Story of a Cannon Fodder who Firmly Believed He was the Protagonist, Misunderstood the Actual Protagonist as the Cannon Fodder, and Ended up Victorious

Translator: Tsukii

Editor: ink

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Chapter 034 – Sixth Sense [C]

She rushed to Fay in a hurry. 

“…Good morning.” 

“…So it’s you.” 1

“You?! Hey, isn’t that very rude of you?!”

“I don’t care about that. And what are you here for?”

“…Eh, ah, that’s…”


I wonder if it’s okay to say that the atmosphere around me feels terrible and it is mentally taxing to walk around alone… 


When Fay’s hawk-like sharp gaze turned to her, her dignified appearance collapsed. She lacked the courage to honestly say she was lonely. And if she really did say that, it would mean she was swallowed by her weak self so she couldn’t bring herself to say it. 

So she decided to put up a façade. 

“Tha-that’s because I saw you being a loner so I kindly graced you with my presence!” 

“…I intended to go solo. So such consideration is unnecessary.”


He proceeded to walk toward the dungeon without even looking at her. She realized that Fay didn’t care about his surroundings like she did.

Even if the people around doubted him, Fay didn’t doubt the people around him. So much so that she thought he was unaware of the murder case. However, there was no way he felt nothing about the rough atmosphere in the Free City at the moment. 

It was a big incident, so there was no way he had no idea. It was not an exaggeration to say that the Free City yesterday felt like a completely different place to the Free City today. 


Despite that, he (Fay) didn’t look disturbed at all, which made her wonder if he wasn’t in the Free City yesterday or he lacked emotion. 


…This guy only sees himself. 


She concluded so. The man in front of her (Fay) did not live according other’s standards. Perhaps other-worldly was a good word to describe him? He gave off the impression that he was alienated or isolated from the world. 


On the other hand, she was a person who wanted to be recognized, praised, admired, and pampered. Such were the feelings inside her. 


They were polar opposites. 


The way Aliceia lived was completely different to Fay. 

That was why she got curious. What kind of person was this man who was completely different from herself, both on his belief and the path he walked? Was a devil-like oni all he was? She wanted to know. 

She adjusted her stride along with the leaving Fay. 


“Is there still anything?”

“…I will only say it once, okay! Since you are too pitiful, I will be your party member!”

“…It’s unnecessary.”

“It’s unnecessary, you say?! Hey! That’s a very rude thing to say to me, the future hero!”


“Hey, don’t ignore me!”


Huh, somehow… I feel like it’s my first time… That I revealed such a thought… 

Perhaps because he feels like a similar person to me, I’m able to say what I wanted straightforwardly? 


“Fuhn, I will follow you along even if you ignore me!” 




Aliceia walked beside Fay while she was ignored by Fay all the time. Perhaps a bystander would see them as a little sister who was trying to be spoiled by her elder brother. 




Aliceia proceeded to stalk Fay, or rather they proceeded to enter the dungeon together. 

There were three goblins in front of them. 

“Sorasorasora!!” 2 


Aliceia generated fire, water, and wind bullets and shot them toward the demons. Not only her art operation, even her magic affinity exceeded ordinary people. 

They found a way to the second floor today, where the orc, the giant green creature who seemed to be a larger-sized goblin, roamed around. 



Waves of soil struck when she clenched her fist. The soil moved in conjunction with it, squeezing the orcs to their death. 




Fay looked at her silently without saying anything. Aliceia noticed Fay’s gaze and made a proud face and puffed her chest proudly. Her clothes protruded with the shape of her twin hills. 


“How is it? I have all elemental affinity. Isn’t it amazing? It’s as expected of me, right? Aren’t I a genius?”  

“…I see.”

“I see, you say. That’s all you got to say?!”


Fay didn’t show any particular reaction. She felt irritated since Fay didn’t seem to acknowledge her. 

They kept defeating demons on the second floor and time passed just like that. Fay was defeating the demons with his katana. Aliceia was using both magic and sword to train herself. 


“Fuh-, hey, why don’t we call it a day for now?” 

“…I’m staying here.”

“Ah, really…”


I’ve thought about inviting him for a meal … but I guess he’ll just say “not interested” to that. Haah, I don’t know what he is thinking at all. 


She kept looking at Fay. It wasn’t easy for her to understand Fay, just like a certain blond protagonist. 


But it feels weird to return alone… it somehow feels wrong too… I guess I should accompany him…?! 


The moment she thought of that, there was a loud noise as something dug through the soil. Unlike the first floor, there wasn’t a particularly complicated road on the second floor. It was like a meadow that continued on. 

There was a big room on the second floor. And that sound echoed all over the place. Something came, and it was there. She hurriedly entered a battle stance the moment she felt its presence, whatever the thing over there was, it wouldn’t be as easy as the demons they defeated earlier. 

What would be coming? She swallowed her saliva as the tension increased. Looking in the direction of the rising dust smoke… they could tell that something was approaching from there. It didn’t seem to be a demon. 

The faint shadow was about as small as a person. 


“Ara? Ara ara ara? You are… Fay-sama, are you not?” 


There was a beautiful blond woman with her hair tied into a ponytail and a pair of red eyes like the color of blood. Her proportions seemed comparable to or even better than Aliceia. 

An elegant voice approached Fay. She didn’t seem to have any interest in Aliceia’s existence. 



“Oh my, you actually remembered me, I’m impressed ~♪ It’s been a while, Fay-sama ~♪”


Mordred, who previously fought a fierce battle against Fay in the underground facility of Point Town territory, reappeared in front of Fay for some reason. 


“Who is that? Is it your acquaintance? 

“…I met her before.”

“I can see that you are much stronger than before, it really makes me heated up ~♪ I really want to fight you right now… but my deepest apology, Fay-sama. We’ll do it on the next opportunity.” 


“Ufufu, it really is a shame ~♪ To think I couldn’t experience Fay-sama’s hot gaze and fighting spirit that might burn me, it seems Fay-sama really wanted to have a rematch with me ~♪ It really is a shame ~♪”

“I haven’t forgotten my previous humiliation. I don’t mind getting rid of it here… but it seems you don’t feel like it right now…”

“Yes, until my purpose of coming here is fulfilled, I can’t afford to fight you.”

“…I see, fine. I will crush you down to the bottom of your heart when I grow strong enough to do that.”

“—. Aah, that’s wonderful ~♪ As expected Fay-sama really is my destined person ~♪”


Mordred was looking at Fay with an ecstatic expression and hurried breath showing her excitement. Seeing that, Aliceia took a step back. 


Eh? That disgusts me somehow… what’s with her… 


“That’s right. Fay-sama, do you know anything about the murder that has been making a lot of noise since this morning? I came here to kill the murderer.” 

“…I know nothing.”

“I see…”

The thing Mordred spoke of was the information that Aliceia couldn’t ignore. 

Is she related to that murder case? 

If I get the information that nobody knows about and catch the culprit… Everyone would acknowledge me. That’s right! I can’t stand that heavy atmosphere in the city in the morning so I went to search for this guy and went to the dungeon to run away from that, but if I manage to catch the culprit, I would immediately become a hero! 


Aliceia was curious and asked Mordred a question. 

“Hey, you… is the culprit your acquaintance?” 

“…Hm? Ara, to think there’s a person other than Fay-sama here… where did you come from?”

“I’ve been here all this time!”

“Ara ara ara, I didn’t notice at all. I saw no one but Fay-sama. You asked me whether I am acquainted with the culprit, is it…? Well, you’re right.”

“How are you related to that person?”

“Why are you asking?

“There’s no way I can leave it alone, right? A person actually died there, so tell me if you know.”

This was, albeit faint, her true feelings. She also had a sense of justice like Tlue. Although she was a person with a strong desire for approval, she was a good person at her root. That was also the reason she often ended up in bad situations though.

“Haah… I doubt you’ll recognize the name even if I tell you… but okay. This involves the ‘Synchronization of Light’.” 

“’Synchronization of Light’…? What is that?”

“Well… it’ll take a long time to explain… no, just forget that. It’s not something to be talked about casually. Moreover, you have the expression of a person who will involve themselves unnecessarily.”

“…What kind of expression is that?!”

“It’s that expression that you’re having right now… Well then, I’ll be looking for the culprit in the dungeon to crush him. Fay-sama, please be careful. That acquaintance of mine… he’s quite a troublesome man. He often makes his move once night falls, so I suggest you return to your lodging earlier.”3


“Well then.”


That was all she said before she passed by them. In the game version, this was the event where Aliceia and Mordred met and talked for a bit. She came to learn a little about the “Synchronization of Light” and came to know the culprit that way. 

Mordred told Aliceia to not get involved, but it was the prelude to Aliceia’s one way ticket to the train of tragedy due to her goodwill and selfishness.

—And fate is ironic, that one-way ticket was just now issued. 


So the culprit would make a move at night… Then I will keep watch on the Free City tonight! 

And she ended up going for the ride. She rode the one-way train that headed straight to tragedy.


—Isn’t this my event as a protagonist? I knew it. That’s why I’ve been looking for the culprit all this time in the dungeon, but… I see. So the culprit will make his move at night. I will be the night guard later. But for the time being, I would search the dungeon thoroughly for now. 


And a certain man issued his train pass. He proceeded to ride the bullet train to catch up with the Utsu.

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1 month ago

LET’S GOOO Fay sama do your best!!! And save Aliceia from the utsu!!!

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Suddenly Modred? What the hell is this, it is really original novel?

Thx for this awesome chapter !!

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No, i just so surprised by suddenly appear, i think she need more chapter like past

Eternal perspective
Eternal perspective
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Reply to  Carrion

Ironically she’s the one he has highest chances of meeting randomly as she’s always after big incidents and MC’s protagonist events coincide.