for a while. Then she gradually snoozed and fell into a deep sleep. 


“You’re really troubling me…” 


While saying so, Fay also fell asleep. As he glanced at Lilia & Maria’s sleeping face, his cheek loosened slightly. 




A certain black swordsman rode a carriage. He closed his eyes, crossed his arm, and sat down on a carriage seat which brought goods toward the Free City. The owner of the carriage talked to Fay. 


“Nii-chan, what are you going to the Free City for?” 

“…Let’s see. I guess it’s to raise myself to greater heights.”

“Ooh-, there are a lot of troubles at the Free City, so be careful. Nii-chan, since you rode this carriage from Britannia that means you’re a paladin, right? There’s some adventurer who hate paladins, so it’s better for you to not tell them your identity.”

“I’ll remember it.”

“It’s because there were paladins who made a fool of adventurers saying they are outlaws. Well, just do your best in your warrior training-!”



Time continued to pass by. Fay stayed silent and said nothing. He merely waited for the carriage to arrive at the destination. 

The carriage stopped at a certain place. It was a big gate, where Fay got off the carriage and paid the money. 

“I’ve troubled you.” 

“Don’t worry about that! Good luck, Nii-chan!”


Fay didn’t look back or responded. He proceeded to be checked by the gatekeeper and stepped into the Free City. 

It wasn’t like the landscape was particularly different from the royal capital Britannia. It was just, there was a man who generously showed off his trained muscles and walked around like an exhibitionist. 

There was a swordsman who carried a large sword and wore black armor. There was a female swordsman with animal ears which showed she wasn’t human. There were a lot of fierce looking people who didn’t have a sense of unity like knights did. 

There were also ordinary people there, but people who seemed to be adventurers stood out more. 

Fay also had a sword with him, but he wore clothes that were mostly black covered in plain cloak. 

He walked in the free city without anyone looking at him. 

Occasionally, the owner of the stalls would talk to him, but Fay wasn’t tempted by the fragrant smell of the meat and continued looking for the guild. 

There was a dungeon in this Free City, and one needed to be registered as an adventurer before they could enter the dungeon. However, the Free City was quite big. Fay didn’t know where that guild might be.  


After doing a thorough search for a few minutes, Fay approached a corner. Then, someone ran out of the corner. 

Fay was walking at his pace. However, the person who came out of the corner crashed into Fay’s hot and hard chest plate due to the tremendous momentum. 

“That’s huuuuurts!” 


“Where are you looking? You unscrupulous person!”



A girl with golden silky hair in twin tails of shoulder-length stared at Fay with her sapphire colored, jewel-like eyes. Her face was also beautiful, enough to make a good match against a certain self-proclaimed onee-chan. Her body proportions were a little young, but the suppleness it had showed there was expectation for future growth, giving of slight sex appeal. 

However, Fay was looking at such a beautiful girl with eyes like a dead fish. 


“Hey! Are you listening to me?!” 



She was ignored, since the only thing at Fay’s mind at the moment was how to go to the guild. That was why he didn’t say anything to the girl and passed by her. 


“Wha! Hey!” 


“You hear me, right! Your body is so hard that it hurts me when I crashed into you, you see!”


“…What’s with that?! You’re just trying to put on air!”


The girl said that much and went away. The two parted and Fay continued to look for the guild as it was. He continued to walk and finally found a big building that seemed to be the guild. Once he stepped in, transparent ore floor, white pillars, and beautifully assembled interior entered his gaze. 

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Eternal perspective
Eternal perspective
10 months ago

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