Story of a Cannon Fodder who Firmly Believed He was the Protagonist, Misunderstood the Actual Protagonist as the Cannon Fodder, and Ended up Victorious

Translator: Tsukii

Editor: ink

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Fifth Arc – Rookie Adventurer

Chapter 034 – Sixth Sense [A]

[“O-oi, are you okay?!””]

[“Brother, hurry and use potion!”]



The man with pink hair and blue eyes and the woman who seemed to be the elder sister of said man began treatment for Aliceia. There was a big hole in Aliceia’s stomach and she was bleeding a lot. 

The two who treated Aliceia were siblings. One of them is named Rhine, he has pink hair, blue eyes, and a well-organized face. 


 There was something like a coalition established by adventurers in the Free City called legion. There were various purposes for forming a legion, such as occupying hunting ground, raising funds to develop a new business, or protecting each other due to having similar purposes. 

And Rhine was the deputy leader of a legion named “Romeo,” one of the four largest legions in the Free City. He was a well-known adventurer in the city, and he had quite a scary and strong face which made him seem to clash with Fay, but he was quite popular with the women adventurers in the city due to various reasons like his good looks and position. 

However he found that annoying, and there was no person of opposite sex he was interested in. His head was filled with his elder sister, his sole living relative, and he sought strength everyday as the eldest son and the man of the family to protect his elder sister… he was the so-called prince-like character in otome game which made women raise their voices around him. 


Indeed, he was basically one of male leads for Aliceia. Originally, Aliceia was attacked by the lizardman then the flag with him rose when Rhine and his elder sister came to help Aliceia. 


Also, the name of Rhine’s elder sister was Barbara. To put it simply, she was Rhine’s elder sister. She was a real elder sister unlike that suspicious person who claimed to be elder sister. With her pink hair, blue eyes, gentle look, and good proportions that men would unknowingly steal glances at. It was even more so due to her good looks. 

She was also a good person with a great personality who wouldn’t abandon those who were in need. 


Rhine and Barbara rushed to Aliceia, who was in danger of dying due to her getting stabbed in the abdomen by a lizardman. 


At least that was how it was supposed to be… But such a thing didn’t happen here. 


A monster that shouldn’t appear on the first floor which greatly exceeded the strength of other hostile creatures appeared. The pair hurriedly rushed toward the location where they heard the lizardman’s roar. They prayed that there wouldn’t be any rookies to encounter it. 

They wish the person who clashed against the lizardman was a fierce person who could defeat it. However, they were aware that such a chance was slim. It was because a lizardman is a smart monster who wouldn’t challenge a superior opponent. 

As it would only challenge opponents it could defeat… then… the two hurriedly rushed to that location while expecting the worst and… 

They saw a strange sight in front of them. There was a girl who seemed to be a rookie who looked as if she just saw something terrifying and seemed traumatized. There was a lizardman which just turned into ashes and was about to disappear. 

And there was a man who was soaked with blood between the girl and the lizardman, one of his arms was swollen in a reddish black color, yet the man was laughing. 


‘’Eeh? Which one is the demon again…?’’ 1 


Both of them were at a loss as they were comparing Fay and the lizardman many times. It was because Fay’s appearance felt like a demon to them. Barbara worriedly walked to the demon? And spoke to him. 


“E-err, Are you… okay? Um, do you understand what I am talking about?” 

“You ask a lot.”

“Ah, that’s good… Yes, um, are you okay? You seem… quite injured. I will use a potion now…”

Once she knew he was a human, Barbara casually took out a high potion, whose healing power was more potent than a normal potion, and used it on Fay. Then, Fay’s reddish black devil-like right arm returned to a normal human arm and his bloody wounds were closed, leaving Fay only with his blood smeared appearance. 

Barbara began to awkwardly look at her brother Rhine, Fay, and Aliceia. There was Aliceia the gaiden protagonist who was too surprised by Fay and was in a shocked state. There was also the male lead Rhine who seemed to be fascinated by Aliceia. 

And then there was Fay, who laughed fearlessly with complete satisfaction. 

In the game version, this was supposed to be the meeting event between Aliceia and Rhine, which made them begin to be conscious of each other, but because a komatsuna intruded, it ended up becoming a surreal scene instead. 


“Err… both of you are rookies, right? Ah, I forgot to introduce myself. My name is Barbara. This one is my brother Rhine.” 

“I see.”

“…Ah-, since you reacted that way when you heard our names… it means you just arrived in this city, right? What is your name? You don’t have to answer if you don’t want to.”


“I see. Fay-kun, is it? Nice to meet you. The potion might close your wounds, but you’ve already bled a lot, so be careful, okay? You should return for today. We’ll escort you out.”

“…There’s no need. I can return by myself…”

“Ah, I-I see.”

Somehow… he seems to be hard to grasp as a person… But he is laughing despite being soaked in blood… What a weird person. 

Fay turned his back and was about to leave the place. Barbara looked at her brother next to her. The siscon who would usually proceed to punish a person like Fay who was rude at her while being expressionless and gave such a cold reply actually didn’t do anything, thus Barbara found it weird. 





Oh my… is this finally the spring for Rhine? 


He was looking at Aliceia all this time. He couldn’t look away since she was just that beautiful. Perhaps their first meeting at gaiden was worthy of the highest score for an otome game. The unscathed beauty and handsome man looked at each other, giving a sign as if something was about to start.

This was where their relationships were supposed to begin. 


If only a certain komatsuna didn’t do something unnecessary. 


Huh? Where is this girl looking all this time? I thought she was looking at Rhine, but isn’t she looking at something completely different? Somehow, there seems to be nothing reflected in her eyes though… I-is she really okay? 


As Barbara was thinking, Fay, whose back facing them, muttered. 


“About the potion… it really helps. I will repay this gratitude someday.” 

“Don’t worry. It’s normal for adventurers to help each other.”

“…Is that so? I’m not aware of how things are done here… I will remember your words.”


That was all Fay said as he coolly left. Then Aliceia followed Fay with a fluttering gait. Barbara became really worried about her now. 

So his name is Fay… His atmosphere seems a bit similar to Rhine. Be it how he got seriously injured and how reckless he seems… Ah! They are rookies, right? I’m worried now. 


“Both of you! Be careful because this city could be quite dangerous! Make sure you return to your lodging before it gets late!” 


She spoke with a loud voice at them. Neither of the two responded to her. However, Fay seemed to listen to her. At least that was how she felt. 


“Are those two really okay? They didn’t seem to know how things were done here… hey, Rhine! You’re being stunned for too long!” 

“Eh? Ah, aah… Sorry, it just happened.”

“I know that blond girl is cute and you’re fascinated with that, but you will end up hated if you blatantly stare like that, you know?”

“Wha! I have no such intention!”

“Ah-, okay okay. You’re right-“

“Oi, Barbara is making fool of me again—“


The siblings got along well as they walked toward the exit of the dungeon. 




The area was pitch-black in the deep night. However, even under the moonlight of such a deep night, one could hear noises of the adventurer as they drank until morning. 



“I can’t, take it anymore… Oeeeee.”

“Uwah, he vomited!!”



There were people who laughed happily. Drinking liquors made them feel good and they enjoyed the entertainment as the liquors permeated into their exhausted bodies. Some thought they could drink endlessly, but before they knew it, the alcohol took a hit on them and caused them to vomit. 

They never stopped doing that despite already experiencing such a thing over and over. That was what liquor and entertainment was for. They were the medicine and the healing for adventurers. 

However, it wasn’t like they continued drinking indefinitely. 

“I can’t take more of it… I guess, I’ll return now.” 

“Eh?! Seriously!”

“I really can’t take more… I will return, to my lodging… I have to go to the dungeon tomorrow as well.”

“I see, take care of your body.”

“Do your best tomorrow as well!”


One man stood up after his comrades said their words. Then he left the noisy and bright bar. He suddenly felt cold. It was certainly a winter at the moment, but the feeling he just felt was different, like something froze, or his body warned him about something. 


The man thought he was just thinking something strange because he was drunk and continued to walk with a flushed face.  


There was a little distance away before he reached his lodging… He would be able to sleep then. He will sleep and do his best tomorrow. When he thought of that, a sense of discomfort attacked him. 

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1 month ago

He felt a chill run down his spine, as if death was near, he felt fear. (it rhymed so it’s important)
This fear snapped him out of his drunken state and he turned ready for battle, but he wasn’t ready for the figure standing their.
Covered in blood under a dark city, he saw a man, staring at him, with eyes that seemed to peer into the abyss.
The man knew that if he stared into his eyes, the abyss would stare back, so he ran harder than he’s ever run before, and reached home, wondering if it was just a nightmare.

Eternal perspective
Eternal perspective
10 months ago

Thanks for chap
Yep they’re already good for not attacking mc.

11 months ago

Wow, i now this too early but why I sense a battle part now?

Thx for update and please stay healthy for all who working for every chapter