Story of a Cannon Fodder who Firmly Believed He was the Protagonist, Misunderstood the Actual Protagonist as the Cannon Fodder, and Ended up Victorious

Translator: Tsukii

Editor: Snail

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Intermission – Mordred [D]

1 Anonymous Hero 

No no no no no.


2 Anonymous Hero 

Are you talking about Fay-san?


3 Anonymous Hero 

What the heck is he doing? He’s terrifying, especially with what he did on the fifth day.


4 Anonymous Hero 

He made people go berserk, right? Like, by force.


5 Anonymous Hero 

Let’s call this ability the Neo Berserk Sanctuary (Mad – Insane chaos sanctuary) 1

By presenting himself as a crazed hero, he inspires the hearts of his allies, and also instantly instills longing and faith. This would produce a great buff to all allies within a certain range and forcefully improve everyone’s status by two ranks. It would also grant allies resistance against pain and hypnotic suggestion.

But bluntly said, this ability is a type of hypnotic suggestion itself, and it forcefully releases the limiter placed on human beings, inflicting extreme exhaustion on his allies once the buff ends. Moreover, his allies’ memories during the buff period would be blank, leaving nothing but Fay’s laughing figure imprinted on their minds.

The strength of the effect is proportionate to Fay’s excitement.

How does that sound? I just came up with the name, really. 


6 Anonymous Hero 

Yep, sounds about right.


7 Anonymous Hero 

Eeh… you’re saying this is the kind of hero we have as our junior?


8 Anonymous Hero 

Hearing him call me his senior would give me goosebumps.


9 Anonymous Hero 

Having eye surgery without using anesthetic is just messed up.


10 Anonymous Hero 

You think so? I also underwent a similar procedure a long time ago, though. But yes, I think having eye surgery without anesthesia is certainly surprising?


11 Anonymous Hero 


Guan Yu-san, you are an ancient hero, so you don’t have to get so fired up over a newbie…


12 Anonymous Hero 


Wait, this guy is actually Guan Yu? LOL


13 Anonymous Hero 

Well, Guan Yu’s surgery was more related to poison though…


14 Anonymous Hero 

Don’t you find it embarrassing to compete with a newcomer like that?


15 Anonymous Hero 

No, I understand his feelings. Fay is just too messed up.


16 Anonymous Hero 

He was so oblivious, especially with what happened on the fifth day.


17 Anonymous Hero 

Yeah, this nutcase only thought of it as sightseeing.


18 Anonymous Hero 

That’s so messed up.


19 Anonymous Hero 

He’s not… going to end up here later, right? We won’t stand a chance if he shows up.


20 Anonymous Hero 

Rest assured. According to Goddess Athena, she intends to reincarnate Fay to another world after his current tale has ended.


21 Anonymous Hero 

I see. I can breathe easy then.


22 Anonymous Hero 

I hate this guy. My seniority as a hero is peanuts compared to him.


23 Anonymous Hero 

He really downplayed his request for Lele’s eye surgery, like it was totally no big deal. His pure kindness is so amazing that I can’t find anything to complain about. And that’s annoying to me.


24 Anonymous Hero 

I agree, I can’t really find anything to complain about either.


25 Anonymous Hero 

Plus, the way that he slept in the same bed with Mordred and Aliceia-chan like it was nothing also pisses me off.


26 Anonymous Hero 

Mordred is cute.


27 Anonymous Hero 

I think so too. I wanted Fay to hold Mordred properly and put her in her place.


28 Anonymous Hero 

You guys love Mordred too much. My vote goes to Aliceia, though.


29 Anonymous Hero 

Her being a yandere on the fifth day just feels electrifying.


30 Anonymous Hero 

Fay… is way too kind. It really annoys me that I can’t even complain if a woman falls for him.


31 Anonymous Hero 

Are you praising or dissing him? Pick one LOL


32 Anonymous Hero 

Mordred seems like she’s going to be an important character from now on.


33 Anonymous Hero 

The characters of that world are based on inspiration from Arthurian legend, right? But the only part that’s the same is the names—I doubt they are related to the history associated with it.


34 Anonymous Hero 

I guess so.


35 Anonymous Hero 

It didn’t show much importance in bloodline after all.


36 Anonymous Hero 

It’s barely Round Table-ish.


37 Anonymous Hero 

Also, Fay is supposed to be cannon fodder, right?


38 Anonymous Hero 

That’s right.


39 Anonymous Hero 

Where’s the event that is connected to Fay’s ruin? The original Fay, I mean.


40 Anonymous Hero 

Ah, you mean the event that ruined Fay as the cannon fodder character, huh?


41 Anonymous Hero 

How is it?


42 Anonymous Hero 

I don’t know.


43 Anonymous Hero 

However, I can’t imagine that the current Fay could be ruined by that event.


44 Anonymous Hero 

He didn’t seem to care when he lost his eye, after all.


45 Anonymous Hero 

He really is messed up.


46 Anonymous Hero 

How could he still be fine despite losing an eye?


47 Anonymous Hero 

I don’t understand at all.


48 Anonymous Hero 

I wanted to understand the root of the character named Fay.


49 Anonymous Hero 

He is supposed to be cannon fodder, but he does have a root for his character, right?


50 Anonymous Hero 

He has one. I know about it. I played the game after all.

By Mordred. 


51 Anonymous Hero 

Die you bastard. I still haven’t forgotten about the Battle of Camlann.

By Arthur.


52 Anonymous Hero 

These two are still dragging along the problems of their previous lives.


53 Anonymous Hero 

Calm down, you two.


54 Anonymous Hero 

Die, Arthur.

By Mordred.


55 Anonymous Hero 

Die, Mordred.

By Arthur.


56 Anonymous Hero 

Since our ancient heroes are like these two, there’s no way we could measure up to Fay.




[“Athena’s director’s cut”]

—The cooking and violence class. 


“Uuh, it hurts…” 

“Haah, you… Don’t you think you should put more spirit into it?”

“How can I when you’re hitting me so much… hic.”


Aliceia looked up at Mordred with teary eyes. Mordred had suddenly started roughing Aliceia up during morning training, which made Aliceia mentally stressed. 


“…I’ve had enough. I want to go home.” 

“Home, huh? Where is that again…?”


“…If it’s Fay-sama, he could handle this without problem.”



Fay, oniichan… 


“I’ll do some more…” 

“I see. Since I’ve already accepted it, I plan to make a thorough job of it…”


Fay-sama always does his best once he’s made his decision after all. In that case, I’ll do the same~♪2


Mordred, who scolded Aliceia and gave her motivation, showed that Mordred might have talent as a teacher. After that, Aliceia was completely battered by Mordred. 


After training, they borrowed the kitchen in Granny Felmi’s house. The sight of them lined up in aprons made them seem like sisters or friends, unexpectedly.


“Okay then, now make a hole in the tart dough.” 



BOOOM! Such noise echoed. 


“Y-You idiot! I’m talking about letting the air inside the dough flow out!! It only needs a small hole!! A small one! Really, you idiot! You’ve made more than just a hole—you’ve made a mess of the kitchen with all this dough everywhere! Idiot, idiot!!!” 


“No, you’re the one at fault here, okay! What’s with that attitude of yours?! You look as though you want to chastise me for bad teaching!!”


The pair quickly gathered up the scattered blobs of dough. Next, they tried to make bread. They proceeded safely to some extent, but… 


“Okay then… let the dough rest for some time.” 


“No, why are you pouring potion over it?!”


Mordred naturally tried to sprinkle a green potion on the bread dough, and Aliceia barely managed to stop her. 


“Fay-sama rests with potion in his body, so…” 

“That’s a different meaning of rest! Why do you distort it like that?! As expected, an aristocrat is just too naïve about these things. You’ve traveled to various places, right? What do you eat then?”

“I settle everything by eating out. That’s enough to fill my belly.”


“However! I want to learn how to cook for Fay-sama’s sake right now! It is a small and dear wish of mine to serve him the best home cooking~♪”

“Okay okay, it’s going to be a long way before we reach there… but let’s do our best.”


Would the day come when Mordred, who believed cooking involved pouring potion on bread dough, would be able to create food that satisfied Fay’s tongue?


“Wait, what do you have there?” 

“Eh? It’s super spicy powder.”

“Why are you trying to make everything super spicy?!”

“It’s the color of love between Fay-sama and me after all~♪ I just have to make everything spicy or I won’t be satisfied~♪”

“Okay okay, I will confiscate this for now, so focus on making non-spicy food that Fay will like…”


Aliceia felt that even if Mordred somehow managed to cook something that could satisfy Fay, that day would still be far in the future. 

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