Story of a Cannon Fodder who Firmly Believed He was the Protagonist, Misunderstood the Actual Protagonist as the Cannon Fodder, and Ended up Victorious

Translator: Tsukii

Editor: ink

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Chapter 034 – Sixth Sense [B]



Someone seemed to be standing in front of him. That person seemed big like a scarecrow in the field and happily waved his hand. 

He couldn’t see very well because he was drunk. But it seemed to be a sturdy man around two meters tall. Also, the man’s shoulders were relatively thin. 


The man thought it was just an illusion, since there was no way such a big man would wave his hand at him at this hour. 


Thinking so, he tried to pass through the illusion. However, the closer he got, the more sober he became. His consciousness returned. 

There was the smell of blood he sometimes smelled when his comrade got hurt in the dungeon. Since many adventurers were quick to pick a fight, such a unique scent of iron was often found above ground. And he could feel that clearly right now. 


His nose picked the smell, and his eyes caught the abnormality. That huge man was certainly there. And that man was holding on to a human arm, with bright red blood dripping. 




The recently sobered man involuntarily leaked such a childlike voice. Whose arm was that? Although his consciousness returned, he couldn’t move his body well because of the alcohol. His body… couldn’t move well? 

The man was confused, feeling his body that wouldn’t move before he knew it. 




And he saw it. There was nothing below his elbow… then the arm in that huge man hand was… 




He shouted to call for help. There were tons of adventurers in the Free City, and he had a faint expectation that someone would hear him if he shouted. 


“He-help meeeee!!!!” 


Yet, nobody came. It was as if he was in an isolated space and his voice didn’t reach outside the space. 


“I already set up a barrier to repel people, so nobody will come, and there will be no one else who will hear your voice! Too bad!” 


The man in front of him was laughing with a happy and innocent voice. Then both of his legs and his still attached arm were also cut off with the sword, making more blood steadily drip onto the ground. Even though he shouted for help many times, it was meaningless. As the assailant listened to him shout while laughing, the assailant seemed to have gotten bored of it and pierced the man’s throat with a dagger. 

And the man who just stabbed noticed something strange. He didn’t notice earlier because of his fear, but 


—He couldn’t feel any pain. 


“Aah, it sure feels nice seeing humans when they are on the verge of death … I am a kind person, so I make sure to kill people without letting them feel any pain. You sure are a fortunate one. After all, I intended to play with you more before killing you, but I feel good due to the liquor I drank today so I gave you a quick death. You must be afraid of dying, but since humans would eventually die, it won’t matter if the time comes much quicker. I’m also aware that this is not a particularly good hobby to have, so I make sure my victim doesn’t feel any pain. You see, when I kill a woman, I cut off their limbs and rape them before finally killing them. Sometimes I don’t even bother to cut their limbs and proceeded to rape and kill them too, I guess?”  


He couldn’t feel any pain. And for some reason, he couldn’t smell the scent of blood that he could smell earlier. He didn’t feel any sensation, only his hearing still worked slightly. 


“I’m a sinner regardless of what I do, you see. Since I am already scum, I chose to live as I want since I will still go to hell anyways, so I might as well do things like this. Aah, are you curious why I suddenly told you this kind of thing? Well, it is my compassion. I want the person I killed to know what kind of person I am in their final moments.”  


The man spoke as he laughed. He kept speaking and smiling even though nobody asked him to, and the assailant’s hand reached the man’s forehead. However, there was no sensation, even though he could see that he was touched. The only thing he could tell was his mouth tasted like blood as his throat was stabbed. 

It was fear. Was this how one died? His senses were taken away as he died, he lost himself. 

Scary scary scary scary scary scary scary scary scary scary scary scary scary. 


“…Hey you can’t hear me, right?” 


The man could see that his assailant seemed to say something. However, he couldn’t hear anything. Then, his sight also turned dark. He couldn’t see or feel anything. He also couldn’t smell, hear, and the taste of blood in his tongue also disappeared. 

Even though the man was looking at his comrade, smacking each other’s shoulders, smelling the scent of liquor, encouraging each other, and tasting the blood in his mouth a moment ago. 


It was pitch-black, and there was nothing now. He couldn’t sense or do anything, and only fear remained in the man. 


Where, where, where, where, is this… where is this? Even that thought was disappearing. Before he knew it, no, before he even felt such things. 

There was nothing left of him. 


The man whose heart was pierced with a dagger lay there. His limbs were torn off, his throat was crushed, and his eyes were scooped out. The man was found the next morning in a terrible, horrendous state that hardly resembled the shape of a human.


Second Day [“Synchronization of Light”]

Aliceia, the protagonist of the gaiden story of the Round Table Heroes, woke up in the inn. Her beautiful blond hair became messy as she slept. 


Likewise, on her beautiful face there was a big dark circle around her eyes due to lack of sleep. She was tired after her first dungeon exploration and felt the cityscape for the first time, as the road around the free city was not that simple. 


One would normally fall into a deep sleep if they were exhausted, but she couldn’t sleep even with that. It was because when she closed her eyes, that devilish figure soaked with blood and blackish right arm appeared in her dream. It happened over and over, it appeared when she fell asleep which woke her up, then rinse and repeat. 

There was no way she could sleep properly. 


“If this goes on… I might never be able to sleep properly for the rest of my life…” 


She muttered so on her bed. She was filled with fear at the thought she could no longer experience the peaceful sleep. 


“Calm down, Aliceia. You are a capable person, an amazing person, and a person filled with talent. You will eventually become a person that is recognized by everyone. So you can’t stay afraid of that rookie. You have to get over that devil.” 


She kept muttering as if to cast a suggestion on herself as she got up from her bed. She dressed up and left the inn. 


…I feel like I could reach a greater height once I overcome that devil-like oni. Rather, I wouldn’t be able to sleep peacefully otherwise, so I have to overcome it no matter what. 1 


Where is that guy? I know we’re staying in the same inn. I guess I’ll ask the innkeeper whether he has already left or hasn’t woken up yet. 


Aliceia spoke to grandma at the inn reception. For some reason, the grandma didn’t seem energetic, and her expression filled with fear. 

“Um, do you know where the man with the unfriendly gaze is?” 

“Aah, you mean that person… he already left early in the morning…” 

“I see… so he already left.”

“You, be careful out there.”


“There was an adventurer that was killed miserably this morning, you see. There was a lot of commotion outside right now.”

“I see…”

“We never saw such a miserable corpse outside the dungeon before. It made the atmosphere outside turn for the worst… A person like you who recently arrived in the city would be suspected, so be careful.”

“…I see. Thank you for the information.”


Aliceia told the grandma that and left the inn. The sun was dazzling which should make the surrounding feel hot, yet the atmosphere felt muddy instead. 

Everyone seemed to be suspicious of everyone else. It became such an unpleasant place. 


She walked outside to search for Fay. She noticed others were also looking at her with suspicion. She pretended to not care, but she kept glancing at people who gave them such gazes then looked away every time it happened. 

The way she acted felt like she was the criminal, but she couldn’t control her behavior. 


In this city with an unpleasant atmosphere, she wondered what Fay would think of it. 


She was curious as she kept searching. 



And she found him. It was the back of a black-haired man. He went straight to the direction of the dungeon without minding the eyes around him. 

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