Story of a Cannon Fodder who Firmly Believed He was the Protagonist, Misunderstood the Actual Protagonist as the Cannon Fodder, and Ended up Victorious

Translator: Tsukii

Editor: Derpy

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Chapter 037 – End of Sightseeing [C]


What appeared in her mind’s eye was the figure of her father when he was still alive. Barbara was still young back then, during the time her father was still the leader of Romeo. 

Her father was always laughing. Even when he was wounded or went through days of suffering, her father’s gentle smile never wavered. 

He was an existence like that of a hero. The sight of his back would move people forward to follow him. 

—Suddenly, an old memory returned. 

[“Hey, why is father always injured? And even though you’re injured, you’re always smiling!”]

[“U~hm… let’s see… it’s because father wants to be a hero.”]

[“A hero?”]

[“That’s right. A hero should give off the feeling that they could help and rescue a lot of people, right? That’s why father is willing to jump through various hoops to help people.”]

[“But you are injured! Doesn’t it hurt?”]

[“You’re right, I will be injured in the process, it is painful, and I do think it is hard. But helping others is a wonderful thing, so I want to do so with a smile.”]

[“—If a hero is pessimistic, the people they save will be too. So I help others while smiling, wishing for the crying people to smile as well because emotions can be transmitted like that. Seeing someone smile will also make the one who sees it feel happy. Do you understand?”] 

[“U~hn, I don’t understand such hard stuff!”]

[“I see… Well someday, you will understand. Human emotions are really amazing. Just like how I fell in love with your mother’s happy smile. Intense emotions and scenes can change people.”]



[“Hm? What is it?”]

[“Recently… I heard some members badmouthing Leader. What should I do?”]

[“Ah— you mean that, right? How I am not suitable to be my father’s successor.”]


[“So? My father was that amazing.”]

[“Is it alright?”]

[“It is okay. Just let them say what they want. The veteran members are our powerhouses after all. I see how they are not convinced to have me be the successor because they worshipped him like it was an honor!”]

[“I see…”]

[“Thank you, Al Dente, for being considerate of me.”]

[“No, you don’t have to mind it…”]

[“If I can inspire others with just the sight of my back like my father did, the veteran members will be convinced eventually, so I will work hard for that.”]

[“Inspire others with your back, is it…? I am a new member, so I don’t understand such a thing.”]

[“Err… a transmission of emotion? If a person with intense passion showed their back, the members would be more motivated, or something? That’s how it works, you know? My father’s back and words inspired others during the crisis, and it seemed to have allowed the members to push themselves beyond their limits.”]

[“Is such a thing even possible?”]

[“I don’t understand it well, but it seems possible! Well, it could be said that it’s just how my father felt it worked, in a sense.”]



Those were the memories of Barbara and the war in her childhood, and the memory of when she succeeded her father’s position as the leader of Romeo. 

Such memories flashed through her mind.

He laughed even as he was stained with blood. Things were simply attracted to him. It was beyond the level of just inspiring others with his back. As people looked at him, the fear of having their human values broken down rushed towards them. 

Those who referred to him as a bastard gunning for an early death felt his madness and were unable to look away. His madness transmitted, spreading like a virus, and eroded people’s minds. 

They couldn’t look away from him. Looking at his crazy eyes and appearance, one could hear the sound of him swinging his sword. 

—The next moment, there was a light paired with the sound of explosions.

Dozens of demons were wiped out in an instant, and standing within the damage was the figure of a girl with bright red eyes and a blonde ponytail. 

“AHA, AHAHA, AHAHAHAHAHHAHAH, Fay-sama~♪ you really are so lovely~♪ that appearance of yours, ahah, it’s a picture of insanity~♪ I really really really really really long for you~♪” 



Her breathing was haggard and her red eyes continued to chase after Fay’s figure. She looked impatient, as blind as a fanatic worshipper, and directed her twisted love in such a brutal manner. 

Barbara understood as she saw Mordred’s figure. 

—That was the final appearance of the people affected. 

That was the end that awaited those who got charmed by the insane man (Fay). Their minds would be invaded, felled, and consumed by madness.  

If one kept looking at that figure or staying with such a person all the time, they would be devoured by such mass hysteria. 

Father… the things that lay beyond what you have achieved… might’ve been a monster like him. One shouldn’t look and get involved with it… I… might get devoured… by that thing 

Even though I knew I shouldn’t… my eyes are drawn to him. 

The roaring sounds and the acrid smell of demon blood saturated the air. The struggle was real. Even so, the members of Romeo, who prioritized self-preservation so much earlier, drew their swords. 

“I-I’m going! I am still an adventurer after all! I want to fight like him!” 

“Y-yes, we are Romeo!”

“We can do it too!!”

“Don’t be afraid, fight, fight fight fight fight!”

They ran out from the rock fort. This is bad, I have to stop them, Barbara thought rationally. It was because Barbara was aware that that thing was something more vile than the horde of demons. 

Yet, before she knew it, she had pulled out her own sword. Be it Rhine or Aliceia, many people began to disappear from the rock fort. 

Magic flew past overhead and the stench of blood thickened in the air. 

One of the members received an injury that was quite deep. Despite that, there was no expression of pain on his face. 

“This is just a scraaaaaaatch!!!” 

“Fight fight fight!!!!!!” 

“A broken arm can still be used without much problem!!!” 

“Even if my eye is pierced, it can be recovered later!!!”

They were enchanted by the madness, every single person here. Barbara and Rhine’s father allowed Romeo’s members to exert themselves beyond their potential just by seeing his back and hearing his speech. It was like some sort of ability that temporarily increased their abilities by a degree. 

As for what Fay did… he tainted everyone with madness. Their abilities were forcefully boosted beyond their limits by two ranks, which could be considered a great buff. And thanks to the buff Fay unknowingly spread, they all temporarily fell into a state of madness. 

It granted them resistance against pain, fear of injury, and also, due to the madness created out of a suggestion that Fay produced, immunity to other suggestions in this state. 

Blood pooled, explosions rang out, and chest-deep roars. 

Such things filled the dungeon. 

Barbara had sensed an abnormality in the dungeon and requested reinforcements through a message sent by other adventurers escaping to the floor above before Barbara’s group reached Rhine. 

However, the number of demons exceeded her expectations. Their defenses were breached and the subjugation team wasn’t able to make it, allowing the demons to march above ground and kill the many people there. Such was the game version of the scenario. 

However, the madness that Fay spread through the forces made them reach beyond their limits to fight. There was Mordred too, who had secretly stalked Fay to see his gallant appearance. 

Because of that, they successfully held back the demons on said floor. 

The reinforcement unit was formed properly and headed for the dungeon. When they saw the frontlines imbued with madness, the reinforcement unit was also consumed by said madness in no time. It was because such an atmosphere completely dominated the battlefield. 

As a result, all the demons were wiped out without any casualties. 

When the battle was over… they all dropped to their knees like puppets whose strings got cut. They would later say that they were already desperately fighting before they knew it. 

When they finally returned to their senses, they were stained in blood and could barely recall any part of the battle. So much so that they felt like they were being controlled in the heat of the moment. All of them were drained of their stamina afterward, and some were obviously injured. Though, the degree of their injuries varied depending on the person. 

However, they all had pale expressions and said there only remained one thing in their memories of the event. That was a similarity of the people who fell to madness there. 

—We barely have any memories of the event. We don’t even understand what happened there… 

—However, when we were fighting… it felt like our mind was filled with the figure of a man laughing with madness or something like that… such were their testimonies. 


—Thus became a legend in the Free City. 

And without recognizing the source of madness (Fay), the turmoil came to an end.

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5 months ago

Fey is just a god at this point.

6 months ago

They don’t recognize him? Bruh.
Seriously? It’s like meeting Asura himself and losing… Well actually that seems Hella reasonable

10 months ago

So he got a skill called Madness synchronization… Cool..

1 year ago

Whoa seriously Fay

1 year ago

New skill add to Fay :

-when he show his madness to some target in low morale situation,the target will have buff fair resistance & all stat will be maxed
-the targets will to fight until enemy all wiped out
-side effect is all memory when targets fight are lost & all be beduff in stamina & mind

Hmm… Fay is the BEST

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Oh my God, Fay-sama is infectious!

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So he did get a Magic(Demon) Eye

Strawberry Milkshake
Strawberry Milkshake
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Maaaan that was crazy