Story of a Cannon Fodder who Firmly Believed He was the Protagonist, Misunderstood the Actual Protagonist as the Cannon Fodder, and Ended up Victorious

Translator: Tsukii

Editor: ink

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Chapter 036 – The Person Who Goes to Prosthetic Eye Shop as if going to a Bar [B]

Fay and Mordred trained in the morning and were soaked in sweat. Just like before, Fay was knocked unconscious, and placed on Mordred’s lap. Because Fay lost his left eye, his field of vision became narrower causing him to have difficulties reacting to attacks from his blind spot.



“Good morning, Fay-sama. Just as I promised yesterday, let us head to the prosthetic eye shop.”

“…You’re right.”


Fay and Mordred together with Aliceia as an extra set out for the prosthetic eye shop. Mordred entangled herself on Fay’s arm on the way there, pressing her plump breasts onto Fay but Fay wasn’t affected at all. Rather, the male adventurers around were jealous of Fay and clicked their respective tongues. 

“…He must have asked the girl to do that on purpose.” 

“Is it fun for him to show off his woman? Ah, look at them, getting entangled like that? …I’m really jealous.”

“No, seriously. I’m not jealous at all, you know? Ah, look at them, I don’t want to end up like that… I’m really jealous.”

“I really want to walk with a woman like that… I’m really jealous.”

“The girl behind them who followed around like a haunting ghost is also cute.”

“Huh? Isn’t that Fay the Cyclops?” 1

“Eh? Who is that? You know him?”

“Idiot, didn’t you hear about it yesterday? About the  adventurer who lost an eye.”

“Aah, you mean about that ditch rat misfiring—“


That person couldn’t continue his words. Fay glared at that person, emitting some sort of pressure. The people there immediately looked away from Fay’s group and that adventurer turned silent. 



Fay and his group left as it was. Once the atmosphere returned to normal, they resumed their conversation. 


A group of two talked while watching that situation. One of them was a male adventurer who was known as “information dealer” with the name of Mascoy. Then the other male adventurer with him was a person who published the newspaper article in the Free City, whose name was Scoof. Mascoy was a middle aged man with a bristly, hairy body and a stern face, while Scoof was a middle aged man with a lean build. 2 

The pair talked about the Cyclops while drinking alcohol. 


“Cyclops… is that his moniker?” 

“That’s right. Also, there’s a blond girl who goes with him, right?”

“You mean that one who vulgarly pushed her endowment at him?”

“I don’t mean that one. It’s the blond who walked behind the Cyclops. That girl is… huh? I remember her moniker but… what is her name again? It’s Ali, Ali… sorry, that Cyclops is just too thick of a character that I forgot her name.”

“Oi oi, give me a break. I can’t write an article with that. Well, whatever. And what is her moniker?”

“Haunting spirit.”

“Hah? Why is that?”

“Because she is always following Cyclops from behind, she ended up being known by this moniker. Moreover, it seems the Cyclops paid for her meal and lodging.”

“Wow, that’s quite an evil woman… a haunting spirit, huh… what about the other beauty?”

“I don’t know about her… but we all can see how beautiful she is. Looking at her attitude, I guess they already sleep together.”

“How envious… did he do a threesome or something?”

“I guess so.”

“Isn’t that the best… Could I have a harem too if I lost an eye?”

“I think you better not say such a thing. It’s not like the Cyclops lost his eye because he wanted to. Besides, he lost it yesterday. Perhaps he still has it rough inside. It seems to be only his third day in this Free City.”

“What a disaster… I guess I shouldn’t write an article about him…”

“Yes, you better not… also… it’s better to not touch him. I came to understand from the pressure he emitted earlier… that guy is a monster.”

“You’re right, it’s quite something. It might be dangerous if all that pressure was aimed at a single person.”

“Since you’re an adventurer before being a reporter, you better remember. There are things you better not get involved with. I guess he belongs to that category.”

“Is that so?”

“…Please leave this off record… but it seems he ended up fighting a death match against a lizardman on the dungeon’s first floor during his first day here and ended up severely injured.”


“And he engaged in combat with that serial murderer on the second day. I heard he barely survived the encounter.”

“Seriously… and he ends up losing an eye on the third day… Did a god of disaster take a liking to him?”

“I don’t know about that, but if you get too close to the Cyclops… you’ll be devoured.”

“…O-okay. I’ll try to not get involved with him as much as possible. I won’t write an article about him. Is this alright? However… I wonder about the other reporters?”

“Since there are reporters who love to write malicious articles in this Free City… I guess that Cyclops’ group would end up dragged into trouble… and if you look back at that ditch rat that became rumored, it seems those malicious articles are the source of his bad renown.”

“Speaking of that ditch rat… about how he misfired… he isn’t being punished in the end, right?”

“That seems to be the case. I have no idea what the Cyclops is thinking at all. But I think things will become rough.”


“My long-time instincts are telling… the era is beginning to shake…”


The appearance of the Cyclops… seemed to be the dawn of the new era that was about to come. 




The Free City was as wide as a vast maze. The main street was relatively easier to understand, and the bases of the largest legions in the city were mostly located around the main street.

However, the pathway became more complicated once people went away from the main street. The places had narrow aisles and weren’t as lively in comparison. 

Fay’s group walked along the quiet road. After walking for a while, Mordred stopped in front of a simple house. Mordred knocked on the door. Then a seemingly withered female voice echoed from inside. 


“It’s not locked.” 

“…Excuse me.”


Fay’s group went inside. There was an old woman sitting in a chair and wearing glasses, who looked away from the book she was reading to stare at her visitors. 


“What, to think you actually came… perhaps it’ll rain goblins tomorrow?” 

“I don’t know? I can’t give you a correct answer even if you asked me that. Rather than that, can you give me a prosthetic eye, Felmi-sama?”

“What? You came to exploit your former servant now?”

“I have no such intention. But don’t you sell prosthetic eyes here? I’m just asking you to sell me one.”


The old woman named Felmi, who had gray hair and a bent waist, closed her book while sighing. She then turned her eyes to Fay, whose arm was entangled with Mordred’s body all this time. 


“Is it for the man over there?” 

“Yes, I want to give Fay-sama a prosthetic eye. Yesterday, his party member misfired and it crushed his eye.”

“Aah, I see. So he is that rumored Cyclops… and? You’ve been entangled with his arm all this time but, you won’t say he is actually your man, right?”

“That’s exactly the case, or so I’d like to say… but he isn’t, at least for now.”


Felmi and Mordred were seemingly acquainted and were exchanging poison with one another. Aliceia got curious and asked Mordred. 

“Hey, are you acquainted with that old lady?” 

“Yes, she was formerly my servant.”


“I was originally a daughter of an aristocrat. Well, the house has already fallen though. She was my servant during that time.”

“Eeeh?! You were an aristocrat?!”

“You’re slow on the uptake. Isn’t it easy to tell from my overflowing elegance?”

“No, I can’t see it at all! You are not overflowing with elegance either!”

“How about Fay-sama? Are you surprised to learn that I was formerly an aristocrat?”

“No… I’ve already guessed.”

“Oh my~♪ so you’ve seen through my noble atmosphere~♪ As expected of Fay-sama~♪”

Aliceia was astonished, but Fay stood quietly and casually said such a thing. 

There was no surprise reflected in his eyes at all. It seemed that he really did guess it. He looked like a person who wasn’t interested in something he was already aware of. He merely waited in silence for the rest of the story. 

He had a contrasting appearance to Aliceia. Aliceia was still surprised. Felmi continued the topic which surprised Aliceia further. 


“Moreover, she’s not just a normal aristocrat either. Her family belonged to a special one that directly inherited the bloodline of Arthur the origin hero.” 

“Ha-hah?! You… so you’re actually an amazing person…”

“I don’t care about that. Rather than that, could you please hurry up and give Fay-sama a prosthetic eye?”

“What an impatient girl… Well, okay. Let’s see, the Fay fellow over there, show me your eye.”



Mordred released Fay’s arm. Fay removed his eyepatch and showed his left eye which still had a few blood stains. 

“Well then… as for the surgery… huh, I ran out of anesthesia… then the surgery is…” 

“I don’t need anesthesia. Just hurry up and do the surgery.”

“You’re also impatient like her. How can I perform surgery without anesthesia? It would be painful beyond words, you know.”

“Of course I know. I’m saying that while understanding that.”

“…What a fool. Rather than endure the pain, you can just wait for a bit for me to buy some—“

“—Felmi-sama… Please do as Fay-sama says.”

“…Are you serious?”

“Yes, since Fay-sama said he didn’t need one, then it’s not necessary.”

“What’s with these two… I’ll remind you that it’ll be tremendously painful, so be prepared.”

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1 year ago

Ahhh que dolor! Da dolor de solo imaginarlo

Strawberry Milkshake
Strawberry Milkshake
1 year ago

“Pain is my middle name” -Fay

1 year ago

eesh the author is just bulling Fay now

10 months ago
Reply to  Takusaka

Their bullying does nothing beyond making him more badass somehow lol

1 year ago

DAFUQ !?!!!?!

surgery without anasthesia ? I now think the author just write this novel without thinking reader sadness

1 year ago
Reply to  Carrion

Well its fay after all.