Story of a Cannon Fodder who Firmly Believed He was the Protagonist, Misunderstood the Actual Protagonist as the Cannon Fodder, and Ended up Victorious

Translator: Tsukii

Editor: Snail

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Intermission – Mordred [C]

71 Anonymous God 

I know, right?


72 Anonymous God 

Tork-kun achieved awakening after that too.


73 Anonymous God 

So Fay could be a teacher…


74 Anonymous God 

Fay: “Since you are foolish and weak, you shall be my rival character.”

Tork: “S-Sensei!”


75 Anonymous God 



76 Anonymous God 

Also, let’s mention Barbara-chan as well…


77 Anonymous God 

You’re right. She’s almost as important as Mordred.


78 Anonymous God 

I know all about her. She is a brocon, twenty years old. Her three sizes are B96/W63/H92. Despite how she looks, those plump-looking thighs are all muscle—one touch will confirm that she’s been training properly. Her eyes are a bit puppy-like, and her sex appeal is off the charts. Guys can’t stop staring at her!

If she likes someone, she’ll give them a nickname and playfully tease them with it. 


She is not exactly a minor character, but her importance is greatly inferior compared to Mordred. However, she is a very popular character in Round Table Heroes, which made her the protagonist of a spin-off manga called “Daily Life of Barbara-san’s Family.” She isn’t a heroine, but she’s still pretty popular. By the way, the spin-off takes place in modern Japan, where she’s a college student who spoils Rhine, who is still in high school. Just as the title says, the manga is about their daily life. 

The manga concluded at volume five. Since all of them are readily available, I recommend that you read them. 

Also, she is the child of a declining exorcist family, and the current leader of Romeo. Her younger brother Rhine and her father War were the previous heads. 


79 Anonymous God 

Sorry, I tuned out after you started talking about “Daily Life of Barbara-san’s Family”… I only remember the part where you described her body.


80 Anonymous God 

This guy’s way too honest LOL


81 Anonymous God 

But it’s true… she is cute and erotic. Moreover, the fact that she is such a tease despite being inexperienced is fantastic. I want Fay to make her know her place.


82 Anonymous God 

So it all comes back to Fay… well, I’m not surprised—he is the protagonist, after all.


83 Anonymous God 



84 Anonymous God 

You’re referring to the fifth day, right?


85 Anonymous God 

Why do you say that?


86 Anonymous God 

Fay: “Perhaps… Aliceia was actually a mob character who thought of herself as the protagonist…?”


87 Anonymous God 

No Fay, that’s you.


88 Anonymous God 

I laughed like crazy as I watched the comments page explode with “No, that’s you.”


89 Anonymous God 

Isn’t that practically a boomerang sentence? Why didn’t it come back and smack him in the face?


90 Anonymous God 

I love the theory that says he didn’t get hit by the boomerang because it’s just so big that he ended up riding it instead of becoming its target.


91 Anonymous God 



92 Anonymous God 



93 Anonymous God 

He’s so oblivious, he didn’t even notice that Aliceia had fallen for him.


94 Anonymous God 

Aliceia-chan… you were the highlight of the fifth day.


95 Anonymous God 

It was a moment of wisdom. That moment where she is driven to the deep end and her eyes lose their vibrancy really gets me going.


96 Anonymous God 

She’s tormented by her unreasonable obsession. That’s why she felt almost crushed by the sense of responsibility.


97 Anonymous God 

There’s also the fact that she actually loves Fay, right? She was originally an outcast but she found acceptance. She came to love him because he wouldn’t blame her regardless of all the trouble he got dragged into because of her, right?


98 Anonymous God 

I guess she was just that desperate to make Fay stay with her back then.


99 Anonymous God 

Yandere is the best.


100 Anonymous God 

Loki sure loves yandere huh.


101 Anonymous God 

But Fay already solved that though.


102 Anonymous God 

< —That’s right, let’s use this knife to feel better.> 

< —Someone… help me.> 

< —No, I’m the protagonist, so it’s all just your misunderstanding to begin with.> ◀

Fay-san suddenly appeared, riding on top of the boomerang while bringing the third choice with him. 


103 Anonymous God

Aliceia-chan really loves Fay now. She actually cut her hair too.


104 Anonymous God 

Fay-kun is way too much of a player.


105 Anonymous God 

He’s seriously gonna get stabbed someday.


106 Anonymous God 

Even if he got stabbed, he’ll likely think that being stabbed by a yandere is a basic procedure.


107 Anonymous God 

Fay’s heroine factions.

The first faction – The origin and the apex – Yururu.

The second faction – The people who are closest to be heroines – Maria & Lilia.

The mysterious third faction – Giant panda – Arthur. 

The fourth faction – Catching up at the speed of light – Mordred. 

The fifth faction – Actually has qualities as yandere – Aliceia. 

Finally, the zero faction – Heimi the Mob!!! 

108 Anonymous God 

Isn’t it about time for Heimi-chan to reappear…


109 Anonymous God 

I’m actually also waiting for her.


110 Anonymous God 

By the way, most of the people who fell for Fay are not originally heroines in Round Table Heroes, right? I heard Round Table Heroes is supposed to be a harem story, but only Arthur and Maria & Lilia are the original heroines.


111 Anonymous God 

Explanatory god?


112 Anonymous God 

I know about that. They will appear in the story eventually. Alpha’s group isn’t made up of heroines. Beta’s group could be described that way… but that’s more of a “bad end” story… and she only appears for a little bit there too…


113 Anonymous God 

Heh, when will the others appear?


114 Anonymous God 

Just be patient.


115 Anonymous God 

Let’s focus on our high hopes for Fay instead.


116 Anonymous God 

Huh? But what will happen to Aliceia-chan now that Fay returns to Britannia? There is still hardship awaiting her, right? Explanatory god, your opinion pls.


117 Anonymous God 

Here’s my opinion. I think she’ll be okay. Even without Fay, Mordred-chan will become her guardian after all, so she should be able to handle whatever happens. Mordred can still determine the difference between good and evil despite how she looks… she just happens to have a few screws loose to the point she could be considered evil, and she did several evil things to boot.

Mordred may not be as good as Fay in setting people at ease, but she’s still fit for protecting someone. Originally, Yururu-chan would have arrived in the Free City after some time and Aliceia would have become her disciple. 

But since Yururu already became Fay’s, that won’t happen now. 


Well, I’ll keep writing. 

Fay saved Yururu-chan which made her fall for him, and became his local wife. Because Mordred also fell for Fay, she is now more visibly involved with Aliceia, even though she was only supposed to be a background character who worked behind the scenes. 

Moreover, Mordred is way stronger than Yururu-chan. While not as crazy as Fay, Mordred is still pretty crazy, so she should be able to handle most things without a problem. So I think Aliceia-chan would be fine. However, the concern now is if Aliceia can survive Mordred’s training… 


118 Anonymous God 

Come to think of it, Aliceia would have to teach Mordred cooking while Mordred would rough her up, is it?


119 Anonymous God 

All for Fay oniichan’s sake…


120 Anonymous God 

She is a good girl.


121 Anonymous God 

I am rather fond of Aliceia-chan though.


122 Anonymous God 

Rather than that, I’m more worried about the inevitable destruction that’s bound to happen if the two start fighting over Fay in the future. Hopefully, their big quarrel won’t destroy too many houses.


123 Anonymous God 

Yandere Aliceia vs. Frenzy Mordred.


124 Anonymous God 

I want Fay to hurry and visit the Free City again.


125 Anonymous God 

I can’t wait to see the fallout from that catfight—it’s been way too long since I last witnessed that level of carnage.


126 Anonymous God 

Rather, I want them to have a threesome.


127 Anonymous God 

That’s all you guys are thinking about.


128 Anonymous God 

Fay is doing a lot of crazy stuff during his vacation.


129 Anonymous God 

He got one of his eyes replaced with a prosthetic too. He didn’t seem to mind at all though.


130 Anonymous God 

But when the others see it… I bet Yururu-chan is going to cry…

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8 months ago

Thanks for the awesome translation Tsukii!!

Yeah Yuruyuru is definitely going to cry

8 months ago

I forgot Heimei existed, is she the maid? Anyway there is also her, the triplets, I would include the receptionist in this arc(wish she got more screen time, maybe in the next free city arc?), and I feel like Barbara should as well. Honestly, I might start feeling bad for Rhine, he’ll lose both his crush and sister to Fay lol. Maybe that other red-head, I think that’s probably Heimei if she isn’t the maid(felmia?). Maybe the goddess will make an appearance and join in to, one can dream

8 months ago

130 Anonymous God 

But when the others see it… I bet Yururu-chan is going to cry…

I think so “130 Anonymous God” we need someone to punch Fay for that eye he broke

8 months ago
Reply to  tsukiisite

I now but,we need 1 chapter for he to punched by yururu.

8 months ago

here we go again, The God Anonymous back at it again! (Basically is God Fetish discussion thread lol) Thank for translation as always!!!

8 months ago
Reply to  Robinx211

We don’t know what god thinking but for sure is, we need to re think about what they said about 3 size LOL

8 months ago
Reply to  tsukiisite

But we know few of them right? Loki the yandere lover, Zeus the three size hunter,hespaitus(?) The weapon maker, Hestia the virgin(?), I forgot the rest of them..