Story of a Cannon Fodder who Firmly Believed He was the Protagonist, Misunderstood the Actual Protagonist as the Cannon Fodder, and Ended up Victorious

Translator: Tsukii

Editor: ink

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Chapter 033 – The Rookie Devil [B]

The thing that came was a demon with a lizard-like head and body, but it stood on two legs, being about as large as an adult male and wielding a sword. It was a lizardman. The sword had fresh blood stuck on it, which made the pair understand the demon had just killed someone not long ago. 

Seeing it wasn’t supposed to be a demon that could be encountered where they were, Aliceia felt self-hatred. The demons got stronger on the lower floor in one go. 

Yet there was a lizardman on the first floor. Moreover, the demon wielded a human weapon, which was certainly abnormal for the first floor. 

I-I have to escape… n-no, I shouldn’t, if I did, then he would… I shouldn’t be pessimistic. I would get stronger and recognized! 

“…Run away!” 


“I-I’ve always had some sort of constitution that seems to attract trouble… I refer to it as an aggro constitution, so, that’s why… since I’m the one who is attracting it, I will defeat it…” 1


“Why are you laughing?”

“That thing… is not here because of you… It’s here because of me. I’ve been waiting for this.”


He drew his katana. His eyes glared and locked onto the lizardman in front of him, aiming carefully. 

In the game, Aliceia was supposed to get stabbed on her belly by the lizardman and ended up close to dying due to heavy bleeding before one of male leads would come to her rescue… 

But the one who confronted the lizardman right now was Fay. 


“So I have to face this opponent on my first dungeon trip… this is fine. This is exactly why…” 



Fay used his gaze to intimidate and drew the attention of the lizardman. Aliceia also tried to pull her sword out, but she couldn’t bear the pressure of the intimidation and was thus unable to interfere. 

The first to move was the lizardman. It slashed its sword from the right to left while drooling. 

“…Too slow.” 

—Namikaze Seishinryuu, Oitaki. 2 


Fay received the blade attack from the side using his katana, then approached the opponent as the blade slid to each other, lowering his body along with the blade movement. The sword swung by the Lizardman cut empty air, and Fay countered with a slash that cut from its right eye to its neck. 



“…What’s wrong? Is that sword just a decoration?”



Although it didn’t understand human words, perhaps it understood the feeling Fay wanted to convey. Hey hey, there’s no way that’s all you are capable of, such was the clear provocation it received. 

It was a clear intention from a smaller race of humans toward the demon. 

Such intent reached the lizardman firmly. 


“…So a demon could actually use art as well.” 



The quick attack overlapped and turned into a rush of angry sword slashes. It was a swordsmanship performed out of instinct, and Fay’s art operation was not enough to react to all the attacks. He was a step behind in comparison of physical ability. 


The rain of attacks wounded Fay’s body due to attacks he couldn’t react to and blood began to flow. Aliceia noticed that the corner of Fay’s mouth rose despite the situation. 


Thi-this is scary… is this, a rookie…? Is this an adventurer? 


“Kukuku, nicely done. To think that this happened during my first dungeon trip. Interesting.”  



Fay kept laughing despite bleeding. Such a scene was quite scary. Both the lizardman and Aliceia slightly backed away.

The lizardman instinctively felt the human in front of it was dangerous. It knew it had to kill the human as soon as possible and run away. 

The smart lizardman had always lived in hiding at the lower level of the dungeon as it ate humans it encountered. It sometimes attacked, and rarely ate them. It always hid its presence to avoid its existence being detected, but it ended up letting its guard down due to the belief that there wouldn’t be any strong demons on the upper level. 

Every human it met panicked when they saw the lizardman. That was how it should’ve been, yet the human in front of it muttered things like I’VE BEEN WAITING. It was way too abnormal. 3 


The lizardman became more ferocious and tried to eat Fay. However, it still didn’t manage to defeat Fay. 

And… Fay, who was already quite experienced in combat, was convinced what he should do. 


“I guess I’ll use it…” 


Fay concentrated as much art as he could to his right hand. And the sound disappeared. At the very least, that was how it seemed to the lizardman. 


“I quite enjoyed it… your pain will only last a moment.” 



Its neck flew off, then only ashes and a magic stone remained. The figure of a devil who laughed in satisfaction was reflected in Aliceia’s eyes. Even though the state of said person’s hand was broken with red-blackish color, crushed as to show how serious the wound was, and its strange appearance hardly resembled human hands. 

Rather than a human that looked like a devil, it was more of a devil who looked like a human. 


That became a little trauma for Aliceia. 


“You guys! Are you alright?!” 

“Are you alright?!”


Then the pair of a handsome man and a big beauty who looked similar to that handsome man appeared. One would normally notice the pair was blood related, but Fay was still relishing the moment of his victory and didn’t notice, while Aliceia wasn’t in a state where she could to notice that. 


From here on was “Round Table Heroes” gaiden story, the story of the gaiden protagonist “Aliceia” now began. 




Nothing big happened even though I was in the dungeon. Even though I was the protagonist, what the hell was happening here?! 

Just when I thought of that, the beauty I met earlier appeared… Since she got involved with me, I guess she was a character of some importance. 

She talked to me a lot. Perhaps she might be a heroine… but my gut feeling leaned more on Maria. 


“I-I, don’t have… any friend… so I’m a bit lonely, or something…”


So you were a loner… It couldn’t be helped. I could talk with you for a little bit. I was a cool-type protagonist, so don’t expect much talk of me, you know? 

Fu-hn, so you were looking for your elder brother. Fu-hn. 


Just as I thought of that, an earthquake happened?! 

“It-it stopped… Somehow, there have been a lot of earthquakes recently… He-hey, don’t you think so too?”

An earthquake (jishin) happened when she talked confidently (jishin manman)! That was a rhyme… it meant something major since it rhymes. 

A protagonist’s skill often uses some sort of word play so I love that. Ah, since I was busy thinking, I didn’t listen to her at all. 


No event happened… but I was well aware. There should be some sort of event for me, the hard-working protagonist. It was my first dungeon trip after all! 

Just as I thought that, a lizard appeared!! 

It looked strong? 

Hm? You said that the lizard was attracted because of you? Oioi, that was quite an interesting joke you said there, right Aliceia? Hahaha.  

I was the protagonist, so of course I was the one who attracted it, you know? 


Well then, let’s do this… the battle began! 


Good prey has finally come. I want to clash with it for some time. I did have a new technique, but I also wanted to train my basic ability to respond in battle. Even if my blood flowed because of that, it wasn’t a big deal. 

Okay okay, there goes my blood. 

I was already clashing with it to some extent. Well then, it was time to finish it with my new technique. 

I hadn’t decided on the technique name yet. 

Let’s do it next time. 

It was just, my arm became so worn out that it hardly resembled a human hand after using it after all. It was like a demonic hand. I guess demon hand would be a good name. 


I doubt it was the case, but there wasn’t a panda who gave it lame name like Fay Punch, right? 

Arthur… I haven’t forgotten. For some reason, my technique ended up known with lame names like Snake Attack and Fay Punch.


Just as I defeated the lizard, a handsome dude and a beauty appeared… Who-who are they?! 





Name Aliceia 


Today is the day I entered the Free City’s dungeon for the first time. It was one of the largest dungeons in the world so it seemed to be different to other dungeons, but I was confident that I would be alright. 


I understood the reason for my confidence was my own talent. That was why it should be easy. Such was my feeling when I entered the dungeon. 

I found that unfriendly guy again. But I couldn’t help but show my usual bullish attitude. I’m sorry. 

He felt very cold, but I was happy he asked me a question. It gave me a better impression of him… or at least that was what I intended. 


That guy was scary. 


He was bleeding, yet laughing. He didn’t seem to care about his right hand that was seriously injured to the point that it became weird. He was way too monstrous. Scary scary scary. 

That was supposed to be a rookie…? Seriously? That one was? And it was his first time in a dungeon? 


I’m sorry. It seemed I was underestimating both dungeon and adventurers. To think that was the rookie, and there were more of his kind around, moreover, there were people who were more amazing than him… so the Free City was that kind of demonic realm… 


I’m sorry. I’m really sorry for thinking the people in this city would only serve as my stepping stones. 


I’m sorry. I will become more humble from now on. If I were to be arrogant, that devil would teach me about it. 

But I shouldn’t be pessimistic and I will continue to put a strong front from now on as well. 


From now on… could I… really work hard in this kind of environment… I am worried… No! I will work hard!!! I shouldn’t be pessimistic!! 

Now that I think about it, we talked with the pair of a handsome and a beauty after that lizardman battle, but Fay’s character was way too thick that I couldn’t commit them into memory. 

I would write it in the next diary entry instead. I feel sleepy so I will sleep. I feel a little scared since that devil might jump out in my dream, but good night. 

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Eternal perspective
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Aren’t he always like that?
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