Story of a Cannon Fodder who Firmly Believed He was the Protagonist, Misunderstood the Actual Protagonist as the Cannon Fodder, and Ended up Victorious

Translator: Tsukii

Editor: ink

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Chapter 034 – Sixth Sense [D]

Fay continued to dive into the dungeon until late at night. It was as if he was looking for something, so much so that he seemed to forget about time, and Aliceia couldn’t say anything to Fay’s devilish appearance while he did so. 

And late at night, the two finally left the dungeon. 

“It’s already late at night now! You did it too much! You training idiot!” 

“You can just return alone if you want to complain.”

“Tha-that’s… there’s no way I could say anything seeing how hard you worked… that’s not it, it’s just, I somehow couldn’t say it!”


The two left the dungeon and the guild late at night. It was already pitch black and quiet outside. Perhaps it was because of yesterday’s murder case, there was no noises of people eating and drinking. 

“Well then, there, you can go ahead and return to your lodging.” 

“…I will go around the Free City as it is.”

“Hah?! What are you talking about?! Didn’t that Mordred fellow earlier say that the murderer is within the Free City and likely to take actions at night!!”

“That’s exactly why. I’m going to catch the culprit.”

“…I won’t stop you though.”


Should I come along and go around with him? I feel a little scared walking around alone after all. 


“You people!”

“Eh, ah, yes?”

“What are you doing at this hour?! Hurry and return to your lodging! Are you not aware there is a murderer lurking around?!”

“Eh, err, that’s.”

“I think you are a couple who are doing a test of courage, but do take care of your life!”

“No, we aren’t a couple!”


A man in armor suddenly talked to them. He has a beard and that gave the impression of a person with a strong sense of justice. 


“You must be aware that we have been searching around the Free City since the morning. The culprit hasn’t been caught yet… don’t spread this around, but we found other corpses. Some of the search teams seem to have been murdered.” 

“No way…”

“That’s despite major legions taking part in the search teams… The situation is really dangerous this time. I don’t want to say much, but there will definitely be more deaths… So hurry and go back to your lodging so both of you won’t be included in that. It would be wise to not do anything noticeable and wait for the situation to settle quietly.”


“Well then, if you’ll excuse me.”


Saying that, the man carrying a lantern to illuminate the darkness met up with another person in the search team and left. 


“We can’t afford to have more victims. I have to do something about it… how about you? Hey, I guess I don’t need to ask.” 

“I’m looking for that man for my own sake.”


I will catch you no matter what. I definitely will… 


The two started walking around in the Free City. There were quite a few people on patrol, but there were also members of major legions that were killed, and people tried to preserve their own lives, and because the legions tried to avoid losing more members to the culprit, there would definitely be a hole in the surveillance.

However, it was weird that they still couldn’t find it despite how long they searched. The adventurers in this city were definitely not small fries. Experienced warriors were also participating as members of the search team this time. 


That mysterious culprit couldn’t be found at all. 


“Hey, don’t you think the surveillance in this area is a bit thin?” 

“You’re right. I guess they have to go around it because it was the place where many people live.”


A cold wind blew through. They couldn’t hear other human voices. Although houses were lined up, there was barely any light among them which made it creepy. Aliceia and Fay kept walking. 

Then they noticed something strange. It was because they couldn’t hear any human sounds other than themselves. There were no sounds, and the wind also seemed to disappear before they noticed it. 


It was as if they suddenly entered the world they couldn’t recognize. However, the cityscape around stayed the same. 


Huh? She thought as she squinted her eyes. It was because there was something big like a scarecrow in front of them. 


“So you finally appeared.” 

“Well, we walked conspicuously on purpose after all.”

“I’ll do it.”

“No, I’ll do it.

The scarecrows in front of them attacked. The scarecrow-like man was laughing. 




It was the first intense killing intent that Aliceia had ever experienced. The killing intent belonged to a true madman who seemed to be stronger than her. Her limbs began to tremble. The monster that went beyond her tolerance appeared in front of her. 


“Eh, ah, eh, aaah…” 

“Stay back, it’s too much of a burden for you.”

“Huh? You won’t call for help? Maybe someone will come if you shout, you know?”

“I can deal with you on my own. There’s no need for any help.”

“Heeh… Well, I don’t mind. I deployed a human repellent barrier either way, so it would have been useless if you tried. Anyway, this girl over there looks cute, huh? Also, you’re also a cool man! Did both of you take the guild request to be guards?”

“That’s not it.”

“Heeh, so you’re volunteers, huh. Both of you are kind people, I like it! I will kill you gently then. Well, I also liked the other guards so I killed them gently. You see, I love gentle people with good intentions. It is because they are fun. Look, they are all desperately looking for me, and I keep killing more people as I am being chased. Isn’t this just the best?”


“Well, I wanted to play with the major legions… but not many of them came out, you see. They all seemed to be busy with their faction dispute thing? That they wanted to avoid having their members reduced in numbers, so they really are bad people. Ah, are you curious why I’m talking to you like this? You see, because I am kind, I want others to learn about me, especially the person that I would kill.”


“Also, this place is within the special barrier. Sounds won’t leak outside. And there won’t be anyone coming, well, it’s like some sort of suggestion? Isn’t it amazing? It’s quite an amazing barrier. Well, it’s an ability that got attached to me, though…” 1


Perhaps Fay got tired of listening, so he proceeded to attack using his katana, and that man parried it.


“Ah, my name is Kyle! Nice to meet you!” 


“To think you ignored me, you sure are a bad person! I won’t forgive you!”


Kyle swung his sword. Despite talking crazily like a psychopath, his swordsmanship was great. 

“As for you… I will sentence you to be cut to pieces with your sense of pain intact! There’s also a full course of torture following that!” 




The man’s sword failed to touch Fay. Everything was deflected away with his katana. Moreover, Fay unleashed a counter that almost landed on the man so he had no choice but to step back to avoid it.  

“Hm? You… are you able to see the future? Or is it… do you know about it? About this sword of memories.” 


“Hm-, a member of synchronization, a junior, a senior, or a magic eye user, you don’t seem to be any of that. I have no idea what you are… but this will be troublesome.”


There was Arthur’s sword dance in Fay’s memories. Because Arthur’s swordsmanship was several times more beautiful and sharper, Kyle’s swordsmanship wasn’t a big deal to Fay. 


“You sure are a troublesome fellow… but it seems your physical strengthening sucks. I can just defeat you through the difference of physical ability. Moreover, I’m more capable in magic instead of sword fighting! I’ll tell you beforehand, but the game is set the moment my hand touches you. I can deprive my opponent of their five senses by touching them! I just forgot to mention it earlier!” 


With that said, Kyle touched the ground. A lot of giant thorn-like things grew from the ground at Fay’s feet and attacked him. The moment Fay understood he couldn’t avoid it, he forcefully strengthened his right leg and moved away. Fay flew to the spot in front of Aliceia so he could protect her if something happened.


“That leg looks painful! How terrible! I will make you at ease now!” 



The sharp thorn sprouted from the ground again and aimed at the swollen, blackish red right leg. Fay didn’t manage to cut everything with his right hand and blood dripped.


And Aliceia was trembling with fear as she saw that. The thorn of earth advanced toward her. Fay clicked his tongue and to protect her, proceeded to apply Art strengthening on his left leg and cut down the thorn. 



“…I-I’m sorry.” 

“Cih… rather than that.”

“?! Be-behind you!”

However, his throat was touched by Kyle’s right hand. Fay’s consciousness sank at the moment he looked back… no, it didn’t sink. Fay still had his consciousness, but he just couldn’t feel anything. 


“Ah, aah.” 

“A-ah, perhaps he could have won if not for having to protect you? Or perhaps he did that to let us enjoy our moment together? Rather than that, you are cute, you know! You’re just my type! Let’s have our moment together! Don’t worry. I will do it after I deprive you of your five senses, so you won’t feel any pain! I won’t forget to give you a peaceful sleep afterward!”

“Eh, aah, no, stop.”


She couldn’t move because of fear. 


The madman approached her. He considered himself a good man. He explained in detail how he would murder the other person, then he proceeded to deprive them of their five senses, so they wouldn’t feel pain when he killed them after he was done with them, something he thought was a stylish and kind thing to do. 

However, as if to contradict himself, he returned his victim’s sense of pain on purpose when he cut their limbs, letting them scream in pain and doing his own selfish deed. Yet he still considered himself a good person despite that. He was a madman who couldn’t even keep what he said himself. 


As it was, she would be deprived of her five senses then raped, followed by returning her five senses and raped again. After that, Mordred would come to rescue her, saving her life but at the cost of great damage to her body and mind. 


And Mordred wouldn’t do anything for Aliceia after helping her and left her there. After that, Rhine who participated with the searcher would run toward her and managed to secure Aliceia to be protected. Such was how the game scenario went. 


The madman who was too insane approached her. 


Fay was deprived of his five senses and his eyes were out of focus. Aliceia felt the fear that this moment would be the last moment of her life. 


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