Story of a Cannon Fodder who Firmly Believed He was the Protagonist, Misunderstood the Actual Protagonist as the Cannon Fodder, and Ended up Victorious

Translator: Tsukii

Editor: ink

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Chapter 032 – Encounter [C]

At a counter-like place found in convenience stores, people who seemed to be staff wore something that seemed to be their uniform were busy working. 

Well then, when Fay thought about what he should do first… 

“Welcome, idiot who doesn’t treat life preciously.” 


“You look like a newcomer. If you want to register, go over there.”


A mook with regent-style hair spoke to Fay like a senior adventurer would. There was a receptionist that Fay was looking for at the spot the man pointed at. There were some staff members at the reception, but most of them had adventurers lined up there. 1  

However, Fay noticed there was one receptionist without anyone lining up. A female employee who wore beast patterned glasses. She was a beautiful woman even if one was modest about it, but nobody seemed to approach her spot. 


“It’s better for you to not go to that one. She… is a somewhat famous employee in this guild, Marinne. That woman with pink hair, pink eyes, and good body proportions… is better known as ‘Glasses Bastard.’ She is also called by other names like ‘Disastrous YacchiMarinne’ or ‘Pink Devil.’” 2

“…Glasses Bastard, YacchiMarinne… and devil, huh…”


It was the first time Fay replied to the man. Perhaps Fay reacted to the list of the clearly derogatory expressions. 

“Aah, you know the demons you defeat in the dungeon turn into magic stone, unlike the ones you beat outside, right? The probability that she makes a disastrous pairing exceeds the possibility of those monsters dropping their intended quality of magic stone.” 3  


“Solo adventurers could make temporary parties with other solos. Then she said to them ‘I found you a wonderful companion’ which resulted in a party with ridiculous combinations. They might be former lovers, a couple who have already divorced… Because she wasn’t aware of their circumstances, she proceeded to say ‘congratulations!’ There’s no malice in her actions… but it made her hated by adventurers. I won’t say anything bad… Just don’t think about getting involved with her.”


“What’s so funny?”

“No, for me who doesn’t see any meaning in following your common sense or learning from such tradition, such a thing doesn’t matter at all. However, I will keep the information you told me in the corner of my head.”



Fay went toward Marinne. He stood in front of her and stated his business. 

“Adventurer registration.” 


“I told you I’m here for my registration.”

“Eh, ah, ye-yes! Please write down your name and all required information here…”


“Uhm… for you to come to my spot… you’re quite a peculiar person.”

“…I just felt like it didn’t matter to me.”

“I-I see…”

“I wrote it, is this okay?”

“Ah, ye-yes! Err, Fay-san, is it? You don’t know where you were born? Your current address… is an orphanage… ah, so you’re a paladin… I think it’s better for you to keep silent about that. Everything else is clear. Then I’ll issue the adventurer card right away.”

“…I should be allowed to enter the dungeon now, right?”

“Yes! I-it’s that door over there. However, the dungeon continues down several levels underground, and irregular things happen sometimes, so it’s better to not enter there solo. If you don’t mind, I can find a wonderful companion for you…”

“There’s no need. I’m alone.”



Fay was already aware of the danger of it. Rather, having a dangerous journey, a minefield that might go off, and uncertainties were the best spices for him. 

He laughed and stepped into the dungeon. 

“Ah, tha-that’s dangerous…” 

Marinne tried to stop Fay, but he was already gone. Then another person who wanted to be an adventurer appeared in front of Marinne at that moment. 

“Hey! I want to enter the dungeon here!” 


“You’re not supposed to go ‘heh’ there! Well, I do understand that you are in awe of my beauty and dignity! My name is Aliceia! I will eventually become the greatest person in the world that everyone recognizes! I’m an existence close to a hero, so it won’t be bad of you to remember my name!” 4

“It seems… there are many weird people today…”




When I came back, I decided to have a practice fight with Yururu-shishou. During the fight, I noticed that she seemed to not be feeling well, so I told her that I was always grateful and she was a capable person worthy of her position as master character. 

My master did a lot of touching when she gets drunk. Whether it showed she couldn’t hold her liquor or it was the foreshadowing for some sort of drunken fist, which was it? 

When I drank the wine with Maria, she also acted differently when drunk. Was she really drunk? She totally seemed to be a completely different person. 


Well then, I drank a bit much, but I woke up properly and talked with the carriage person and arrived at the Free City. I should be active in this place as a protagonist after all. Perhaps this dungeon would eventually become my base later. 


I bumped into a beauty at the corner. What a beta… It was a basic procedure to meet a heroine in this manner. Perhaps she might be my heroine. Eh? But I already have Maria as the first candidate… then who this girl might be…? 5 


Who… could she possibly be…?! 


She didn’t feel like an unrelated mob character though, she was a beautiful person after all… I seem to have seen this girl somewhere before. She gave some sort of familiar feeling… 

Huh? Where did I ever meet this girl again? Err… Uhm, I can’t remember. 

Oh well. I guess I would get involved with this girl somewhere. 

My instinct as the protagonist told me. Well then, whether she was a heroine, or something else, or in off chance, actually a mob character. 

I look forward to it. 

To think I got involved with a beta event right after entering the Free City, I really was the protagonist after all. 


Well then, I guess I would work hard as a solo. It was time to do my best as a solitary yet cool-type adventurer. 





Name Aliceia

I arrived at the Free City today. It was said that the descendants of the hero lived here in the past. I also want to train myself, so I came here.

[“Perhaps I might be able to find a comrade here? Would there be a person who would accept my constitution? Since adventurers were people who chose to enter the dungeon and fight the demons on their own volition, perhaps someone would be willing to accept my constitution that seems to attract troubles…?”] 


No good, I shouldn’t be pessimistic. I will become stronger than anyone and would be recognized by anyone. Mom said it was my fault that my elder brother was gone, but I should be able to become stronger than anyone else here. Then I should be able to find my elder brother eventually. 

I was sure there would be people who would acknowledge me here. I shouldn’t be pessimistic. 


Now that I think about it, I bumped into a guy with an unfriendly gaze. It was a weird person. I think I should have apologized… but perhaps because I tried to get out of my pessimism, I ended up saying such a bullish statement. 

However… he was clearly a weird person, since I never met anyone who had that kind of gaze. He felt like an unfamiliar life form, giving off a pressure that intimidated those inferior to him. I even felt scared of that man. 

I wonder who he was …? 

…However, I was the one who crashed into him… so I would at least apologize in the diary. I’m sorry.6


Actually… I should apologize to him in person. But since the Free City was wide, perhaps I would never meet him again… 


For the time being, I will do my best. 


Author Note:

Soon, the arc would be over and we proceeded to another gods’ forum.

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Eternal perspective
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