Story of a Cannon Fodder who Firmly Believed He was the Protagonist, Misunderstood the Actual Protagonist as the Cannon Fodder, and Ended up Victorious

Translator: Tsukii

Editor: ink

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Chapter 035 – Gambler [B]

“I see… it seems you often fought against that person.” 

“They were days of humiliation.”

“I guess so. For Fay-sama, piling up defeats would be more painful than being cut physically… Aah, but it really makes me envious. About that person with similar swordsmanship as mine… I doubt that’s the case, but is that person a short person with silver hair?”  

“She’s not the person with the similar swordsmanship as yours.”

“I guess so…”

“—You seem to be pretty relaxed there.”


Although Mordred wasn’t completely absentminded, she seemed busy thinking something else since earlier. While she was paying attention to Fay in front of her, she seemed to have the leisure in her mind as she kept asking questions. 

As he felt that, Fay unleashed his special move. It was a rapid physical activation. His arms swelled blackish red. He then forcefully deflected her sword away.




Mordred’s cute voice echoed. Fay ignored that, threw the sword away, clenched his fist, and slammed a right straight to Mordred’s solar plexus. 




Mordred’s body bent into the shape of く and was sent flying several meters away. By using her hand to grab the ground, she killed the momentum and managed to stop. 

She spewed blood from her mouth as she coughed. However, she had an ecstatic expression. 


“Ahaha, Fay-sama is wonderful after all~♪” 

“Are you able to focus a little now?”

“Yes, yes, of course~♪ Fay-sama’s hot fist woke me up~♪ I’m terribly sorry, Fay-sama. Please forgive this loose person for thinking of something else when Fay-sama is in front of me~♪” 1

“I don’t care about that. Come on.”

“Fufuh, Fay-sama, I really do long for you~♪ Be it my promise or the common sense I had until now, none of that matters when Fay-sama is in front of me~♪ Fay-sama, please be prepared… I actually intended to match my strength with Fay-sama… but I’m currently the most heated I’ve ever been to the point I can’t do it anymore~♪ I won’t be able to hold back~♪”


The devil in a dress stained in blood instantly closed her distance. She then swung her right foot. Fay was able to predict that, but it was way too fast that he couldn’t respond in time. He somehow managed to use his right arm to block. Nay, it was more correct to say that Mordred was aiming for that spot instead. 

Fay flew off tens of meters away while making a dull noise. 


I-I couldn’t see it at all… 


Aliceia was astonished to see that Fay was blown away before she could notice what happened. Then she became worried that Fay might die from that attack. 


“He-hey! Isn’t that too much no matter how you think about it!!” 

“Oh my? You were here?”

“I’ve been here all this time! R-rather than that.”

“Please don’t underestimate Fay-sama. That person is— Ahah, look~♪”


Mordred looked in a certain direction with a vulgar laugh. Both of his arms were severely injured, and it wouldn’t be weird for him to have suffered a concussion or broken bones considering how far he was blown away. Yet, Fay held his katana with his mouth and showed a distorted smile. 

His eyes were saying that it wasn’t over yet. 


It’s terrible, thought Aliceia as she got scared. Mordred was happy with what she saw. 


There was nothing to be said from there on. However, Fay was trampled on by Mordred, leaving his body tattered. 


Tha-that’s definitely not training… Isn’t that just a one-sided bullying…? Is he okay? He’s laughing… but isn’t he…2




I woke up in the morning and swung my sword. It was an obvious thing to do. Daily accumulation was important. It would become useful someday. Such thoughts and customs wouldn’t change regardless of where I was.

Mordred appeared when I swung my katana. Was she that free? 

Heeh, I didn’t feel any sort of destiny though… Now that I think about it, what kind of character was she? Perhaps she was also a rival character like Arthur? Somehow, the number of her appearances have increased recently. 

Was it okay to judge that she was a rival character? 


Destiny, huh. There was no way that she was actually a heroine, right? But I saw her naked in the morning. Wasn’t that a thing that a heroine would do unexpectedly? 

But she was a person related to Arthur, right? It felt like Mordred wasn’t a heroine when her connection with Arthur was considered, right? 

She sure touched me all around… U-uhm? Seeing how passionate she was… Maybe, she was a heroine? Or she wasn’t…? 

Since I was a cool character, I would just exude the aura to push her away… hm? What? You said I was a generous person?! 

This girl!!! 

“Yes, if you really wanted me to push me away, couldn’t you just stab me with your sword? You can head butt me just like that time to force me get away, can’t you? Yet you didn’t do that.” 

“…I’m still shooing you off right now, though.”

“But you’re not serious, right? When you’re fighting for real, you wouldn’t care if your opponent was a woman or child, you would still cut them down like a madman. But outside combat, you only gently shoo me off even if I draw close to you like this. You refused, but you won’t draw your katana for that… You really are a mysterious person. It makes me wonder, what are your values and beliefs? The fact that I don’t understand it really saddens me.”


You know what? I was certainly not a normal person, okay? I was the protagonist after all. It would be a problem if you thought of me as the same as the mobs, you see? Also, a part of me was insane, you know? It was just right for the protagonist to be a little crazy. 

No hey, I would still hesitate if my opponent was a child, you know? I was indeed crazy, but I still have common sense that didn’t follow insanity. 


I did have common sense. You shouldn’t say it like I was a psychopath! I do admit I am insane, though! 

I am an insane person with common sense! 

“Fufuh, you saw me naked in the morning, and we exchanged such a passionate embrace, don’t you think we are actually destined to be together?” 


No, I didn’t think so… was it alright to give such a general judgment? Well, let’s put that aside for the time being, the immediate training was more important!! 

Well then, could you fight me for a bit? My training time was wasted because of you, so pay with your body, okay? 

“Fufuh, I also like how you can make a calm decision, you know?”


Like, huh… Was there anyone else who gave me such a straight confession like she was? Whatever. 


Battle begin!! 


Uoh, she was fast after all. This showed that she was comparable to Arthur… I was glad she was willing to be my training partner, but she asked too many questions! 

‘Focus on the training Punch’!!! 


Oh? It seemed she could concentrate properly now!! 


“Yes, yes, of course~♪ Fay-sama’s hot fist woke me up~♪ I’m terribly sorry, Fay-sama. Please forgive this loose person for thinking of something else when Fay-sama is in front of me~♪” 


…No, it wasn’t a big deal, you know? I wasn’t that angry. Rather, it really made me curious because her words and actions showed that she seemed attracted to me… No, I should concentrate on my training. 


“I don’t care about that. Come.”

“Fufuh, Fay-sama, I really do long for you~♪” 


Eh? Wasn’t this… is she seriously confessing to me right now…? Calm down. A protagonist should be able to make a calm judgment. 

There was a naked event in the morning… she also often said things like she liked me, long for me, and she hugged me… was she seriously falling for me…? Since she said so… was she the heroine? 


I-it actually wasn’t Maria? H-huh? I thought it was Maria all this time… 



Ca-calm down, I was still in the middle of training. I have to fight properly! Just as I thought of that, she suddenly moved damn fast!! 

I was blown away tens of meters. 

I wouldn’t know, even if I think about it… so let’s fight instead. Fighting with Mordred with all I got was all I could do right now. Perhaps I will be able to come to a conclusion eventually. 


Well then, let’s begin. It was the time for the fierce combat between you and I… 


I was totally beaten down… To be honest, I was in a worse state than when Arthur beat me down. Mordred was more broken than Arthur, in a way. 

She had no common sense to consider that her power would break others’ bones or make them throw up blood. 

There was no common sense for such a person. However, this was what was supposed to be training. If it was the usual me, I would cry in happiness. It was something I longed for, but I had no leisure for that at the moment. 

After all… Mordred might be… 


Seriously…? This made me come up… with a certain theory. 

The theory where Mordred was a violent type of heroine. 

Even as I was beaten down, my head was full of the thought of Mordred. 


There were such characters. It was those people who appealed their love toward the protagonist by means of violence. In Mordred’s case, she sang words of love while being violent at me. It was quite weird, but well, it was training at the moment anyway? 

I shouldn’t deny the diversity of characteristics. 


However, a violent type of heroine… There was a lot of criticism of such characters. It was especially so during the time I was still in modern japan. 

Until a while ago, there was a heroine who knee kicked the protagonist during the first day of his transfer, there was another who shot lighting at them, then there was another who used a hammer with ‘100t’ written on it to crush the protagonist, such are the things that were considered basic procedure. 3 

U-hn, I wonder about that. I had a hard time making a judgment. Since this Round Table Heroes was released during my era, the creator should have taken otaku’s current preference into consideration, so perhaps Mordred might be the losing heroine. 


I guess I shouldn’t make a judgment on this matter easily. 

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7 months ago

The first violent heroine is Louise from Zero No Tsukaima, she kicked the protagonist in the first day lol.

5 months ago
Reply to  Treyon

Then Taiga and Shana

10 months ago

When two violent Masochists fight.

They both enjoyed getting beat up.

10 months ago

Hey I have a question, don’t anyone think Fay and Modred good partner? ( Same insane )

Thx for update

10 months ago

How the hell did Mordred, of all people, become a heroine?

10 months ago
Reply to  jayswing103

Like I think, she is heroine

10 months ago

Where is part 1

10 months ago
Reply to  Jeremiah


10 months ago
Reply to  Kiro