Story of a Cannon Fodder who Firmly Believed He was the Protagonist, Misunderstood the Actual Protagonist as the Cannon Fodder, and Ended up Victorious

Translator: Tsukii

Editor: ink

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Chapter 036 – The Person Who Goes to a Prosthetic Eye Shop as if going to a Bar [A]

[“Fourth Day – City’s Greatest Force.”]


The sunrise entered the room with a divine feeling. Although the light was pleasant, it was a wonder that it felt a bit painful for those who were sleeping.



The person covered herself with a blanket to block the sunlight with a drowsy voice. However, she couldn’t forget the feeling of the sunlight that bathed her body once and she moved her blanket away and bathed in sunlight once again. She raised her body and stretched her back. 


“U-hn… I woke up somehow.” 


Aliceia woke up a little earlier than usual. Her eyes were clear despite just waking up. There was Fay who was quietly sleeping next to her. However, one of his eyes was covered with something like gauze. 

Fay lost his left eye due to protecting her yesterday. Aliceia felt sad as she remembered that, but she quickly shook her head to switch her thoughts. Then she looked at Fay’s face again and she couldn’t help but blink as she did so. It was something that was close to a shock to her. 

“His sleeping face is cute after all… It’s surprising, really…” 


She timidly touched Fay’s cheek. It gave off a squishy sensation. Aliceia was a bit afraid that he might bite her arm the moment she touched his cheek, but it appeared to be a needless worry as she felt relieved. 

Her muscles relaxed as she felt relieved, then Aliceia couldn’t help but tilt her head. 

She was looking at the bottom of Fay’s blanket that strangely bulged, and Aliceia guessed it must be that person there as she lowered the blanked. 

“Uwah… she is naked again…” 


Aliceia was a bit grossed out by that. Mordred was a bit too defenseless to do so while sleeping at the same bed with person of other sex. However, the same could be said for Aliceia herself. It was because Aliceia was also sleeping next to Fay yesterday. 

The naked Mordred was lying on Fay’s body with a drowsy face. Her blond hair was slightly bouncing about, and she gradually woke up as the sunlight entered the blanket. 

“Fuaaah… Good, morning…” 

“Wear your clothes already.”

Aliceia threw Mordred’s abandoned clothes back to her. The clothes hit Mordred’s face, which slightly frowned after it happened.

“What a vulgar person.” 

“No, don’t you think it’s weird for you to say that?”


Mordred was getting dressed. Then she reached out to the still sleeping Fay with a grin on her face. 


“Hey, what would you do if you woke him up?” 

“Isn’t it okay? I’m touching it gently.”

“Fuhn, I won’t be responsible if he wakes up.”


Such a remark from Aliceia was hardly believable considering she was touching his cheek earlier. As Mordred couldn’t have known what Aliceia did earlier, Mordred just kept grinning as she touched Fay. 

“Speaking of which… didn’t you pant loudly yesterday?” 

“Did I? What are you talking about?”

“No, I’ve definitely heard it. You let out something like a panting voice…”

“Don’t you think it’s just your imagination? I totally have no idea about the thing you are talking about.”

“I see… I guess it must be me who heard it wrongly since you’re insisting so much?”

“Don’t you think you should consider the possibility that I actually lied to you?”

“You’re right… in that case… hey! Stop confusing me! So which is it?! Did you actually pant then?!”

“I don’t know? I wonder which one it actually is~♪”

“That’s annoying…”


Aliceia was frustrated to the point that she wanted to attack Mordred, but she then thought she shouldn’t be in such a mood right from the morning, so she adjusted her breathing instead. Mordred seemed to lose interest in Aliceia and looked away from her, then she proceeded to turn Fay’s clothes over. 


“Hey, don’t you think that’s going too far?” 

Aliceia stopped Mordred’s action. If Mordred went that far, even Fay would wake up from his sleep. 


“Isn’t it okay? We’ve already slept in the same bed anyway… Uwaah, as expected, Fay-sama’s abdominal muscle is tight and stimulating~♪ It makes me all hot and bothered~♪” 


“Haah haah… I have a fetish for abdominal muscle, only of Fay-sama’s~♪ This many scars make it especially wonderful~♪”


“Ah, this wound is something I made when I stabbed Fay-sama before, he was bleeding tons at the time~♪ Knowing that the wound I made is carved on Fay-sama’s body really makes me feel good~♪”


“Aah, no good, I got way too excited and my nose is bleeding~♪”


“Even though I was so impassioned last night… I’m also revving it up in the morning~♪”



Why? Such was the word that Aliceia kept repeating as retorts. For Aliceia, who had a sense of value close to a common person, she could only see Mordred as a pervert. 


“Don’t you understand this? This, muscle… Kufufu, it really is something dangerous~♪” 

“Is it as amazing as you said? Fu-hn, so it is that big of a deal to you.”


Aliceia got curious and reached out to Fay’s abdominal muscle. Aliceia was actually curious about it. Her curiosity was made greater due to Mordred’s various statements, but she managed to keep the value of common people. 


But isn’t this… thought Aliceia. However, because she was together with an abnormal person like Mordred, Aliceia’s value started to break down. The fact she touched Fay’s cheek earlier was proof of that. 1

Well, since Mordred did it as well, shouldn’t I do it as well? Thought Aliceia out of the peer pressure while unaware that she was polluted by Mordred’s values. 


Ah… this is amazing… What is this? So humans could actually train their muscles to be this hard… Ah, eh? Somehow, I want to touch and look at it more… 

There are people who show off their muscles as they walk around the Free City… but I think it is completely different compared to this… I’ve never touched someone else’s muscle… but I think Fay’s abdominal muscle is among the greatest in the world. I could tell somehow… It’s totally different from mine. Is it something called a six-pack?

Eh? No way? How the hell did he train that it became like this? 


Aliceia was getting more and more interested. She pressed her whole palm on the muscle before she knew it, feeling the energy on Fay’s body. Her breathing gradually turned rough, and Mordred whispered to Aliceia with a grinning face as she saw that. 


“Welcome, to the glorious world of Fay-sama’s abdominal muscles~♪” 

“No! I’m not a pervert! This is definitely not it! I merely did that! I just touched it to know how he became strong, so I can’t help it! It’s more of a social experience!”

“Fuh, you were breathing roughly when you were touching Fay-sama’s abdominal muscle, you know? Aren’t you already swallowed by it?”

“I’m not! Don’t group me together with a pervert like you!”

“Ara ara, your body seems honest despite what you said. Isn’t it clear that you’re feeling the sensation with your palm all this time?”

“I-I told you that’s not it…”


It was Aliceia’s first time touching the robust body of the opposite sex. Moreover, the other party wasn’t a normal man. Fay only possessed non-elemental affinity. He was totally untalented in terms of magic. That would make him turn his attention to art strengthening of non-elemental, but Fay’s lack of talent in art operation made it not so reliable to be used against stronger opponents. 

That was why he trained his body hard to the point of bullying it. If a normal person’s basic physical ability would be numbered as one and they could boost it to ten times of it through art strengthening, Fay was instead trying to strengthen his basic physical ability more than anyone else. 

Because Fay was aware his ability was lacking, he chose to desperately train his body over and over, just like how iron is forged into a masterpiece weapon. 

He hadn’t reached the end of the road yet. Even so, Fay’s muscles are growing steadily beyond the standard of normal people. 

Just like how Yururu Garethia also got captivated by said muscle, and just like how Mordred fell in love with it. It could be said the muscle exuded an overwhelming torrent of male energy. 

Both Yururu and Mordred were completely indifferent to the opposite sex before. It could be said they had it worse because the first man they touched was among the greatest possible of a male, in a way. 

If the first food one ate was something that came out of a three star French restaurant and one used it as their standard, everything afterward would feel lacking. Such a principle was similar to what they experienced. And it was the same for Aliceia as well. Since the first man she touched was Fay, the impact wouldn’t be erased. 

Fay’s muscles are so overwhelming that it crushed the sense of value within Aliceia. Even if she had the chance to touch other muscles before, it would make her current standard for muscle instantly become something that came out of the end-of-century. That was how extreme Fay’s muscles were. 


“Don’t you think it’s better for you to stop soon? Fay-sama might wake up, you know?” 

“J-just a little more… I need to confirm something, how is it possible to achieve this, is it because of his usual training regime? I can’t understand at all.”

“Ara ara… Fay-sama’s muscles seems to be sinful muscles.”


After touching it for a while, Aliceia finally realized what she’s been doing. Wouldn’t that make her the same as that pervert (Mordred)? Although she felt reluctant, she moved her hand away. 


“Oh my? Have you had enough?” 

“Yes, because I don’t want to be a pervert like you.”

“I think it’s already too late for that, but… well, whatever.”

“I am not a pervert. That’s right, I’m not a pervert. Alright.”

“You’re insisting for yourself.”

“Rather than that, he didn’t wake up at all. We were already being quite noisy all this time.”

“Because Fay-sama is a mysterious person, I think he has various differences from ordinary people.”

“What do you mean…?”

“Fay-sama usually acts to the point that he hurts himself, right? I think I’ve said this before, but humans would unconsciously hold back… they unconsciously allocate their energy consumption for the day. But because Fay-sama goes beyond common sense, he doesn’t do so.”

“I understand since I’ve been watching all this time.”

“But Fay-sama’s body is still exhausted. That’s why he sleeps efficiently. But this is not something you can do unless a person has someone who could make them feel relieved beside them…”

“So one could sleep efficiently if they have other people that make them feel at ease beside them? Because he is recovering efficiently, does that mean he recovers faster?”

“Right, right, that’s right~♪ That means I managed to earn Fay-sama’s trust~♪”

“Fu-hn. I find it a little hard to understand, but… I get it somehow. I do think humans live that way, but that is something that is not suited to him the most… It’s just, I doubt you give off any sense of relief.”


“Well, which part of you gave peace of mind to others? Of course it is me who gave that feeling, no matter how you think about it. It’s definitely not you.”

“Fufuh, I am a person that exudes something that gives off peace of mind.”

“No, you’re the mass of anxiety and fear.”


Fay certainly slept deeply in a way so he could have enough energy for his daily activities. As expected, he wouldn’t sleep that way in a dangerous region and he would have his senses sharpen instead, so it wasn’t something he did all the time. The things that Mordred referred to as having something that gave him peace of mind allowing him to switch off his body were fairly correct in a sense.  

However, as for what made him feel peace of mind, nobody but Fay himself knew. 

And Fay’s biological time was perfectly arranged. He would sleep like a corpse until a certain time, but once the time came, he would know that he had to train and would wake up immediately. 



“Good morning, Fay-sama~♪”



As he replied perfunctory, he got up smoothly that made it hard to believe he actually just woke up. He immediately dressed up and took his katana then quietly went outside. 

“That guy… he is quite weird after all.” 

“I will also go with you~♪ Fay-sama, please wait for me~♪”

“That girl is also a weird one… their characters are way too thick… well, I’ll also go with them though.”


Aliceia spoke like she was the only one with common sense there as she chased after Fay and Mordred.

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Strawberry Milkshake
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