Story of a Cannon Fodder who Firmly Believed He was the Protagonist, Misunderstood the Actual Protagonist as the Cannon Fodder, and Ended up Victorious

Translator: Tsukii

Editor: ink

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Chapter 036 – The Person Who Goes to Prosthetic Eye Shop as if going to a Bar [C]

He seriously went through the whole surgery without anesthesia… What’s with that man… To think that he didn’t scream even once… And his eyebrow didn’t even move a bit during the whole process…

Seeing how his body was oozing sweat… It shows how his body reacted normally and screamed with pain. Yet the man didn’t show it in his expression at all… I guess this is what we call one’s mental fortitude overwhelming their own physical body. 

I’ve lived for a long time… but this is my first time meeting such a man… 

It’s not like his sense of pain is gone… In that case, he is a genius in enduring pain… 


“So this is a prosthetic eye.” 

“A-aah, that’s right. However, it would be better for you to not use it for some time and cover it with your eye patch…”

“I see… is there some sort of unique ability of this eye?”

“There’s no way there is such a thing. It is just a normal prosthetic eye, a replacement for a broken eye.”

“I see.”

“However, there are cases where magic eyes have been transplanted to others. Replacing the eye with that would grant you special ability.”1

“…I see.”


Not using anesthesia at all… even though connecting the optic nerve would be extremely painful to him even with the help of anesthesia… I can understand why that Mordred fell hard for him. That girl showed no interest whatsoever in the opposite sex, but now she was that attached to him… I guess she got such a personality from her mother. I thought she wasn’t similar to her parents at all, though… Also, about this man Mordred fell for… I think I saw him somewhere before… 


Felmi squinted her eyes and looked at Fay, but she couldn’t remember where she saw him before. She felt uncomfortable and frowned because of that. 


Where was it again…? It really is troublesome to become forgetful as my age advances… It wasn’t when I was still the leader of “Romeo.” It’s when I still went around and visited various houses… but I can’t remember… 2 


“Fay-sama, I’ll pay for the prosthetic eye in your stead.” 

“There’s no need.”

“No, there is. After all, Fay-sama won’t be able to pay the price even with all the money in your possession right now.”

“…I see.”

“Yes, however, you don’t have to worry about it. This is considered part of my investment in Fay-sama after all~♪ I am quite confident with my riches.”

“…I’ll definitely repay you someday.”

“No, I already received more than I asked for… so you don’t have to mind it.


Mordred gave Felmi a gemstone like ore as payment. 

“You’re walking around with gemstones on your person? What a weird child.” 

“There’s a limit to how much money I could bring at the moment after all. Isn’t it more efficient to carry these instead of cash?”

“…Really, you aren’t a cute girl at all.”


Mordred finished paying. Once the payment was made, Fay quickly headed for the exit of the hut. 


“Fay-sama? Are you going already?” 

“…I am.”

“Aah, Fay-sama, to think you immediately resumed your activities even though you just endured the pain of surgery… it really turns me on~♪”


Fay touched the door to leave. He turned around slightly and called out suddenly. 

“I’ve been in your care.” 

With that said, Fay left there. 




That guy… to think he connected his nerves without any use of anesthesia… impossible.


Aliceia was looking at Fay who walked in front of her. She became more doubtful whether Fay was a human like she was.


Even though the operation was so painful to just watch, I couldn’t bear to continue… There’s no way it’s not painful. Is he just enduring it…? But his expression didn’t change during the operation at all… But Fay should have suffered from the bottom of his heart… 

As for me… I’ve always. 


Aliceia felt that Fay who walked in front of her was very far away. Aliceia herself had no idea whether what she felt was loneliness or relief to be away from the source of her fear. However, she felt a heavy burden added on her heart. 




Being one-eyed and getting a prosthetic eye is… a romance.

――By Fay.


I finally came here. I was knocked unconscious by Mordred in morning training, but it no longer mattered to me. I’m grateful. 

So I would receive surgery here for a prosthetic eye and power up? I understand. 

Well then, we kept walking until we reached a place that looked like an old hut. Ooh, it gave off an atmosphere that the store had already established for a long time. 

Once inside, the old woman named Felmi and Mordred talked a lot. Huh? What, both of you were acquainted? 


Heeh, so Mordred was an aristocrat after all. And that Felmi baa-san was her former servant… Fu-hn. Aliceia was very surprised to hear that though… 

“How about Fay-sama? Are you surprised to learn that I was formerly an aristocrat?”

No, not really. 


‘Desuwa!’ Verbal tic was usually used by an aristocrat in my mind after all. I already thought of that as some sort of possibility, so I wasn’t that surprised. 3

Of course I knew it. 


So she descended from Arthur the Origin hero? Heeh… well, her swordsmanship was similar to the panda Arthur, so I already thought she was related to Arthur somehow. It was just a normal thing. Rather than that, please give me the prosthetic eye quickly. 

I could hardly wait. 

You didn’t need to use anesthesia… I am already so impatient that it’s driving me crazy, I WANT THE PROSTHETIC EYE QUICKLY… 4  


With Mordred helping me convince Felmi, the surgery was carried out soon after. I lay down on the bed and was illuminated by light from above. 

As expected, I was a bit scared… But! A protagonist should be able to endure! Both in pain and fear! 

Aah, it made some squeaky sound of my flesh on the eye socket being tinkered somehow. I guess my crushed eye was taken out just now. 

It was painful after all… But I felt like I had experienced this before… 


Where was it again… aah, it was the dentist. It felt similar to when I was treated by a dentist in my previous life. I was quite bad with dentists back then. 

Well, I got used to it by the third time though. 

When I was done recalling the old days, the surgery was over. Thank you for your hard work. Well then, how the prosthetic eye turned out to be? 

Ooh- I could see properly! The prosthetic eye was amazing! This thing had some sort of special ability, right? 


Eh? It didn’t? What the heck. This wouldn’t count as a strengthening event then… 


No, wait a minute… I’ve always avoided the damage to the eye unconsciously when I executed damage exchanges before. It was because an eye wasn’t something that could be restored easily. However, what about now? 

—Fay, here is your new eye. Take it! 


I guess it could work this way? 


—It would be fine even if my eyes ended up dead. I could just go to Felmi baa-chan’s place to restore it! 


I was excited that I could ignore using the eye as a collateral as well! 


—Having the protagonist change his eye often is a basic procedure. 


I guess I will visit this place often from now on, just like the medical room of Ector-sensei in the paladin headquarters. 

I had a feeling I would become a regular at the prosthetic eye store. I found one at a convenient location where I could visit it regularly like a bar. 

It seemed I shouldn’t use the prosthetic eye for a while until I got used to it, so I might as well go to the dungeon as it was. We would have some lunch before that though… The prosthetic eye was actually expensive? Eh? Mordred was willing to pay in my stead?! 

Heeh… thank you very much. You look more favorable to me compared to that panda. 


Well then, I guess I would wear my eye patch and leave the store. The feeling of hiding an eye was cool, it was the best! 

Felmi baa-chan, I will come again! Please look forward to it! I should be able to secure the money somehow. I am the protagonist after all! 

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4 months ago

I’m scared this protagonist is definitely crazy

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Fay-sama please don’t bother the nice lady too much.

4 months ago

“Having the protagonist change his eye often is a basic procedure.”

That broke me.

4 months ago

wait… what, no power-up eyes ? that too bad… and what is his pain sense made of ? how can he endure such a thing ? and he even think about to visit this store more in the future ? He’s crazy!!! (still feel a litte bit sad about no power-up eyes…)

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I Waiting for yururu to angry for this stupid discipline after all, we need yururu to punch this protagonist once and make him regret once for making his eye lost

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lol it’s only weird protagonists where continuously replacing an eye is normal, reminds me of Song Shuhang from Cultivation Chat Group.

Thanks for the awesome translation Tsukii!!

He didn’t even notice the pain

4 months ago
Reply to  tsukiisite

Well I guessed wrong I did know for sure it wouldn’t impact things outside his body or an eye of Precognition

4 months ago

How does this man manage to walk with that massive steel plated pair of… Wtf jajajaja
He always seemed somewhat noble like in the orphanage. And it is indeed a trope of protagonists with amnesia to have, still wanna see his mental gymnastics if he is of noble blood xD. Thx for the chapter btw, you are awesome.

4 months ago