Story of a Cannon Fodder who Firmly Believed He was the Protagonist, Misunderstood the Actual Protagonist as the Cannon Fodder, and Ended up Victorious

Translator: Tsukii

Editor: ink

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Chapter 035 – Gambler [A]

[Third Day – Ditch Rat]

After Fay’s trouble with the naked Mordred, Fay got up and wore his clothes. Mordred had already left, saying she was looking for something. Then there was only Fay and Aliceia alone.

Aliceia pretended to stretch her back and acted like she was just waking up at that moment. After all, it would be awkward for both parties if it was known that she was awake and saw how they embraced each other while Mordred was naked.

“U-uhn, ah, good morning.” 

“…Fuhn, you finally woke up.”

“Ah-ah-, err, um, that’s, where, did she go? I definitely just woke up, so I have no idea…”

“She went out, saying she had something to do.”

“I-is that so? Fu-fuhn.”


Fuh-, with this, there’s no way he would expect that I actually knew that both of them were actually embracing each other while she was naked. I wonder what those two were talking about… I was so panicked seeing her naked that I had no leisure to listen in so I have no idea. Perhaps they were former lovers…? 


…I-I’m curious… Other people’s romance really makes me curious… I don’t want to know about the vivid depiction of their bed activity though. I’m more curious about why they ended up in their current relationships and how their relationships will become from now on… I guess that’s another reason to follow him around. 


She was pondering. There were three reasons why she followed Fay around. It was because she was scared of his figure that often appeared in her dream that she wanted to overcome it. After all, he was strong so she wanted to learn from his strength to grow stronger, and because she wanted to know about his romance with Mordred.

Aliceia never fell in love yet, but she did read romance novels so she sometimes had delusions about how a romance would turn out. That said, she never actually saw how a person in love would be before, so she was really curious about Fay and Mordred.

Just as Aliceia thought about what things she would observe from their relationship from now on, Fay was about to leave the room ahead of her.

“Wa-wait a minute!” 


“Ju-just wait, okay! Ju-just a little, three minutes! Just for three minutes!”


Aliceia hurriedly changed her clothes and left the room with Fay. Fortunately, Fay actually waited for her despite being expressionless, so she could go along with him. As she wondered what Fay would do in the early morning, Fay stepped into a vacant lot. 


“So you’re doing practice swings…” 


Fay silently began to train. The light of the sun illuminated Fay and Aliceia beautifully in the early morning. His body clock was set and his eyes turned clear as the morning sun shone. He set his optimal condition as he bathed under the morning sun and did his practice swings. 

It was already a routine for Fay. Aliceia sighed and watched Fay’s practice swings. 


I wonder if he is always doing this…? 


She paid attention to Fay’s practice swing. She was naturally fascinated as she looked at him. Although she didn’t know what it was, she felt like she witnessed the source of Fay’s strength. 

Somehow, it feels like I have to do my best too when I’m looking at him, it’s strange.  

I wonder if I should do some practice swings as well… 


It was at the moment when Aliceia was about to follow Fay and do practice swings herself. She heard a memorable high-pitched voice. In a sense, it was the voice that Aliceia was waiting for. She’s coming, thought Aliceia as she looked at the direction where the voice came from. 

And there was the blond ponytail… 

“Fay-sama! Is it really happening? To think we met again so soon… as expected, this is destiny~♪” 

“…So it’s you.”

“Really, please don’t give me such a cold shoulder. I’m also a maiden, and I would be saddened to be given such a response, hic hic.”

“…You don’t look sad at all.”

“Fufuh, that might be true~♪ To think I get to witness Fay-sama’s gallant figure in the morning, it really is a fortune~♪ So of course my joy triumphs over my sadness ~♪”


S-she’s hereeeee!!! How will it turn out!! From now on! 


Aliceia was filled with interest about the two’s relationships. Were they former lovers? What will happen from now on? 


“…I see.” 

“Fufuh, I’m really excited to see Fay-sama drenched with sweat in the morning as you keep swinging your katana like an oni~♪ I am getting heated up even though it’s still morning~♪”

“I didn’t ask.”

“Your cold response is also wonderful~♪ I’m happy regardless of how Fay-sama responded since it is you~♪”


A-amazing, what a ferocious appeal… to think she makes such an easy to understand approach… how will Fay respond to it…?! 


“…I see, but I don’t like a person like you who talks a lot even when I didn’t ask.” 


Tha-that’s harsh?! That’s really a harsh response?! Yo-you don’t have to react like an ex-boyfriend who got annoyed… 


“Oh my~ ♪ Fay-sama with such a strong attitude is also wonderful~♪” 


Eeh?! She’s happy?! Even though she is given such a response…?! I-is she a masochist?! 


Aliceia saw how happy Mordred seemed. Even though Fay spoke words that clearly rejected her, Mordred instead put both of her hands on her cheek and swayed about. 

Fay kept looking at Mordred with a cold gaze. Then, Mordred’s eyes met with Fay’s. She then dived into Fay’s chest before anyone could react.


That’s too fast… I could only see the afterimage of her movement before she reached Fay… no way, just how  fast did she move just now…? Mordred… I could tell that she was strong when I met her in the dungeon, but she is stronger than I expected… a superior person… 


“Fufuh, as expected, Fay-sama’s chest is the best… so much so that I wanted to make it my hugging pillow.” 

“Get off.”

“Fufuh, I already noticed it slightly before, but Fay-sama is unexpectedly a generous person.”

“What? You say I’m generous?”


Hiih, Fay got a little angryyyyy! I-it’s scary! 


Fay turned his sharp gaze toward Mordred when she called him generous. A slight bit of intimidation leaked out, making Aliceia’s spine freeze. That was how great his intimidation was. However, Mordred instead had a cool expression while looking happy.

“Yes, if you really wanted me to push me away, couldn’t you just stab me with your sword? You can head butt me just like that time to force me get away, can’t you? Yet you didn’t do that.” 

“…I’m still shooing you off right now, though.”

“But you’re not serious, right? When you’re fighting for real, you wouldn’t care if your opponent was a woman or child, you would still cut them down like a madman. But outside combat, you only gently shoo me off even if I draw close to you like this. You refused, but you won’t draw your katana for that… You really are a mysterious person. It makes me wonder, what are your values and beliefs? The fact that I don’t understand it really saddens me.”

“…It’s a bunch of nonsense I couldn’t stand listening to. Get off already.”

“No no, please let me stay like this for a little while longer~♪ Fufuh, I really like this generous personality of Fay-sama~♪ I love your crazy, extreme state the most though~♪”


“Aah, you didn’t use any art, and you also didn’t use your sword to push me away… you really are a generous person. That’s exactly why I couldn’t understand… I want to touch you with this hand to confirm it… but somehow I feel it is a waste to do such a thing~♪ I want to take our time so Fay-sama and I can properly understand each other…~♪” 1


Mordred stroked Fay’s chest with her index finger. Her figure happily embracing him looked like a maiden in love.

Wo-wow… I saw something amazing… Mordred is actually quite aggressive. She said a bunch of things, and I could only see Fay normally refusing her, though… Perhaps Mordred is actually a terribly delusional woman? 


Aliceia could only see that Fay was refusing Mordred because she was too persistent. Mordred finally moved away from Fay while her eyes were still looking at him. 


“Fufuh, you saw me naked in the morning, and we exchanged such a passionate embrace, don’t you think we are actually destined to be together?” 

“I don’t think so at all. Rather than that—“

“Ara? Ara ara ara? Fay-sama… you asked me to do that even though it’s still morning… you really know how to make me hot and bothered.”


Fay drew his katana and pointed it at Mordred. Mordred laughed happily at such actions. 

“Accompany me for a bit. You’ve already wasted my time. I have to regain my training time.” 

“Yes, yes, of course it’s okay~♪ I’d really like to have a serious battle to the point of insanity… but not yet, Fay-sama can still grow stronger from now on. So I will fight while matching my strength with you. Is that alright?” 

“I don’t like it, but very well.”

“Fufuh, I also like how you can make a calm decision, you know?”

“That’s a confession that won’t move my heart at all.”

“Fufuh, then let’s get started.”


Fay was well aware that he had still not surpassed Mordred yet. He did promise a rematch, but his instinct told him it wasn’t time yet. Moreover, Mordred herself wanted him to be stronger as well. 

In that case, Fay thought to make full use of that existence that hunted him. He endured the humiliation of being underestimated by the strong, which was comparable to the burning flame of hell to him, all to sharpen his fangs for the future.

He came to this place because he wanted to become strong. In that case, he would use everything and do anything. Such was his resolve.

As Mordred felt that directly, she was excited yet again. An insane fighting will, a destructive fighting spirit, and the thirst of endless strength. All of that was a perfect strike for Mordred’s heart.

It was dead center of where the catcher laid their glove on. The ball landed exactly where they wanted them to be. That was how much of a strike Fay was to Mordred.


N-no way… they suddenly began fighting. Somehow, I can’t understand these two. In the end, Mordred clearly likes Fay, but Fay doesn’t hate the idea that much? No, he clearly looks annoyed to me. I think Fay only sees her as a perfect opponent to train against… 


The katana and sword intersected and scattered sparks. Mordred’s sword was aiming at Fay’s head. However, there was Arthur in Fay’s head. He naturally imagined her swordsmanship and his stance didn’t break. Mordred asked Fay while swinging his sword. 


“…May I ask you for one thing?” 


“Fay-sama, are you close to a person who used similar swordsmanship to me?”

“I am not.”

“I see… then what is that person specifically for Fay-sama?”

“…It’s an existence to defeat, and destiny that has to be overcome.”

“…I see.”


A-amazing, to think Fay manages to respond properly against that… Even though Mordred is clearly superior in her art strengthening. 


The blades hit each other many times. Mordred occasionally punched and kicked, but Fay blocked it properly. 

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1 year ago

She’s not a friend… She’s an Onee-san

1 year ago

Hey is Modred girl and alceaia are heroine?

Thx for update

Eternal perspective
Eternal perspective
1 year ago
Reply to  Carrion

Alicia is clearly told to be the protagonist of another otome game with herself as the protagonist.

Mordred is probably a strong crazy type waifu who does appearances from time to time to meet the protagonist.