Story of a Cannon Fodder who Firmly Believed He was the Protagonist, Misunderstood the Actual Protagonist as the Cannon Fodder, and Ended up Victorious

Translator: Tsukii

Editor: ink

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Intermission – Inquiry [A]

[“Athena’s director cut … Heroine summit war.”]


“Ojou-sama, please eat delicious foods and cheer up.” 

“Haah… you’re right. I should cheer up… Ue-hn, I want to see Fay-kun-.”


Because Fay-sama left the royal capital suddenly, ojou-sama became mentally an infant once again. 


Mei and Yururu were sitting facing each other at a restaurant that served a certain food just like last time. Fay went to the Free City, and Yururu suffered Fay deficiency once again. 

Mei saw how Yururu didn’t seem energetic and decided to take her out for a meal. 

“Ojou-sama, this looks very delicious.” 

“Uhn… you’re right.”


Looking at how depressed Yururu looked, even Mei, whose head was usually filled with weird thoughts, couldn’t help but feel worried. It was at that moment, the woman who was closest to being the heroine appeared. 

“Ah, Yururu-san…” 

“Eh, Ah, Ma-Maria-senpai… Go-good afternoon.”

“Go-good afternoon. What a coincidence…”

“I-I just happened to be invited to eat here with a friend… Maria-senpai also eats here?”

“Yes, the owner of this store has been my friend since the past, so I came here to eat sometimes… But I guess I shouldn’t do that today. It’s filled with people and they seem busy.”


Maria looked around and couldn’t find an empty table to sit. That just showed how popular the restaurant was. Moreover, it was lunch time at the moment, so it was less likely for seats to be available. Yururu and Mei just happened to be lucky and had a table for themselves. 1 


“If you don’t mind, how about you join us? I bothered you when you went with Fay-kun back then after all.” 

“Eh? Bu-but your friend would-“

“Mei doesn’t mind. Please go ahead and take a seat next to ojou-sama.” 

“U-uhn, is this really okay…?”

“It’s okay. Go ahead.”

“Maria-sama doesn’t need to hesitate.”

“In that case, I will be bothering you then… Please excuse me.”


With that said, Maria sat next to Yururu. It was a formation that could be said to be the heroine’s summit war. 

Recently, Mei feels Mei lacks presence… Well, Mei shouldn’t be impatient. Mei guesses that both ojou-sama and Maria-sama are also involved in the romance… Fay-sama often acts in a way that makes women raise their hopes up, which would lead to sticky confrontation between women. 

A certain person let her thoughts run wild while Yururu and Maria were talking. Even after they finished placing orders, Mei only thought about how she lacked presence recently. 


That’s right… Mei is aware that ojou-sama is attracted to Fay-sama. However, Mei still isn’t sure whether this Maria-sama is also the same… Let’s throw a light jab. It’s because Mei still isn’t sure if she is a rival character. 


“Does Maria-sama have a person of opposite sex you are interested in?” 

“Tha-that’s quite a sudden topic.”

“Mei-chan, you shouldn’t ask that all of a sudden.”

“I-it’s okay… Err, let’s see… well, I guess I do?”

“Mei understands… it is a person with black hair and an unfriendly gaze, yes.”

“I didn’t say anything like that at all though…”

—Uh, this girl is sharp… perhaps she is also attracted to Fay…? Does she say that to declare her stance?

This reaction, so Maria-sama is a rival character after all. There’s no doubt about it. Mei knows it well since Mei is the protagonist of a romance novel. It’s the correct move to ask her that. If the person she is attracted to isn’t a person with black hair and unfriendly gaze, Mei would have thought she was a mob character. In that case, she is one of the people who sought Fay-sama’s heart. 

—Fay, so you are popular after all… Mei-chan is cute like a saintess, meanwhile, I am… 

Mei understands… that’s interesting. The more rival characters there are, it means the plot would last longer. It is the common pattern to prolong the journey of love in romance novels by having many potential heroines in the story. Well, Mei doesn’t know if there is any author of the story, but Mei, as the protagonist of a romance novel, understands this is a foreshadowing.   

—Mei-san is expressionless, huh… Fay is also a quiet person, so maybe he prefers a girl like her… Perhaps it would be better if I become a quiet person too?


The longer the journey extends, the more emotional it would be when Mei and Fay-sama are finally tied together. Also, Mei also wants to be the protagonist for a longer time. To think that things are happening according to Mei’s wish… fuh, Mei is the protagonist after all. 

—She is expressionless. I wonder what she is thinking about… I can’t tell. But perhaps she is thinking about amazing stuff that I can’t understand. She feels similar to Fay somehow…  

These days, Mei feels that Mei lacks presence. But as expected, Mei is… 


Just as the two were busy thinking, the clerk arrived with the food they ordered. Maria and the clerk’s eyes met. Both of them were old friends who were active as paladins during the same generation. 

“Thank you for waiting. Please enjoy your meal… Ah, Maria, you’ve come.” 

“Yes, that’s right. I just feel like eating your restaurant’s food.”

“Oh my, that’s a good thing to say. Please continue to eat here… huh? Maria.”

“Err, what is it?”

“Your impression changed from before, what happened? Did you get a boyfriend?”

“There’s no way I can get one. Considering how I am.”

“Hey, you have the gall to say that despite being the most popular woman in our generation. I still remember how you punched a dude in the face because he was persistent in chasing you. I sure had a good laugh back then.”

“He-hey, isn’t it okay to ignore what I did back then! I was just a bit rough back then.”

“Ah, so-rry. But you really have a good expression right now! Your expression as the Sister of the orphanage is also good, but I liked your maiden in love face better.

“Tha-thank you.”

“You’re welcome. Ah, I’m getting married soon.”

“So sudden?! Eh? Congratulations. Who is the partner?”

“Hm? It’s that dude you punched in the face.”


“Well, he is handsome after all. I just had to do some nyan-nyan and act spoiled like a cat and he falls just like that… I think Maria could just do nyan-nyan to get the man in your mind.” 2

“I am twenty six though…”

“Your age doesn’t matter. Maria is cute after all, so do your best. Well then, I will return to my work.” 

“Yes… hope you’re happy with the marriage.”

“Yes, thanks.”


The woman of Maria’s generation quickly went away. Mei was a bit surprised to hear that Maria, who appeared to be mild-mannered, actually punched someone in the face. However, Yururu remembered the rumor that Maria was an avenger back then so she said nothing about that. 

“Tha-that’s, I was just a bit rough in the past…” 

“Do-don’t worry, senpai!”

So the rumor that Maria-senpai was an avenger is actually… 

Yururu-san seems to know the rumor about how I was back then, so I guess she thought of me as a mischievous person.


Mei destroyed the awkward atmosphere. 


Mei understands, so she is embarrassed to have her mischievous past become known. It feels awkward right? Since this is the meal between people who will compete to be heroines in the future, we might as well enjoy it. I will destroy the atmosphere so Maria-sama will be less embarrassed about it. 

“Please rest assured, Maria-sama.” 


“Yururu ojou-sama was also quite mischievous in the past.”

“He-hey, Mei-chan?”

“She cried loudly when she wet her bed, she then tried to hide it but was found out by her father and she cried again, she broke expensive vases, and scribbled on painting. It was the series of behavior that would make bullies be ashamed of themselves.”

“You don’t have to explain that!”

“Ah, I see… I don’t know if it’s right to say ‘what a coincidence’ in this situation though.”


The awkward atmosphere was gone thanks to Mei, but Yururu’s expression flushed bright red. The three sat together while chatting. They enjoyed the woman-only gathering-like conversation like ‘there’s been a lot of earthquakes recently’ or ‘where do I buy clothes’ and so on. However… 

They were thinking about Fay in their minds. It was about the effective method to win against the opposite sex that they were interested in that Maria’s friend, who was about to be married, talked about. 


Nyan-nyan, huh. Is it really effective? …I, do nyan-nyan. I want to be spoiled-nyan, if I said something like that, Fay might get disgusted… I am 26 years old after all. 


I guess Fay-kun will get disgusted if his master suddenly nyan-nyan at him. I guess I couldn’t use this method after all… I want to be Fay’s cat nyan… uwah, this is definitely a nope. 


Fufufu… Mei would definitely win the moment Mei used nyan-nyan. Mei wouldn’t do that though. Mei could feel both of them are amazing women. But it’s too bad, ojou-sama, Maria-sama. The world is telling Mei to win!! 


Mei was thinking about very rude things.3

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Eternal perspective
Eternal perspective
1 year ago

Thanks for chap
This story includes a whole load of weird words like wisdom , nyan nyan etc.

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Strawberry Milkshake
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