Story of a Cannon Fodder who Firmly Believed He was the Protagonist, Misunderstood the Actual Protagonist as the Cannon Fodder, and Ended up Victorious

Translator: Tsukii

Editor: ink

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Chapter 035 – Gambler [C]

Fay’s injuries were completely treated using the potion Mordred brought with her. However, Fay was still fainted as usual. 


“Hey… Don’t you think you went too far?” 


Mordred was sitting on a wooden bench near the place they trained together earlier. Fay’s head rested on her lap, while his body was laid down on the bench. 

Aliceia sat next to Mordred other’s side where Fay wasn’t there and asked with a mystified expression. 


“This is the right treatment for Fay-sama, and perhaps it’s not enough for him.” 

“E-eeh? Re-really?”

“Yes, he is Fay-sama after all… he is always trying to climb higher… he definitely prefers harder training.”

“He-heeh, S-so he prefers it rough.”

“Yes, that should be the case… by the way… who are you?”

“Hey! It’s me! We met yesterday, right!!”


“Nonono! Don’t you forget about this beauty! Moreover, don’t forget about the life you saved yourself yesterday! I was rescued by you yesterday!”

“…Ah-, yes yes. Now that I think about it, there was such a person. That person fainted… it’s just Fay-sama is way too thick that I forgot~♪ You’re too thin compared to Fay-sama… so I’m sorry~♪”1

“That’s ve-ry rude of you! What do you mean by thin! I have a proper name and it’s Aliceia!”

“Ah, yes yes. I remember it now, Ali-something-sama~♪” 

“It’s Aliceia! Not Ali-something-sama!”


Aliceia became angry and kept repeating her own name to Mordred, but Mordred didn’t seem to remember it at all, so Aliceia became angrier. Mordred ignored Aliceia who was red faced in anger, and Mordred became busy touching Fay’s cheek and hair. 


“Hey, why do you like him so much?” 

“Let’s see. To you… what does the color of my hair look like?”

“Eeh…? Well, okay. You have a similar blond color like mine, I guess?”

“For me, I can only see it as gray. Of course, I do recognize that the actual color of my hair is called blond. However, everything looks the same. I can’t feel anything special and sympathize with anything… except for fierce battles.”

“Except for fierce battles?”

“It’s the red color. The color of red is the only color I can feel. I want to laugh while bathing in it. I also wanted to enjoy the blood spilled during fierce battles and laugh together with others… at least I thought so.”


“However, there was no way such a person would exist… Well, I could just enjoy it alone so I wasn’t too troubled by it, and I never thought it was lonely. However, when I first met Fay-sama, he was laughing from the bottom of his heart~♪ The joy I felt at that moment was immeasurable~♪”

“I-I see…”

“Yes, I was really happy. Even though he was stabbed in the abdomen and bleeding profusely, Fay-sama proceeded to headbutt me and it was amazing~♪”



So he’s been a monster since way back… it makes me feel relieved instead. 


While Aliceia was talking to Mordred, Fay finally opened his eyes.

“Good morning, Fay-sama.” 


“You ignored me? I don’t mind though… Rather than that, it really makes me think of Fay-sama again~♪ You seem to still have leisure in your mind as well… Fay-sama will definitely grow stronger from now on~♪”


“That said, why don’t you be my disciple after all, Fay-sama? You will definitely grow stronger faster compared to now~♪”


As Mordred looked at Fay seriously, she caressed his cheek as if to flirt and yearn for him. 


“I refuse. I told you before… My master… is only that person.” 

“…Fu-hn. Fay-sama sure has a bad taste in women.”



Mordred looked away as if sulking. Perhaps the thing she felt for the first time right now was something close to jealousy. 


“Where are you going?” 

“I go to where I should be, to seek strength.”

Fay said so and walked away without looking at Mordred. Aliceia saw Mordred’s lonely face as she tasted the sadness of rejection. 


“Won’t you go after him?” 

“…No, I want to be alone for a while… Why don’t you go instead?”

“Okay… see you again.”


Aliceia went away, leaving Mordred alone. Aliceia’s intuition told her that she wouldn’t be seeing Mordred for some time. 

I guess she won’t be able to recover from that rejection for a while… It can’t be helped, considering how much she thought of him… I guess I should leave her alone for a while. 




Fay and Aliceia were heading to the dungeon together. To be precise, Aliceia was just following Fay without his permission… 

As they were walking, people who clearly looked like hoodlums were coming at them. 

“Oh-, cute nee-chan and cool nii-chan… Why don’t you play together with us?” 

“You’re rookies, right? There’s a casino in this city that only regular people know about, how about playing there? The boyfriend-san should also want to show off your cool side, right?”


The two men who were seemingly wrapped cheaply in flattery talked not only to the beautiful Aliceia but also to Fay, so it seemed that their purpose wasn’t for picking up girls. 

“Who are you? You’re blocking us here.” 

“Fuh-, you’re quite bullish, I see. Since jou-chan has such characters, I think you can earn quite a lot of money.”

“…That sounds suspicious.”

“It’s okay, it’s okay. How about having a light casino trip at the bar over there?”


Fay looked uninterested, but he stopped his feet and listened. He felt that this was probably his event. 

However, this wasn’t Fay’s, but Aliceia’s event in the game version. In that version, Aliceia suffered greatly because of Kyle on the second day, but Aliceia managed to stay alive because of Mordred’s help, then Rhine who passed by later secured Aliceia. 

After Rhine secured her, she spent the night as her mind was mentally driven to the edge. She was then comforted by Rhine and comforted by his sister Barbara, but it didn’t manage to heal her heart and she walked alone in the Free City with an uncertain gait. 

She didn’t say anything to Rhine’s group as she left and he lost her. Then she encountered these two hoodlums. She was caught at their insistence, not to mention she lacked the will to refuse at that moment, and proceeded to gamble at the nearby bar. 

Being cheated, she lost the gamble and was stripped of her clothes. She lost her money and weapon, left with nothing at all. Then, Rhine appeared and uncovered their cheating, allowing her to regain her money and clothing. 

Due to the grace of being rescued, Aliceia became conscious of Rhine little by little. She embraced Rhine as she cried and proceeded to hit him as she cried and “Why didn’t you save me back then?” Then she cried again, before saying her gratitude to Rhine. Such was how the event was supposed to be carried out, but… 


“Sorry, but I’ll pass on that since it is troublesome. We don’t have the time to play.” 


“Well, you don’t have to force yourself if you’re scared. I mean, I guess we should invite other people instead. They don’t seem like people who have guts after all, right?”

“You’re right. It can’t be helped. Since they are scared, then it can’t be helped.”


They provoked them as parting words and they gave up inviting them. They were only intended to be a little sarcastic if they didn’t manage to invite some people. 

“Aah? Hey, who do you say is scared? Isn’t it right, Fay?” 


“Eh? I got ignored… kohon. Okay then, I will do that gambling thing you just said!! I am not scared at all! I will even ride on your cheap provocation!”

“Ah, is that so? That’s quite sudden… whatever, come along then, it’s over here.”


Aliceia was short tempered. She had a low tolerance for provocation. She was still energetic thanks to Fay, so she ended up riding on such cheap provocation. She ended up being invited to gamble because of her mental exhaustion in the original game, and now she walked the same fate in the end. 

Fay’s group followed the hoodlums. As they entered the bar, liveliness could be heard. There was a man with a strong arm wearing a helmet, a man with shaved head and unfriendly gaze, a man who seemed gaudy, and a middle-aged white-haired man, all of which were adventurers. 


A monkey-like creature welcomed them at the entrance. The monkey looked cute, but it was staring at Fay and Aliceia as if looking at prey. Then the monkey proceeded to the ceiling where the light was hung. 

“Oh? What’s up? Did you manage to bring another?” 

“Nice! Good luck, good luck!”

“Amazing, that girl is a super high quality…”


For the time being, Fay and Aliceia proceeded to sit when they were told to. Aliceia got goosebumps at their vulgar gazes. The person who sat in front of them was a middle-aged man with a short beard. 

“Since those two brought you here, I take it that you came to gamble?” 

“Yes, that’s right.”

“I see, I’ll explain the rule then.”


The short bearded man explained the rules. The rules were simple, one could bet whatever they wanted. The payout for win and lose would be double the worth of what they bet with, which would grow bigger the more things they bet. But if they lose badly and were unable to pay back what they lost, they have to pay back with whatever method they could. And as for the gamble they did…2

Suddenly, five cards were dealt. 


“It’s really simple. Check the card near your hand first.” 

“…These cards have numbers from 1 to 5 written on them?”

“Exactly. The gambling rule was simple. Choose one card from each and lie it down. Then we opened our respective laid down cards together. The person who puts in the greater number gets a single win. This would be done until every card was used up, then the person who has more wins, or if a person managed to win three times before they used their card up, would come out victorious as the game is set.”

“Fu-hn… that sounds simple.”

“Good, jou-chan. Well then… which of you will do it?”

“…I’ll do it! I’ll casually win and treat Fay for lunch! …We-well, I’m grateful for you, for one reason and another… I don’t want to have a debt of gratitude or something…”


With that said, she grabbed the card by hand. Aliceia grabbed the card while being shy. Seeing that, it felt like she was flirting with Fay to others, making the adventurers click their tongues. 

“Well then, let’s do this lightly, ojou-chan.” 

“Fuhn, I will make you howl in defeat.”


I feel like Fay didn’t seem to care about me in the end. I should show him how good I am now I have the chance… I feel like I’ve become air recently. There was no way I would be treated lightly if I won here! 

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1 year ago

i see…. Mordred is color-blind except for red… That explains a lot lol…

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I totally thought Fay would ignore them and Alicia to just go to the dungeon.

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I feel like Fay didn’t seem to care about me in the end.

You like air after all

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Jeremiah M
1 year ago

Where is part 4

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One part, huh.

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Spoke too soon.