Story of a Cannon Fodder who Firmly Believed He was the Protagonist, Misunderstood the Actual Protagonist as the Cannon Fodder, and Ended up Victorious

Translator: Tsukii

Editor: ink

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Chapter 036 – The Person Who Goes to Prosthetic Eye Shop as if going to a Bar [D]

Fay had lunch at a nearby restaurant before going to the dungeon with Mordred and Aliceia. 

They decided to eat before exploring the dungeon to improve their energy. When they arrived at the restaurant, they just happened to get the last empty spots which made the place full after they sat down. 

However, there was a table that was left vacant. Perhaps it was a reserved table. 

Once they placed their order, the customers who made the reservation appeared as they waited for the food to come. These adventurers obviously emitted a different atmosphere compared to other adventurers. 

Rhine and Barbara were among them. 



“Eh? Ah-, err, R-R-Rhine?”

“That’s right. Why are you here?”

“Why, you ask… of course I came to eat.”

“Really, Rhine, you shouldn’t use ‘you’ when talking to a woman.” 1


Barbara found it interesting that Rhine couldn’t help but call out to Aliceia when he spotted her. There were three other adventurers behind the siblings, together they went ahead and sat at the reserved table. Why were they here? 

In a sense, this could be considered as following the game scenario. Originally, Rhine secured Aliceia who lost one of her eyes, which then followed with them going to Felmi baa-chan’s place for the surgery. 

Felmi was a former leader of the Romeo legion, and she was the sword instructor of Barbara and Rhine’s father, War.2 Considering their relationship, Rhine requested the surgery to be carried out at his expense, and Aliceia endured the painful surgery as she got the prosthetic eye.

[“You worked hard…”] 

[“Th-thank you…”]

Rhine muttered bluntly as he caressed Aliceia’s head, it was a scene where one saw how Aliceia became a bit dere. It was well known across the internet as one of the best dere scenes in the game!! 

—However, such an event was destroyed because of Fay. Not only did he crush the Utsu, he also obliterated the romance flag of other people. 

After that, Aliceia was supposed to eat together with the Romeo members to cheer up after enduring the pain of surgery. 

Many things changed because Fay kept destroying flags, but the event still converged at Aliceia. Nobody knew what effect it would bring to Fay and Aliceia. 

However, the world continued to move. 


“Look, it’s ‘Romeo’.” 

“Isn’t it one of the greatest legions in this city?”

“That man with a comb head. He is the twin swordsman (Dual Master) Triten.”

“That potato-like thug face with squishy hair… he is the great vajra arm (Ookanadzukai) Potera.”

“And that beauty with blond hair rolled like spaghetti… that’s whip-user (Snakeman) Al Dente.”

“They’re so dignified…”

“Why did they come to this store?”

“There’s Barbara and Rhine among them.”

“Barbara, she’s got an erotic body.”

“I might have a chance since I’ve heard she’s never been close to any man.”

“That would be impossible, everyone who’s tried until now has suffered an honorable defeat against that brocon.”

“Barbara-chan is really cute. It’s not an exaggeration to say that the world exists for Barbara-chan’s sake.”


Voices talking about Romeo echoed in Aliceia’s ears. 


Romeo…?! Even I, who is not well learned in this city, know that name!! Eeh, that Rhine is from Romeo?! And his elder sister Barbara… She is the leader of Romeo?! N-no way?! Isn’t that a super VIP?! 


“I’m sorry, okay? Rhine can be quite an airhead sometimes.” 

“Ah, I-I don’t mind!”

“I’m glad then!”

“I’m not an airhead.”

“Or so you say, but didn’t you mistake sugar with salt the other day?”

“S-shut up.”


Uwah, these siblings are flirting with each other… 


“Cih, how do I reincarnate as a younger brother?” 

“It’s impossible.”

“Why don’t you believe in the future and try to dive there for a chance?”

“Well, I heard Barbara-chan lacked romantic feelings, so it’s not exactly impossible.”

“You’re right.”


The people around have similar vibes… are all men out there either idiots or scums? 


Aliceia heard the voices of adventurers around her and sighed at their low-class conversations. Aliceia glanced at the members of Romeo. 


Every one of them looks strong… so that is one the greatest forces in this city… I wonder what Fay thinks about these people? 


Aliceia got curious and looked at Fay. 

“I’ve troubled you earlier. I will treat you to this meal.” 

“Oh my, Fay-sama is such a gentleman~♪”

“…I see.”

“Ufufu, I quite like Fay-sama’s “I see”. Honestly though, I wish you would  speak more.” 

“…I will answer you if it is just a bit… there’s the matter of how much you paid earlier.”

“Fay-sama’s upright attitude is also wonderful, but… I will hear it from Fay-sama when you feel like talking, so it’s alright. Besides, that thing earlier is my investment. I like Fay-sama being a responsible person, but you don’t have to mind that one.”


They don’t care at all! These people! Don’t they know one of the greatest forces in the city is in front of them!!” 


“Y-you are…” 


At that moment, Rhine noticed Mordred’s existence. 


“Hanyu? Did we meet somewhere before?” 

“I won’t let you say you forgot about it.”

“I forgot about it. Ah! Perhaps you were the clerk of the beauty shop I went to the other day?”

“You’re wrong…”

“Hau-, it seems I guessed wrongly.”


Don’t pretend to be innocent, you… she’s definitely doing it to appear cute in front of Fay. That’s annoying… 

Even so, neither Fay nor Mordred seem to care about the fact that one of the greatest forces in the city is in front of them… I wonder if that is the secret of their strength..? 

But isn’t it impossible to not care about it? After all, the people in front of them belong to one of the greatest forces… ah, no wait… 


Aliceia had a flashback about the events that took place the last two days. 


—There was a man who went crazy as his both arms were cut off. 

—There was an insane devil who kept dancing while spurting blood after cutting off said man’s arms. 

—And there was a pervert who got stimulated by the appearance of such a devil. 


Suddenly, the greatest force of the city… didn’t seem to be that big of a deal now… Those two aren’t losing to them in terms of thickness of character. Rather, they’re winning… Perhaps the reason Fay and Mordred didn’t care about them (the greatest force in the city) … is because they knew people who are more amazing…? 

Fay’s character is way too thick, it makes most people seem thin in comparison… he even transplanted a prosthetic eye without use of anesthesia… Since Mordred knew Fay, maybe she sees others as small fries? 

In that case… What is Fay? What is Fay thinking about…? What does he feel…? I know nothing about it. Even though he has always helped me all this time, it is weird for me to know nothing about him. 


After that, Fay’s group left the store when they were done with lunch. Fay and Aliceia went to the dungeon, while Mordred parted with them to look for the person she was searching for. The fact they slept in the same bed later that night, and Aliceia proceeded to sneakily touch Fay’s abdominal muscle after he fell asleep is another story. 




[“Fourth Day – The Day of Awakening”]


A certain adventurer party was surrounded by monsters. The horde of orcs drooled and attacked the adventurers, and they were forced to respond.


“Don’t stay stunned there! FIRE!” 


A man with thick chest armor furiously shouted at a timid man. His anger shook the timid man’s body for a moment and he fired a ballista with his quivering hand. The arrow hit the orc and blood spurted out. However, it was no different to pouring a bucket of water on a forest fire as the orc horde still continued forward. 3





A male adventurer clicked his tongue as he kicked the red-haired boy. The boy fell, while the other adventurers in his party used him as bait to escape. 



I’ll die. Such phrases were engraved in his head. He desperately struggled to not die. 

He hurriedly stood and ran. There was a slight gap in the horde’s siege, but that wasn’t enough, he wouldn’t be able to make it at this rate. He aimed his ballista at the orc again and shot. He threw a smoke bag to impair visibility. Neither he nor the orc could see anything in the smoke. 

He lowered his stance and began to slip away between the orcs’ positions according to what he saw earlier. 

However, the smoke soon cleared so he threw another bag of smoke. He managed to escape the siege, but the demons were hot on his tails, and the people who partied with him were already running far ahead of him. 


Nobody would help me. I have to escape. I need to at least secure my own safety. I’ll die otherwise. His party’s backs were getting farther away, he stretched his own hand to ask for help, but there was no way they would respond to it.  

Therefore, he ran, ran, and ran. He kept running to secure his own survival. He was so scared of the situation. The originally timid boy was forced into a corner, making him even more timid. 




Then, he woke up. What he just saw was the memory of him, Tork, before he became known as ditch rat. He woke up with his whole body drenched with sweat. His breathing became hurried and he touched his whole body to confirm he was still alive. 

He got up from the bed of the lodging he stayed in, dressed up, and left the room. 

When he went to the front of the inn’s reception, he remembered what he did yesterday as he saw people walking around. It was about how he shot a certain adventurer. And he remembered how said adventurer put his expectation to Tork, without any anger or sarcasm, showing his shining back as the guilt disappeared. 

He just remembered that. 


Then he became aware. The great crime he committed yesterday had spread throughout the city. It couldn’t be helped. He accepted this as the least punishment he deserved.


There were many voices from all around who despised him. They said he was a shame of adventurers, how he was so low of a person, such words entered Tork’s ear. But it was something that always happened, and he was already convinced he was the timid ditch rat as everyone said that to him. 

Tork accepted that was what he was. Tork put the sword he got from Fay on his waist and headed for the dungeon. Once he entered the guild, the words of despise were getting stronger. 


“…He actually dares to come back.” 

“Isn’t it useless?”

“There’s no longer anyone who wants to party with him now.”


Even if he was already accepted and got used to it, those words still brought pain to his chest. Even if he knew it couldn’t be helped, it was still painful for him. 

“Err, you want to go to the dungeon, right?” 


“That’s, how about the party…”

“No, I’ll go alone.”

“I understand.”


He informed the guild staff Marinne and went to the dungeon alone. He never explored the dungeon alone. However, there was no longer anyone willing to party with him now. Fear sprung in him. However, it was something he had to do. 


It was because of that expectation. 

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One gigachad that defies fate changes the rest. The world bows to him. Now this boys fate is one to look forward to in the distant future.

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I’m dumbfounded by how rude Fay is to be just calling everyone kisama

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